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Calypso Jubbly Ice Lollies

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Type: Ice Cream

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    13 Reviews
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      11.11.2012 10:51
      Very helpful
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      Good freezer staple

      This is a review of Calypso Jubbly Ice Lollies which we have just worked our way through. I remember buying something similar as a child for a few pence and they lasted ages so I wanted to see if these were the same.

      What are they?
      These are a triangular shaped ice lolly that you buy in multi packs from the supermarket (unfrozen) and then you put them in your freezer, probably best overnight before you start scoffing them.

      Our pack
      Ours are blackcurrant flavour and taste really nice. To open, you have to snip off the top of the triangle (you get a guide on the pack to help you work out which end) and squeeze up from the bottom to release the fruity ice.

      My thoughts
      I enjoyed sucking my way through a few of these, but they are a lot smaller than I remembered. A few high powered sucks does remove the flavour from the lolly and you end up with a lump of unflavoured ice. The good thing I think is that they feel like a treat but are low in fat and so are just iced and flavoured water really. A solid version of a slush if you like but the triangle shape helps you to get purchase on it as you squeeze it out of its packaging.

      I am sure this pack of lollies was on special offer when I bought it at a pound. I didn't immediately freeze it due to there being no space in the freezer so I kept them in the cupboard for a while and forgot about them being there until recently. The current price is £1.38 for a box of eight which I presume is the usual price. I wouldn't want to pay any more than this for these lollies as they are not in any way a premium ice lolly!

      Final word
      I think these are great for saving money and having in the house for kids and adults too. They are a treat without breaking the bank and are fun to eat. They come in strawberry and orange flavour too but I think the blackcurrant ones taste great. A blast from the past for me as I remember them from childhood but I am sure they are smaller these days (or is my mouth bigger?!).


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        13.09.2011 02:58
        Very helpful
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        When I first saw these in the shop I thought it was so cheesy they were called 'Jubbly.' Now I understand why they are called such - because they are flippin' lovely JUBBLY! ;).

        Currently being sold in Poundland at £1 for 10 of these you can't go wrong - otherwise see Tesco or Asda for £2 for 10. They will come in a box, individually packaged in triangular packs. Pop them in the freezer over night and enjoy for breakfast if you so wish!

        I have found them very refreshing over the summer period and perfect to eat when ill, too. At around 30 calories an ice lolly (although are they really an ice lolly? They look more like ice triangles!) you can't exactly get yourself fat eating these ;). Although they are effectively an 'empty calorie' food and provide you with slim to none nutritional value.

        I've seen these in various flavours, too. Orange, tropical, strawberry and now even as smoothies! The smoothie variations are lovely but are expensive - I only bought them as they were reduced after having a bit of a bashed in package.

        These lollies are effectively just water and fruit juices so I'd say they're a lot more healthy than those radioactive looking ice poles.

        Nutritional info:

        Energy kCal 33kCal
        Energy kJ 142kJ
        Protein Trace
        Carbohydrate 8.0g
        of which sugars 8.0g
        Fat N/A
        of which saturates Trace
        Fibre Trace
        Sodium Trace
        Salt N/A


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          02.12.2010 21:45
          Very helpful



          If you've tried them, you obviously love them. If you haven't tried them, try them now!

          Jubbly. It's the only ice based food that even matters to me anymore. I have betrayed my previous love for such assorted foods as Vanilla Ice Cream and Blackcurrent Flavoured Generic Ice Lollies, because the varied flavours of these ice-based fiends are just too much for me to resist, but then again, I am weak to the calling taste of foods.

          The Jubbly Ice Lolly comes in a variety of tastes, from the exotic 'Tropical' flavour to the down to Earth 'Orange' flavour. Each flavour is pleasantly distinctive and among the best ice-based foods that I have ever eaten. In turn, the great flavours of these ice lollies are also their downfall, although their downfall is not major, nor is it negative.

          However, this brand does not quite surpass the vibrant flavours of rivals, Sun Lolly. Sadly, Sun Lollies are not as readily available as Jubblys, in fact, I haven't seen them for a multitude of years. For this reason, Jubblys obviously overtake in their availability (and I remember Sun Lollys being somewhat more expensive too). For this reason, despite the slightly superior taste of Sun Lollies, they are beaten in their entirety by the Jubbly.

          They're so brilliantly tasteful, so beautifully addictive that I go through one to three in a day. That's not too much of a problem though, especially as the ice lollies cost only a measly ten pence per succulent lolly. At a pack of ten for the fantastic value of a single British pound, you'd be absolutely crazy to miss out on these quiet wonders.

          Also, although not really a concern for me, they are extraordinarily low calorie, meaning that you can eat a reasonable amount of them without evening beginning to feel like you're eating too much for your own body weight. I also find that they are a great way of keeping hydrated, as these lollies are extremely good at refreshing and rehydrating your body. However, please note that Jubbly Ice Lollies are NOT a substitute for drinking throughout the day, no matter how tasty that they may be.

          Each lolly contains the reasonable volume of 62ml, which really does last quite a while. The ingredients of these brilliantly succulent lollies includes 'Natural Mineral Water', 'Sugar', 'Fruit Juices', and various acidity stabilisers (for the Citric Acid derived from some of the fruit juices). Despite their particularly fantastic taste Jubblies, the astonishing surprise that they are even good for you in fabulous!

          Their packaging goes unbeaten, their taste unmatched and the vibrant desire in my heart for these fantastic lollies remains completely unsurpassed by any lolly of similar nature or otherwise, as these 'Jubbly' ice lollies, but the ice lolly company that is Calypso, is simply unsurpassable, and for that it deserves great, great applause, and, for the record, I shall be buying these through the winter months, no matter how cold the weather intends upon getting, because their taste is simply too good to not have.

          I give my all-season obsession a hearty five out of a possible five stars.


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          31.03.2010 17:22
          Very helpful



          Not a great product, calippo's are better

          I have purchased these in the past as I thought they looked a bit quirky and I think they are an old school lolly bought back to life.

          I think you get 10 in a box and they cost around £1.50 so they are great value for money, especially if you have got children I imagine. There are a few different flavours, but I have only tried the Strawberry. I think you can get Orange and Blackcurrant too.

          The first thing you will notice about the jubbly is it is a triangle shape in a cardboard packet, which you have to snip the top off with scissors, which sometimes can be a bit difficult as very often they are full and you are actually trying to cut through ice.

          If you actually manage to get the top off and squeeze the ice lolly out a bit, the first bit of taste is really intense, and they do taste really nice, howver the flavour does last about 10 seconds. You can literally suck all the flavour out of these without actualyl eating them, they don't melt very quickly either so they are a bit difficult to bite, especially if you have sensitive teeth.

          I have found these lollies too much hard work, for something that is supposed to be a summer treat, and I wont buy them again. I can't imagine small children find them very easy to eat due to the shape and the hardness of them.

          Not a great product.


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          02.02.2010 23:12
          Very helpful



          Wicked Lollies That You Have To Freeze Yourself

          When I was at school I always used to spend some of my dinner money on a Jubbly for on the way home. They must have stopped making them because I remember even now the day when I realised I couldn't find them in any of the shops on route to and from school.

          It looks like they're back though because I found some in Tesco the other day and brought a box of 10 strawberry flavour Jubblys to see if they were as good as I remember.

          They ARE!!! God, these are delish ice lollies and I don't care that the temperature is 1 degree because the strawberry flavour in these ice lollies is yummy. The flavour is proper natural, looking at the box it says that they use real fruit juice.... the mad thing is that the main juice they use is apple juice but the lollies taste purely of strawberry! lol

          Jubblys are majorly juicy, you push it up out of the triangle packet and suck or bite it. However hard you suck though there is never any lack of flavour with the next suck, the juice and flavouring is all the way through the lolly and you never end up with a white patch of pure ice like happens with some cheap ice lollies.

          These lollies aren't too sweet, they have got a wicked taste that is like a cross between fresh strawberries and strawberry sweets. I love the taste of them and deffo think they taste better than when I used to eat them when I was a kid. I reckon they've got smaller though but it might just be that my hands and gob are bigger now than they used to be! lol

          If you want to try these then look on the shelves by the ice cream cornets and wafers, they come in a box and you have to freeze them yourself or you can just glug down the liquid Jubbly but it's a bit strong tasting to do that and anyway you're not going to quench your thirst on the 2 mouthfuls of strawberry juice you get in each carton! lol

          There are about 30 calories in each Jubbly so if you're on a diet then I deffo recommend these because it's like eating the yummiest strawberry sweets.... only with zero fat and hardly any calories.



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            28.09.2009 15:29
            Very helpful



            see above

            My youngest son is going through an ice lolly stage at the moment (even though it isn't excatly cornetto weather at the moment) and though I do buy and make our own (we have some very funky plastic moulds you know!) I find that there isn't always room in my freezer to accomodate them.

            What to do?
            On a recent trip to my local Iceland store I spotted a box of these ice lollies that came unfrozen..in other words they are glorified ice pops.

            I liked the look of these as my little boy is not normally a fan of 'normal' ice pops but I felt confident he would like these because of the shape.

            So the product..
            Price and packaging etc~
            Well firstly I'll just give a description of the ice pop..erm I mean ice lolly. The first thing that catches your eye is the unusual shape - an easy to hold triangular contraption.

            There are 10 Jubbly ice lollies in a pack and they are all individually wrapped in a thickish card which houses the unfrozen lolly. The flavour I picked (well it was the only flavour they had at Iceland so had no choice) was strawberry.
            According to the back of the box though they also come in orange; blackcurrant and the rather nice sounding tropical flavours.

            The box is brightly coloured with a blue background, and bold yellow writing with 'Jubbly' at the top and a thirst quenching ice lolly underneath. Next to it are succulent strawberries randomly flying about..all in all it catches your eye on the shelf.

            The product is made by Calypso and for each 100ml serving you are looking at 33cals (each lolly contains 62ml of unfrozen juice)

            I paid £1.29 for 10 so didn't think that was too bad but I am sure prices will vary depending on where you shop.

            So the taste test~
            Having pre- frozen a few the day before I offered my son one of these and cut the top off so he could slurp away.

            Now being a responsible mother (*coughs*) I felt it only necessary to test one of these out as well..
            The first thing you can taste is very sweet strawberry - and I mean sweet! It's okay though as you get a bit further down the ice pop (they are not a lolly I have decided) the flavour does seem to fade slightly and is more of a subtle taste.

            It seemed to take forever to finish this and it was in no great hurry to melt either like some other similar frozen products.

            *Made using natural mineral water
            *Reduced sugar
            *Contains real fruit juice
            *No preservatives
            *No artificial flavours or colours

            Well my little man seems impressed with them and though I enjoyed testing it out it's not something I would have again I don't think.

            Okay to keep in my cupboard for when my son goes through his frozen faze but that's about it -too sweet for me.


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              19.08.2009 09:49
              Very helpful



              well worth a try

              Way back in May, after we'd been promised a BBQ summer, I stocked up our freezer with an assortment of frozen lollies, ice-cream & Calypso Jubbly ice lollies, The jubblies were on offer at £2 for 2 packs of 10 so it seemed a good deal & the choice is good - strawberry, orange, blackcurrant & tropical.
              I opted for a box of orange & 1 of the tropical.

              They can be found in the drinks aisle as they aren't bought as frozen - you can drink as they are or pop in the freezer for a few hours & because of their triangular shape they are easy to slot into empty parts of the freezer.
              They come in brightly-coloured boxes & there's a banner stating 'reduced sugar' & the following info -
              - natural mineral water
              - real fruit juice
              - no preservatives
              -no artificial colours

              On the bottom of the box it lists the ingredients & nutritional information & I was pleased to see they are only 33 calories 100ml (each jubbly =62 ml). Although they contain 8g of sugar per 100ml this is a lot less than many lollies so I've convinced myself they're a fairly healthy option.

              I'm sure Jubby used to be bigger when I was young but they're still a good size & take a lot longer to enjoy than anything else I've tried which is frozen. All you need do is cut the corner open with scissors & suck away - the more you suck the paler the colour. As the contents of the triangle diminish in size the remaining ice can become slippery so don't squeeze too hard.

              The colour & taste of both the orange & tropical were really nice, sweet (but not sickly sweet) & the orange tastes of orange & in the tropical you can taste the pineapple,guava, passionfruit, mango & orange. They're slightly syrupy but not too sticky & I've found that I don't get that rim around my mouth or any staining which I've had after eating other frozen lollies.

              My daughters & I all love these & I'll buy them again if I see them on offer because they satisfy that need for something sweet without the calories & it takes me 10 minutes to eat one.

              I'm not sure what they are like when not frozen - I think they'd be rather boring & work out fairly expensive? I also wouldn't recommend them for wee ones as it could be a messy business, nor would I recommend eating/sucking them if you have sensitive teeth - apart from these exceptions I'd say give 'em a try!


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                22.07.2009 22:01
                Very helpful



                A lovely and refreshing mini version of an old childhood treat

                PRICE: £1.99 for a pack of 10 at my local Sainsbury's

                NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 100ml - each Jubbly is 62ml):

                Calories: 33
                Kj: 140
                Protein: Negligible
                Carbohydrate (all of which are sugars): 7.9g
                Fat, fibre & sodium: All negligible


                Natural mineral water, glucose fructose syrup, fruit juices from concentrate (apple, strawberry), citric acid, pectin, anthocyanins, acesulfame K, sodium saccharin

                DIETARY ADVICE:

                Reduced sugar, no preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours


                NB: I shall only be reviewing the strawberry flavour of this product, as I've yet to try the others which are available - orange, blackcurrant and tropical.

                Jubblies are something from way back in the distant past of my childhood, and I believed they'd been missing from the shop shelves for at least 40 or more years, when I spied something very similar in Sainsbury's. Curious, I read the blurb on the box and decided to give them a try - as part of my filling my freezer up with cooling things for summer crusade. It did cross my mind to wonder how on earth the manufacturer of this product (Calypso) had managed to cram 10 full-sized jubblies into the box, then I realised that they in fact are mini jubblies.

                At my local Sainsbury's, these jubblies are to be found near the bottled cold drinks and fruit squashes section - they aren't deep-frozen.

                The box is fairly large, and very brightly coloured (the main being blue), with a fruity image on the front of a frozen jubbly bursting from its wrapper, surrounded by leaping strawberries. The sides of the box show nutritional information, ingredients list and dietary advice.

                Each pyramid-shaped jubbly is encased tightly in an individual wrapping of stiff laminated card which needs to be cut open with scissors. The individual wrappings are strawberry-red colour, with yellow writing on.

                The jubblies can be drunk as strawberry flavoured liquid, or put into the freezer and later, when frozen, eaten as a mini version of that lovely childhood treat which some of us are old enough to remember. I chose to freeze all ten, and have one every so often when the fancy took me.

                On sampling the first of the frozen jubblies, I slit the top of the tight wrapping and managed to squeeze an inch or so of the jubbly upwards, ready to suck on (sorry if some of this inadvertently reads back as a little pornographic). The first thing that hit me was a beautiful strawberry smell - not exactly like real strawberries, but more authentic than a lot of synthetically flavoured products are.

                I began to suck on the ice pyramid, and was pleased that it was a lot smaller than jubblies used to be way back in the dim and distant past - those huge-sized jubblies were fun for children, but it occurred to me that at the age I am now, I'd have found one of those rather tiresome.

                The flavour of the mini jubbly was beautiful - lovely and fruity, with a delicious strawberry authenticity. I continued to suck and suck slowly, gradually nibbling away at the edges with my teeth, then peeling back the wrapper a little more, repeating the process until (after about 15 or more minutes), I'd finished and was left with just a little cold strawberry juice in the bottom of the wrapper - which of course I just tipped up and drank from.

                What was so good about sucking on this jubbly, is that unlike an ice lolly, it kept its shape for a long time and was very slow to melt - hence allowing me to enjoy an iced treat at my leisure, rather than have to wolf something down before it turns to sticky liquid. Another good thing was that I didn't want another immediately afterwards - the one serving was enough to satisfy my desires.

                Since then, I have eaten about half of the box of jubblies, and am finding them still to be an enjoyably cold treat when the weather gets a little too warm for comfort.

                Despite being marketed as "reduced sugar", the sugar content in these jubblies is still rather high, but they are still exceedingly good calorific value for an ice-lolly product - something like one-third of that of a standard ice lolly, and they last a lot longer. Also, though there is no mention of this on the packaging, I'd guess that the use of real strawberry and apple juice may provide a little nutritional value. Of course, they are a lot more difficult to eat than a piece of fruit-flavoured water ice on a convenient stick, but this I perceive as an advantage from the above-mentioned point of view that they last so much longer.

                I'm not sure that I'd be too keen on these jubblies in their unfrozen or unchilled state merely as a drink, and I also feel to have them in that way would somehow defeat the purpose - so if you're like me (and who is???? lol) then I recommend freezing them solid first.

                Overall, this is a lovely and long-lasting, deliciously flavoured iced treat for a hot summer's day - extremely good value for money as each one works out at a price less than that of most ice lollies, plus has more volume. The only difficulty is that they are rather awkward to eat, but then that's the purpose of a jubbly. They don't take up a tremendous amount of room in the freezer either, as due to their shape, they can be arranged so that they nestle closely to one another.

                Well done Calypso for providing a tasty, fruity summer treat that's substantial and lasts a long time - I shall certainly be buying these again, even if it's next summer.

                Thanks for reading!


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                  15.07.2009 16:09
                  Very helpful
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                  Luvvly Jubbly

                  I came across these during the heat wave we had a few weeks ago. My students were roasting, the staff where roasting and everyone was irriatable!

                  They are great, for many reasons.

                  The price
                  I believe they where £1 for ten when I bought them - thats 10p per lolly.

                  The size
                  They are just the right size, not too big but enough to give you a refreshing five minute cooling down break.

                  Come in liquid form
                  This is so helpfull because you can freeze as you need them. I keep 6 or 7 in our freezer drawer at a time - this is great because we have limited space.

                  Please don't think I'm a meanie but it prevents them being sneaked without my knowing. You need to open them with a pair of scissors! Also the triangular shape makes them easy to eat with minimal mess.

                  The flavour
                  Really tasty flavour that lasts - you aren't left with a lump of water ice.

                  The effect
                  Sometimes I struggle to get the students to have a cool drink, even when they are so warm! These do a good job of cooling you down and forcing you to take five minutes to relax!

                  The additives..?
                  We buy the orange jubblys and the packaging boasts:
                  -natural mineral water
                  -reduced sugar
                  -real fruit juice
                  -no preservatives
                  -no artifical colour or flavours

                  Really good product and 10p is a small price to pay for a chill pill!


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                    30.06.2009 00:52



                    A good summer snack, without the fat

                    My partner loves these jubbly's he goes through several every day! Luckily these ice fiends are low calories, low sugar and nil fat.

                    They can be hard to get into, but you work some calories off trying to squeeze it open and then you eat even less! Taste wise, I wouldn't say they were the best out there, I find them a little bland. Now this could be because I like to suck out all the juice and then complain that the remaining ice tastes of nothing, but I doubt it.

                    But they do the job, they cool you down and they have plenty of juice to keep you sucking for minutes at a time. Also, they aren't too messy, if they melt it's usually into the cardboard container, and because they are small they don't often get the chance to melt, unlike something like a full sized Calypso, which always ends up everywhere.

                    They aren't too pricey either, if you go to poundland you get can get a box of 10 in either orange, strawberry, blackcurrant or tropical for only 1 pound! Its good value for money if you consider how much most ice creams cost.

                    Overall, I like them, I like that they have about 30 calories per jubbly, and they cool me down, in fact I'm gong to go get one now!


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                    23.05.2009 18:28
                    Very helpful



                    Jubbly Ice Lollies

                    'Luvvly Jubbly' as Del Boy would say! It's starting to get a bit summery out there and even though I doubt it will last for long, those weathermen are saying that this weekend will be the hottest one of the year so far! So, in honour of that I decided to pop down to the supermarket (which transpired to be a bad idea - packed? On a bank holiday weekend? Who would have thought?!) and see what summery treats they had on offer. I naturally found myself in the ice cream aisle but felt that I didn't want to feel weighed down by bowls of ice cream. I wanted something nice and refreshing.

                    Now I'm usually a strawberry split girl but these caught my eye, firstly because they were on offer (2 for £2, practically buy one get one free at £1.99 each) but also because I had happened to completely forget about their existence and I do love a good old trip down memory lane.

                    Jubblies are ice lollies made from either orange or strawberry flavoured ice. They are in a waxy cardboard pyramid wrapper which you cut the top of and squeeze the lolly out more and more as you eat it. It's quite fun really. The beauty of them is that you buy them unfrozen so that if you don't have room in the freezer or want to stock up on them when they are on offer, you can just keep them in the cupboard. Not so handy when you're desperate to have one when you've just come home from the supermarket!

                    They claim that Jubbly Ice Lollies

                    - Use mineral water
                    - Have reduced sugar
                    - Use real fruit juice
                    - Have no preservatives
                    - Have no arificial colours or flavours.

                    They taste very orangey, but are nothing fancy, I guess you could just make them at home by freezing orange juice. I do think the packakging is very novel though and makes them easy to eat when you are walking around. An ideal treat for the children at the park.

                    What I didn't realise until doing my research for this review if that Del Boy's slogan actualy originated from these lollies! They used to be around in the 60's, not as a lolly but as a drink (still in the same wrappers though). John Sullivan, the creator of Only Fools and Horses remembered this and thought it was something Del Boy would say! The packet even features the slogan.

                    Jubbly Ice Lollies are made by Calypso who I think used to make those dreadful drinks in the ribbed plastic containers that were around in the 80's/90's. You know the ones with the plastic film lid and tiny straws. Truly awful.

                    Per 100g they contain:

                    35 calories
                    A negligible amount of fat
                    8.3g of sugar

                    A pack of 10 costs £1.99 but they can be found on offer and I have seen them for £1 in poundshops.

                    All in all a tasty summer treat, low in both calories and fat. High in sugar but this is what you would get from any fruit juice.


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                      12.05.2009 01:25
                      Very helpful
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                      Welcome Summer!

                      Summer is slowly starting to show its face around here lately and there have been more and more sunny days are starting to pass us by, and beleive me they are welcome, especially after the winter we had.

                      One great thing I love about summer is the ice lollies and other treats like ice cream, my ice lolly of choice is Calypso Jubbly Ice Lollies, which come in strawberry and orange flavour, though strawberry is my favourite.

                      A ten pack of these lollies cost around £1-£1.50 normally, which when you think about it is a great deal at only 10-15p per lolly.

                      The pack of ten come unfroze, so you have to freeze them yourself which can mean alot of waiting around after buying one. Though they are good to have around the house on stand by for when we get a really hot day and need some refreshment.

                      You can buy these lollys in some foodshops shops and also most of the supermarkets, they wont be in the frozen section however as they do not come frozen.

                      There is not too much or too little syrup flavouring on a Calypso Jubbly Ice Lolly in my opinion, which is a good thing for me, as I hate when Lollies taste so strong that it almost ruins it, or when there is no taste at all of course.

                      These are a great treat for the kids and adults, and really make them few sunny days we get, seem like summer. They are a great affordable treat, however be prepared to wait on them to freeze when you buy them.


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                        05.08.2008 06:20
                        Very helpful
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                        The best of the bunch when it comes to lollies

                        In this hot summer weather it's great to cool down with an ice lolly, or should I say that between downpours of rain we like to kid ourselves it's hot and eat an ice lolly, that's British summer for you. Anyway with such a large range of ice lollies for sale it can be really hard to decide which one you want to buy. I chose Calypso Jubbly Ice Lollies because they stood out from all the others with a blinding difference. What's so special about them? Well the come in liquid form and you can freeze them yourself! This is great news for if you want to stock up on them because you can store boxes without having to keep them frozen.

                        I bought a box of 10 ice lollies, each containing 62ml of liquid from Tesco for a mere £1.38 which is really good value considering what they are. Plus there is normally some special deal on them making them even cheaper, I think that at the moment it might be 2 boxes for £2 although they also sometimes do 3 for £2.50 or something like that. They are not in the frozen section but elsewhere in the store, it tends to vary from store to store where they are kept.

                        They come in a sturdy blue box with a picture of a frozen ice lolly shooting out of a fountain of water. There are also pictures of little fruits, of whatever flavour lolly you have bought next to it and Jubbly in massive letters on the front. On the back are the ingredients and the storage information.

                        They come in several flavours;

                        The tropical flavour is my favourite so I'll give you the ingredients and nutritional information for them as they really are sooooo good!

                        Natural Mineral Water, Glucose Fructose Syrup, Fruit Juices from Concentrate 6.4%, (Orange 5.3%, Pineapple 0.9%, Passionfruit 0.1%, Guava 0.05%, Mango 0.05%), Citric Acid, Stabiliser: Pectin, Flavouring, Preservatives: Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Sweeteners: Acesulfame K, Sodium Saccharin, Colour: Beta Carotene

                        As an added plus these ice lollies are:
                        Free From Artificial Colour and Free From Artificial Flavours, made from natural mineral water and fruit juices plus they contain a reduced amount of sugar. The nutritional information is basically nil except that it contains 8g of sugar per 100ml which seems like a lot I know but that's about 2 lollies so try not to panic too much.

                        I normally buy about 6 boxes of these when they first go on offer and keep 4 in the cupboard. I freeze the other 2. They're very easy to freeze you just have to remember not to put anything heavy on top of them or they'll freeze in a weird shape so that you can't get them out of the wrapper. They normally take between 12 and 18 hours to freeze so you won't need to wait forever.

                        Once they're frozen you can take them out of the box and eat them. They are kind of triangular in shape and come in thick coloured card which has a plasticy feel to it. To open them you'll need a knife or some scissors to slice the top off. Inside the lollies look really good. They smell quite fruity and taste really good. I've tried all of the flavours, they even had a cola flavour at one time although I don't think they make it anymore. They all taste exactly as they should and really nice, fruity. They are quite easy to eat as you just keep them in the cardboard wrapper and push them up as you munch away at them.

                        Overall I give these 10 out of 10 because they really are a great lolly and the fact that they don't need to take up all of your freezer space as they can be kept in a liquid form for about a year before going out of date is also great.


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                        Ambient, reduced sugar, juice based ice lollies with the UK's No.1 freezable brand, 'Jubbly'. Choose between Calypso Jubbly Ice Lollies Strawberry, Orange, Blackcurrant, Tropical.