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Evesham (Worcestershire, England)

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The historic town of Evesham on the banks of Shakespeare's Avon is the 'capital' of the fertile Vale of Evesham, lying between the Malvern and Bredon Hills and the Cotswolds.

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    3 Reviews
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      30.12.2011 20:03
      Very helpful



      A great family place to visit

      If you are visiting the heart of England for awhile then it is well worth checking out Evesham as a place to go. Located just a few miles down the road from Stratford Upon Avon it is a lovely town to go and relax. I know a lot of people who live just a few miles down the road in Redditch, Bromsgrove and in Worcester City itself who have never been and they really are missing out on a treasure of place.

      I used to go with my family when I was young. There is a huge area of green land where you pay £5 for the day to park your car around the edges and people either use it to sunbathe, or the kids to kick a ball throw a frisbee or play some cricket. If that is no good for you then as its located adjacent to the river you can take a walk alongside it down the paths and if you walk down far enough then you will find places that do river boat trips. This is always good fun a very relaxing.

      I have many happy childhood memories visiting Evesham, running around with an ice cream in my hand for a day trip out. However now I am older it is still nice to visit. It is such a picturesque town, with plenty of shops, nice little restaurants and cafes and the people are always very friendly.

      I would not say it was a place to spend a weekend although it is good location to stay if you are visiting Stratford, Worcester or perhaps even Warwick Castle because you will probably find the hotel prices a bit cheaper. The Malvern Hills are not too far either so it has a lot to offer people. It certainly will give you a good image of what the Heart of England has to offer and as I say with the good transport links you will find it is accessible for other places around it.


      If you are looking for a place to visit then you can certainly do worse than visit Evesham. It is a lovely historical place with great architecture and many beautiful areas. The scenery by the riverside is magnificent and it is good day out if you have young children because of the huge area of green fields. There are not many areas these days where kids can just run around and be themselves. Take a ball and as long as the weather holds true you can enjoy your picnic and ice cream. Then your children might have some of the similar memories as I have of the place. I hope that you enjoy.


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        21.09.2008 18:42
        Very helpful



        Ok But Not The Greatest...

        Evesham - England

        Evesham, a very large rural market town which is located in Worcestshire England. Evesham is also surrounded by small villages such as Broadway, a very posh village which is part of the Cotswolds, where I previously lived for five years...

        Three big towns are also set around Evesham. These towns are Stratford Up-On Avon, where Shakespere once was, Worcester where one of the nearest hospitals are and is the county which holds Evesham, and finally Cheltenham where some of the best shops are and many members of Ciao live in Cheltenham, which are very easy to access with only half an hour or an hour away from Evesham...

        Evesham is quite popular amoungst tourists. One of the main reasons is because of the River that runs through the rural area. The river is named " The River Avon " which flows throughout Eveshams vales.

        Evesham had it's gardens in the 1900's, but in 1990 Evesham garden market and many of it's Orchards were closed and finished off...

        Evesham holds 22,300 people as it's very large population, where there is something for everybody. The younger generations of teenagers hang out in Evesham in its park and big feild near it's Avon river, where most of them are chavs who have given Evensham the name of " Sham " or " Sham Town "...

        This is one of the most annoying things in the town as kids seem to take advantage of it's land and attractions, including vandalism in some of the more urban parts of the town. The teenagers also make the town look polluted where they have thrown rubbish on the green feilds, the streets, and even in the river which makes people think less of the area, so this is a lowpoint of the town, but what do you expect from a place which has one primary school, two middle schools and two high schools and also two colleges, but the middle schools and high schools bring the most trouble...

        The River Avon also had a big flood on July the 20th of last year (2007) which caused major distruptions to the townspeople and the attractions nearby. The River Over flooded like in 1998 and damaged many shops and many houses which was such a dread for people living nearby. Even Broadway caught the floods where my grandparents houses were flooded and by torrential rain, so this is a big problem for living in or near Evesham...

        Attractions Of Evesham :

        Now Evesham does have it's high's due to it's shopping areas and other attractions. One of the biggest attractions in the town will have to be the River Avon when it isn't so polluted looking after rubbish being thrown into it. The River Avon flows under a bridge which connects between the main street of Evesham and the other side of Evesham which both contain shops, pubs and other attractions such like these...

        The River Avon also has it's very own boats which are very pretty to look at when driving along the bridge. You can receive rides on certain boats on a nice day or you can watch the boats go past by sitting on the banks next door to the River. This is a lovely site when the weather is good and many of the towns chavs aren't about, it's nice to enjoy with an ice-cream or on a picnic...

        Evesham also holds some great history being The Battle Of Evesham which took place in the 1200's so many hundreds of years ago when they didn't have a woolworths, I do feel sorry for them. Simon De Montfort was killed and defeated in 1265 on August the 4th which is also my grandfathers birthday so he has some history on his date of birth where most of my family live near Evesham, where they have travelled past one of Europes largest abbey's ( Evesham Abbey) where Abbot Lichfield's Bell Tower stands which alos must attract the tourists...

        Evesham also has some good places to shop and some decent hotels or supermarkets and resturaunts. Evesham has one side of the River Avon which contains many chinese resturaunts and chip shops, where The Manderin chinese is one of the best take aways this side of the river. There are also many little shops on this side which include charity shops, pound shops and a post office, and a Somerfield. I wouldn't recomend that you shop at this area of the town as it is pretty dead for shopping. Evesham also has a good hotel which is The Northwick hotel where a good friend had her wedding party at afterwards. I wasn't dissapointed with the service or the food at The Northwick which overlooks right onto the pretty Avonside river so I would definitly recomend you try this hotel out...

        On the other side of Evesham however, there are plenty more shops and bigger more popular well known resteraunts and supermarkets. When you cross the River Avons bridge coming from the previous side, you enter into a busy street but with many shops for you to shop till you drop into...

        When you first enter, there is a shop named Magpies which holds some interesting historical items such as real swords and other artifacts, where it also holds lots of exepnsive yet lovely jewellery and collectors items and trading cards for the younger generations. Magpies is one of those shops where you have to be careful in because if you knock something over then you'll have to pay for it. As you progress through the street, you will notice more pound shops, but then more shops such as Argos, Iceland, and a photo shop which is my grandpa's favourite, or shoe shops to choose from for older or younger people with all different types of shoes...

        There is also a market in this street which is easy to access from the car park ( If you find a space), where the market contains flower sellers and butchers and other handy things for you to buy at very low prices. This is the busiest street, but when you turn right near the photoshop and then into a road which leads to a pub called The Blue Maze which is for Polish people and Polish people only, as family friends have walked into this pub and been aggressivly thrown out so beware...

        The street next to The Blue Maze is named Bridge Street hold many of my favourite shops which include woolworths, Game, WH Smith, and little snack shops such as Greggs the bakers and the chocolatier which is the delicious Thorntons. There are many cafe's in Bridge Street shopping centre which I would definitly recomend you try. There aren't just these shops, the are opticians, jewellery shops, charity shops such as Oxfam, and loads of shoe shops so you will find something you like...

        Also on this side are the big supermarkets which are Morrisons Tesco and ALDI. Morrisons is probably the most popular supermarket with it's good bargains and quality products, but I do prefer Tesco as i've always liked it before Morrisons took over Safe Way. Tesco is a massive supermarket in Evesham with some good prices but I find Morrisons are cheaper but I prefer Tesco's product range. Tesco and Morrisons all have friendly faces and services so it makes your shop even more enjoyable and persuades you to come again. ALDI is the most recent supermarket out of the four including Somerfield, but I really dislike ALDI because I think the products taste horrible and they don't have prices on them which is a pain in the butt, and the service is very unfriendly, the only good thing is that it is cheap, but not qaulity produce...

        There are also many different resturaunts such as Frankie and Bennis or McDonals for you to snack or dine at. McDonalds is popular but you can find one of those anywhere, Frankie and Bennies is delicious and at reasonable prices which I would recomend for a family meal, and Strwaberry feilds which is a resturaunts and childrens play area building which has also held some good memories in the past. All of the resturuants metioned are at reasonably low prices so they are definitly good for something to eat...

        These resturaunts are also quite near DIY stores such as B and Q, Homebase or focus which are quite popular with the gardeners around the town and villages, where family freinds have suggested that focus is good for gardening equiptment and Homebase is good for flowers, and B and Q is brilliant for painting and decorating equiptment. These stores are very large so they don't just have one type of the product you are looking for, they have many different branded products so your bound to get something you want for reasonable prices...

        Evesham also has it's part of Education where it has five schools and a college. The primary school os Evesham is Honeybourne first school, the middle schools of Evesham are Simon De Montfort Middle School and St Egwin's C. of E Middle School, which I guess they are historical named schools but the second is hard to pronounce to some, and Evesham also has two secondary schools, Prince Henry's High School and Evesham High School. I can not say much about the primary school, but I have been informed by family members that St Egwin'sC. of E Middle School is the better option of the two from previous experiences from the family. The best reckoned high school is Evesham High School as it does not contain so many snobbs or brown nosers which is better in the long run. I think that having middle schools is a bad idea because you have just settled in from primary school and the to middle school and then into high school so you social skills isn't going to be the strongest in some cases, but it's one of those things in England i'm afraid...

        Finally on the subject of education, Evesham has it's college Evesham and Malvern Hills College for it's further education after high school, where students can study practical vocational courses and many other types of courses such as Computing , Bussiness and Technology, Media, or childcare, but with lots more courses part time or full time on campus to choose from...

        So there you have it, some wonderful places and attractions, and some not so good places to go, but you'll be bound to find something you like from all ages...

        My Opinion On Evesham

        Well I can honestly say that there are good points and bad points of Evesham. There are some very bad points such as the chavs on friday nights inside the clubs and shouting and swearing making less tourists being attracted to Eveshams nightlife and it's sights, the floods and the river pollution and some people you get around can be a little iffy, but I suppose that's what you get nowadays...

        Then again I have some good things to say about Evesham that I have already such as the wide range of facilities, shopping and resturaunts, the park and the river and many other attractions, I guess it's not all bad....

        So if you live near and have never been to Evesham, of if you are coming to Evesham or nearby then take in what I've said about the good and the bad and hopefully enjoy your stay!!!...

        Thank you For Reading...

        (c) 2008 J24


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          04.02.2007 14:35
          Very helpful
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          Nice, relaxing interspersed with some good shopping

          The rural Market town, Evesham is situated in the picturesque Vale of Evesham about 30 miles from Birmingham and only 6 miles from the beautiful Cotswolds. Although the Cattle Market has long gone to be replaced by yet more flats there are still other markets. There is the daily covered market and the Saturday Market in the town's Market Square selling all sorts. Occasionally there are Farmers and Street Markets selling more specialised product.

          Evesham is famous for several things :PLUMS, APPLES, PEARS and most famously ASPARAGUS. SIMON DE MONTFORT known as the father of the English Parliament died here in the bloody Battle of Evesham in 1265.
          Evesham's name is derived from a swineherd called Eoves who claimed to see a vision of the Virgin Mary, which also inspired the creation of Evesham Abbey which was mostly destroyed after King Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries. The only remaining part is the 110 ft high Bell Tower and a few walls.
          Despite the vision and the Battle I don't think that Evesham as a town makes enough of them like a lot of other tourist towns would.

          Evesham has some beautiful, historic old buildings in the town centre and many more in the surrounding countryside to complement the stunning scenery, including the stunning Roundhouse in the town centre, now home to the Natwest Bank.

          The one thing Evesham isn’t short of are pubs and charity shops, you literally can’t go 100 metres without coming across either in the town centre. Don’t let them put you off though, there are so many more shops to visit, especially in the Riverside Shopping Centre and the Almonry Museum is also well worth a visit.

          During the Summer months there is so much to see including the River Festival, Medieval Festival, Eastern Festival, Balloon Festival and the World Famous Angling Festival,which are mainly centered around the towns Abbey Park, Workman Gardens and Crown Meadows. So as you can see Evesham has something for everyone.
          River trips run daily during the summer months or you could take a walk in a loop around the River Avon footpath back through to the town centre where you will see all kinds of fauna and flora.

          Evesham is in an ideal location in the heart of the country, just 30 miles from Birmingham, only 20 minutes from the M5 Motorway and on a main railway line to London Paddington.


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