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Sainsbury's Madeira Bar Cake

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Other Desserts

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    2 Reviews
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      28.08.2008 22:59
      Very helpful



      A birthday cake for everybody

      I love baking and I really enjoy making my own cakes but sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day and that's when I have to go out and buy a cake, especially if I have friends coming round as I like to have a cake in the house. The latest cake I have tried is Sainsbury's Madeira Bar Cake. I bought it because my little cousin came round and it had recently been her 14th birthday and I thought it'd be nice to get a cake for her. There was a massive choice in Sainsbury's, as there is in most other supermarkets. I chose this one though because it wasn't too expensive and looked very attractive.

      It cost £7.69 and was enough to serve 16 slices which was good as it meant that it lasted for quite a few days. I think that if you were using it for a children's birthday party then you could probably make it into about 20 slices and they wouldn't be too small either.

      It comes in a light blue box which has picture of balloons all over it, obviously meant for a party but it is nice enough to eat on other special occasions. There is a clear bit on the top so that you can see into the box to the cake and make sure you have picked up one that isn't crushed or destroyed. On the side of the box there is a picture of a slice of the cake which looks nice plus it's name and a description of it which says "A madeira sponge cake layered with raspberry jam and butter cream, covered with soft icing and edible decorations". On the back of the box are the ingredients and nutritional information. Inside the box the cake is safely packed into a foil tray which is great as it stops it being smashed up and you can store it in there with a plastic tub or some cling film on top of it.

      I like to include the ingredients in my reviews because a lot of people have food allergies and if you are serving this at a party you don't want to accidentally give somebody cake that will make them ill, so the ingredients are:

      Madeira Cake; Soft Icing (33%); Buttercream (8%); Raspberry Jam (6%); Edible Decorations.Madeira Cake contains: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Egg, Rapeseed Oil, Humectant: Vegetable Glycerine, Glucose Syrup, Tapioca Starch, Raising Agents: Disodium Diphosphate, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate; Emulsifier: Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids; Corn Flour, Dried Egg White.Soft Icing contains: Sugar, Invert Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Vegetable Margarine (Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Stearin, Water, Salt), Stabiliser: Tragacanth.Buttercream contains: Sugar, Butter (from Cows' Milk), Water, Glucose Syrup.Raspberry Jam contains: Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Raspberry, Sugar Syrup, Sugar, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Gelling Agent: Pectin.Edible Decorations contains: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Palm Oil, Water, Stabiliser: Xanthan Gum; Humectant: Glycerine; Natural Colours: Beetroot Red, Riboflavin, Anthocyanins; Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin; Corn Flour, Colour: Iron Oxide.

      That means that this cake contains milk, egg, wheat gluten & soya. Sainsbury's have a very helpful way of letting you know how much good and bad stuff is in your food. They use the traffic light system where green means it's good for you, orange is ok and red is something that you should avoid eating too often.

      There are:
      244 Calories - 12.2% of your GDA (RED)
      8.5g of Fat - 12.1% of your GDA (ORANGE)
      1.7g of Saturated Fat - 8.5% of your GDA (ORANGE)
      0.19g of Salt - 3.2% of your GDA (ORANGE)
      31.2g of Sugar - 34.7% of your GDA (RED)

      So as you can see this cake is really bad for you but you should bear in mind that the above values are based on 1/6 of a cake and this cake can be divided into a lot more than that. Still it should only be eaten occasionally like most cakes should be.

      The cake itself is very attractive it is a rectangular shape, that's why it is called a bar cake. The cake part is made of two pieces of maderia sponge with raspberry jam and butter cream in the middle. On top of all of that it is coated in lovely soft white icing which has Happy Birthday written on it and some balloons around it all made of edible decorations and in various colours which makes it look very nice against the white background.

      The cake was really easy to cut and didn't leave crumbs everywhere. It tasted really nice and the sponge was nice and moist which is good because I really don't like it when I buy a cake and it tastes dry/stale. This has a lovely spongy texture which seemed to melt in your mouth, very pleasant. It sort of just tasted of cake, nothing amazing but it was very nice with the sweet taste of the rest of the cake. The butter cream was as you'd expect nice and creamy and went well with the raspberry jam, there was quite a lot of these two which was nice. The icing on the top was sweet without being over the top and was really nice. Overall the cake tasted great and all of the different parts created a great taste together.

      I recommend that you store it in an airtight container because cake will go dry and stale if it is left out in the air for too long. I think that this is a great cake, it is nicely decorated as it's neither for girls or boys and is attractive to most people. Plus it has a wonderful taste and can serve quite a lot of people. A lot of birthday cakes can set you back by up to about £15 so this one is quite cheap.


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        04.03.2008 12:15
        Very helpful



        A great birthday party cake!

        My youngest daughter is going to be three on Friday (where has the time gone??) but already has had her party last Sunday. Obviously, one of the most important things to get right at any party is the choice of cake, and in any of the supermarket you seem to be faced with a vast array of choices! As we had both boys and girls coming to the party we didn't want to get one that was too pink and 'girlie' (we'll save that for her actual birthday!) and also one that would be easy to cut up and could easily serve about fifteen small hungry children! In the end we chose the Sainsbury's Happy Birthday Celebration bar cake and I reckon it was a very good choice!

        It comes well packaged in a long rectangular box (with pictures of party balloons on) so is easy to transport. It also sits on it's own foil tray so you don't need to worry about finding a rather long rectangular plate to put it on - I don't know about you but I don't seem to have many of those in my cupboards!

        The cake itself is a long rectangular shape. It is a Madeira sponge cake, with plum jam and buttercream in the middle, and covered with a very smooth layer of soft icing. It all looks very appealing especially as it is decorated with HAPPY BIRTHDAY in different coloured letters and has some edible round decorations which look a bit like balloons as well. When Natalie first saw the cake she was very happy with it!

        At the party, we did not serve the cake with the party food, but wrapped it up in serviettes to put in the party bags. It was incredibly easy to cut up, mainly because it is already pre-portioned and has very slight 'cutting marks' showing on the icing. The cake also cut very easily and did not crumble at all.

        We did not actually get a taste of the cake until we got home and as there were a couple of pieces left we had these with a well earned cup of tea. The cake tasted delicious and the thing I noticed most was just how moist it was. It has a lovely melt in the mouth consistency and the jam and buttercream added a nice contrast without being too overpowering. It tsted very fresh too. My daughter went stright for the soft icing covering and promptly ate all of this and then left the cake but then she isn't quite three yet!

        We bought the cake on Saturday and it was probbly at its best the day after. We are just eating the final bits today, and with it having been exposed for a couple of days it's definitely not so good (but still very nice!). However, the best before date on the package is the 12th March which gives it about twelve days but I'm sure that's dependent onit not being opened and storing in an airtight container.

        The cake easily serves sixteen children and that is with quite generous proportions. You could make it even stretch further if you needed to! On the box, there is nutritional values given but these are for 1/6 of the cake rather than giving the value per portion which does seem to be a bit daft to me. These are slightly high as you would expect for a birthday cake with 1/6 cake containing 304 calories and 7.6 grams fat. Never mind - it is a treat! Also it's worth noting that the cake contains milk, eggs and gluten nd is not suitable for nut allergy sufferers!

        The cake costs £7.29 in Sainsburys but did seem to be money well spent. We would definitely recommend it for a child's party although it could suit an adult equally well too.


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