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Canon Powershot D10

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    4 Reviews
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      20.01.2011 02:54
      Very helpful



      Excellent underwater camera

      Last august (2010) my boyfriend and me visited Egypt for the first time. We are both avid snorklers/divers (bascily fish and coral nerds) and we originally went with a different branded camera, however, one night in the hotel one of the staff members took my camera and we had to go to the police (awful experiance, he even touched my bum and the manager brushed it off by how i was dressed. I had a fully covering kaftan dress on!) Obviously we never saw the camera again, and we knew we needed another one, due to the fact of all the beautiful reefs in the red sea we wanted to photo.

      We went to a radioshack, which is an international electircal store, and the only underwater camera that didnt require a case was the canon powershot d10. The look of the camera is quite childish, it reminds me of a bubble for some reason. However, for the price (haggled!) and boasting 12.1 mpix we bought it.

      Its simple to use. It has the usual settings such as flash auto, off ect. It also has alot of different scenes, such as fireworks, outdoors, indoors, pets and children (lol?), portrait and underwater. The underwater one is great if you want to look tanned, everything looks brighter haha.

      The quality of the photos where amazing. If youd like to see them feel free to message me and Ill happily share them with you. We managed to capture many fast moving fish perfectly, even in rough water conditions.

      Having my camera stolen was a blessing in disguise, because this camera is amazing. I highly reccommend it to people who are not skilled at photography but would like an underwater camera.


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        10.12.2010 22:23
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        Looking for an easy to use waterproof compact & you have £200? This is highly recommended!

        I have use of this camera even though I don't technically own it (it's my Dad's!). Happily that means that I didn't pay the £200 it costs. Whilst not being expensive for a waterproof camera it's not at the student-budget end either.

        The camera looks very smart with its two tone blue and silver colour scheme as shown in the photograph. It isn't the smallest camera I've come across but it's certainly not bulky and easily fits in my handbag/beachbag with no space issues. The main difference between this and standard 'dry' compacts is that is isn't compressed front-to-back. Quite refreshingly it's an attractive curved shape, very handy for getting a good grip on it whilst snorkelling and diving. The camera comes with a strap and toggle so you can attach it to your wrist with no fear of it floating off/ending up on the sea floor. Handily the strap is detachable and fits onto any one of the four corners of the camera giving lefties and righties equal consideration. The camera has a reasonably sized screen and all the essential buttons are of a good size and easy to locate whilst on-the-go.

        Set in Auto mode the camera is straight forward to use and the 'point and shoot' approach gets you a respectable photo. It also has a multitude of different specialist settings to choose from if you want to take a very specific shot, these include; beach, kids&pets, sunset, portrait, landscape etc. Whilst these all aid in getting a much higher quality shot they are a little confusing at times as there's so many to choose from and take a little getting used to. Once you know what's there and how the camera functions under each setting then choosing the correct one for any given situation is much easier and your photos will be much better for just this little bit of effort. I am particularly impressed with the sunset setting which really helps you to capture the beautiful colours and hues that usually end up looking wishy washy under the Auto setting.

        The camera I use has happily stayed waterproof so far (touch wood!) and the shots taken underwater, whilst highly dependant on environmental conditions at the time, are decent quality. Getting a crisp picture is no problem, getting a fish to stay still while you take it is much harder. In all fairness I have used it underwater on multiple occasions but my experience of taking pictures underwater is limited. Of the shots I have I do have some that are breathtaking and that certainly had nothing to do with me and was all the camera just doing it's thing! Like I said previously, buttons are all easy to use underwater and the screen is big enough to view easily even with a mask on. The 3x optical zoom comes in very handy when you're chasing down that elusive fish/turtle/ray although the limited light penetration in water sometimes means the pictures are a little dark. Counter this by taking photos on a sunny day at midday!

        Out of water the camera functions very well too with active shots, landscape and portraits all of a high quality. The only let down in this respect is the macro function which isn't as good as my standard 'non-waterproof' camera. Very close up shots of insects and the like can be tricky, not impossible though.

        The menu button opens up a whole world of variables on this camera allowing you to fiddle around with the settings to your heart's content. I'm not a photographer however and most of this is dutch to me. My Dad assures me it's all very critical for those in the know though! I like the option to switch between home & away time zones which lets you change the time easily when going on holiday and means the correct time and date is attached to each photo.

        The battery and memory card slot are easily accessible and battery charge time is minimal at around two to three hours from flat. The charger I received is in fact a US plug which plugs into a special adaptor for the uk market. This is ideal when I'm actually in the US/Caribbean as no adaptor is required. Perfect!

        Great camera for those who like an active lifestyle. Personally I just like fish and it suits me fine too!


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          10.11.2010 23:28
          Very helpful


          • Reliability
          • Reliability


          Brilliant. Highly recommended as a very capable point and shoot camera.

          I have a DSLR but I always like to have a point and shoot camera to serve both as a back up but also as alternative for situations where its more convenient to have a small camera. The Canon D10 serves as my second camera and I've had ample opportunities now to use this camera and so feel confident to review it accurately.

          ****What does the camera look like****
          This camera does stand out from the others on offer -and to be honest, you're either going to love it or hate it. Its a combination of aquatic blue and silvery grey in colour and, to be honest, it could be considered to look a little like a child's toy camera! It has the Canon logo on the front of the product and a camera lens which reminds me a little of a port hole on a ship (which I'm sure isn't accidental since one of the special features of this camera is that it is suitable for working underwater). The front of the camera also has a flash that is inbuilt into the body of the camera itself rather than one that flips up. On the back there is a 2.5 inch LCD screen and the standard buttons on the back of the camera next to the LCD screen and on the top.

          The camera itself looks a little bulbous and bulky as it measures almost 5cm in depth and so it isn't really conducive to sticking in my pocket, but it easily sits in a small handbag. I have to say that I actually like the fact that the camera is bulkier because I find it easier to hold it in a stable position. It is lightweight, weighing just under 200g.

          On each of the four rounded corners of the camera, there are four circular ports that allow you to connect various straps to it - and to decide exactly where you want the straps to be connected. Complimentary with the camera is a wrist strap which has a circular disc on it which you can slot into one of the four ports and twist - and this connects it. You can buy (if you so wish) straps which are suitable for a shoulder strap or a neck strap. I actually like this new way of connecting the strap.

          ****The Lens and Sensor***
          The camera boasts 12.1 MP and saves photos in JPEG format. I would prefer to see the camera being able to save in JPEG and TIFF but unfortunately this isn't possible. However, a good point is that it does have a 3x zoom capability (35-135mm equivalent) and an optical IS (see below) which almost compensates for the lack of TIFF file saving. For a point and shoot camera, the aperture possibilities of between f/2.8 and f/4.9.

          This camera is capable of functioning with an ISO as low as 80 - which actually rare for point and shoot cameras as often the ISO in point and shoot cameras starts off around 200 - 400. Because of this, the images have less noise in them and that can only be a good thing. However, in low light, it is possible to increase the ISO to 1600.

          ****The Viewer****
          The viewer itself is a 2.5 inch LCD screen which is a good size for both viewing a picture to take a good picture and also for viewing the photo afterwards. Because this camera can be used underwater, it is necessary for the screen to display images in a brighter luminosity that standard cameras - and so you can see images much better in the dark, as well as being able to see the screen when underwater. It is possible to adjust the luminosity of the screen viewer as there are 5 possible brightness levels. I have been able to adequately see the screen in all conditions including bright sunlight. The images on the screen are displayed with a very good resolution and so images appear crisp and clear and an accurate reflection of the end printed product.

          ****The Camera's Special Functions****
          This camera has all of the basic functions that you would expect of a point and shoot digital camera - and a few more. Overall, the functions work very well and are easy to find and use on he camera's menu.

          There are actually 18 scene modes to opt from which is certainly more than generally would have been expected. These scene modes include Underwater, Snow, Night and Beach modes. There is also a Smart Auto Mode which basically allows the camera to choose what it thinks is the right scene depending on the brightness, distance and contrast of the subject - and I have to say that overall, this camera very much chooses the right setting when set in this smart mode.

          It also has a Face Detection Mode which can recognise up to 35 faces in a scene and ensures that these faces are kept in focus. It has a special new feature called "Blink Detection" which will tell you if someone has blinked when you have taken the photo! I have to admit that I don't use the Blink Detection mode much, but it is absolutely infallible and is useful in a situation where you want to get a great group picture. It also has a red eye function whereby you can prevent red eye before the photo is taken, but also correct it after the photo had been taken.

          It is with great pleasure I have found that this camera has an Image Stabilisation (IS) mode which I have on a couple of my DSLR lenses - and let me tell you, it can be a Godsend! Basically, if you have this mode turned on (Ummmm why wouldn't you??!) it automatically compensates for any movement of the camera which can result in horrendous blurring of the finished image. I love this feature...absolutely love it...and I have it turned on permanently.

          As mentioned, this camera can be used underwater to up to 10 feet and it was with a lot of trepidation that I put this camera under the water when I was in the Galapagos. But the camera coped brilliantly and all the internal workings remained perfectly dry - and I got some great, crisp images of manta ray, sea turtles and amazingly colourful tropical fish.

          Overall, the camera's functions on this camera are brilliant and I cannot fault them at all.

          ****The Images****
          I am so impressed with the quality of the images that this camera consistently produces. File sizes usually reach around 3Mb which is good for a point and shoot camera. Like I said previously, you can only save in JPEG format - but again, this is fairly standard with non DSLR's.

          Images are crisp and clear with a very adequate resolution for prints of 7 x 5 inches and even up to A4 size. However, with larger prints, image quality starts to fall off. With low ISO values of 100 - 200, noise is almost non-existent. Macro images are good from a distance of 2cms - and the night photos I have got with this camera are fantastic as there is a potential long shutter mode of up to 15 seconds.

          Having the IS mode switched on means that images really are clear even when I've been in a situation where camera shake was inevitable (like on the Waltzers recently).

          ***The Manual***
          There is a manual that comes with the camera which has a lot of information in it, but unfortunately this comes on a CD - which isn't great considering the fact that I like to have something to refer to when I'm out in the field. There is a very quick view guide that comes with it, but to be honest this isn't very informative unless you have never used a digital camera before!

          ****Will it last?****
          I hope so! One of the reasons I bought this camera is because its waterproof, shock proof (to 1m) and resistant to dust and cold (up to -10C). True to form, I have bashed it around a bit in the six months, and with the exception of a few minor scratches on the main body, its like new.

          ****The bottom line: How much does it cost?****
          It cost me £210 from Amazon when I bought it - although I have seen it for as little as £190 since then. It comes with a six months guarantee.

          Overall, I would recommend this point and shoot camera without question. I am incredibly impressed by the functions, by its underwater capabilities and by the quality of the images if produces. To be honest, I really don't think that anyone could go wrong buying this.


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            13.08.2009 02:00
            Very helpful


            • Reliability
            • Reliability


            professional looking pics, still wowed by the quality of the images. MUST BUY!!!

            This camera went right to the top of my NEED list after seeing just a few shots that my friend had taken, after seeing a few more I had to get it and I have not regretted it!
            This is most definitely the very best compact digital camera I have seen. Most underwater cameras are very bulky but this one is much more compact. Although it is not like the slimline styles, it still has a very modern, sleek look that is complimented by the lovely blue/silver combination.

            The battery is fully charged within about 2 hours, it is very easy to use with self explanatory symbols next to the buttons and it has large controls to make it easy to use whilst active or wearing gloves etc.

            I think the target customer is the active person who wants great quality action shots, snorkelling, climbing, skating, sailing etc.
            However I am as far from this as possible and I have still found it VERY useful having such a durable camera.


            RESISTANT TO WATER, SHOCK, DUST & COLD (absolutely amazing!) I have not subjected my camera to this but it can be used in temperatures of -10 degrees!
            This camera can be used underwater up to 10m. I have taken some stunning underwater shots with this, every little bubble is picked up, the quality of picture is definitely not comprimised when using the underwater facility.
            It withstands drops up to 1.22m, although i have never measured the fall, I have dropped it in the past and it has worked fine straight away, it has also had its fair share of bumps from when my 3 year old wants to take pictures and it has never been affected by them!

            12.1 megapix- the detail this camera can detect is outstanding, when testing the camera in the shop i took a close up of my hand and every little detail of my ring showed up immaculately

            scene, face (up to 35 faces in a shot) & motion detection (that really work!)

            image stabiliser - I have used this camera on rollercoasters and the shots are perfect, no blur at all.

            choice of 18 modes including,beach, landscape/portrait, fireworks, snow, kids & pets, sunset & movie. I also has an AUTO mode, apart from when using the underwater mode or movie, I have just kept it on auto and I have never been disappointed with the results.

            The screen has a really great feature that detects movement when viewing the pictures and will swith from landscape to portrait depending on how you hold the camera, I have found this really easy and useful for when Im deciding how to print the pictures.

            The design of this camera makes it ideal for EVERYONE, EVERYDAY as it captures the most amazing snaps!
            Definitely the best camera for holidays too, regardless of what type of holiday you're on! ...
            BEACH- no more worries of getting your camera damaged by sand or sea.
            ACTIVE cycling, mountain climbing, snorkelling etc
            CITY, sight seeing, whatever you use this camera for, the quality of picture it takes will ensure that that every little detail will be remembered.
            Definitely a worth while investment, I now have images that before I would think only a professional could get.

            TIP BEFORE YOU BUY:
            Like anything do shop around. When I purchased mine, the price comparison sites found exactly the same product from £219 -£379


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