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Symantec Norton Internet Security 2006

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    6 Reviews
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      05.10.2006 07:01


      • Reliability


      Norton managed to compile a software package that will protect your PC no matter who or what is doing the attacking. Surfing the internet is dangerous these days, but the easy to use virus-scan, firewall, privacy protection, spam- popup- and spyware-blocker really do make a difference.These and all the other tools install quickly and will then run automatically, always offering you a high level of protection without reducing or harming your user experience.


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      28.09.2006 06:46


      • Reliability


      Norton Internet Security is a great deal for anyone who wants to have their PC secured, without much hassle and without having to take a degree in computing first. Both setup and maintenance is extremely easy, allowing novice users to chose exactly the right amount of security.The program will run almost automatically, too, once setup on your system. Regular updates are included for the first year after purchase.


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      24.08.2006 07:40
      Not Helpful



      Norton has thouhgt of everything that might possibly attack a PC on-line.

      Norton Internet Security 2006 offers full protection against any thread you might reasonably fear when going online (and several others that you would only have to fear being rather unreasonable, too!)

      Ranging from viruses over phishing mails to attacks from hackers or spyware the list of security risks that Norton takes on even includes keylogging applications (something I knew existed but have not once heard of being actually used!)

      The suite is completed with many other features that will take care of your spam mail, of pop up windows or even the control of the pages that your kids my use on the net.


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        19.06.2006 03:05
        Very helpful



        The best Internet security software available!

        Norton internet security 2006 is Symantec’s latest release which combines all the internet security features which protects the modern day internet user in real time and does so seamlessly every time.

        Below I will highlight Norton’s main highlights, which make it in my opinion the best security software on the market.

        From the moment you insert the disk into your computer a wizard takes you all the way to the end. There are no complicated questions and there is no need to manually change anything yourself. The wizard is designed to be used by complete computer novices, which is why it is one of the best products available.

        One point to mention while we are on the subject of installation; Norton trials which come on many PC’s bought from the DSG international chain (Pc World, Curry’s and Dixon’s) as well as many other retailers have a trial of Norton already installed. If you wish to install any other Internet security program on the PC you will need to visit the Symantec website in order to retrieve removal instructions, as it is the most annoying thing in the world to get rid of, as you cant take the usual route and go via Add/Remove remove programs in Windows. This needs to be done otherwise you will have never ending problems with security conflicts.


        The antivirus software will pick up any viruses or spyware on your computer and remove it without you having to do a thing. The spyware removal feature is an improvement on the 2005 version as spyware can be just as dangerous as a virus, picking up your credit card details, browsing habits and other sensitive information such as passwords.
        A typical full system scan is recommended once per month as this will pick up anything hiding in the depths of your pc and will take around 20mins depending on the amount of files on your computer. If you don’t have that amount of time then you can perform a quick scan which will take around 5mins and will search the most likely places that a virus will be.

        The firewall software provides protection against Internet browsing and downloading but blocking any harmful actions towards your pc. It prevents viruses getting to your pc and provides Symantec with information about new viruses. Symantec collates this data from around 30,000 p.c’s and it is used to determine if there are any significant security threats to its business customers such as banks. This is one of the most important security features of the package as it prevents malicious programs from spreading. By preventing viruses from getting onto your pc it protects it from harm and ultimately saving you money.

        The firewall also controls the programs that are allowed access to the Internet, useful for preventing peer-to-peer programs such as kazaa and limewire from connecting. This gives you direct control over what can get onto the Internet. This will let your broadband speed reach its full potential, as it will not be “blocked up” by unwanted programs taking up your bandwidth.

        Parental Controls
        The parental control feature works by picking up on key words in websites, which can be banned by the administrator. This is a very effective tool at protecting venerable parties from the nastier side of the Internet. As with all filters, there are ways around them, but I have yet to find a way around the Norton Blocker, making it one of the best I have tested.

        Live update
        Every day 5-11 new viruses are found and picked up by Symantec. In a matter hours they can release updates to their millions of customers and stop the virus dead in its tracks. The Windows operating software had a number of weaknesses due to its complexity (and being made my Microsoft), which are exploited by hackers. This is why it is vital to stay up to date, and live update runs in the background automatically and keeps you right up to date.

        Anti Spam
        Norton Internet Security incorporates a popup blocker. This prevents all those annoying adverts that appear on virtually every website. There is also an email filter, which prevents email from unverified sources that have been reported by other email users. These features are slightly outdated now as many of the new browsers such as firefox have pop up blockers a standard. The email filters come into their own when used with programs such as Outlook Express, but due to many people now using hosted email services such as hotmail and yahoo this feature isn’t needed as a similar service will be built in.

        The new version of NIS protects every aspect of your Internet activities, for this reason it is very demanding on computer power and so isn’t recommended for older machines.
        Norton doesn’t like networks, especially if you have another security firm’s products on one of the computers on the network. If you have it on one computer you need it on them all.
        You can only install Norton on one computer. This makes it expensive to have on all the pc’s in a small business or large home.

        Norton Internet security 2006 is the industry leader in terms of protection on the Internet. You get features to protect you in every aspect of Internet use, which is combined with good value for money. NIS is one of the easiest packages to use, which make it suitable for all ranges of computer users.


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          14.04.2006 15:58
          Very helpful



          Extremely good protection.

          Norton Internet Security 2006

          -When I got my laptop back 3 months, this was the security offer with it. For only £30-I got what I am about to explain.
          However, on www.amazon.co.uk it is £23.99 but it is around £50 in Argos. This means you should shop online if you do want it. I have never had Norton before so this was a bit of an experience for me.

          I feel no need to explain the look of the box because that is not what the review is about, just that it is yellow and has Norton Antivirus 2006 written in red writing. What is inside the box is important. There are 2 manuals, which are pretty thick, and a piece of paper with a warning on, and 3 discs. Let’s get started then with…

          Norton Ghost.
          Norton Ghost 10.0 to be exact and it works only on Windows XP Home/XP Pro, and 2000 Pro. On the back of all of the disc covers is a product key that you need to have to activate the product.
          What Norton Ghost does is back up data. If some of your files and folders get corrupted or can’t even start up Windows, this can help. You need the manual to find out how to do these things but it backs up data and restores your computer to a previous date. Here are some of the following problems in the manual that they can help you with.
          1. Windows starts up but your files are lost and/or programs do not work.
          2. A secondary drive (D or E) can not be found.
          3. You can’t start Windows. There are a few problems they can help you with here.

          I think that this is pretty useful because these are the problems that are most damaging to your computer, because if files are lost it could be due to numerous reasons and this can recover them. I think of it as a back up to Norton Antivirus which is really useful. (Touch Wood) I’ve had no problems with my computer so far but I do back up my data. To do this it is easy. Insert the disc or run the program and follow the instructions. You can back up data on a writable DVD o CD or even create one on your hard drive. I have stored it on a DVD.
          It is just as easy to recover files too. You browse your computer for any recovery points or back ups you have made and then click to recover or restore and presto. Another way to back up is to send information over a network on another computer. I have not tried this though.
          Sometimes though, if you need to restore your computer, put in the Ghost CD and reboot your computer and restores the computer to the restore point that you’ve saved on the disc.

          Requirements: Pentium 233 MHz
          128MB for Norton Ghost
          256MB for Symantec Recovery Disk
          45MB free space on hard drive for framework

          There you go and as I have said, installing is easy. There are just a few well explained and easy steps to follow because the computer does most of the work.

          My Opinion.

          Altogether I am impressed with Norton Ghost, because although System Recovery is already on computers now, this is easy to use and does a lot more, as I have explained. I also think that it is very easy to use, so even if you know absolutely nothing about computers, this can help out easily. With my 512MB laptop, it has not slowed it down much and I am still working at full speed. This is lucky for me because I really am bad at figuring out what the system requirements mean.

          Norton Ghost 2003.
          Can someone please tell me if this should even be in the box? I have not installed it and as to yet, I have had no problems with all of the other CD that came with it so it doesn’t seem to connect to the other Ghost CD. It doesn’t seem right in a 2006 Internet Security. Neither does it have a manual as far as I can tell. However, just in case-it lets you do the following:
          1. Make a copy of a computer using an IP connection.
          2. Create and Restore an image using a CD/DVD Drive.
          3. Create and restore an image using a USB or firewire device.
          4. Use a mapped network drive to create and restore images.
          5. Create a recovery disc.
          6. Use the Ghost Boot Wizard to add or modify a Network Interface Card Template.

          My Opinion.

          I haven’t used it at all because I don’t feel the need but it sounds pretty good and should be easy to install if the other disc it. IS it meant to be here though? Tell me please.

          Norton Internet Security 2006.
          A lot can be said about this one. The silent little computerised guide. I am a lot more active with this. Once again by the way, installation is really easy because the computer does most of the work and anything else is explained in the manual, readme or actually in the step by step. I’ll give you some of the steps though-Put the CD into the Drive and wait for it to load. Once again, a product key is needed.
          A question arises though-What is it?

          Well, once installed (easy), you click on the icon on the toolbar and a little box comes up. There are quite a few things this protector does and they come under different headings:

          Norton Protection Centre-Here is where you can run full system scans and check out the ‘Security Basics’ (firewalls, updates etc.), Data Recovery (no coverage with me-use Ghost), Performance (spyware protection), web browsing (where you set whether you want pop-up blocks, ad-blocks, auto protection and firewalls) and finally Email and Messaging where you can adjust setting to email scanning and spyware protection. Even though I do not email very often, I have found these extremely useful because you can configure them. Myself, I have set it to allow adverts because it’s annoying if they are blocked. It won’t let you go on some sites and if it does, loads of ‘page cannot be displayed’ icons come up over the ads. Pop up blocking is very useful and effective-as to yet not one has got through and a whole 2 have been blocked in the two months I’ve has the laptop online.

          Under Norton Internet Security-you get to configure more information. Do you want the following on or off; Security, Privacy Control, Norton Antivirus, Intrusion Prevention, Personal Firewall and Outbreak Alert. It also tells you when you last had a full system scan.

          Outbreak Alert-tells you what your computer is or isn’t protected against (spreading threats).

          Statistics-Useful because it tells you when you were last attacked, you’re most frequent attacker and what cookies they’ve blocked.

          Subscription Status-States how many days you’ve got left until you have to pay for protection.

          Norton Antivirus- under the Status bar-it tells you information you already know and have changed such as what is on-auto protect, spyware protect, email scanning and when you last scanned.
          Under scans and reports-you just get to choose what you want to scan. I would tell you but you can make custom ones too so it doesn’t matter. You can have a quick scan though. Reports allow you to see report scans.

          Norton Antispam-shows statistics of what they’ve scanned etc. and allows you to put on/off add-blocking, pop-up blocking etc.

          You can also go online to update your security so any new viruses can be found in scans.


          I think that this is extremely useful because it is easy to navigate around the site and everything is explained clearly and since you can update there is little chance of a virus getting through. It covers basically everything that need to be protected such as e-mails and online and right clicking on anything gives you the chance to scan it so you can, if you have some time to spare, scan a website etc. before going onto it. What are your chances of getting a virus with that protection? It is also easy to change and check information and see previous scans to see if you need to update making it extremely helpful.

          Overall Opinion.

          I really cannot complain. For a price I have found of around £24 you can get protection and updates over all files for a year. Even though Norton Ghost will get outdated, this is for life too.
          Ghost will back up data with ease and therefore stop you from messing up your computer too much and the Antivirus will protect your computer against everything the internet has to throw at it. Pop-up blocking has been effective on my computer and due to putting on the ad-blocker; I know that that is effective too.
          In my opinion, everything that I have explained is perfect as far as I know because nothing has happened to my computer (touch wood again) and therefore I think that everything is effective.


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            17.12.2005 21:04
            Very helpful



            For those who feel their PC is the electronic equivalent of Woody Allen - insecure

            Touch wood, I’ve not been the victim of many viral attacks over the years of having the Internet. But over the last year or so I’ve become increasingly concerned about the security of my pc when online. With the advent of broadband, I now have it connected whenever I’m using my PC.

            My worries were heightened last weekend when a Trojan virus got into my computer unannounced. It managed to get through the anti-virus software and cause problems with my browser, tell me that spyware was rampant and generally throw up all manner of unsavoury pop-ups.

            To remove it, I had to browse some helpful sites and eventually remove everything myself through the system registry and loads of hidden files. With that I decided to update my security software. Before the attack I was running a version of Norton Anti-Virus, a Sygate firewall but little else. I needed a complete package at a good price.

            A quick visit to Amazon offered the 2006 version of the Norton Security Suite for a touch under £25. I’ve always found Norton products easy enough to use and generally well supported. Price wise it was the best on offer and I felt safe with a brand that’s well known.

            I received the software today; you certainly can’t mistake the box. It’s incredibly bold yellow and the box is large. With this in mind, some may find the contents a little under whelming. What you get inside is a cd-rom, a thin manual and that’s it. So perhaps Symantec could make their products a little more light on the packaging.

            But anyway I digress; the stuff on the CD-rom was what I was interested in. Before installation I removed all the security software I had installed and then popped in Norton 2006.

            The software boots itself up and the installation is pretty easy to follow, in fact you can just sit back and just make a few clicks along the way – it does the rest.

            After installation, the software needs an Internet connection to update with the latest virus threats. I found the update extremely quick on a 1mb connection and again it done it all itself without any real effort required.

            Having now had a browse through the software I have to say that it’s £25 well spent. The user interface is very friendly with a simple layout. It sits on your windows toolbar and a simple click will bring up all your set-up options. The suite covers Viruses, Spam, Parental Control and Firewall, all the essentials needed.

            So far I’m quite impressed with the anti-spam set-up. Through outlook it has already separated the dodgy porn messages from the good stuff. It adds a toolbar to Outlook as well, which makes Spam easy to manage for even the novice computer user.

            I’m sure that if you search reviews on this software then you’ll find comflicting opinion. To be honest that’s the case with all software in this category. Some will find software conflicts with their setup and thus have a negative view on the software. Well I haven’t had any problems with Norton and so far my system hasn’t suffered any drop in performance.

            If you haven’t got any security software on your PC then this will be £25 well spent and you probably won’t regret it.


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