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  • Cheap and fun
  • Break after a while
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    2 Reviews
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      27.10.2015 17:29
      Very helpful


      • "Cheap and fun"


      • "Break after a while "

      How do those cables tie themselves in knots???

      I don’t like those big Dr Drey headphones. I don’t like to see anybody wearing those things out and about. They look extremely naff unless you are extremely cool. Only Premier League footballers and black dudes can get away with that level of cool. I much prefer the little in your ear jacks. The fact I still discreetly listen to tape cassettes on my walkman is all you need know about my cred.

      The life span of the smaller earphones is that of a Syrian rebel right now sticking his fingers up to a Russian jet. They don’t last long if you’re out and about in the weather listening to tunes. I get through about three sets a year. You all know that moment then the sound stops coming down one of the wires. I’m told it’s to do with rust and the wires expanding in the earpiece.

      They retail around eight pounds on the high street and a fiver on Amazon and come in garish colors. Gumy are a good range to buy as you do get good value. Never buy cheap models for under three quid unless they are for radios only as they will be extremely tinny. Gumys are not tinny and offer a good sound although not for people who like their urban bass music crisp and clear. I like rock music and seering guitar riffs so not too bothered about de bass mon.

      They come in a nice secure package with a little plastic thing you can use them to store with and if you are shrewd you can delicately remove them without damaging the package so return them for a refund when they break. I have done that, lots. Well, they should at least last three months. I also like to have the little fury things on the end to fit them snug in the ear to get a louder and crisper sound. You have to buy these separate from places like Amazon. Buy them on the high street in places like HMV and Maplins you pay crazy prices for what is a little bit of foam. Amazon marketplace will do a small bag full for three quid plus postage.

      So I am using them now and no problems. Good clear sound and decent volume. I like my rock loud. Without the foam things they don’t quite sit snug in the ear so some sound leakage, especially if its summer and you are sweaty. The jack plug is universal and may even fit an Apple product! But I wouldn’t bet on it. Yes the cables all twist up and somehow tie mysterious knots.


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      25.09.2012 11:43
      Very helpful



      A really good quality set of in ear headphones.

      My daughter is known to go through phases (as are most children her age!), with the one constant in her life (at the moment anyway!) his her love for music!

      Many moons ago i purchased a quite bog standard MP3 player for her, which has (up until now!), out lasted almost 6 different sets of earphones, hence this review on her newest set!

      Her reason for this particular set of in ear headphones was quite easy to reason, they were £1.00 cheaper than the other colours available, and they are pink/peach.....the joys of being a girl!

      The ear buds themselves are as the name describes a soft malleable rubber, and are oval in shape which the packaging states is for more comfortable use, which to be fair will feel like silk for my daughter, her being more used to Poundlands earbuds!

      The length of the cable is of standard size, long enough to tuck the player away without having to bend the head down, but not so so long that my daughter would throttle herself at night in bed, though to the second point we always now when she has fell asleep wearing them as she is singing one second and snoring the next!

      The entire essemble is described as a pink/peach colour, though to my eye's are actually a quite vivid pink colour, ideal for colour co-ordinating with your different handhelds (of which i have absolutely none, and my daughter has three!).

      These are stated to be compatible with any Apple ipod/pad or player, but as my daughter has her phone, MP3 player (of none descript branding!) and her i-pod, i am pleased to state that it works wonderfully with all three appliances.

      These are comfortable to wear, and don't have that annoying habit of keep falling out (so bad were her old earbuds that i actually really hurt my ears almost screwing them in!), with them also making the sound quality much better, clearer and LOUDER! Though i have told my daughter that to remedy this fact she only has to turn the volume down a little!

      There is very little in the way of technical data on this product aside from -
      Frequency response - 16Hz - 20,000Hz
      Sensitivity - 108dB/1mW
      Cord length - 1.0m (3.3ft)

      Of which i only really know what the last statement means, though am sure it will make sense to someone!

      These are available in a plethora of colours, all of which are bright and vivid, and at the price (normally around the £5.00 mark, or a few pennies less via www.amazon.co.uk), why not colour co-ordinate with the lot!

      Thanks for reading x


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