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Ebac 2400 Dehumidifier

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Type: Dehumidifier

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    1 Review
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      19.06.2006 19:06
      Very helpful



      A super machine that works well.

      Ebac have had a good reputation for years for dehumidifiers. I used to have one of their older models a long time ago, and when I researched their products against other brands, I found that the Ebac dehumidifiers won hands down, thus my purchase of this one.


      Did you know that too much dampness in the air of your home can aggravate those illnesses that affect the joints and movement of the human body such as arthritis ?

      Did you know that if the air is moist in your home, this can increase heating bills because moisture absorbs heat and therefore makes your central heating work harder ?

      In this day and age where opening windows is not always an option because of the risk of burglary, dampness can actually occur and cause smells to your clothing and upholstery and damage to decoration of the house, such as peeling wallpaper.

      Drying out a house after it has been closed for a while too can be done with a dehumidifier.

      Lastly, but not least, after leaks in your house have been fixed, the dehumidifier helps to reduce the dampness in walls.


      Ebac know that a certain amount of humidity in the air is good. They have fitted a new gizmo on their dehumidifier that actually detects something that they call humidistats (i.e. healthy levels of humidity), and thus their product automatically cuts out when a healthy level of humidity is reached. This feature is something that I have not found with the alternative dehudifiers.

      Ebac's styling has changed with the times as well, and as opposed to heavier alternatives, their dehumidifier is quite stylish and easy to move around the house. The older models were very heavy, especially when full, and Ebac have put this right, making their product less industrial, and certainly more discreet and modern looking than before.

      Ebac make a whole range of dehumidifiers to suit all homes and tell you which you need to suit the square metreage of your house.

      The Ebac can be fitted with self draining, and for me this is essential, as I am often away from home for extended periods, and do not want to worry about the dehumidifier being full and not functioning properly. A simple system takes the water from the dehumidifier to a water outlet such as bath or sink, and the ebac does the rest. Here, I was also astounded that in a difficult environment, I was able to use a longer hose and the length of hose did not cut down its' efficiency.


      This dehumidifier is made for 100 square metres of living space, although there are clear indications when you buy as to the number of rooms that each dehumidifier is manufactured to cover. This one is great for my purposes, and having taken one room at a time, it worked superbly, and I believe would suit most households with average sized rooms, and even high ceilings.


      This Ebac extracts up to 12 litres of water a day. That is a staggering amount and during a particularly damp period here in Brittany, I found that it was actually extracting just that. That is a lot of excess water ! What was interesting in my circumstances was that the stone walls that I was attempting to dry out had been damp for years, because of the lack of pointing, allowing rainwater into the gaps between the stone, and that with the dampness, the stones had darkened. I wasn't aware of it at the time that I started using the dehumidifier, but as the stones dried out, and having fixed the problem on the outside of the house, the colour began to lighten and the true colour of the stones came through.

      It worked so well that the colour lightening was apparent every day, until all the dampness was gone. I also noticed that condensation was minimised, and that by using the Ebac in the Winter months when it was not always possible nor plausible to open windows because of the cold, the windows didn't get that coating of condensation in the mornings that was there beforehand.


      There are 2 fanspeed levels and a standby level. I usually use the least powerful setting and find this sufficient for my needs, and a little less noisy, although compared with the old machine that I had, the noise levels are not even a consideration. Ebac seem to have worked overtime on the design of this machine, and it shows in that it runs smoothly in the background and is not a noisy tool to have at all. Of course, with any water extraction gadget of this kind, you do get the occasional gurgles, but the actual running of the machine is a vast improvement upon the older styles. There is a version of this machine with a remote control, although mine does not have this, as I really didn't see the point.


      Ebac are so sure of their goods that you are offered a fourteen day home trial during which time you can take the machine back and have a full refund, but believe me, you will not want to. In my case, this would have been difficult since I bought the machine in the UK, and live abroad, but the fact that the makers offered the option shows that they had confidence in their product.


      The lead has a nice lead tidy at the back so that the Ebac can be put away neatly when not in use.

      The no spill water container is a great improvement on the old dehumidifiers in that it is easy to empty and there is a warning indicator when the container is full and an automatic cut off, leaving you worry free.

      The Ebac is inobtrusive and stylish which is much nicer than the old ones that made a terrible noise and were ugly to look at. I actually find that tucked into a corner of the room, it is unnoticeable and blends in with the room, rather than being offensive and noisy.

      The Ebac is CFC/HCFC free which means that it is environmentally friendly and is approved by the British Electrotechnical Approvals Board.

      Lightweight construction and nice colour make this dehumidifier a winner.


      Height 545mm (21 INCHES)
      Width 340mm (13 inches)
      Depth 265mm (10 inches)


      Airflow :100m³/hour

      PRICE : £169.95 direct from Ebac Stockists Derrys of Plymouth, although available nationwide.

      Their site is very useful and their help after sales is immediate. I have emailed them once with a question and was responded to straight away which impressed me.


      I was impressed with the build of this model when I bought it and that was rather a long time ago, although it still looks like new, the knobs have not warn, and all the features work as they did when I first had it.


      The Instructions were easy to follow, and detailed although most of the functions on this machine are commonsense ones. For newer users of dehumidifiers, these instructions prove valuable.


      Cleaning the machine is simpler than the older styles of machine, and the rigid plastic outer case can be wiped very easily. The air filter doesn't seem to clog up like on older models and I tend to wipe the machine on a regular basis, and even like the shape of the machine, because it makes dusting easier around the front grill area than the traditional style metal ones.


      Before using a dehumidifier, it pays to find out why you have dampness. I am fortunate in that most of the humidity is in the air and can easily be explained by the climate. Many people think that buying a dehumidifier will solve damp problems, and this isn't strictly true. Finding out what causes dampness in walls or ceilings is important, as is rectifying what caused the dampness in the first place. The machine isn't magic. It helps to reduce the dampness but unless you tackle the problem that caused the dampness, the results will be minimal.

      Also, I have known people buy a machine like this to dry out new plaster. To my mind, plaster is wet for a reason, and I have seen the result of people who want to hasten the process of drying by introducing a dehumidifier. What happens is that the water is sucked out of the walls before its' time, and the walls crack.


      People wonder why you want to use a dehumidifier sometimes and think that just because you use it, you must have a damp house. This really is not the case. I have health issues and live in Brittany which is renowned for its damp atmosphere. Whilst the house may be dry, the air certainly is not, and as I am a sufferer of Arthritis, I wanted to make sure that I did everything that I could to improve the atmostphere in my home as my health matters to me.

      Since using the Ebac, I have very little trouble with my joints and find that the air feels fresher and crisper than ever before. It is almost as if the house is more welcoming, and certainly healthier to live in. These are important issues to think of if you indeed suffer arthritis as I do.

      Keeping the air from getting too moist makes the house smell nicer, keeps your possessions and decoration in a good state.

      I would thoroughly recommend this model for the comfort that it has given me in my home.



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    • Product Details

      Maximum extraction: 15L per day at 32C 90% RH / 2 speed fan / Power-on indicator / Built in cable tidy / Optimised for UK operation. * Electronic controls for ease of use * Suitable for upto 3 bed homes

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