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Thorntons Dark Chocolate Secret Centre Mousse

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Brand: Thorntons / Type: Mousse

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    1 Review
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      20.02.2011 18:01
      Very helpful



      Nice little desserts as a treat these are!

      My lovely boyfriend simply adores sweet things....particulary anything containing chocolate and he is so unhealthy he would live on the stuff if it was left to him and how he isn't the size of a house by now with his appailing diet I just don't know!

      However when he travels the 183 miles to stay with me which is rather often I do try to get him to eat more healthily in my company and to have things such as this as a treat rather than this kind of thing forming the best part of his diet!

      I spotted a pack of two of these in Asda costing £1.89 and as the brand was instantly recognisable to me I decided to treat us to a pot each after a steak dinner I made!

      The Packaging:

      Well as I have said you get two pots of the mousse encased within a small brown cardboard sleeve which is easy to tear off and dispose of. On two sides of the box we are told that they are Thortons Chocolate Secret Centre 'Dive into this smooth chocolate mousse and discover a rich saucy centre' and the weight of each pot is stated which is 110g and a photograph of the mousse is shown. Other information on the sleeve includes ingredients and allergy advice being given, there is a nutritional chart shown and contact details for Thortons are clearly stated. The pots are round and tallish in shape, filled with the light brown mousse to the top with a peel off lid and are plain in design apart from having a thin layer of white and dark chocolate curls to the top of them only.

      The Chocolate Mousse:

      Well like I have already said what you get in each pot is a light brown, rich and creamy smelling chocolate mousse that is reasonably firm set and a little bubbly thoughout though not too mushy and gloopy.

      The taste of the mousse is wonderful. Sharp but creamy, really sweet and chocolaty but in a real naturally sweet way and to me this is very obviously a quality chocolate mousse and one I expected to be this good considering the price and manufacturer. Right in the middle of the mousse is the not so secret centre (as we are told on the packaging what to expect which is meant to be a chocolate custard) and what that is, is gooey and thick milk chocolate sauce in abundance that simply drips off the spoon and mingles well when you add it the mousse!

      These are tasty, very high quality little mousses and me and my boyfriend had only one complaint about them! That they were small however delicious they really are!

      Nutritional Information Per Pot (The Important Bits):

      Energy: 332 Kcal
      Fat: 20.9g
      of which saturates: 12.9g

      Available in all good supermarkets etc.


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