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Symantec Norton 360 4.0

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    2 Reviews
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      14.09.2011 16:14
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Good product for online security

      Norton have been making antivirus software for ages now and i make sure i purchase a new version every year to keep my computers and others in my famillies running at peak performance and free of viruses and phishing scams, identity fraud.

      Norton 360 covers up to three computers per disc for a year so if you know of anyone buying a computer from pc world the option is normally there to purchase norton 360 for about £30 which is a bargain seeing as it equates to £10 per computer for a years stress free period.

      Loading the product is simple as its just insert a disc and punch in a product key and watch it load. The support aspect is always good with norton and any problems can be easilly sorted from their website.

      Internet virus are annoying,dangerous,and down right worrying considering what can happen through identity theft as cyber crime is rife everywhere so having a product that monitors and watches your back is refreshing in this day and age.

      Norton tunes up and optimizes your pc running capability while giving you online back up storage to protect your saved data and also most importantly prevents intrusion and virus problems with its regualr updates and customisable scans giving you full control of your security online. While surfing the internet norton will complete background checks and when you use a search engine it will give safety reports to alert you not to use dangerous site.

      The firewall is totally customisable letting any program opperate around the preset security parameters so using things like xbox live is easy especially after all the NAT settings issues some seam to suffer with making online gaming a nightmare.

      Buying norton each year is as regular as christmas now and sometimes it is best to spend a little cash for a lot of peace of mind.


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        02.01.2011 21:42


        • Reliability


        No viruses since being protection.

        I have Norton 360 on my Dell Desktop in my bedroom. I get Norton 360 free through Comcast. As soon as you download it you feel the manipulation of this program taking over your computer, in the liking of American Online or Yahoo. It will asked to do a optimized scan click yes on it. When your not even on the internet every time you bring up a file you hear it being scan and the slow process of the file being brought up. It gets worse when your on the Internet everything that you do you have to wait until Norton approves it. But, but...I see a complete difference with higher gig ram bytes and faster Hard Drives speeds. My Dell is 54000 rpms and my laptop is 72000 rpms in hard drive speeds and 2 gigs of Ram. I will say at least 33% faster. I know it has to do with the processor you have too. But my 5 year old Dell is like a turtle with it on.

        If you do get a virus it will alert you immediately and capture it to the vault. Then I would suggest running a full scan on your machine. After you back up your files the first time on Norton you can turn that selection off and then maybe once a month back them up again if you added any more important files to your computer. I will recommend this program for 64 bits and newer machines, unless you have a 32 bit with high ram and hard drive.

        You can schedule scan to your liking, mine are at midnight on Sunday when I know I'm in bed. For the advanced user you can alter any of the programs Nortons 360 offers to your pleasure. There is one promise though. Too many scan can reek havoc on your hard drive and I see this already in my Dell computer. It now takes my Dell Diemension B110 thirty seconds to catch up and it freezes my screen up in some boot sectors that have AOL and Yahoo running at the same time.

        In other sections of this Norton Anti-Virus software is turning on/off certain scanning sections. You really don't want to mess around with these sections unless you are running programs like Combfix or Ad-Aware. These programs are also anti-virus programs that need to scan by themselves with all other scanners disabled. But let me reinterate my position here. Too many scans can ruined the integrity of your disc's on your hard drive eventually causing the blue screen of death, from there it's almost impossible to get your data off your hard drive, to where backing up your disc's saves you.

        Overall, my position on this software is for newer machinces that have The higher ram and hard disc drives. It will help protect you everywhere you go and gives you suggestions on what best internet sites that are good for you that are secured in the mainframe od the mother data base of Norton. Protection and safety are a must on the internet now, but I feel it's like Batman and Superman trying to overly protection in every aspect.. I see this protection as great for the computer novice and too much for the person that has better judgements on their computer.

        Giving a actual instance here. I'm on Tagged.com. Once you get on the site Norton scans it, that's all fine and dandy. But let's say I wanted to add a photo from my own photo library on my computer. First Nortons scans the secton where the photo is, then the photo and then it scans the site again. First off, why scan the file if you scan it every other day or when the schedule scan is set. Two why re-scan the site again if you already did so. To me this is over kill. Reason for the name of my review, Good-But maybe too good.


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    • Product Details

      The Norton 360 adds an additional layer of protection to detect viruses, Trojans, spyware, and other threats. Norton reputation service technology scrutinizes different attributes of files and applications in real-time to determine if they are safe.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Norton 360 - ( v. 4.0 ) - complete package
      Category: Security applications
      Subcategory: Security - security suite
      Version: 4.0
      Licence Type: Complete package
      Licence Qty: 3 PC in one household
      Licence Pricing: Standard
      Language(s): International English
      Platform: Windows
      Distribution Media: CD-ROM
      Package Type: Retail
      OS Required: Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 or later, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP2 or later, Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic 64-bit Edition, Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Edition, Microsoft Windows 7 Starter, Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic, Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Edition, Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition SP2 or later, Microsoft Windows Vista Business 64-bit Edition, Microsoft Windows Vista Starter, Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit Edition, Microsoft Windows Vista Business SP1, Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic SP1, Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP1, Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate SP1, Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit Edition
      Service & Support: Virus definitions update