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      23.10.2014 01:01


      • "work well"


      • expensive

      work really well but slightly expensive

      I already take acidophilus tablets but due to health issues I still keep having problems with the bacteria in my stomach and digestion issues. The lady in our local health store suggested a packet of these to me, they are designed to help aid the good bacteria while also containing fibre and other products to help clear out the colon to aid digestion.

      They sounded perfect so I bought a box, there were 30 sachets in the box I bought but it does come in different sizes.

      Optibac have several different formulas of these products for aiding different problems, each of these is in a different coloured box. This variety is in the darker green box.

      Inside the box the sachets are very boring plain white inside with just a blue line to show where to tear.

      I always mix the product with water to take but it does say that you can put on top of food or swallow directly from the sachet, I am not sure I fancy that method. You need to drink plenty of water with this product anyway so it may as well be in the fluids to block the little taste that it does have.

      The product is suitable for Children and adults over the age of 1.

      I take one sachet of this a day but it does say for acute constipation you can take up to 4 a day until it's cleared.

      I have never seen this in Boots or many chemists although I have seen other versions of the brand. I get this in our local health food store and I think my last box was £26 for the 30 sachet's.

      Do they work? I did stop taking them due to cost for a long time and slowly my stomach got worse so I do feel they had been helping a lot. I have never used them for acute constipation so can not comment there but I did find they helped my over all digestion and I do feel better when on them. I just wish they were not so expensive.

      I would have no problem suggesting them to anyone looking for something slightly stronger to aid with digestive issues.


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    • Zirtek Allergy Tablets / Allergy & Hayfever / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      23.10.2014 00:39



      Average, non drowsy but worked

      I normally avoid taking any allergy medicines until I can't cope any longer, they always make me sleep even the ones that state non drowsy. I have had a rash on my arms for a few weeks now, the doctor told me to just take some allergy tablets and it would go away. I started with another brand but they did nothing and were as usual knocking me out so upon glaring at the shelf in Boots I decided to give these a try.

      Zirtek allergy are designed to be taken once a day to combat any of the following :-

      1) Sneezing
      2) Runny blocked up nose
      3) Itchy watery eyes from hayfever
      4) Other allergies ie dust, pet etc
      5) Hives
      6) Itchy skin rashes

      One thing I really liked about these tablets was the size they are tiny and very easy to swallow.

      They did not do much to my rash (which is now onto a steroid cream) but they did help with the itching and did calm my itchy eyes a little. I suffer from allergies all year around thanks to being allergic to our dog and dust as well as hayfever.

      I would not say they worked wonders but I only took them for a few days, I did not feel overly drowsy on them like I do with many other brands.

      There was only a weeks dose in the box I bought which if I was buying for hayfever would be a pain buying a lot of boxes.

      I paid £3.29 for the 7 tablets at my local Boots.

      The tablets are suitable for adults and children aged 12 and over.

      I am giving these a 4, while they did nothing to my rash it was not their fault as the GP misdiagnosed it as an allergy. They did however help my eyes and sniffles a little on only 4 days use and did not make me feel overly sleepy which is an achievement alone! They were also very easy to take, so handy for anyone who struggles with tablets.


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    • pcspecialist.co.uk / Online Shop / 1 Reading / 0 Ratings
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      22.10.2014 23:53


      • "Great communication"
      • "Fast delivery"


      Great store. Highly recommended

      The communication was great and the item was delivered in record time. Seamless and very nice transaction


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    • Iron Man (Xbox 360) / Xbox 360 Game / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      22.10.2014 23:33


      • "There's some good ideas here"
      • "Iron Man looks nice"


      • "Could have been so much more"
      • "Frustrating controls"
      • "Repetitive doesn't cover it"
      • "Iron Man is all that looks nice"

      This one is up there with household ironing in terms of enjoyment

      When the first Iron Man movie was announced, and while many won’t admit it now, a lot of fans were initially sceptical. There was a lot that could have went wrong with Iron Man, but as it turned out it all went right, and we received arguably the finest superhero movie ever. In an interesting twist of fate, Iron Man’s tie-in videogame, released across all of the major platforms of the time, was actually a source of great interest to fans. Tie-In games are normally frowned upon, as they are usually stuck together last minute to try and cash-in on a movie’s popularity, but Iron Man was different. Iron Man was being put out by Sega, a company responsible for countless great games over the years, and they started work on the game significantly in advance of its release date, all the signs seemed positive. Could Sega’s game come close to Marvel’s Movie? They did actually have form with Superheroes, having crafted 2 fine X-Men games for the Megadrive and a Spider-Man arcade game.

      In case you’ve never seen the movie, I’ll give a rough rendition of the plot, as it is there or thereabouts what the game follows. Billionaire playboy Tony Stark has made his money selling weapons, however, his philosophy on warfare changes when he is kidnapped by the terrorist outfit the Ten Rings while doing a display in Afghanistan. With shrapnel close to his heart, Stark is saved by the ingenious thinking of fellow prisoner Yinsen, who attaches a car-battery to Stark’s heart to keep the shrapnel from penetrating it. Stark escapes his captors by building a suit of armour, vowing to never dabble in the art of war again. Upon his return home, his decision does not go down well with business partner Obadiah Stane, but this doesn’t fluster Tony, who sets about crafting a unique power source to keep the shrapnel from penetrating his heart, and works upon a high-tech suit of armour that he dons to fight evil.

      The movie’s plot covers the basic origin story of the character, which the videogame spices up by throwing in some necessary detours to pad things out a bit, roping in Iron Man characters Titanium Man and Blacklash amongst others to give Tony some more enemies to tangle with. It follows the movie’s plot well enough, and the majority of the game-only content manages to intermingle with the plot decently (albeit the Titanium Man stage does take place in an arctic setting, one of those cringeworthy videogame levels every developer feels the need to crowbar into a game) There isn’t really a lot more Sega could have done with the plot to be honest, it does its job capably.

      In a coup, Sega also managed to rope in Robert Downey Jr. and Terence Howard, who star as Tony Stark and his friend Col. Rhodes respectively, to do voice acting in the game, to give it that authentic feel. Downey Jr. does seem to be phoning it in at points, but Howard buts a good bit of character into his performance as Rhodey, and the rest of the voice actors are passable enough. Compounding the sonic element is a fairly by the numbers score that does its job. Some of it may be from the movie, I honestly couldn’t tell you. The intro sequence does utilise Black Sabbath’s ‘Iron Man’ which is a nice touch.

      Visually the game is a mixed bag. The Iron Man character looks and moves good, especially for 2008, and the levels are suitably vast yet detailed to provide a solid setting...sadly the rest of the visuals leave a lot to be desired. The enemy tanks and especially soldiers look terrible, I’m talking proper Nintendo 64 visuals here, and the way soldiers disappear into thin air when punched/shot is almost reminiscent of an 8-Bit game. The cut-scenes that loosely try to tie the game’s plot together are, even for the time, rather lacklustre visually, with Tony and his assistant Pepper Potts, as played by Gwyneth Paltrow, coming off ok but pretty much every one and thing else in the scenes being ‘ok’ at best.

      Where the game really falls apart is it’s gameplay. The game is a Third-Person adventure game that sees you step into the Iron Man suit to run, fly, shoot and evade your way through 13 stages of sheer frustration and monotony. The game’s main focus is on Iron Man’s flight capabilities, which is somewhat understandable, given that some of the movie trailer’s most iconic images were of the slick armour soaring through the sky and taking on foes. Sadly the execution of the game’s flight isn’t as impressive as watching Iron Man do it in the movie. While the actual flight itself is shamefully good fun, it only lasts as long as you can fly in a straight line. Attempting to make any form of quick turn, or even looking sideways, is clunky at best. Coupled with the game’s questionable targeting system and flying becomes somewhat of a chore.

      Thankfully Iron Man can hover, which is usually a better way to go about your business. This is achieved by holding the L trigger, loosening the grip will lower him, pressing in will send him skywards. This works a bit better, but it somewhat misses the point in that it simply isn’t FUN. At what stage in the Iron Man movie does Tony hover about picking off foes?

      In theory, you can also operate on ground level, though there is usually so little to do at this view, and when you do come across the aforementioned soldiers and tanks at ground level they are so embarrassing, that you’ll wonder why you bothered.

      Arguably the game’s biggest crime is Iron Man’s attacking options. You have your pulse blasts from your hands, Auxilliary Weapons (Read: Missiles) and your Unibeam to attack from range, and you can punch or grapple foes when it comes to close combat. On paper it may sound decent, and being honest it should be, it’s the execution that leaves it lacking. Your blasts just don’t feel like they have any force behind them. You can barely see them, they make little noise, and while they do damage, it’s in a very understated way visually. It may sound silly but it just doesn’t FEEL like you are firing lasers from your hands, which should feel awesome. Missiles are likewise limp, the saving grace comes in the form of the Unibeam, which you much charge up, which at least triggers an impressive animation and controller vibration. Close combat is somewhat of an afterthought in the game as far as punches go, despite their presence, but the grapple system is pretty neat. Pressing this atop a tank or in proximity to a jet triggers a Quick-Time-Event where you must bash the B button to see Iron Man destroy it in style. One of the game’s saving graces is that rare moment when you rocket towards an opponent and manage to time it perfectly to land into one of these moves.

      It’s things like the grapple system that make me think that somewhere in here there actually was a decent game trying to break out. Nothing fits together though. While I can understand the attraction to the air-faring aspect of the Iron Man character, at the same time it somewhat misses the point that what makes this awesome is the fact it is a man doing it, not a fighter jet. The fact that even boss fights are conducted in an airborne manner highlights everything wrong with the game. What is the point in throwing Titanium Man in the game when you can’t even really see him because you aren’t ever close enough. He’s a tiny little model at the other side of the level as we throw (uninspiring) lasers and rockets at each other. Iron Man might be able to fly and shoot rockets, but he is still a Super-Hero, and realistically part of that is his interaction with Super-Villains. This game does not capture this in the slightest.

      The worst thing about Iron Man is that it put me in mind of an early release for the original Xbox titled Gunmetal. This was a fairly unheralded little game that put you in the cockpit of a Mecha that could transform into a fighter jet. It featured roughly the same structure as Iron Man, fairly repetitive ‘Destroy all bases’ ‘protect building X’ missions, but it managed to combine the ground based robotic fun with the aerial dogfights so much better than Iron Man. The reason I find this so infuriating as that is all Iron Man had to be. Nobody was expecting something that would revolutionise gaming, just a fun ride in the suit. Would a few ground based levels, or more close-quarters battles with enemies really have been that hard to do? It certainly would have appealed to this fan more than a glorified flight sim.

      Outwith the levels is another sign that this game started out with good intentions is the options for your armour. Not only are there a selection of unlockable armours including the Hulkbuster and my personal favourite the Silver Centurion, but you can perform modifications on these to alter the prominence of weapons, defence etc This is a great idea that is sadly not explored to anywhere near the level it should be.

      I have 2 trains of thought when it comes to why this game is as uninspiring as it is. The first one is that Sega were simply rushed to complete it to tie-in with the movie’s release, the second one or possibly an extension of the first, is that they purposefully unleashed this uninspired joke of a game as some form of revenge on gamers for shunning the Dreamcast in favour of the Movie-Tie-In heavy PlayStation 2 back in the day. Iron Man isn’t the worst videogame I’ve ever played, to be honest it probably isn’t even the worst Comic Book or Movie Tie-In I’ve played (is it the worst Comic-Movie Tie-In? I’d need to think about that one...) but it still isn’t a game I’d recommend to anyone. Ordinarily these types of game only really appeal to fans of the character/movie, but this is more likely to just frustrate fans of Marvel’s mighty hero.


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      22.10.2014 23:07


      • Soothing
      • "Good packaging"
      • "Taste nice"


      • "Short lived relief"

      Cherry Tunes will have you singing but not for long.

      I don’t actually believe that any throat sweets work miracles when one suffers with a cough, cold or a sore throat, but I do believe that some can give a measure of relief. This relief is, in my experience, short term but, never the less, a welcome respite.

      I don’t think that Tunes Cherry Sugar Free throat sweets are among the strongest available but they are one of the nicer choices in terms of taste. Also, some of the stronger tablets cannot be used as frequently as Tunes can be.

      Cherry Tunes have always been one of my favoured throat sweets. As I have already mentioned, I don’t think they work wonders but as long as one doesn't expect too much, then they can be worthwhile.

      I tend to use these lozenges/sweets more for when the sore throat from a cold is past its worse (I will choose stronger lozenges for the worst days which is usually the first two to three days) and more for when suffering with the tickly and bunged up stage, which often follows and can linger.

      They definitely help to soothe that horrible and irritating tickle so they are great to take out and about with you. I usually take Tunes with me when I go to the theatre, even if I haven’t had a cold because I do suffer with congested sinuses and a dry irritated throat. Tunes work well in this situation.

      I find that they also help to ease the congestion caused by a cold or flu; this must be down to the menthol ingredient.

      I have been buying these sweets for years and the packaging has changed over this time. I like the current packaging as the lozenges are easy to get to and they keep fresher in this pack.

      Tunes Cherry Sugar Free sweets contain menthol, fruit juice and sweeteners, not sugar.
      A 37g pack will cost around fifty pence.

      Tunes Cherry Sugar Free can be purchased from chemists, supermarkets and some smaller confectioners and newsagents.


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    • WOW Tennis Ball Tug / Dog Accessory / 1 Reading / 0 Ratings
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      22.10.2014 22:42


      • "My dog throws it for himself sometimes"
      • "can entertain your dog"
      • "two toys in one"
      • "Built to last"


      • none

      Take a ball and some rope and you've got a fun toy for your dog......

      Dogs love playing with toys, with balls being one of the favourite things that my dog plays with. He often collects then and stores them under the foam bedding that is on his bed, which would be a lumpy sleep for you and I but her seems to enjoy sleeping on them, (Well, he's no princess with her pea..??!!)
      The only thing is that after he's finished playing with the balls he chomps on them until they split, which means that there's no more throwing and chasing for him until we get another ball. He does bring us half a ball in the hope that we'll throw that for him but the half ball is usually covered in dog slime/spit and it doesn't seem to want to go far, which annoys him.
      So one day I saw this ball on a rope, (not soap on a rope? Remember that? In the 80' and 90'?) Anyway, when I saw this ball on a rope I though 'why not?'. And I'm glad I did as he really enjoys chasing this one and, for some reason, he doesn't feel the urge to rip it to shreds.

      The toy is one of those that you can throw or have a few minutes of fun with a good old game of tug of war, which my dog tend to enjoy – and win most of the time.
      The rope is about 17mm in diameter and about 300mm long, (in the tied up way it is), sliding through the ball and then tied in a hangman's noose fashion, leaving a loop on the other end so that you can grab it properly.

      It's strong, well it is rope, and the ball is built to last and tied on tighter than a pair of skin tight trousers on a fat man. The good thing about this one is that if I'm a little too busy, or the dogs in one of his 'moods' he can play with this on his own, and he has done a few times, flipping the rope around in his mouth so the ball goes quickly from side to side. Then, I like to think on purpose, he lets go of the rope and the ball flies off somewhere, which he then chases, doing the flipping game once he's chased it down.

      This fun ball can be bought for about £5 which I money well spent for the fun you can have with your dog. Or the fun your dog can have on his own.


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      22.10.2014 22:18
      Very helpful



      Marc Jacobs Lola Eau de Parfum

      The Marc Jacobs Lola Eau de Parfum is available from GBP 38.50.

      The Eau de Parfum comes in a purple bottle. At the cap is a red flower fixed. On the flacon is the product name. The bottle contains 30 ml.

      The Eau de Parfum is described as follows. "Marc Jacobs Lola is an intoxicating swirl of rich layers of fragrance that reflects Jacobs’ own vision of what is feminine and sexy. It opens with fruity topnotes of delectable bright pink peppercorn, seductive pear d’anjou and succulent ruby red grapefruit. The ultra-feminine heart is highlighted by the lavish fuschia peony with soft touches of rose and geranium, while the base lingers on the skin, exuding a warm and seductive aura with enveloping notes of smooth vanilla, tonka bean and creamy musk. A bit flirtatous with a playful wink this captivating fragrance is the essence of the Lola woman."

      The Eau de Parfum is heavy with a flowery scent. A fruity scent that reminds of pink pepper and a light scent of pear can be noticed. The flowery scent of rose and peony is noticeable. Followed by the sweet scent of vanilla. The flowery notes can be especially noticed and the main accords are floral and sweet. The scent is not too intensive and the intensity is moderate.

      The top notes are pink pepper, pear and ruby red grapefruit. Followed by the middle note that is made up of peony, rose and geranium. The base note consists of vanilla, creamy musk and tonka.

      The Eau de Toilette is long-lasting and the longevity is moderate.

      I can recommend the Marc Jacobs Lola Eau de Parfum, as the scent is not too intensive and long-lasting. The main accords are floral and sweet.


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      22.10.2014 22:03
      Very helpful


      • "Multiple users"
      • "No balance transfer fee"
      • "No fee for cash withdrawals (just interest)"
      • "No purchase fees abroad"


      Cheap and easy to use, safe and widely accepted!

      We got a Halifax Clarity Card ready for our holiday abroad this year, as we felt really uncomfortable about the thought of carrying huge amounts of cash around with us, and were astounded at the commission rates for currency exchanging in the shops!

      The main thing that drew us to the Halifax Clarity card was the "no purchase fee abroad". Pretty much every other card that we looked at had this fee, and so it was a no brainer for our holiday!

      So, in order to have some cash ready for when we got to Turkey, we exchanged £50 (about 150 TL), with the intention to rely on the card for everything else. We were a little nervous about this, but decided that it was worth a try, and through scouring message boards knew that we could access cash over there if we really needed to.

      I applied in branch, but had no Halifax current account. Went for a short meeting with an advisor and was told there and then that I had been accepted - fabulous! Really easy and great staff :)

      We actually used the card for the first time in the UK - my car (typically!) needed a new exhaust the day before we went away - thank goodness for this credit card! In a way, this was quite a relief to use it with no problems, it gave us a bit more confidence for the holiday!

      Once in Turkey, we used the card for the first time in our Hotel. No problems whatsoever. From then on, as it is a Mastercard, we found that it was widely accepted at all of the Restaurants, most of the shops, all of the attractions - we were really impressed at how many places accepted it. And, we still had our smaller amount of cash for the bits and bobs that needed it, such as stamps, odd drinks, postcards and such. The other great thing was that with this card, we could actually have 2 cardholders, which was also piece of mind for us. We took both with us and left one in the hotel room - so if somehow one did get lost, we had a "back up" card. (Good job Future Husband is good with watching the pennies! :D)

      We also had a day excursion to Greece, and used the card in Greece. Again, no problems whatsoever. The card was widely accepted. In Greece, we made our only cash withdrawal of the whole holiday - 40 euros.

      Before we went away, we phoned Halifax and told them that we were going, so had no trouble in using the card or in being checked by Halifax about use of the card. Also, through online banking, we could log on each day and just keep an eye on what we were actually spending (using "plastic", especially when in a different currency can start to get confusing after a while!). Then, when we got home, we did an online transfer of the funds straight onto the card - this was possibly the most complex bit as I didn't have a Halifax current account, but again, staff at the branch were really helpful. Overall, on our £840 spend, we paid a grand total of 24p interest - which was for our 40 euros cash withdrawal.

      As you can probably tell from my review, I found the Halifax Clarity Card to be fantastic for our trip abroad. Cheap and easy to use, and widely accepted! The only down side for me was actually paying the balance (as I was not a Halifax customer) and of course, the fact that you do pay interest on cash withdrawals. For us, this was no problem at all, but I imagine if you did withdraw a lot of cash, then you might end up paying a bit more. However, most cards charge this plus lots of other fees too!

      Overall, I would definitely recommend this card if you are going to be spending abroad. It really was so convenient, you definitely do not need to be carrying hundreds of pounds of cash around with you. Our 150TL lasted us a full week - in fact, we were trying to get rid of the lira towards the end, and we even came back with 4TL in our pockets! :)


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    • Sony HT-CT60.CEK / Home Cinema System / 2 Readings / 2 Ratings
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      22.10.2014 22:01
      Very helpful


      • "Great for listening to Rock"
      • "Remote controls sound bar and some often used functions on the TV"
      • "Easy to set up"
      • "The sound bar is stylish and looks good"


      • "Could sound better"
      • "No indication of sound bar volume"
      • "Feels flimsy"

      Sony HT-CT60.CEK-Good and simple buy

      Sony's HT-CT60 sound bar offers a simple 2.1 speaker arrangement for the affordable price of £150(more or less). If you are looking for something simple and cheap, you may have heard about this or given it a second look. If not, you should do so, and I would try to convince you, it's not like I am selling it to you, I just think it's quite good especially for the price.


      Optical S/PDIF: Yes
      Coaxial S/PDIF: Yes
      HDMI: n/a
      3.5mm minijack: n/a
      Stereo phono: Yes
      Bluetooth: n/a
      Other: n/a
      Power output (RMS): 60W
      Subwoofer (active or passive/wired or wireless): Passive/Wired
      Remote control (yes / no / via app): Yes, no app
      Wall mountable? Yes
      Surround sound mode?
      Night mode? Yes
      Dimensions (soundbar): 940x83x70mm
      Dimensions (subwoofer): 170x245x300mm
      Warranty: One year

      First impressions

      The HT-CT60 soundbar is one of the longest I have ever seen, and I have seen alot, wider even than a 40in TV. It's easiest to place the HT-CT60 in front of a TV but you can also mount it on a wall. Its hexagonal shape might not be to everyone's taste but it means the speaker can be placed on the floor and angled upwards to direct the sound appropriately.

      The low price is reflected in the lightweight plastic construction but the HT-CT60 looks stylish enough with grey speaker fabric and metal-effect ends. You can feel it right away, it's flimsy and because of the shape, you can make it crack quite easily, but that's not really the point is it, you will put it somewhere and not touch it again.

      My personal review

      I personally think it is overall a great choice, It's cheap, the HT-CT60 has a good stereo field and impressive sound reproduction across the low, mid and high frequencies. A small rear-firing subwoofer is passive which means it has to be wired up to the soundbar but doesn't require its own power source.A virtual surround-sound mode means that rear speakers and annoying wires aren't required and you can also enable a 'night' mode,although this isn't obvious at all since you have to hold down the surround button to do it. Night mode makes sounds effects and dialogue easier to hear at lower volume levels.

      What I don't like is the fact playing music from a smartphone or other mobile device must be done using a cable which isn't as convenient as soundbars with Bluetooth. It has no indication of sound bar volume, bass/treble etc. on TV screen. Optical audio cable supplied is far too short. You would be advised to buy a longer, better quality one in addition in this regards, other than this, it's good enough.


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    • Panasonic SC-HC28 / Hifi System / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
      More +
      22.10.2014 21:38
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to use "
      • "Quite cheap"


      • "Sound quality"

      Panasonic SC-HC28- You should really look somewhere else

      I bought these as a small, convenient item to use with my iPod. I wanted something that I could pick up and move for some background sound. I am quite disappointed in it, but of course, you get what you paid for!

      Specifications and features

      10W Total RMS Power Output
      Hidden Dock with Lightning Connector
      Works with iPhone/iPod nano/iPod touch
      USB Port for 30-pin Apple Mobile Devices
      CD Player with Motorized Sliding Door
      Pure Direct Sound for Noise-Cancellation
      Provides Four Preset EQ Settings
      D.Bass for Improved Bass Response
      Dual Full-Range Stereo Speakers
      FM Tuner with 30 Station Presets

      My personal review

      Let me put it this way, except the fact that is small enough and you can move it around freely, and of course, the price. The price is why you will probably buy this for the first place, but let me stop you there, if you value your money what so ever, you should really look further.

      It has nothing go it,at least sound related,sometimes,my iPhone sounds better than this. I was very disappointed with the lack of clarity of the sound. I can live without a big 'bottom end' (bass) but without a good, clear, off-axis high end (treble), music is dull and lifeless and cannot penetrate any noise what so ever, you can hear the cars on the street better than this near you.

      There are several 'EQ' (equalisation) presets you can select from, but even on the clearest/toppiest one plus with the treble tone control set to maximum/+4, the bass control set to minimum/-4 AND with the iPhone on it's toppiest setting the SC-HC28 still sounded woolly and dull at normal volumes, even in a quiet enviroment. I turned up the volume and it sounded better, but still nowhere near acceptable in my opinion and too loud. Same story with CD's, but they sounded duller than the iPhone because the iPhone has it's own treble boost which I had turned on .And also, there is no headphone output, so testing whether the speakers are the problem is also not possible.This makes no sense!

      If you can afford it, buy something else, if you can't,wait a while until you do, you might regret you decision!


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    • Cheese Recipes / Recipe / 6 Readings / 6 Ratings
      More +
      22.10.2014 21:37
      Very helpful


      • "Great sharing lunch"
      • "Super tasty!"
      • Easy


      • "Camembert in the fridge pongs a bit"
      • "Be careful not to burn your mouth!"

      Beautiful Baked Camembert

      Baked Camembert ... and then some!

      During a holiday in France we were shown this "recipe" and it has really become a great favourite for us since coming home - a range of flavours I would never have necessarily put together.

      Firstly buy a decent camembert (the 10cm size) in a box. Take the camembert out of the plastic and place it back into the base of the box, slitting the cheese on its top. The cheese is baked on 180 degrees for around 20 minutes, or until it's lovely and runny.

      In the meantime, take a crusty bread loaf and rustically tear it into small pieces. Scatter the bread over the base of a grill pan, and then take the other ingredients to scatter over the top:
      3-4 slices of prosciutto, shredded into little strips.
      Some of the rind of a small orange, also in little strips.
      4 or 5 small cloves of garlic, bashed flat and dropped into the tray.
      Rosemary (fresh if possible) scattered all over.
      A generous drizzle of olive oil.
      When all this is in the tray get your hands in and give it all a good mix up together.
      Then pop all this under the grill and give it another mix up / turn over half way through.

      Hopefully then both elements are ready at the same time, and its time to eat! ...

      The final element is a pot of raspberry jam.

      Now tuck in! Take the chunks of bread (which are now infused with the flavours of the garlic, rosemary, and orange) shards of the prosciutto which are now crispy, dip into or take a teaspoon of the cheese, a taste of the jam, and ... wow! Just be aware that when ready, the molten cheese is very tempting and don't rush in and burn your mouth... (speaking from experience!!)

      Add more of the elements you enjoy (I love extra prosciutto and garlic) or if you think of other flavours to add, please add comments!

      Eating this is a really social experience, and it's a great lunch for a group of friends allowing one camembert between two people. It's so little effort for such fantastic flavours, I hope you will share my enthusiasm for it!


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      22.10.2014 21:31
      Very helpful


      • None


      • "Bad eyedrops"

      Worst eyedrops I've ever come across!

      After a long day at work my eyes often feel dry and uncomfortable. I have tried various eye drops in the past and some work better than others at refreshing my eyes. So when I cam across the Optrex Eyedew sparkling eye drops I thought I got to try them, especially as I was going out that night. I was probably seduced by the sparkling packaging, but unless you try something you just don't know what its gonna be like I guess. So let me tell you I wasted around £4 on this product so you don't have to. It did not add any sparkle nor did it even refresh my eyes in any way. It was just like dripping water in my eye and mad them feel dryer and sore if anything.

      The instructions recommend to use 1-2 drops per eye and you can repeat this up to 4 times in a 24 hour period. Avoid daily use though. If you overdo these they will do more damage in the long run and definitely not make your eyes sparkle so use with caution (if at all)!

      I would recommend don't use these at all, it really was a waste of my money. You can get decent eye drops from any drug store or chemist or if you feel your eyes being sore more often speak to an optician. But don't be dazzled by the sparkly packaging of this product, it really is just trying to persuade you to buy. So don't be dazzled, save your money!


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      22.10.2014 21:27
      Very helpful


      • "Nice smell"
      • Cheap
      • "Leaves hair soft!"


      Soft, clean and shiny hair :)

      I'm following on from my previous Gliss shampoo/conditioner review, and I can only say, it gets better!

      I previously used the "total repair" gliss shampoo and conditioner, but on a recent trip to the shop, simply liked the name "liquid silk" so thought that I would give this one a go this time. Plus, it was only 99p again from Bodycare so definitely couldn't complain! This is for a 200ml bottle.

      This conditioner claims that "an uneven hair surface makes hair feel brittle and look dull. Hair requires nutri-care that smoothes the cuticle - for hair like silk."

      Similarly to most of the Gliss haircare range, the bottle is a nice size, and easy to handle. It's got quite an attractive shape to it, and I also like the shiny pink colour. The bottle is quite thin, which I think is what makes it so nice and easy to hold maybe? But as mentioned above, the thing that really attracted me was the name liquid silk! The cap is easy to open, which is great as I hate fiddling with caps when in the shower!

      The smell of the product is really interesting. It's not fruity or even flowery like some shampoos, conditioner and haircare products. In fact, it's probably slightly on "less natural" side - but, saying this, it isn't unpleasant, and I actually quite like it when it has dried on the hair. It is quite heavily perfumed, but it isn't a bad smell so no negatives there!

      The first thing that I noticed on using this conditioner was how clean and shiny my hair looked, and how soft it was. It also seems to be straightening my hair out a little which saves as much hair work to actually tame it! As mentioned above, my hair does smell nice too once it has dried. I must admit though, I do need to use quite a bit, but I wouldn't really say that this is much more than usual conditioner, especially considering the cheap price!

      I have only ever used this shampoo with the liquid silk conditioner, but I really have loved the results that I have had from it, so would definitely recommend, especially to anyone with curly hair that they want to tame! If it works for me, I think everyone else would stand a pretty good chance!


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      22.10.2014 21:25
      Very helpful


      • "smells gorgeous"
      • soothing
      • refreshing
      • cooling
      • moisturising


      • "not easy to get hold of"
      • "feels a little sticky"

      The perfect alternative to expensive After Sun products.

      This product is apparently light and refreshing and helps to keep your skin smooth and revived. The gel is moisturising and glides on to the skin for an instant burst of hydration. It contains 100% pure Aloe Vera which is renowned for its soothing and hydrating properties. The fresh fragrance of soothing Aloe Vera combined with quick penetrating conditioners revitalise your skin leaving it feeling cool and refreshed. A lot of After Sun products contain Aloe Vera, but as this is a lot cheaper than After Sun I thought it might be good alternative to use.

      I purchased this from my local Superdrug store for under £3.00 as far as I can remember. I couldn't find this in my local Boots store and it's not actually available on the Boots or Superdrug website.

      The gel is easy to apply and feels lovely and cooling on the skin. I love the fresh scent the product has to it. The gel was smooth on my skin and bought some relief to it as well. The product did make my skin feel a little sticky at first although once the gel had soaked into my skin which took a good few minutes the sticky feeling eventually disappeared. The Aloe scent from the gel was left on my skin which was lovely and I could smell this scent through-out the day. If applying this product before bed the scent seems to have disappeared by the morning. My skin appeared hydrated and moisturised all day and I didn’t need to apply anymore until the following day. With this gel I found that a little goes a long way.

      I purchased this as an alternative to after sun and I think that this product worked really well. It felt really nice and cooling on the skin, despite feeling a little sticky until the product had soaked in and it gave my sore skin some relief. I found it to be very moisturising and provided moisture that lasted all day. I love the fresh scent to the product which stays on your skin a while after applying it. This product seems to be more available during the summer so I am guessing that it doesn’t sell all that well during the colder seasons. I probably won’t use any more of this product until next summer now but I think it’s a fantastic alternative to expensive after sun creams and lotions.


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    • Lidl Coshida Premium Pate / Cat Food / 5 Readings / 5 Ratings
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      22.10.2014 21:10
      Very helpful


      • Cheap


      • "Cats disliked them"

      Just about worth a try, but certainly not great for us.

      Coshida is Lidl's brand of cat food, and although my cats are usually fed on Aldi cat food, I did try them on Coshida when a new Lidl opened close to my workplace.

      I tried the pouches and also the pate, both of which were cheap and so there was nothing to lose. These trays retail in packs working out at 19p each. From a selfish point of view I prefer feeding pouches to my cats as they are simply tear and pour. These pate's required the extreme effort of a quick mashing after they are put into the cats' bowls. That said, they did come out of the trays very easily, in fact with only the slightest squeeze of the tray needed.

      The first thing to say about these pate's was that the smell was horrendous (to me). The cats found it appealing however, but unfortunately I think the pungent smell would have been enough to stop me buying it again even if the cats had enjoyed it. The texture did indeed appear like a good quality smooth pate, but the colours were a bit too vivid to me, not at all natural looking.

      After an initial enthusiastic ravishing of the food by both my cats, they left about half of the trays. The next time I fed them the pate, I gave them half a tray each thinking I would give them more later, but again, only half (of the half) was eaten.

      If I had to interpret my cats' reactions, the word would be "underwhelmed". I wonder if the fact that they are used to the chunks of their pouches, this pate texture was also quite uninspiring and boring to them... Nothing to get their teeth into!

      I think the problem with these is that I saw the price tag and thought they were really cheap. In reality, they still worked out more than the pouches and so nothing was gained.


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