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1001 Cupcakes, Cookies and Other Tempting Treats - Suzanna Tee

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5 Reviews

Genre: Food & Drink / Dieting / Author: Suzanna Tee / Hardcover / Book is published 2009-09-01 by Parragon Book Service Ltd

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    5 Reviews
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      23.04.2013 18:26
      Very helpful



      I love it

      A few years ago I didn't know how to bake at all. I didn't realise this though, I thought I could and thought that it was easy enough to bake anything but then when I attempted to make a cake it was one huge disaster! I suddenly realised that actually I have no baking abilities and no idea how to actually cook or what various utensils are for so when I had my daughter I decided I would have to learn how to cook so that we could make lots of nice things together. I have recently begun to cook a lot and although I am not amazing I definitely have improved a lot and really enjoy trying new recipes. This Cupcakes, Cookies and Other Tempting Treats book was bought for me by my Mum when I was ill. I used to love flicking through the pages choosing what I would cook when I felt better and now it is a book that I use frequently.


      There is nothing better than homemade cakes and goodies in my opinion. I absolutely love it when you can smell the food baking and knowing you've created it. I love mixing ingredients, reading the instructions, putting it all together, smelling it as it bakes and best of all getting to decorate it at the end before sampling it of course! Lots of my friends can bake and I always thought it was pretty easy to do but when I tried I had lots of disasters, I do wish that I had learnt to bake with my Mum when I was younger so now I make sure that I bake as much as I can with my own little girl. I like to think that it will help her to learn an important skill but will also provide lovely memories for her too of us creating things together. I think you can learn a lot from it too, I always thought you could make it up as you went along but I have since seen that there is quite a science to it and following a recipe is really important if you want a beautiful cake at the end of it!

      ~~~The book~~~

      I was bought this book a couple of years ago when I was ill and spent a lot of time in bed, bored of watching television and feeling rather low my mother bought me this book in the hope to give me some inspiration for ideas of what I could do once I felt better. I really enjoyed looking through the pages both alone and with my daughter picking out what we would like to bake and which cakes looked the best.
      The basics of this book is that it is hardback and isn't spiral bound. This is probably the only criticism I can have of it. I prefer spiral bound books for recipes so that they lie flat easier which makes following a recipe much more easier because this book likes to flip itself shut unless I hold something down on the page to stop it from doing so. It has over 300 pages and was first published in 2009.

      There are various sections in this book, these include: Introduction, Cute Cupcakes and Buns, Crowd-pleasing Cookies and Biscuits, Blissful Brownies and Bars, Moreish Muffins, Tempting Treats and the index.


      I am the kind of person who reads the introductions and all of the background of a book first. I know many people just flick to recipes and look through but because I don't have huge experience in baking I really like to soak up as much information as possible so for me having an introduction is really important. This section isn't very long just about 8 pages and it is broken down with headings, bullet points and photographs so it's easy enough to read. It talks about the key ingredients of baking and how they work within the recipe, I found this really interesting, such as how using eggs at room temperature is important as cold eggs can cause the mixture to curdle, little facts like this are really interesting and can make a difference between a decent end result and a poor one. It tells about useful techniques too such as how to toast nuts and how to melt chocolate. There are some great tips concerning when to sift flour and when to not, not opening the oven door with certain bakes, the distance to leave between cookies on a tray and so forth, all things that I have made mistakes on in the past and then wondered why the end result wasn't what I had hoped for! At the end of the introduction section is some quick recipes on the finishing touches such as how to make fudge icing, chocolate frosting, royal icing and more, I am amazed that you can really make these yummy things in such an easy way! The introduction as a whole I think is good, it isn't very deep so not overwhelming to read and the tips are very useful.

      ~~~Cute Cupcakes and Buns~~~

      This is the section of the book which I find so interesting, I had no idea you could make such a variety of cupcakes and buns! Some of the recipes are so similar that they are included in one section, for example the first recipe is how to make an iced fairy cake and this is broken down in it's step by step form and then underneath this are some different flavours you could add to it such as chocolate fairy cakes, nutty fairy cakes and so on and it's easy enough to add these recipes into the one above without getting confused. The recipes are clearly laid out, there is a picture of the product, a heading and an ingredients list next to it. It is written out using grams and ounces and separated into sections where needed such as "Topping" "Frosting" Icing" and so forth. The recipes are not laid out in bullet points but in small paragraphs. I personally would find bullet points easier to follow but this isn't too complicated. It is easy to follow with easy language which is hard to struggle with! From this section there are various cupcakes and buns to try with a variety of decorative ideas such as feathered-iced coffee cupcakes, coconut cherry cupcakes, banana and pecan cupcakes and many more. I have made the banana and pecan cupcakes and they were delicious! We really loved baking them and they tasted beautiful.

      ~~~Crowd pleasing cookies and biscuits~~~

      This section is laid out like the cupcake section and has lots and lots of inspirational ideas in it! There's lots to choose from in here, some are really quite complicated and others are more straight forward but one thing I have learnt from this book is that getting a biscuit to taste right and have the right texture is a real skill! When I've left them in the oven too long or not weighed out ingredients perfectly I have noticed a real difference so now always make sure I follow the instructions to the T! The first biscuit I made from this section was the Fluttering Butterfly Cookies which I made with Millie and she loved making! Our favourite part was decorating them! It was easy to follow the instructions and the ingredients were already in our house, nothing fancy or complicated and it didn't take very long to make at all. Other recipes in this section include smiley faces, melting moments, apple spice cookies, and jam rings. The photos always look really appealing of the finished product on a plate or beside a cup of tea!

      ~~~Blissful Brownies and Bars~~~

      I have made the most out of this section. Mainly because there is more variation and it's nice to try to make things other than biscuits and buns. Again it is laid out like the above sections and I have to say that my mouth always waters so much when reading through because they all look so lovely. The recipes vary in how difficult they are I have found some really difficult to make but didn't know this until I started them, it would be helpful to maybe have a difficulty rating or something with them! I tried t omake the oaty chocolate caramel squares and found it really difficult, the caramel filling was a challenge to make and it didn't set right but my more successful bakes included the rocky road bars which Millie and I made together, No cook chocolate and raisin biscuits and coconut bars. There is even a low fat recipe or two too but I've never sampled them...

      ~~~moreish muffins~~~

      I am yet to make anything from this section but Millie and I have our eyes on a few recipes we are hoping to try soon. Again I was really surprised by how many different varities of muffins there are! Some are savoury too which is a bit different from a lot of what the recipes are for in this book. Recipes include high fibre muffins, mint chocolate chip muffins and brie and redcurrant muffins- all very different recipes which I really will try one day!

      ~~~Tempting Treats~~~

      This final section has some lovely ideas and I'm already planning what I will make for Christmas time treats! Now some of the recipes in here overwhelm me a bit such as the ones which include making your own pastry so I have always stuck to the more easy sounding ones but again it would be nice to have a difficulty rating so that I don't begin something and then realise how awful I am at making it! The recipes in this section I think are the most difficult, making your own croissants again is a bit daunting but is something that I would like to try when I am more confident in the kitchen. Recipes include strawberry tartlets, apple strudel with cider sauce, almond macaroons and many, many more.


      When I was bought this book I loved just looking through it at all the yummy ideas and then deciding I would send people out to buy me the finished things from Tescos but I did always hope that I would feel better and well enough to make them for myself. I am now working my way through this book, very slowly but there is definite progression.

      I think that baking is really important and I had no idea just how difficult it actually is! I am certainly not an expert more of a beginner and this book is really good for me because it has so many recipes that I can pick and choose what I can make. At the moment I read through them carefully and select a recipe with caution so that I make sure what I am about to bake isn't too complicated. The buns and the bars section is where I tend to stick to but even some of them are quite complex. It has helped me to try different flavours though and to follow a recipe which isn't set out in such a basic way as my other baking book. There is lots of scope in this book so if you are a confident cook this still has lots of ideas for you which will challenge you and give you inspiration. I cannot see me following some recipes soon such as the pain au chocolate one but I do intend to do it eventually and it's nice to know I have a whole host of recipes to choose from and build my way up to the more difficult ones.

      The only improvement really could be a kind of rating system which could show you have challenging the recipe is, this would make it easier to choose. When Millie is flicking through she points to various things and asks if I can make them and it's always the really tricky ones! If there was a colour system or something like that it would make it easier! This is why I think this book is more aimed at a general public rather than the learner or the experienced. It has scope for all. It isn't hugely child-friendly but Millie and I still do use it together but I think the other book we have is a bit better for using with her.

      I do really enjoy making my own cakes and things now and this book is forever giving me new ideas and inspiration. When I first began to recover from being ill I would lose myself in baking and it really helped to give me something to focus on and give my attention to whilst I got my energy back. I just love how many options you have, you can never be bored when flicking through here and every time I do look through it there is always another recipe that jumps out at me that I hadn't noticed previously!

      The lay out of the book is good, each section has a pastel colour coding at the top so you know when you've gone into the next chapter and can easily flick to the one you want without looking at page numbers. The photographs of the bakes are lovely and really appealing. I don't think you do need pictures of step to step baking as the descriptions in the paragraphs are clear enough.

      I think this is a good book for all actually. Great for those who already are confident at baking as there are so many more complex options in here but also great for the beginner like me as it's inspiring to see what I can achieve next but there are also lots of straight forward recipes too which I have enjoyed following along with Millie.

      I really do recommend this book. It retails at £20 which may seems like a lot of money but you get a lot of recipes within here so it's worth it!


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        19.11.2012 09:40
        Very helpful



        A useful book to have on your kitchen shelf, you'll never run out of inspiration again!

        I bought this cookbook after reading a rave review of it here on dooyoo. After reading the review I kept seeing it everywhere but resisted the temptation, until one day I came across it in a garden centre that was having a closing down sale and managed to get it for the princely sum of just £5.99 (it's rrp is £20, but I've seen it in many places on offer at £7.99 so don't be tempted into paying full price for it).

        I love cooking and baking and am pretty much addicted to cookbooks but I realised a while ago that most of them are exactly that...cookbooks rather than baking books, so I was excited to get this and try some new ideas in the baking department rather than sticking with my tried and tested 6 or 7 reliable recipes.

        The books has been updated since the photo shown above, but if you search for the title on dooyoo it will show you the newer version too. It's a bright, attractive blue colour with the title of the book in bold cream and bright pink contrasting colours. The front cover is divided into 6 sections each showing beautifully arranged examples of the cupcakes and cookies recipes you'll find inside. The back cover is all about information and gives a tempting description of the kinds of recipes inside and what they can be used for (mid-morning coffee, afternoon tea, children's part etc). It tells us that it includes recipes for cupcakes, cakes and buns, cookies and biscuits, brownies, blondies and bars, muffins and pastries, tarts and other treats and ranges from "jam doughnuts and chocolate chip cookies to chorizo muffins and chocolate courgette cupcakes".

        As it is a hardbacked book, and quite a large A4 sized one at that, it is quite a heavy book and it also has one of those annoying dust jackets which looks exactly the same as the actual front cover of the book but just insists on slipping off all the time and actually ends up getting much more dog-eared and tattered than the actual cover of books without them end up getting. I always take these off and throw them away because I just don't see the point in them.

        Inside the book is broken up into the following sections;
        -Cute cupcakes and buns
        -Crowd-pleasing cookies and biscuits
        -Blissful brownies and bars
        -Moreish muffins
        -Tempting Treats

        I quite like the way the book is laid out as it is easy to find which section you want. Normally when I bake I already know what kind of item I'm going to make, whether it be a cake, some cookies or a tray of brownies, and am usually looking for inspiration within that category, so having it lset out like this is useful for me. On the odd occasion that I'm just looking for, say, a chocolate recipe, the index at the back makes it easy to find any recipes which include chocolate, so whichever way you're looking for a recipe they're generally easy to find.

        The introduction section is a bit superfluous to my needs as I've been baking for many years, but if you're a beginner or not very confident then it would be quite useful I imagine. It is full of information about ingredients, equipment you might need, different techniques you can use, tips on making sure your attemp is a success, how to store your baking, presentation and lots of recipes for different kinds of icing and frosting.

        Once you get into the main section of the book where all the recipes are it is slightly different to normal cookbooks and takes a while to get used to it if I'm honest. Rather than having one recipe per page with a photograph, it tends to have two main recipes per page with two or three alternatives to that recipe and the picture refers to any one of those recipes. So you have the main recipes with its ingredients list, method and how many you'll get out of it and then the alternatives tell you to add something instead of something else eg add shredded coconut instead of cinnamon.

        One example is on one page the top half is Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese icing and then has two variations; White Chocolate Cupcakes and Cupcakes with Chocolate Mascarpone icing and the photo provided is of the chocolate cupcakes. The bottom half of the page is Lemon Butterfly Cakes with two alternatives of Orange Butterfly Cakes and Vanilla Butterfly Cakes. There is also a picture of some butterfly cakes provided but you can't tell which of the variations it is in this case.

        I did at first think this was a bit of a cheat in calling the book 1001 recipes as this one page contains recipes numbers 46-51 and they're not all different recipes, they're just slight variations on the same recipe. But as I've used the book more I've actually found it quite helpful having these slightly altered recipes and it makes it much easier to make your baking more varied and interesting rather than just making the same old recipe all the time.

        There are a few recipes I probably would never attempt, simply because they involce what I would call "fussyness" like dipping things in melted chocolate and fancy decorations whereas I'm more of a plonk-it-on-a-plate kind of girl, but I have post-it'd probably about 50 pages in the book now and since buying the book in the summer I've used probably a dozen different recipes. I find it handy as the vast majority of the recipes inside are for smaller bits and pieces and I always like to have a cake tin full of cookies or brownies or something in case anyone happens to pop by and this book is full of ideas for things like this.

        All the recipes that I've tried so far have turned out nicely and they've all been tasty. Most of them I would definitely make again and, indeed, some of them I have already made more than once. The only slight negative about the recipes is that they never make the quantity stated. I admit that i do have a tendency to be a bit haphazard when it comes to following recipes and will happily tweak them if I feel the need or desire to, which annoys my husband no end. But when I'm trying a new baking recipe for the first time I always stick to it because quantities tend to be more important in baking than in cooking. So all of these recipes I've stuck to word for word and followed religiously but the quantities are never right.

        For example, when I made the buttery fork cookies (the mother-in-law was due round for coffee!) the recipe states that it will make 25 but I only got 18 out of it. Now, I'm no expert but these were small cookies anyway, so to get 25 our of the dough would have meant they were about the size of a ten pence piece! The same thing happened with some chocolate cupcakes when I got 13 out of a recipe meant to make 18. It's not really a big deal but in that case was slightly annoying as it meant using a whole other bun tin for just one cupcake. It would also be annoying if you were baking a specific number for a certain event (a children's party or something) because it's happened so frequently now with this book that I would never trust the number it gives. Luckily for me it's not important and I'm happy to accept that I get as many as come out of the bowl, but in an ideal world I would be able to trust the recipes!

        One thing I love about the book is that it also includes savoury baking recipes, particularly muffins, and whilst I'm yet to try any of them they all look tempting. There are things such as Brie and Redcurrant (which I'm definitely going to be trying over the festive period at some point), Caramelized Onion, Chicken and Sweetcorn, Italian Pesto, Spicy Chorizo and Asparagus and Soured Cream. I love the idea of these as light lunches that you can just throw in a lunch box, or also as an alternative to bread with some soup. So now it's winter I'm definitely going to be experimenting more with the savoury bakes too.

        Overall, though, I've been very happy with this recipe book (thanks GeoDougal for your great review which made me want it in the first place!). Whilst it doesn't exactly have 1001 recipes in it it does have that many ideas and variations and there really is something for everyone in here. If you bake a lot for cake sales or children I think this would be ideas as the vast majority of recipes are smaller, individual items and there are also different ideas for decoration them and making them look more attractive/sellable. It is set out for easy navigation and the recipes have reaildy available ingredients and easy to follow methods. Whether you like sweet or savoury, sensational looking delights or just something to go with your afternoon cuppa, there are definitely enough ideas in here to keep you going for years!


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          05.07.2012 17:13
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Fully deserving 5 stars!

          You may have guessed by my display picture that I'm partial to the odd cupcake/muffin, especially if there topped with gallons of butter cream and sprinkles. I always try to bake from home when possible because I like to know what goes into to what I'm eating even it is unhealthy dollops of butter and bags of sugar :D You won't find any chemically named ingredients in my cakes though that's for sure! This recipe book is one of my best friends, it provides me with a HUGE range of decadent, moreish bakes that are easy to do with the clear step - by - step instructions given with each recipe.

          ~ Price and availability ~
          This recipe book was a right pain to get hold of! Every time I went to WHSmith's or waterstones they were always sold out within a few days of the book being put on the shelves, which in a way I guess was a good sign because it meant it was popular. I think it may be easier to get hold of online at amazon or ebay but if you want to spend a lot of time looking WHSmith's and waterstones are stockists of this book. I bought mine on offer at £4.99, which was a total bargain considering It's sold anywhere from £15.99 - £22.30 at full price! Which I wouldn't have been prepared to pay no matter how good it is.

          ~ Appearance ~
          1001 cupcakes, cookies & other tempting treats cover has been updated from the one dooyoo are displaying. It is now a very attractive looking blue hardback with an array of six pictures of delicious looking muffins, cupcakes and biscuits. The cover makes the recipe book very tempting indeed! The title of the recipe book is clearly displayed in the middle in a bright pink, eye-catching colour. On the back of this recipe book there is a brief description of what I'm going to find inside and there is also a love food label. Nothing to exciting really, it's a shame there's no pictures on the back as it's a little dull.

          ~ Inside ~
          Inside there are 1001 different recipes for all your sweet treat needs! There are five different sections for each type of bake including one for cupcakes, cakes and buns, one for cookies and biscuits, one for brownies, blondies and bars, one for muffins and one for pastries, tarts and other treats. At the front of the book there is a very helpful introduction explaining why each ingredient is needed and what equipment you will most likely need. There are also handy tips of how to melt chocolate, toast nuts, how to store your goods, how to present your goods, how to assure success and loads of different icing and glaze recipes.

          Each section begins with a large picture resembling what it's going to be about. All the photo's are beautifully done and to a very high standard which makes all the difference. Turning the pages of the different recipes you will notice you are provided with many different variations which I think is excellent because if you like the look of the cake but don't like one of the ingredients the author will give you some ideas of what you can substitute it for. Each different recipe has a clear picture of that product looking very freshly baked. The ingredients are clearly laid out in a separate box to avoid confusion and the instructions are also clear, it's just a shame there not numbered as that would have made them even easier to follow.

          ~ Overall verdict ~
          Amazing range of dessert recipes to try! I think it's great for anybody of any ability in baking and its easy to modify the recipes to your taste. I would recommend this recipe book to anybody with an interest in baking or anybody who wants to buy their partners the book so they can eat the goodies! There's nothing like the smell of home baking, especially with recipes from this book. A definite crowd pleaser and something for everyone!


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            25.07.2011 11:59
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            If you don't already own a decent baking book, get this one now!

            As with most cookery books promising over 1,000 recipes, this book does not actually contain 1,001 original recipes, but variants on around 450. Still, that's a lot of recipes to keep you occupied!

            -Format of the Book-

            Spread over 300 pages, this A4 hardback book crams in around four recipes per page, usually two main recipes, and two variants. Each main recipe comes with a colour illustration of the final product. The ingredients required are listed in a coloured sidebar, which helps the book look uniform, neat and easy to read.

            An index at the back can quickly help you find what you are looking for, and the book is also split by product type (cupcakes, muffins etc) into six sections:


            Lists key ingredients that virtually all baked goods require, equipment you'll need and techniques such as melting chocolate.

            There's loads of little hints and tips, which are a must read if you're new to the baking lark. Understanding the importance of accurately measuring ingredients and having eggs and butter at room temperature will save you a lot of grief further down the line!

            The best part of the introduction for me was 'The Finishing Touches' double spread of essential icings, which lists key recipes for virtually all the icings you'll need. However, the book does not explain what these icings actually are, so if you're a novice who doesn't know the difference between ganache, buttercream, fondant and royal icing, a bit of research will need to be done beforehand.

            -Cute Cupcakes and Buns-

            A list of fairy cakes, cupcakes, scones and variety of other products such as doughnuts and gingerbread. The cupcakes cover a wide range of occasions, from weddings to children's parties, and the flavours range from basic vanilla and chocolate, to more adventurous apple pie and courgette!

            I didn't like that a lot of the cakes used fresh cream in the toppings. Fine, if you're going to consume them on the day, but not great for having later in the week. You may have to experiment with different icings if this is a problem for you.

            -Crowd-pleasing Cookies and Biscuits-

            Almost every biscuit recipe you could ask for! A massive variety from chocolate chip to tropical fruit. In fact, you probably won't ever need to buy a biscuit recipe book again!

            Aside from English and American favourties, the book also includes recipes from all over the world such as Spanish almond cookies, Dutch macaroons and Chinese fortune cookies.

            My personal favourite are the cherry & chocolate diamonds, which are light, buttery and very moreish.

            If sweet cookies aren't your thing, there is also a large selection of biscotti recipes.

            -Blissful Brownies and Bars-

            An extensive collection of brownies and blondies recipes, plus yummy traybakes such as coconut bars and caramel shortbread squares. It's amazing what you can do with the humble brownie - the brownie cheescake has to be tried!

            As most of the traybakes are creamy topping-free, they'll keep for at least a week, longer if you slice them up as needed.

            -Moreish Muffins-

            The cupcake's bigger, slightly less sweet cousin. A nice selection of slightly healthier sounding recipes, such as low-fat blueberry muffins, that are perfect for an indulgent breakfast or an afternoon pick-me-up.

            There are even savoury muffin recipes, that are a great idea for picnics.

            -Tempting Treats-

            Profiteroles, fudge, truffles... all those naughty little treats that are so bad for you! Some of these recipes are a bit fiddly, but if you want to give a gift with a difference, who won't be thrilled to receive a homemade collection of treats?

            There's loads of canapés and petit-fours ideas for dinner parties, and the far superior taste of homemade goodies will make the extra effort well worthwhile.


            So far, every recipe I have tried from this book has turned out fine. The great thing about this book is that the huge variety means that you'll always be able to whip up something from the ingredients you have lying around. It's also great for inspiration, as the book includes loads of basic recipes that you can play around with to try out new flavours.

            The only downside is that book doesn't include 'proper' cakes, although you could use the batter from the cupcake recipes.

            I received this book as a present, but at £17 from Amazon, it's still a worthwhile purchase. Have a hunt around bargain bookshops on the high street, as they sometimes stock books like this for less.


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              24.01.2010 11:31
              Very helpful



              One of my essential cookbooks

              There is a real trend at the moment for home baking and afternoon tea books. The cookbook market in particular is flooded with cookbooks, however I think this book may be the ultimate one, not least as it contains 1001 recipes.

              The book itself is well presented. Hardback, but has a loose leaf cover which as with all cookbooks, I would advise that you would remove before attempting to cook as it will get messed up. The spine is quite flexible meaning that it is easy to put flat and cook from. Inside the book is really well put together and very modern and attractive, featuring attractive but clear text and lots of pastel colours and attractive photography.

              There is a introduction which includes some really useful information to look at before baking. This include a guide to the 'star ingredients' of baking and tips on how to select the right ones for your use. Then it moves onto 'equipment and helpful techniques' such as tips on the equipment that you may need and instructions on how to toast nuts and melt chocolate. Then there are tips on 'assuring success' with your cooking some of which are general and others which are specific to certain types of baking. Then there are short sections on how to store your baking and presentation. Following this is a two page spread detailing recipes on 15 types of icing.

              Then onto the recipes. Any particular two page spread has upwards of four recipes on it, often many more. The basic concept is that there is one recipe that is detailed in full and then one or more variations on that basic recipe to incorporate different flavours. For example, the first recipe is for 'iced fairy cakes' but on the same page are simple instructions to vary this to make them mocha, lemon, chocolate and nutty. Each recipe is clearly presented and the ingredients are split into those for the actual food and another section for the topping. A photograph accompanies each recipe which helps especially when trying to follow the guidance on how to decorate the cakes.

              As this book has so many recipes, I will list recipes that I think are of particular note in each section.

              Cute cupcakes and buns:
              The aforementioned iced fairy cakes, butterfly cakes, gingerbread cupcakes, carrot and orange cupcakes, apple streusel cupcakes (amazing!), warm molten centred chocolate cupcakes (drools), gooey chocolate and cream cheese cupcakes, warm spiced apple pie cupcakes, strawberry shortcakes, sticky toffee square, cinnamon rolls, scones, Madelines, churros, saffron buns, doughnuts, English muffins, bagels,

              Crowd-pleasing cookies and biscuits:
              Chocolate cookies, cookies and cream sandwiches, classic oatmeal biscuits, chocolate Florentines, macaroons, lebkuchen (just lovely), fortune cookies, various variations on refrigerator cookies (essentially dough that can be made in advance and kept in the fridge and freezer ready for rolling out and cooking at a later date), chocolate fudge squares, chocolate mint cookie sandwiches, peach daiquiri cookies (yes these include rum), almond tuilles, lavender cookies, gingernuts, Christmas cookies including tree decorations, Viennese fingers, s'mores, various biscottis, oatcakes, breadsticks, cheese straws.

              Blissful brownies and bars:
              Chocolate brownies, black Russian brownies (with Kahula), nutty flapjacks, fruity flapjacks, chocolate peppermint bars, oaty chocolate caramel squares (gorgeous), chocolate marshmallow fingers, no-cook chocolate fingers,

              Moreish muffins:
              Muffins such as the following: blueberries, brandied peach, Caribbean rum and raisin, spiced chocolate, low-fat, dark chocolate and ginger, wheatgerm banana and pumpkin seed, sweetcorn polenta, granola, carrot cake, jam doughnut, mini orange and cardamom, mint chocolatechip (my favourite), pumpkin, marshmallow, caramelized onion (!), chicken and sweetcorn, courgette and sesame seeds, Italian pesto, mini prawn and parsley, tuna and olive, tomato and basil,

              Tempting treats:
              Profiteroles, cinnamon knots, croissants, apple Danish (and variations), strawberry tartlets, apple strudel with cider sauce (firmly on my to doo list), fudge variations, macaroons, petis fours, baklava, Chocolate Easter egg nests (these take me back!), bakewell slices, Italian baked sweet ravioli, peppermint creams (which I absolutely adore and are an absolute keeper of a recipe), brandy snaps, truffles, chocolate ice cream bites, Honeycomb toffee, meringues, chocolate mousse.

              I think it goes without saying after what I have listed above that this is a hugely varied and comprehensive book. I bought mine from The Works for the absolute bargain price of £6.99. The sheer number of recipes means that you would never run out of ideas. I have done several recipes from this book, mainly cupcakes and muffins and found them to be easy to follow and producing really good results. The variety of different styles included mean that you can gain a lot of new different skills. Also, they vary in difficulty, and by difficulty I largely mean how fiddly they are to make.
              A particular bonus to me is that they have opted for a lot of savoury options as well which makes this book even more versatile as the savoury muffins in particular can prove a particularly quick breakfast when prepared in the days before.
              With keeping your storecupboard up with the basic ingredients, I have found that you can bake things up at basically anytime depending on what else, sweet or savoury, that you happen to have lying around. I think that this would also be an excellent book for parents wanting to get their children involved in baking for the first time, they would probably get particular enjoyment from the decoration aspects.
              I think the book itself is really attractively presented and something that I often just flick through to get ideas. I envisage getting years of enjoyment out of this book and am really impressed that something with so many recipes at such a low prices is so well put together with a vast number of really tasty and useful recipes .


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