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Beddgelert (Snowdonia, Wales)

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  • Beautiful classic Snowdonian village
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    4 Reviews
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      29.01.2015 13:49
      Very helpful


      • "Beautiful classic Snowdonian village"


      Traditional Snowdonian village, an excellent base for staying

      Beddgelert is a beautiful village in the heart of Snowdonia, North Wales and is one of the closest villages to the foot of Mount Snowdon and is therefore popular with tourists and trekkers alike.

      It is in the area of Gwynedd and is home to several restaurants, a local village with some shops and a large gelert camping shop which can be a life saver for campers who have forgotton items or simply need items urgently for camping and trekking. The car park here is worth going to itself as it runs next to a beautiful and very fast flowing stream with waterfalls.

      One of the biggest tourist attractions in Beddgelert is Gelerts Grave steeped in legend and myth and dating back to the 13th century. It is next to the church within the village and is a beautiful walk to and from along a trundling stream and fields.

      The restaurants are limited and we found whilst there that some don't serve food all throughout the day and only for limited hours within the day so be aware of this. However the food we ate there was all beautiful and very well and freshly prepared with local ingredients.

      There is a lovely gelleto cafe in the village which has amazing ice cream and desserts.

      Guest houses and hotels are rife however to truely experience Snowdonia you cant beat camping and there are campsites based all around Beddgelert which are of an excellent standard with wonderful facilities and also glamping is popular in the area with glamping pods and sheperds huts.

      The two other main attractions close to Beddgelert are the copper mines and the large waterfall.

      All in all a lovely quaint and traditional village in Snowdonia and a main base to stay when visiting the area.


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      04.08.2010 16:47
      Very helpful



      A great place to visit

      Beddgelert is a small village situated in the heart of the Snowdonia national park. This is one of the most scenic little villages in Wales and is in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Beddgelert only has a population of around six hundred people but in the summer months the towns populations swells as people come to visit the area. Even though this is a tiny little place it still does have plenty to interest visitors and people have been coming here for years to enjoy the countryside.

      When it comes to accommodation in the village there are not really that many options. There are a few small guest houses and a little hotel, but as this is only a small place they do not tend to cater for large amounts of people. However if you stay at one of the little hotels you will find the service very friendly and of a good standard. Many people who stay in the area choose to make use of camp sites. There are lots of camp sites in the area ranging from basic ones that are mainly for walkers, to larger ones with excellent facilities. All the camp sites in the area have one thing in common, they are set in stunning scenery. There is nothing better than waking up to a crisp mountain view!

      Beddgelert is most famous for the legend of Gelert's Grave. Gelert was the dog of a Welsh Prince, or so the story goes. Gelert was always faithful and the young Prince loved his dog and always took him out hunting. One day however Gelert was not present with his master while he was out hunting, the Prince thought this strange. When he returned home to his house he went up to see his baby daughter. To his horror he found an empty cot with Gelert stood over the cot covered in blood. In a rage the Prince took out his gun and shot the dog. Then he heard crying. He discovered his baby was behind the bed and there was not a mark on her. However there was a wolf lying next to her, the wolf had been attacked and was now dead. Gelert had actually risked his life to save the little girl, and he had been shot for his trouble. The Prince was devastated and mourned the loss of his faithful dog, he took him outside and buried him under a tree. The Grave is still there today and people often walk down to have a look and read the story on the gravestone.

      There are also some lovely little shops in this quaint village. They are mainly tourist shops that offer local souvenirs and things like that. Possibly the most interesting shop to look in is the craft shop down by the river, there are some amazing pieces of art work in here mainly made from wood. Some of the workmanship that has gone into these is stunning and it really is interesting looking around the shop. There is also a nice little art gallery next to the river, there are some lovely mountain pictures in there that are worth having a look at.

      Beddgelert is a lovely place to visit and some of the surrounding scenery really is amazing. You will soon run out of things to do in the village, but the area as a whole is littered with attractions and stunning scenery. If you have never visited this part of the country then you really are missing out, Bedgelert really does deserve a visit.


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        06.08.2008 14:48
        Very helpful



        well worth visiting

        Beddgelert is situated in the middle of the Snowdonia National Park in Wales, it is a very small town that I think was originally a mining town but has now moved into more of a tourist spot.

        It has a beautiful setting in the middle of a valley surrounded by mountains and with a gorgeous river running through it, there is a lovely walk you can do following the river that runs through the Aberglaslyn gorge and it is absolutely stunning.

        Facilities wise there are numerous places to eat and the usual souvenir shops, there is one that makes home made fudge and it really is something special, I'm not normally a fudge lover but it so obviously is home made and the flavours they do are divine!

        We ate at the Saracens Head pub in town and it was ok, the food was priced averagely but the pub itself needs a bit of modernising!

        well worth visiting if you are in the area and parking is free!!!!


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          23.06.2008 20:27
          Very helpful



          I love Beddgelert!

          A while ago I said that I would write some reviews about local attractions and places to visit now that I live here in Llandudno. I did a couple at the time but have just got round to doing a couple more.

          This particular review is about a place that we visit on a regular basis - the reasons will become apparent as you read on - and it is called Beddgelert.

          Where is it?

          Beddgelert is located in Gwynedd, North Wales. It is just off the A498 slightly north east of where that road meets the A4085. The postcodes begin LL55 if you want to put that into your satellite navigation system.

          It is set on the banks of the River Glaslyn which then continues down the Aberglaslyn Pass to join the sea at Porthmadog.

          Caernarfon is 13 miles from Beddgelert, Porthmadog is 8 miles and Betws-y-Coed is 18 miles away.

          Why is it called Beddgelert?

          Beddgelert literally means the grave of Gelert and it is reputedly named after the dog which belonged to Prince Llewellyn who lived in the thirteenth century. Apparently one day the prince went hunting without his faithful hound Gelert. When he returned Gelert ran to greet him but was covered in blood. The prince was shocked and ran into his son's room to find the baby's cot empty and the bedclothes covered in blood. The prince, thinking that Gelert had killed the child plunged his sword into Gelert's side, but as the dog died he heard the cry of a baby. When he found the child he was unharmed and lying next to the body of a huge wolf which Gelert had killed to save the child. It is said that the prince never smiled again. He buried the dog at the place that is now called Beddgelert. How much of this is true I don't know but there is a gravestone with the story of Gelert on it.

          So what is it like?

          It is a beautiful village set in a valley with the mountains of Snowdonia all around. It isn't a big place by any means but has a couple of pubs, a large hotel, a few restaurants and cafes, a home made ice cream shop, a few other shops, a post office, an information centre, a church and some beautiful scenery.

          There are plenty of places to stay in and around Beddgelert - camp sites, bunkhouses, bed and breakfast accommodation, guest houses and hotels.

          Now for some more specific information

          To get into the village you will go over a bridge which spans the river. Before you cross the bridge there is a very nice tea room and restaurant called Beddgelert Bistro and Antiques and the River Garden Restaurant is also on that side of the river as is one of the village pubs.

          Over the bridge straight ahead is another of the village pubs and Lyn's Café and Tea Garden which serves a good range of snacks, meals and nice puddings!

          If you turn right over the bridge you will be in the main street of Beddgelert with The Royal Goat Hotel ahead of you. At the top of the street to the right of the hotel there is a good sized car park where you can park all day for £2 (I think that's the current cost - I know it is very cheap by today's standards). As you leave the car park and walk back towards the bridge you have just crossed you first pass the Information Centre where you can find free information about the local area, accommodation, walks etc.

          Further down this street you will come to the Glandwr Café and Glaslyn Ices. This is one of the big reasons for us visiting Beddgelert so regularly! The café sells a range of freshly made pizzas and a selection of other meals and snacks - and the best bacon baps I have ever eaten! As you then leave the café area you just have to go into the ice cream shop where they sell ice cream and sorbets made on the premises. There are usually about 15 flavours of ice cream and about 6 sorbets available and I haven't had one I didn't like yet! They used to make grapefruit sorbet which was to die for but they tell me that it is a very difficult one to make so they rarely do it these days. Just top prove how good it all is there are framed certificates all round the shop showing the prizes that the ice creams and sorbets have won.

          Further down the street there is the small post office and gift shop and a general store.

          This then brings you back to the bridge by which you came into Beddgelert so now carry straight on and walk alongside the river where there is a lovely little gift shop and also a shop selling all sorts of wood and carvings.

          There are public toilets along this road too and they are usually nice and clean.

          At the end of this short road is a footbridge over the river where you can find the local youngsters jumping into the river when the weather is hot. It looks rather dangerous to me I have to say!

          You can cross the footbridge and take a walk along the river on the other side or you can turn right just before the bridge and walk along the nearside of the river bank.

          This walk will take you directly alongside the river and then you can go across the field, keeping to the paths, where you will see Gelert's Grave. This is a lovely walk which will take about half an hour. It is flat and easy so it can be attempted by anyone and it is OK for pushchairs and wheelchairs too.

          So what can you do here?

          If you decide to spend some time in Beddgelert the local area is fantastic for walking either along the river or up into the mountains. The information centre will have plenty of details for you.

          As I said earlier you will also be close to Caernarfon, Porthmadog and Betws-y-Coed, but you are also within driving distance of Llandudno, Conwy, Colwyn Bay and many more places along the coast.

          The Sygun Copper Mine and The Red Dragon Heritage Centre is just outside Beddgelert.


          The Inn of the Sixth Happiness starring Ingrid Bergman was shot in Beddgelert and if you drive towards Snowdon you will drive through Nant Gwynant where Carry on up the Khyber was filmed. There was also an episode of Midsomer Murders which was partially filmed in Beddgelert recently.


          http://www.beddgelerttourism.com/ is an excellent website for finding out some information about the place before you go.

          In conclusion

          I love Beddgelert and we regularly visit even if it's just for a bacon sandwich and an ice cream! We have done some lovely walks starting at Beddgelert and love the area and the scenery.

          If you're in the area pay a visit to the village I'm sure you'll like it!


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