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Rangemaster 110

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Brand: Rangemaster / Range Type: Slide-in Range / Fuel Type: Electric / Element Type: Burner / Additional Elements: Warming Zone / No. of Cooking Elements: 5 Elements / Oven Amount: Double / Exterior Finishes: Vitro-Ceramic / Self Cleaning: Without Self Cleaning / Capacity: 2.37 cu. ft. / Secondary Oven Capacity: 2.37 cu. ft. / Convection Type: With Convection / Convection Type Secondary Oven: No Convection / Oven Functionality: Grill / Sabbath Mode: No Sabbath Mode

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    2 Reviews
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      10.02.2012 22:55
      Very helpful



      A great cooker but it does seem over priced!

      It was over twelve years ago that the Leisure Rangemaster 110 cooker arrived in our kitchen after finally moving house, I was obviously rather young at the time but I remember the absolutely massive box arriving that I recycled by building a den in the living room for myself! We had two choices while purchasing, a gas or an electric - As we do not have gas where we live it was a no brainer and the electric version set us back roughly £1200 back in those days, this is the older looking model and the newest ones today are somewhat more in price. The gas or electric were the only choices that we had back then, I believe there are now fancy versions available with the ceramic type hob, but ours has the standard rings that don't look so fancy.

      *** About the Rangemaster 110 cooker ***

      The Rangemaster 110 is a rather large range cooker that I guess is designed for rather large families or someone who wants most of their cooking devices in one nice looking unit. The cooker has four electric rings on top with a medium sized griddle and a warming plate nearby with an overall size of 43 x 24 inches. There is a normal oven, a fan oven with a standard grill on the left and a convenient storage drawer at the bottom right corner and the oven sits a rather standard 37 inches off the ground (Well ours does anyway). All of the ovens knobs and fancy controls are on the top face with a handy timer and light switches for both ovens.

      *** Let's get cooking ***

      Now I believe that this was not an easy thing to connect electricity wise as it requires a large power supply to cope with the ovens large electric usage, I believe this was 45 Amps? I could be wrong as Nick and electrics do not mix at all. Once this was done we were ready to cook and what an excitement that was, our first meal from our new oven.... Divine!

      The ovens controls are at the top on the front of the stove and they feel of a great quality, the knobs are made out of what appears to be brass and they are strong. I will review each part of the oven to make this review slightly easier to understand before I go waffling on about a load of rubbish that will confuse everyone!

      *** The fan oven ***

      The fan oven built into this cooker is rather large in size at 69 Litres and three shelves are included inside with moveable slots to arrange your cooking. The shelves are large and they can pretty much take any household cooking tray or dish with ease and they feel very strong. The inside of the oven is coated with what was described by the store of purchase at the time as easy clean walls? They certainly are not easy clean as they are rough and wreck any cleaning cloth that you set to the task but in 12 years of operation the oven has yet to experience dirty walls so I'm guessing that the store assistant meant dirt resisting walls or something? Who knows.

      The fan oven has a temperature range of 100 to 220 degrees which seems to be a good temperature range for daily cooking, it is adjusted by turning the brass knob in the centre above the oven and it is quite easy to select a near enough to required temperature. I find that the oven from cold takes roughly 15 minutes to warm up to the maximum 220 degrees to give you an idea of the wait. We have used the fan oven the most out of the two built in and it has always cooked perfectly with great results. The food can be viewed through the large glass on the front of the door with ease which reduces the need of opening a door in the middle of cooking to check on your 'creations'.

      *** The conventional oven ***

      There is a conventional element type of oven built in at the bottom left of the cooker with the same temperature range as the fan oven. This is controlled with the knob next to the fan oven knob which sometimes catches us out if we are in a hurry and turn the wrong one! The oven is again quite large but being slightly smaller than the fan oven at 67 litres, however it has what seems to be the same amount of room inside as the fan oven.

      We find that the conventional oven heats up much quicker than the fan oven which surprises us. From cold to full heat the oven takes 10 minutes which is not a bad wait at all. We find this oven more suited to roast dinners as it seems to crisp food much better than the fan oven and it gives us much better results when baking.

      *** The Grill ***

      We do not use the grill much due to the invention of a toaster but there have been times that cheese on toast has been needed in our house and the grill is perfect for this. The grill has three heat settings - 1, 2 and 3 - Obviously number one being the lowest and three the highest. The grill heats up very quickly and its performance seems to be fantastic but I do end up burning my cheese on toast from time to time as it only takes a slight distraction to turn the kitchen into a rather Smokey state. The grill pan is very heavy and it does require two hands to remove from the oven, especially when my cheese on toast is on it as that adds to the weight with the amount of cheese I require! The only problem is that there is only one handle on the grill and every other part gets boiling hot so you cannot possibly hold it with two hands. We have now decommissioned our grill as I accidentally left it on with the grill pan inside and the door closed, the grill pan has a plastic handle and unfortunately that melted leaving us with no handle to remove the pan from the grill - If you get one of these ovens, I seriously recommend that you are not an idiot like myself and that you do not leave the grill on with the pan inside.

      *** Timer and other bits ***

      The best thing about this oven is the timer, I know this is probably a very popular feature on ovens these days but it is very good. You can select exactly how long your food needs cooking and the oven will let out constant loud beeps once the time is up to ensure that you do not forget your cooking, this is obviously a good safety feature too. The oven also has a clock and shows the time but unfortunately if the oven is turned off it loses all of its memory and you have to reset it, this is nothing major but it can be slightly annoying at times.

      Both ovens have a built in light which are turned on near the time display by two very good quality click buttons. The lights are very bright and they enable you to look into the oven through the glass without opening the door. The lights are at the back of the oven and unfortunately over the years ours have stained slightly from cooking residues and the lights are not quite as bright as they once were.

      *** The hob, griddle and the warmer ***

      There are four rings on top of the stove of different powers and size and the space on top is quite large which allows the use of most pans, woks etc. The hobs are all separately controllable with varying heats depending on what you want to cook and they all heat up rather quickly - not as quick as the newer halogen versions however that are almost instant! The rings on top of this stove are quite hard to clean and if you accidentally boil over milk like we have then you will end up with staining to the rings that is almost impossible to remove - Believe me, we have been scrubbing for years!

      The griddle on top is of a medium size and it is perfect for cooking breakfasts, pancakes or whatever items you usually like to cook on a griddle. We have hardly used this apart from pancake days which always end up in a disaster, we never have much luck with them and I'm sure that the cooker is not to blame. The griddle takes a good 15 minutes to warm up from cold and unfortunately we do get some rather strange smells from ours as the element underneath has been covered in pancake batter that has run over the edge of the griddle over the years and basically glued itself on. The griddle plate can be removed for cleaning but it's not easy as the underneath has so many groves that it is like a dirt magnet.

      The built in drawer at the bottom right of the cooker is very handy for storing cooking utensils and it is so large that we actually keep a full frying pan inside. Unfortunately our drawer has aged from daily use and the runners that the drawer pulls out on have failed resulting in the drawer dropping inside the oven slightly. You cannot notice from the outside but the drawer is now noticeably harder to open and close.

      Finally the warmer, this is very handy and we mainly use it for warming plates. We stack plates and keep them on the warmer which seems to warm them all the way through, we have also used it to keep meals warm for a short while and it definitely works very well. Unfortunately the warmer does not have a heat selector and it can get too hot after a while of being switch on resulting in slightly dry food. The warmer has a glass surface that is extremely easy to keep clean apart from being scratched by the plates and accessories that we have used on it over the years.

      *** Cleaning and reliability ***

      Cleaning the stove is the main problem when owning one of these, as this is a standard hob (Not the flat ceramic type) it is hard to keep clean especially if you experience a 'boil over' as I call it. The rings are very hard to clean once the food has burnt on and there will always be a permanent stain of some sort no matter how hard you scrub. We are a family of 6 and as you can imagine our hob is now looking rather rough and I don't think that it will be long before we replace this oven for cosmetic reasons. The griddle is also very hard to keep clean underneath in the element compartment and it seems a dirt magnet requiring constant cleaning. The main ovens however are very easy to clean apart from the normal glass built up as with most ovens, we give ours a good scrubbing out once a year to keep it in good condition and it does not look too bad if you do not look at the hob.

      In all honesty we have had a few problems with this oven but it was expected from being used daily for almost 12 years. Unfortunately the fan in the fan oven decided to quite which we luckily had free from Leisure when we called to complain. I thought that was very nice of them but they did say that the fans have caused trouble in the past, after changing the fan a pizza was being cooked while there was a huge bang and sparks flew everywhere inside. Unfortunately the element had failed and there was no pizza for that night as we awaited the new part that was sourced cheaply on eBay but apart from that we have had no problems at all except wear from 12 years of great use. The handles of every door are of a fantastic quality but we have noticed that the oven doors are getting harder and harder to open with the usual 'click' noise that is heard while the door catch engages getting louder and louder, I'm guessing that this is another age related problem but it's nothing major and I reckon that there are a few more years left in our oven.

      *** Overall opinion ***

      I believe that this is a rather good oven but it was and still is slightly over priced. A range cooker is nice to have but most bits on ours we could live without. The oven seems to be good quality and it is built well with pretty good reliability. All parts are easily available online should you need any and the backup from Leisure is very good, most of our issues are from over use and general old age... I guess that we should be changing it soon?

      Thanks for reading,


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        24.01.2008 10:29
        Very helpful



        Great convenient alternative to an aga; sooo much beter than a traditional hob and oven set up.

        When I bought this I was bowled over by it. Certainly compared to a normal 4 ring cooker and oven it is fantastic.

        It has 4 normal gas burners and a fifth double burner with wok attachment which is pretty hot. Great for stir fries, less good for gentle simmering e.g. of soup pans because even the lowest setting will cause a soup to burn and stick to the bottom of the pan as it is too hot. A shame as it is the largest of the rings, and size-wise fits a big soup pan or pressure cooker really well, leaving the other 4 rings free for other things. This is a minor issue though. There is a good variety in the kws of the 5 different rings so you can always find the right one once you know the cooker.

        It also has a slightly useful electric hotplate which I do use e.g. for keeping something warm whilst you dish up other things, and a place for a coffee percolator, which I've never used so can't comment.

        The two ovens give great space for most everyday cooking - if you have never had 2 ovens before then you'll love it - just being able say to cook the roast beef and apple pie at one temperature and the roast potatoes and yorkshire pudding at another makes life so much easier and improves the food. One oven comes with a great little device which hangs off the door and comes with an oven tray which fits it so you can roast a joint and when you open the door the meat is there staring at you ready to baste - so much quicker and safer than having to perilously open the oven door and pull out a very hot shelf, balance the roasting tray on the top, baste then put it back.
        The left hand side has a grill - fine - and the right hand side has a tray for storage. It also comes with a brilliant griddle which fits over two of the burners on the hob - allowing you to cook chops, bacon etc in quite large quantities and without the meat sitting in its own fat in a frying pan.

        It is quite heavy so pulling it out for occasional cleaning is not trivial but it has a knob thing on the bottom which makes it possible to do it on your own.
        general cleaning is fine, and there are lights in both ovens.

        Everyone walks into my kitchen for the first time and says:"Oh Wow" when they see it.

        It certainly keeps the kitchen warm when it is on - lovely in the winter,a bit much in the summer! But it is much more flexible than an aga for things like that. I get brilliant bread, cakes etc from the ovens and wouldn't part with mine for the world!

        © Oldbag 2008


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      • Product Details

        The Classic 110 has two spacious programmable ovens enabling you to start and finish cooking whilst you are out, a separate grill, high powered wok burner, warming zone and storage drawer, and also comes complete with wok cradle and non-stick griddle / Short name: Rangemaster 110

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