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Meaco Mini Rechargeable Dehumidifier

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Brand: Meaco

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    1 Review
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      14.02.2012 13:39
      Very helpful



      A portable and small dehumidifer that doesn't need a constant power supply.

      I always promised myself that when I got my first "real" job I'd treat myself to a new and stylish car (stylish meaning that it looks good, rather than being a particularly "good" car if that makes sense). After leaving University I went down about four different career paths (plus a further fifty in my head) before settling on the idea of teaching and training to be a primary school teacher. I've been teaching for a year and half now... and I think I've finally found a job I'm going to stick with! Last spring I decided I was mature enough (after just six months of working in a "real" job) to invest in a new car and say goodbye to my reliable and trusty Polo.

      After looking at quite a few different options I settled on a Peugeot 207 convertible despite my dad telling me it was very impractical as you could only comfortably fit two people in it (I argued it was four, my friends generally don't mind sitting with their knees up against their faces) and that it wasn't sensible for the climate as we get about three days of sunshine a year (I argued I'd utilise the top down aspect in whatever weather the weather man chose to throw at us)! I've had my car for nine months now and absolutely love it except for one or two small problems. The main one is the fact that it's an open top car and it doesn't seem to like the cold weather much in that very often the windows freeze into the roof and that the inside windows often get covered in condensation.

      The former problem hasn't been an issue for my yet but the second problem did get a bit annoying when I had to wipe dry the inside of the windows every morning. My dad suggested buying something called a dehumidifier to combat this water problem and I gladly accepted as he was offering to pay for it as well. Before buying the Meaco Prem-I-Air Mini Rechargeable Dehumidifier I didn't really know what one was, except for the fact that it was meant to dry up any damp or excess water.

      The Meaco Prem-I-Air Mini Rechargeable Dehumidifier is white in colour with vents on the front and the sides of it. It's about eight inches in terms of height and width while it's about two inches in terms of depth. It's quite heavy in terms of weight but it looks smart enough really. It sits upon a flat base so it means it's easy to store or stand upright in my car on the dashboard. The dehumidifier is full of water glass crystals which basically absorb moisture from their surroundings to maintain a dry environment. There is no power required for dehumidification so you can place it in your car or wherever you wish and leave it there to work. It doesn't make any sound when it's working and when I first got it I actually wondered if it was doing anything but there is a way to find this out...

      There is a small coloured indicator on the front which lets you know if the water glass crystals are dry or wet, when they're wet the dehumidifier needs to be plugged into a power supply and left for ten hours. After this time has passed the dehumidifier can be placed back and will start to work again. The indicator clearly informs you that when the crystals are dry they will be a light blue colour and when they're wet they will be a light pink colour. After about three days of using this nothing had really happened to the crystals and I did wonder if it was working. However after two really cold and wet nights I discovered that the crystals had turned to a light purple colour and then the following day they were pink.

      I've had the dehumidifier in my car since the start of December now, I leave it in the passenger door compartment most of the time as it seems to fit snugly and do the job from here. My dad says I should leave it on the dash board but I'm always worried some idiot will confuse it with a navigation system (despite it looking nothing like that) and break into my car... imagine the disappointment when they discover what it really is (although to be honest I doubt they'd work out what it was) and that it only cost £17.99 to buy! We bought ours from the Meaco website and this certainly seems the cheapest place to buy it with free delivery. I probably have to connect it to a power supply about once a week at the moment which is easy enough as I just plug it in over night or until the crystals have returned to their light blue colour. It couldn't be simpler!

      The Meaco Prem-I-Air Mini Rechargeable Dehumidifier has been a brilliant investment for me as it's clear to know when it's full of water, it's easy to use and it will last for years as well according to the advertising. There is also no possible chance of any mess as there's no water to spill or drain at all. It's apparently suitable for cabinets, wardrobes, small kitchens, small bathrooms, boats, lofts, cars, caravans, etc. It can only control small spaces which are about a half to three quarters of a cubic metre so it wouldn't be suitable for a large room or a whole house at all. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone who suffers from damp in a small space or just wants the moisture in the air to be removed from a certain area or room. It's ideal for my car and I'll continue to use it!

      Thanks for reading!


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