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Fujifilm Finepix AV200

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    1 Review
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      31.08.2011 19:43
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      A great little camera, that ticks my boxes

      I have been wanting a new camera for awhile now so a few months back I treated myself to a new digital camera. Never done a camera review before so I hope I cover all you need to know!

      Fujifilm Finepix AV200 Digital Camera - 14 million pixels:

      "The Fujifilm Finepix AV-200 is a smart looking camera with great specs including 14 megapixel resolution, HD movies and Motion Panorama. Add to this Scene Recognition Auto and a choice of 17 scene-based modes to get a versatile camera that's always ready for that special moment."

      What's in the Box:

      When you open up your box you get the camera and strap, 2 AA alkaline batteries, warranty booklet, USB cable, user guide and some handy software called My FinePix Studio.

      My Findings:

      When looking for a new camera I personally didn't have a clue what to look for, one thing I knew I wanted was to take clear photo's close up. But without having to pay over the odd prices as I make jewellery and gift items I wanted a camera which you could see all the detail.

      After doing a little research I came across the Fujifilm Finepix AV200 Camera which ticked all the boxes plus it comes in different colours! I picked the bright pink one, personally I like to buy something that comes with all the bits it needs without making further purchases. However for this camera you do need to buy a memory card in order for it to work. Normally if you go to a place like Jessop's they tend to do packages with all the bits you need, however I found it much cheaper to buy them separate.

      Never been one to read the user guides if I'm honest I like to play around and if I get stuck then go to the manual. But luckily this camera is extremely straight forward I personally found all I needed to know with out the manuals help due to its simplicity.

      First off you need to insert the batteries which come with the camera they are disposable ones, just open the chamber and slide in. It is marked with + and - so you know which way the batteries need to go. Second you will need to insert your memory card which slides in right above the batteries. Once that is done you just close the chamber back up and your away to take photos.

      As I said the main reason I wanted this camera was for close up photographs for my jewellery so I couldn't wait to try that out. The camera automatically comes in SR mode which I have left it in, SR mode means that the camera automatically analyzes what you need and adjusts the settings for me. So when it comes to close up photos it automatically goes in macro mode. Perfect for me as I don't need to fiddle around with any other settings.

      When I took my first picture I clicked the button for picture on top of the camera and I noticed it focuses first on what setting it needs then you press the button again and snap the photo is complete. Then it stays in that setting until you aim the camera at something else, then again it adjusts accordingly.

      However you don't have to keep the camera in SR mode if you don't want to. You can change the settings yourself just by clicking the menu button on the back of the camera. Personally I don't see the point if the camera will do it for you anyway. The other settings are portrait, landscape, night, macro, night portrait and backlit portrait.

      If I'm taking a photo of a person it also has a smart little program called "blink detection" so it picks up if anyone blinks in the photo. Then if it has picked up someone blinking you have the option to take the photo again. I put this to the test as I wanted to know if it worked or not and I can safely say each time it worked!

      Another smart program on this phone is called "smile and shoot" which will take the photo for you, and Digital Image Stabilization which great as I sometimes get shaky hands from my medications this stops my photo's becoming burry in anyway. Face Detection technology which is also one of the features on this camera that stops red-eye on your photos.

      As I mentioned this camera needs a memory card, it can handle up to 32 GB cards. I have an 8 GB card in mine which holds more than enough photo's for me. Cards can be a little pricey; I found Amazon and eBay to be cheaper for cards.

      When taking a photo which I guess is the most important part and the reason why you purchase a camera, only takes seconds then it is there ready to view. You can see the photo before you take it by the LCD screen on the back, and then you can zoom in and out to suit before you take the picture.

      This camera doesn't come with a charger as it operates from batteries, the batteries that came with this camera lasted me around three weeks and I used it a lot in that time. I now get the Duracell ones which so far have lasted me over five weeks and counting.

      Another handy little thing this camera also records like a camcorder, personally this does have a down side as the sound quality when playing it back isn't brilliant. You can still hear things; however when I filmed a band when at Blood Stock the play back sound was dire. But if I'm only filming my dog it does a great job and zooms in and out without any distortion. The plus side, video quality was awesome.

      The size of the camera for me is perfect, I don't find it bulky in anyway and it's light so popping it into your bag is no problem you don't even know its there. You have 2.7inch LCD screen so you can view your pictures, a great little size and it's crystal clear.

      When you want to view your photos on the camera all you have to do is click a small button of the back of the camera which looks like "play" logo you get on DVD players. Then you can just click the side buttons to move your photo's along. If you want to view something close up on your photo you have taken all you do is use the zoom tab also located at the back of camera. If you have looked at your pictures and came across some your not so keen on, they are really easy to delete. You can either click the "bin" logo or click the menu button which gives you the delete option also.

      When you want to add your photos to your PC or Laptop it really couldn't be simpler. All you do is connect it to your PC or Laptop using the USB lead that came with the camera. If you have Adobe it will start straight away and load the photo's on for you; then you can chose where you want them to go. Or you can install the disc that comes with the camera which will do the same job. Either way it is nice and easy.

      Price and Availability:

      I purchased mine on offer from Tesco's it was £49.99 at the time which I think was an excellent price. Then my memory card was from Amazon for around £8.00. The cheapest I can find it for now is £49.45 from www.weareelectricals.com/products/Fujifilm-FinePix-AV200-P10NC03830A.


      I really couldn't be happier when it comes to this little camera, all does all I need it to do. Price wise I think is about right for the quality I'm getting. It is so easy to set up and use, even my five year old niece uses my camera.

      I love the fact you have a choice of colours to pick from, sadly not a green one though! Pictures are crystal clear, great colours within the photos as it seems to pick up on each little detail. Close up photo's look amazing without going blurry. Just an all around great little camera.

      I would certainly recommend this beauty as it is that perfect all rounder, with out that high price tag attached.

      Five out of five stars from me.

      Thanks for reading :o)

      Additional Information:



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