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Silicone Baking Mat

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Brand: Prima Housewares / Product Type: Bakeware

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    1 Review
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      21.08.2013 21:59
      Very helpful



      A budget item that performs perfectly.

      My biggest problem with baking sheets is rust. The cheap ones rust quickly, but sooner or later even the dear ones seem to get some damage to the coating and end up rusting. My primary reason for buying these silicone baking mats was just to cover the rust. You can not easily use this on it's own, it need to be placed over a pan, but as long as the metal is covered up - it doesn't matter if it is a bit old rusty. You just throw one of these over the pan, and then bake as normal. It doesn't matter if some hangs over the pan. I have used these at 200 degrees with no problems. These worked wonderfully for the purpose I intended when I bought them, which was primarily for baking biscuits/ cookies and it was so much cheaper than replacing my baking sheets, but I soon found other uses and advantages as well.

      One of the first things I noticed with these is that I could slide anything right off the pan - no sticking even when I forgot to grease them as required for biscuits. After that I just stopped bother to grease the liners. These do wonderfully to prevent burnt biscuit bottoms. On the down side though - I really don't like these as well for pizza myself. The crust just doesn't get crisp enough for me. My son does like soggy crust though, so these are grand for his pizzas. I can't lay too much blame on this for soggy pizza bases though - I really don't think anything short of a pizza stone makes a good crust unless it has holes to allow heat through. These do work nicely for baps, scones, and cinnamon buns. I have even used them for frozen chicken, fish fingers and oven chips. I soon found these are brilliant for rolling out pie dough. You can just lift the mat and dump it upside down over the pie tin. I found these handy for kneading dough as well.

      These wipe clean very easily. They do need to be towel dried as it is quite difficult to spread these out well enough for them to air dry. You do need to be sure to get them all the way dry as well as I pulled one out of the cupboard once which I must have failed to dry properly and I thought felt slimy. I ended up throwing it in the sink and covering it with boiling water as I do anything I think might be germy.

      We've had two of these for a few months now, and I am really glad I bought them. They have gone up to £3.22 now, but I still feel that they are really good value for money, and they are far less than the Lakeland equivalent. If you order from Amazon you do not get to choose colour. Mine are both red. They measure 16" x 11". Mine show no signs of wear whatsoever, but I do not cut anything on these as I feel a knife would damage them. I do have other silicone baking items and would expect these to last for many years.


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