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Fuji Finepix Z37

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    3 Reviews
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      20.02.2013 15:10
      Very helpful



      good if you are looking for a simple camera for occasional use

      I have had the Fuji Finepix Z37 for quite a few years. I had it as a Christmas present because my previous camera started taking grainy and unclear pictures. As it happens this camera is now doing exactly the same thing. I have cleaned the lens and ensured the camera was still when a photo is being taken but the photos are always blurry and grainy. However it hasn't always been like this.

      I first wanted the camera because I needed a new one and it was my favorite colour, purple. It is a lovely deep purple colour and I was really pleased when I received it.

      The camera is really easy to use which is great as it means you don't spend time fiddling with buttons when you are capturing a moment.

      The buttons include two arrows, left and right for browsing through the taken photos. A play button for playing the last taken photo, a bin for any you wish to delete (it will always ask for confirmation before deleting which is great if it was pressed by accident). A zoom in out button is great if you are far away but if you zoom in too far it is really blurry.

      To turn the camera on you slide the lens cover on the front. It opens easily and is turned off in the same way. You can take a photo straight away by pressing the button on the top right. Sometimes it doesn't always work as you get used to it. If you press it only half way it doesn't take the photo. After the photo is taken you get to see the photo for a few seconds and then it automatically returns to camera mode.

      You can also take videos by pressing the video camera button.

      There are different modes for photos like snow, beach, dark, natural but I find it doesn't really make any difference to the photos.

      One thing I like about the camera is that you can lock photos so they can't be deleted. I have lost photos on other cameras before so this is reassuring.

      The camera comes with a charger that also puts photos onto a computer. This is quick and easy to do but it will download software for the camera. Despite this you don't have to use it, I usually use Windows.

      Overall this is a good camera for a little while but it is not that reliable after a few years of use.


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      10.08.2011 19:13



      good, cheap travel camera

      I hate taking photographs with a big, bulky camera, as it inevitably (and embarassingly) leads to me taking wobbly, shaky and amateur looking photos. Hence, I bought the Fuji Finepix Z37. This lightweight toy is the nano of fuji's armory. With a non protruding lense and a sliding lense cover that acts as the on, and off, button, this camera is very easy and, for me, enjoyable to use.

      Weighing only 115g and with a small, but ergonomic 2.7" LCD screen, this camera is perfect for a tourist on the go. Moreover, it's relatively low price (only around £50) from amazon means that, if you lose the thing, you may be upset, but at least your holiday wont be ruined.

      There are no less than 10 modes for taking pictures: Portrait; Snow; Night; Sunset; Landscape; Sport; Party; beach and, finally, Text.

      Of course, the software on this camera will not blow your mind, but it definitely does the job. It is perfect for travelling and, due to the colour, for girly girls.


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      22.06.2011 00:06
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      Ready for my close-up...

      I'm not too knowledgeable about cameras and photography; I simply want to point the camera at something and press a button, no fiddling with [camera] knobs and multiple buttons. I'm the person who is gripped by terror when handed someone else's camera and asked to take a snap for them.

      I was very happy with my secondhand Kodak M320, but after a barbecue which featured sangria and a concrete patio area I found myself needing a new camera for upcoming birthdays, births [to take photos of the already birthed baby, not to take live-action shots of the actual births] and my holiday near the end of the year.

      I'm saving for my holiday so my limit was firmly set at £70 [profit from recent Ebay sale]. My only other specifications were that the camera had to have a ion battery and have no less then 9MP, as that is what my Kodak had and I was happy with the picture quality. With these limits in mind I spent a unsuccessful weekend browsing in stores and being jumped on by aggressive sale assistants, before giving in and heading to the ever-faithful Amazon...

      I - ahem - may have simply typed pink camera into the search box and narrowed the results down to the several brands that I was familiar with [I'm easily pleased]. From these results I read the customer reviews and decided that the Fuji Finepix Z37 model met my needs. For £64 (including postage) I could buy a limited edition pink and white Z37, a 2GB memory card and a coordinating pink and white travel case for the camera in a set.

      - - - - - - - - -
      In the box
      - - - - - - - - -

      USB Cable
      Wrist Strap
      Software disc
      Registration for a six month warranty.

      [As mentioned above I bought a bundle which included a memory card and travel case, but these aren't standard]

      - - - - - - - - - -
      The design
      - - - - - - - - - -

      I know [from using my first digital camera and recently borrowing Dad's] that heavy/bulky designs make for shaky hands, which in turn means blurry pictures. Add a protruding lens to the weight and bulk, and taking simple snaps can be bloody hard - especially in tourist hotspots whilst on holiday or in a club etc, where crowds are jostling you.

      With that in mind I slimmed my Amazon results down even more, to make sure that my final purchase was slim, compact and preferably had a lens which, erm - what's the wording? - doesn't poke out . After a month or so of using the Z37 I can confirm that this was by far been the easiest camera to simply point and shoot - even in crowds.

      Bonus; the sliding lens cover slides across the camera to act as the on/off switch, so if you see something or someone doing something worthy of a photo [maybe for blackmail?] you can whip out the camera, turn on the camera and snap a couple of photos [or take a video] in a matter of seconds.

      Dimensions: 3.5" (W) x 2.2" (H) x 0.8" (D)
      Weight; 115g
      2.7" LCD screen

      - - - - - - - - -
      The setup
      - - - - - - - - -

      This is so easy to use:

      Slide in the lithium ion battery in the base opening, charge the camera [it takes about fifty minutes to charge], insert the memory card* [it slides in the base opening, alongside the battery] and then enter the date and time [It asks as soon as you turn it on].

      That's it, you are ready to go in under an hour - straight out of the box.

      *The Fuji memory card that was included with my camera holds 751 photos.
      [For comparison: I've used a Kingston 2 GB memory card in the past and it can hold over 1000 photos]

      - - - - - - - - - - -
      The pictures
      - - - - - - - - - - -

      So far my main two usages for my camera have been accompanying my sister round various shops for snapping her in various prom dresses [people look at you as a real weirdo if you do this], and a day out at Chester Zoo.

      I've taken photos indoors and outdoors, using different levels of zoom, with flash, without flash and the results have been fantastic every-time; the colours have all been true to life - direct sunlight nor strong lighting have bleached the resulting photos in any way. I'm not sure would someone more experienced would think of the image quality, but I honestly can't fault it. I'd thought my old 9.2 million pixel camera was great, but now I can compare photos side by side I can instantly see the improvement made by those extra .8 pixels.

      I use auto mode most of the time myself and have only played about with all of the other various options and in all honesty, I think that most people will be fine on auto, as it works in every situation for me.

      The other shooting mode that I use quite a bit is the scene recognition auto; this basically means that the camera automatically adjusts itself to fit the different scene settings [portrait, backlit portrait, night portrait, landscape, night and macro (close-ups)] to ensure the best focus is used on the photos.

      The Z37 offers a total of eleven selectable scene modes which you can select to suit the conditions you are taking your photos in:
      Portrait - for photos enhancing natural skintones.
      Landscape - for daylight photos of landscapes, buildings etc.
      Sport - for taking photos of moving objects.
      Night - reduces blurring in poorly lit scenes.
      Night (tripod) - uses slower shutter speeds [advises tripod to reduce shaking].
      Sunset - enhances the colours in sun rises/sets.
      Snow - captures the brightness of the snow in a primarily white setting.
      Beach - capture the vividness of a bright, sunny scene, minus the colour bleaching.
      Party - a great mode for low lighting indoors.
      Flower - for vivid close-up photos of plants etc.
      Text - for taking photos of text or print drawings.

      For a basic point-and-shoot camera there are plenty of easy-to-use features; blog mode (re-sizes photos in-camera for posting photos online), face detection technology with auto red-eye removal, and picture stabilisation for blur-free photos.

      - - - - - -
      - - - - - -

      I've taken a few short videos too and have been quite impressed. The image is slightly fuzzy and distorts when I used the zoom, but the audio is largely clear [though quiet]. The the resulting AVI file can be played on Windows Media Player, QuickTime and RealPlayer, after being uploaded from the camera.

      I view the video camera as an extra, so will rarely [if I again witness someone something funny, embarrassing] use it, so the less then perfect playback isn't a issue for me.

      Video Output; NTSC / PAL selectable.
      Voice memo; Up to 30 seconds. WAV format.

      - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Finepix Viewer
      - - - - - - - - - - - -

      There were two discs included with the camera; one disc contains the user manual in Adobe format and the second disc contains the Fuji Finepix Viewer software.

      So far I've only needed to view the owners manual twice, as everything really is simple to use. I do think I'd flick through it again if it was in booklet form, but as I haven't encountered any problems this isn't really a big deal.

      The only complaint about this product I have is with the Finepix Viewer software, not with the actual camera. When you attach the camera to your laptop/PC it is meant to automatically open the software, upload your photos, then edit them.

      Put simply it does not work; The software does automatically open - along with a pop-up message informing me that the process has been aborted. When I try to edit previously uploaded photos using the software I again receive the same pop-up message.

      But to be honest the software looks fairly basic, with commonly found options such as cropping, rotating, altering the colour, adding text and facial retouching, so I simply lost interest in trying to sort it out. I rarely bother altering the photos I take beyond cropping anyway and Windows Photo Gallery does that. Software that I already have [Kodak EasyShare] does everything else that I may need, so I just pull the photos out of the hard drive.

      Sorry I'm not helpful here.

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Technical Details
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      10 Megapixels
      3x Optical zoom
      2.7 Inch LCD
      Anti-blur mode
      One touch movie button
      Scene Recognition AUTO
      Face detection with Automatic Red-Eye Removal
      Micro thumbnail view
      Blog mode for posting photos online
      Up to 100 pictures can be viewed at a time in a 10 x 10 array of micro thumbnails
      Select slideshows of face detected close-ups- Slideshow with music
      Scrapbook view slideshow

      - - - - - -
      - - - - - -


      I believe that this model is being phased out in favour of the Z70 model. Amazon still sell the bundle I have for between £64 and £68. Plus they sell the camera in various colours individually via third parties. Prices vary between £42 to £74.

      The Z35 is practically the same as the Z37 [in both design and features] and they still have some of those in stock new.

      The Z35/37 is available in a choice of black, blue, green, purple and my LE pink and white model (pictured above).


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