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      21.10.2014 11:46
      Very helpful


      • protects
      • moisturises
      • "Leaves hair tangle free"
      • works!


      • "none for me"

      Aussie miracle hair insurance

      My hair is dry and difficult to manage. In the damp weather my curls become a frizzy mess! I like to colour and highlight my hair and this can cause further damage. My hairdresser recently recommended I try a leave in conditioner from the Aussie range and so I took her advice.

      Aussie miracle hair insurance is a lightweight spray conditioner designed to be left on the hair. It comes in a 250ml opaque white plastic bottle with mauve spray pump action nozzle. The nozzle has a small plastic cover to keep it clean. The bottle has embossed kangaroos around it implying that this is an Australian product. In fact a little research uncovers that Aussie is owned by the multi- national American company, proctor and Gambol. The Australian reference is from the ingredients used such as Australian jojoba oil seed. Just to confuse things further the bottle I have states it was made in France! That aside, it’s how well it delivers on its promises that count!

      Aussie miracle insurance is advertised as a saviour for weak distressed hair. It promises to protect and detangle. I find I need to wash my hair every day to enable me to tame it as it is impossible to get a comb through the morning tangles without doing so. This is not great for my hair and strips it of moisture. This spray contains jojoba seed oil something that has been used for centuries as a moisturiser.

      The first time I used the spray I decided to give the morning wash a miss. I sprayed a few bursts and massaged through my hair with my fingers. The smell is gorgeous, sweet but not overpowering. The spray is very fine and I found it really easy to use. Best of all I was able to comb through my locks easily with no breakage as often happens. After use my hair feels soft and has a good shine.

      The spray can be used on either wet or dry hair and works well either way. I bought my bottle from Boots were the range is on offer at 3 products from the Aussie range for £10. Bought alone the 250ml bottle costs around £4.49. Overall I can highly recommend this spray and will definitely be buying it again!


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      21.10.2014 11:42
      Very helpful


      • "Nice and white"
      • "Does exactly what it is supposed to do"
      • "Simple to use"


      • "'C' grade"

      A knight in white armour when it comes to getting clothes dry in the winter

      It is a big white box shaped unit that is about the standard size for a tumble dryer, being about 600mm wide by 530mm deep and 850mm high. The only things on the front are the timer, which goes up to 120 minutes, the other is the heat setting switch, high or low, gentle. There is also the door, which is a good 400mm in diameter, with the actual hole that you shove your washing through being about 250mm in diameter.
      It has a simple to use dial timer, which means you just turn the dial to the correct minute setting, up to two hours, or 120 minutes, which ever comes first, then let the machine do what it's designed to do. Around the dial there are markers for different choices, such as 'freshen up', 'polyester', 'cotton dry' and others.
      The last twenty minutes of time are what is known in the dryer world as 'cooling down time', which means that instead of hot drying air coming through the unit it's colder air so that the machine cools down faster.
      There are two heat settings, low and high. These are designed to cater for more of your laundry, the more delicates that may become damaged if heated to much in the dryer, hence the lower setting which is cooler.

      It has a reverse tumble motion which is supposed to help when it comes to ironing as well as drying the clothes a little easier as they are separated a little more in the reverse/forward changing.
      The 100mm diameter outlet pipe that the warm arm exits the dryer through is nearly two metres long, when un-flexed, shrinking to almost nothing when pushed back into the back of the unit in a sort of concertina fashion.

      It has an energy rating of 'C', which is not to bad for what I paid for this machine, although I suppose if I spent more money to get an 'A' grade then I may make my money back over time on the electricity I've saved? But I did not. I bought this grade 'C; one.
      It can be a bit on the grumbling noisy side, but no more than other dryer that I have had, and it's a little quieter on the reverse cycle, which means that you can tell the difference between the directions, if you wanted to that is.

      The price of this one is about £100 - £120, which is not bad as it does a good job in drying the clothes when it's too wet to hang them on the line.


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    • Sheba Beef Terrine / Cat Food / 2 Readings / 2 Ratings
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      21.10.2014 10:50
      Very helpful


      • "My cats like to eat it very much"


      • "It costs alot of money"

      Sheba beef terrine

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is cat food that is made into a terrine style of dish. It is meaty and made with beef but the beef has been made into like a loaf so even though it is still in chunks it stays together when it is served onto the plate.


      My cats like this food very much and I think it is good for them to eat because it smells and looks alot like real meat but it is still cat food and so the meal does not look like it is very nice to me! The jelly sauce that is around the chunks of meat smells nicer than on normal cat food also.

      My cats eat all of this food when I put it down for them and they are not hungry after they have eaten everything that is in their bowls. All of my cats like it and that is a shock because usually they leave some food and go back to eat it later and it is a shock also when all of my cats like to eat the same food.

      I think this terrine is good for their insides also because it does not make their feces smell bad when they go to the toilet after eating it and that is good because I have got one cat who uses a litter tray and I hate it when she has food that makes it smell very bad.

      I am very happy to give my cats this food because there is enough to feed them even though it looks like a very small portion only when I take it out of the tray to feed it to them.


      This food costs about 70p for a serving and I think that is alot because I have got 3 cats and so the cost mounts up quick because of the way they all like it. I do not buy it all the time for that reason but it is a nice treat for them and I but it one or two times a week for them to enjoy.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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      21.10.2014 08:49
      Very helpful


      • " nice bottle"
      • " very summery"
      • " tropical scent"
      • " exotic"
      • lovely


      • " too sweet for some"
      • "doesn't last long"

      Island Kiss

      Escada’s Island Kiss is a fragrance I have wanted for ages and I finally purchased a bottle earlier this year.

      Price and availability
      It is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles.
      The 30ml bottle is quite difficult to find. It would normally cost GBP22.00 and is currently out of stock on the Debenhams website.
      The 50ml and 100ml bottles are available in larger Debenhams stores, but they are not on the website.
      The 50ml bottle can be purchased from allbeauty.com for GBP24.95 (RRP GBP32.50).
      The 100ml bottle is available at allbeauty.com for GBP29.25 (RRP GBP44.50).

      The fragrance comes in a bright blue and pink box with a cartoon silhouette of a woman on the front. It also has, ‘limited edition’ in small letters underneath the fragrance name, but it was a 2011 release and is still in stores in 2014.
      The packaging seems very young and fun, but I don’t think of Escada as a cheap or childish brand.
      The bottle itself is different to that shown. It is a lovely bright blue colour. It is quite tall with curved edges and it has a lovely, chunky, cylindrical cap, which is silver to finish the bottle off.
      ‘Escada,’ is in large white lettering across the front of the bottle, but the name of the fragrance is not shown on the bottle and is not even on the tiny label on the base.
      There is a pink ribbon around the neck of the bottle and there is a small, silver palm tree charm attached to it.
      I like the bottle. It is bright and fun and I really like the shape.

      The fragrance is available as an eau de toilette.
      It has top notes of orange, passion flower and mango.
      It has heart notes of peach and magnolia.
      The base notes are listed as woody notes and sensual musk.
      The fragrance is really light and fruity. It has an exotic, tropical smell, which I think comes from the passion flower.
      The orange in this fragrance is not overpowering or intensely citrusy. I hadn’t noticed the fragrance had an orange note until I read through the list of notes and then gave it another sniff.
      It is a very sweet, fruity scent. I don’t tend to find sweet, fruity scents sickly sweet, but I can imagine some people would find this one a bit too much. It is quite intense for an eau de toilette.
      I really like the scent of this. I think it is one that I have to be in the mood for and it is definitely one I associate with spring and summer more than the cooler autumn and winter months.
      Although it does have quite an intense scent at first it doesn’t last too long on my skin. I’d say it lasts around 4 hours before completely wearing off and although the bottle isn’t the least handbag friendly I prefer not to carry full size perfume bottles around with me so that I can top up throughout the day.
      I still like to use this fragrance as it provides a lovely boost of freshness and it is lovely while it lasts.
      I can’t honestly detect the woody or musky notes in this fragrance even as it wears on. There doesn’t seem to be anything taking away from the vibrant, fruity notes in this eau de toilette.
      I imagine this fragrance is one that younger girls will love. It is quite girly in no way mature. I am in my late twenties and I love this when I’m in the mood for it.
      I think my niece who is 11 would love it, but I think more mature women might find this a bit too sweet. I usually find sweet scents very bearable and quite enjoy them, but occasionally do find myself thinking, ‘Wow this one is sweet!’ when I smell Island Kiss. It is lovely, but I do have to be in the mood for it.

      I enjoy using this fragrance. It is lovely and refreshing and has a lovely, fruity scent for summer. I am glad I bought this and I would consider buying it again if my bottle was to run out. I also like the bottle and think that the fragrance is reasonably priced.
      I would recommend this fragrance particularly for teens or younger women.


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      21.10.2014 06:58
      Very helpful


      • Effective
      • Soothing
      • "Good value"


      • Messy

      A medicine cabinet essential for parents

      Calpol infant suspension is a strawberry flavoured pain relief and fever control medicine. It is for babies and children from 2 months up to 6 years and is an essential item in any parents medicine cabinet.

      Calpol can be purchased in original or sugar free versions. Both are strawberry flavoured but one is pink in colour and the other (the sugar free one) is milky white. It is also available in a box of individual sachets but I find these harder to administer and less cost effective. The medicine comes in a 100ml bottle and is supplied with either a plastic double ended spoon or a syringe. Personally I have found that the syringe makes administering the medicine easier for babies under 18 months but the spoon is more useful (and easier to clean) for older toddlers and children. Calpol is extremely sticky so you really want to avoid and spills or drips. Although very young babies often do not like being given medicine, older babies and children all seem to like Calpol so there is no persuasion required. You need to give it a good shake before using as it does seem to settle a little bit. It should also be kept away from direct sunlight.

      Calpol is a paracetamol based medicine with each 5ml suspension containing 120 mg of paracetamol. It is suggested for use in the case of teething, headache, tooth ache, sore throat, post immunisation, fever, cold and flu, earache and other aches and pains.

      It really does seem to soothe my children no matter what the ailment. It helps them to sleep if they have a cold and usually brings down a fever pretty rapidly. The only time I choose a different baby medicine over this one is during when I find an ibuprofen based medicine more effective. However, at £2.99 per bottle it is very reasonably priced and I would highly recommend it. We never let our stocks run out!


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      21.10.2014 03:12
      Very helpful


      • Location


      • "noisy area"
      • "bad area"
      • tired
      • Dirty

      Noisy bad location

      I have only stopped at this travelodge once and it's one of the few I would not use again unless I really had to.

      This travelodge has been done up with the new look since I stopped there so the state of the rooms will have improved but not the rest.

      I unfortunately booked to go to see something on at the theatre the same night the football was on and something at the arena, I was not able to get in anywhere and paid £90 for a room here.

      The hotel is actually not all that far from Piccadilly station but it is not easy to find, it's tucked behind the main shopping area a few streets back and is not in the nicest of areas if you a single person walking home at night, something I learnt the hard way.

      The hotel has a rather small and when I was there understaffed reception, a small bar and seating/dining area. I did not eat at this hotel so can not comment on the food.

      The room for me was one of the biggest let downs, it was tiny! I had a double that the bed barely fit in, then a long bench that should have been a dresser but there was no space for a chair in front of it and no mirror as it was below a long window.

      I also had a damaged bedside table unit that had been torn off the wall and left with just a jagged splintered jut of wood, I did not feel this was safe but they were unable to move me rooms. On top of this the top that was left was vile, covered in sticky residue and bits of fluff and hair.

      The main problem with this hotel is the noise, it is right in the middle of one of the main areas of nightlife and goes on till the very early hours, I did not get a minutes sleep.

      The chair was placed at the end of the bed and I had to keep edging past it to get to the bed, I stubbed my toes many times but the chair itself was also worn and filthy, it was stained and frankly there was no way I was sitting on it.

      The bedding itself was clean and the bed comfortable but between the drunk people rolling in and the noise from the clubs it was of little comfort.

      This hotel has the usual bath with the shower over it in all rooms.

      This hotel also woke me to ask me to leave before my late check out time even though I had paid for one.

      If you are going out and in a group I would say this hotel maybe alright since it's make over but it's not the first one I would choose of the seven Travelodges in manchester.


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    • Kipling Creativity S / Handbag / 2 Readings / 2 Ratings
      More +
      21.10.2014 00:46
      Very helpful


      • "light weight"


      Light weight and love the double zip!

      I recently purchased one of these Kipling purses in black in a pattern called tropic flower, it is an old design which I already had the handbag and loved it. I had given up looking for the purse when I happened to be walking through a store with concession stands the other day and one was sat there.

      The purse is brilliant, I love the design! There is a main zip that once pulled back reveals three inside sections, the two outer ones have no further covering and I use them for cards and notes but in the middle there is another zip over final section which I use for coins. Why I love this design so much is so many times I put my purse into my handbag only to realise I forgot to zip it up and the coins are all loose in my handbag. Because there are two zips, this never happens!

      The purse is a nice size 14.5cm x 9.5cm x 5cm, on the side there is a tiny little rubber black monkey on the tropic flower design but I do know the plain colours have the regular fluffy monkey. My bag also has the small rubber one so it appears to be something specific to the design.

      As with most Kipling items it is made of lightweight nylon making it very light and easy to clean.

      The RRP of the purse was £21 which is what I paid for it but the design I bought is no longer available.

      I have had so many Kipling products over the years and they have never let me down, they are always hard wearing, light weight and very easy to clean if they get dirty. The nylon ones are actually able to be even throw into a light wash in the washing machine and come out looking like new (removing the monkey's first). I would never have any problems recommending them to anyone! I am yet to fault one!


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      21.10.2014 00:23
      Very helpful


      • "non drowsy"
      • "Works fast "


      Fast action and non drowsy.

      I have used Beconase for many years now, I always suffer bad hayfever but I struggle even with non drowsy tablets. I have found that the spray works better than the tablets for me with no side effects at all.

      The spray comes in a small blue and white cardboard box. Inside is the small spray, bottle with a long nose tip that has a funny looking paddle shaped button either side of the base of the tip. On top of the tip is a removable cap, to use take the cap off, insert the tip into one of the nostril and press the paddle button down to release the spray twice. Repeat with other nostril morning and night to relieve symptoms.

      Never use more than 8 sprays a day.

      Beconase is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.

      Beconase nasal sprays can be used to relieve hayfever and other allergies, it works by reducing the inflammation in the nostril passage relieving the symptoms of blocked, stuffy noses, sneezing and watery eyes.

      I really can not tell you how many years I have used this brand, for me it really is the most effective on the market and I have not often strayed. I usually find I start seeing effects within about an hour of using the spray but it builds up with each day used.

      This is possibly one of the largest brand names when it comes to allergy sprays and is stocked in most chemists and supermarkets.

      The product claims that it has 100 sprays in each bottle, I can not confirm it this is correct or not because I have never counted the entire bottle but it does normally last me about 2 months of use during the summer.

      Average cost of this item is £6.00, which sounds a lot but it does last a decent amount of time for that.

      For me it's 5 our of 5 and I would have no problems recommending this product to anyone with allergies.


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    • Triton Planer / Planer / 3 Readings / 3 Ratings
      More +
      21.10.2014 00:07
      Very helpful



      Good Value

      This is
      a fantastic planer for a DIY enthusiast
      The dust collection exhaust is fantastic, especially if you have a dust collection system or dedicated shop vac to plug into. If this is your first planer, you simply won't expect the volume of shavings you will produce. The quality of finish is exceptional. With fresh blades there is no visible snipe at all. While under magnification you could likely see small blemishes, to the naked eye, the finish is perfect. This tool paid for itself within about 2 small projects from the time I purchased it. There is a local saw mill that sells #1 common and better quality hardwoods which ends up costing me about 25% - 35% what I was paying at a hardware store/lumber yard. I now build almost exclusively with ALL hardwood, since Oak from the mill is about the same price as pine from the lumber yard. I have put hundreds of feet of oak, hickory, walnut, and maple through. I find "rustic" hickory to be my favorite (great finish, and compliments many other woods well) to work with, which means lots of knots, and relatively hard (dense) wood. The planer handles this work load fine.

      CONS: There are only two complaints I have about the machine. First, it is the loudest planer I have ever used. I work it in my basement, so the whole house knows it when I am working. That said gun muffs are a must if you plan to work with the harder woods. The only other complaint I would have is the life of the blades. As stated above, I run my machine extremely hard. Many people won't even put a knotted board into a planer, it is rare that I feed a board that isn't. I know I am hard on my blades, so I accept that I need to replace them every 3-5 projects to keep a pristine finish. Even with dull blades, a very light sanding with remove the blemishes. I would say the worst I have seen is maybe a


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      21.10.2014 00:06
      Very helpful


      • "It comes in a very nice bottle"
      • "It is unusual "
      • "It smells very nice"


      • "There are no disadvantages"

      Caudalie figue de vignes perfume

      WHAT IS IT?

      Perfume that is made by the French company Caudalie. This is called Figue De Vigne and that means The Fig Vines, it is a good name because there is fig in this perfume and that makes it quite earthy and very different to the Des Vignes perfume that I use from Caudalie also.


      I like this bottle just as I like the bottle of Des Vignes and I think they look very pleasing when they are together. The bottles are the same except for the colour and this one has a warmer peach pink colour that I think is very feminine and attractive. It is a spray bottle and I think it sprays the right amount of perfume out every time I spray it onto myself.


      I think this fragrance is quite hard to work out because there are alot of different smells in it. It has got the smell of wood but that is not always there and it goes away sometimes and comes back later, I like the smell of the figs because they make the perfume earthy and give it a fruity fragrance that is different to perfumes that use fruit like apple or pear.

      It smells of oranges also when I first use it but that smell goes away quite quick and then you can not smell orange at all until you use the perfume again. That is not very good for a top note because I think it would be better if the orange smell lasted for longer and mixed with the other smells that come into the perfume.

      There is only one floral smell in this perfume and that is rose and I think it is a very natural and nice smell, I can smell rose right from when I first use the perfume and it is the last thing I can smell when it is wearing off also. I like it because it lives for a long time but that does not mean it is too strong and I think Caudalie have added the rose fragrance just right.


      I am very happy to wear this perfume and I am going to buy another bottle when I have used mine all up because I like it so much. It has got a very nice smell that you can use for the day or night because even though it is a little bit strong when you first spray it on the smell goes down quite a lot so it is not too over powering to wear in the daytime.


      This perfume is quite cheap and costs only £21 for a bottle that is 50ml.

      5 Dooyoo Stars


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      20.10.2014 23:35
      Very helpful


      • "Physical and Digital available"
      • Price
      • "Mixture of genres"


      • "No UK bonus tracks"

      If pop music has always been your weakness then definately give this album a go.

      About The Backstreet Boys:
      The Backstreet Boys first formed in 1993 and are statistically the world's best selling boyband, with over 130 million records sold. They dominated the 90's charts but slowly started to shift from the public eye as the worlds musical taste started to change.
      The Backstreet Boys never broke up despite many peoples perceptions. They took a two year break in the early 00's, and one member left in 2005 for a couple of years to focus on his family and personal goals. The remaining 4 guys recorded two albums; one in 2007 and another in 2009. They formed with New Kids On The Block and released an album in 2011-2012 with their best tracks on and one song they recorded together. This is the first album since 2005 that all five original Backstreet Boys members have been a part of.

      The Album:
      The album was written in West London, UK, in 2012 once they had finished their tour with New Kids On The Block. In one of their last shows, they announced that Kevin Richardson was coming back. The boys decided that they wanted to write the album in London which was one of the first places that accepted them as a boyband back in 1995-1996.
      They got together with Martin Terefe and Max Martin, who are both professional song writers, being accountable for songs for Britney Spears, Jason Mraz etc.
      Max had previously worked with the Backstreet Boys before when they were with Jive records.
      They spent 3 weeks in London and at the end of it had at least 16 songs written. They went back to America to do the finishing touches, and brought out the album on 30th July 2013.
      They released their album under their own record label they created called K-BAHN
      (stands for their initials of Kevin, Brian, AJ, Howie, Nick). They partnered up with BMG to help promote their album.
      The album came out as a physical copy and on itunes. I was bought the physical copy but it arrived about a week and a half after the UK release date as mine was pre ordered and being sent from America.
      Different countries get different bonus tracks, but unfortunately the UK only got 12 tracks.
      I bought the physical copy because I just like to have something I can keep in person forever, and aim to one day get it signed by the boys. Inlay features a picture of all five standing on a rock in the middle of the ocean for their photo shoot with Tyler Shields, a professional photographer.
      The insert features pictures from the photoshoot, a brief summary of their 20 years, and a thank you message to the fans from all five. It is a nice read as you can see that they really do appreciate everyone including their fans.
      The CD is orange; its very plain but it doesn't bother me as I don't buy an album because of the CD image. Most of the time its in the case or in the computer so I never see it anyway. The colour theme is orange and blue which I think works well; they cant do black and blue again as that was the colour scheme for their album 'Black and Blue'. Its a mature colour scheme and I like it.
      1. In a world like this - One of my favourites. It has quite upbeat music but captures their brilliant harmonies and high notes. They released a music video to this song which was quite simple but conveyed some good messages. From the way I read the lyrics, the song is about no matter what happens in a world like this, you will be okay and make it through if you have that special someone and are able to love and feel loved
      '''In a world like this where people fall apart
      In a time like this where nothing comes from the heart
      In a world like this,
      I've got you'''
      2. Permanent stain - An extremely upbeat song with a lot of beats and instruments going on in the background. Its a sort of corny song but not their typical 90's song like 'As long as you love me'. The music does not over power their singing, you can still focus on hearing them hit those high notes. Each member has their own parts they sing which gives the song a lot of moods. They have so much enthusiasm in the song that I really feel what they are trying to portray. In my view, the song is about how they have been dumped and cannot move on with anyone else as that person has left a permanent stain on their heart
      '''No one else can teach me how to love again
      ‘Cause you left a permanent stain on my heart and I’ve been feeling it
      Never mind what people say ’cause they don’t understand'''
      3. Breathe - A very soft and slow song, with Kevin Richardson leading for a change. Kevin has the perfect voice for this one as the song portrays losing someone you love, possibly a breakup. This song is not one that lifts my mood as the music is soft and the lyrics are sad. I like to listen to it when I'm not feeling too glum or else it makes me feel worse. Brian Littrell hits some amazing and spine chilling high notes near the end of the song, it really makes me feel that he is trying to win the person back.
      '''Without your lips on mine no the sun doesn't shine
      and no I can't breathe
      I can't breathe'''

      4. Madeleine - AJ was inspired to write this song as he is aware of the amount of young people that commit suicide due to bullying. The boys had heard about a fan recently committing suicide so they wanted to make a song for everyone who has ever been bullied. This one is a personal favourite of mine when I am feeling down. I had been bullied for many years and found this one appealed to me personally straight away. The music is very simple, its mainly just a bit of background music with a guitar. I love the simplicity of it however as the lyrics are the main importance and attraction, and the music does not distract from it. It is mostly sung by Nick and AJ, who pull off the soft singing very well. A lot of emotion from Nick as always which really makes the song believable. The opening of the song is very sad but near the end the music cheers up and Nick leaves you feeling that everything is going to be okay.
      '''And you’d put it in a movie, maybe be the movie star
      Something stole your tears and wiped your smile away''
      Hold on, don’t let go
      Hold on and you’ll know
      Help is on its way'''
      5. Show 'Em what you're made of - AJ and Kevin were inspired by their young children to write this song. When they released it as a single and made a video, I wasn't too into it but after 3 listens, I'm in love with this song. When i'm feeling down or need some motivation, I listen to it and it just makes me feel hopeful.
      The lyrics and music are amazing, it showcases their harmonies and high notes perfectly. My boyfriend actually really likes this one too which is saying something as he isn't into boyband music.
      '''When walls starts to close in
      Your heart is frozen over
      Just show ‘em what you’re made of'''
      6. Make Believe - The music has a lot of deep beats to it, sounds similar to the kind of music you expect to hear on todays radio stations. I don't like the dubstep sort of music as artists just focus on the music and forget about having proper lyrics that have meaning or make sense. However The Backstreet Boys have found a perfect balance in this song. I love the beat drops the song has and love that the lyrics are not repetitive; it has different verses and there's actually a story to the song. Nick is the main singer in this song and his enthusiasm in singing is spot on. He really makes the song sound more powerful. Nick and Kevins voices are the best for this song; from the lyrics I'd class it as a love song in a way, but they make it sound anything but corny and soft. I fell in love with this song immedatiely upon hearing it and it is still one of my favourite songs by them of all time to listen to even a year on. To me, the meaning of the song is that you and your partner can get through anything you want, that there is nothing you cannot do whilst they are by your side.
      '''If we can only make believe
      You and me, together
      We could be King and Queen'''
      7. Try - my least favourite on this album. It is a very slow song, so at the moment I am not really into it. Maybe in time I will come to appreciate it though when I feel the song applies to me personally. There is not much going on with the music; it showscases AJ's voice the most as he is the main singer in this one which I think was a good choice. My interpretation of the song is that the relationship between the two people is going downhill and one person wants to make it work whilst the other one doesn't want to try. The one person is after getting that person to just try to make it work to go back to how they used to be.
      '''I know you're hurt now
      We can work it out
      If we just try, if you just try!'''
      8. Trust Me - I fell in love with this song instantly. Howie opens up the song and it fits just perfectly, no one else could have sung it better. There isn't much music to the song, there's just a few basic instruments which doesn't distract away from their singing. Simplicity works wonders for this song though. They all get solo parts which I enjoy as it sounds like they are all telling a little part of the story of the one they love. They all bring something special when they all get to showcase their individual voices, The meaning of the song is that you have to trust the other person, and that if you can do that and love them, you will receive trust and love. It is a nice love song but it dos not sound like cheesy pop; its more of a mature adult sound.
      '''Let me tell you about this girl I know
      First glance and damn she stole my heart
      She amazes me'''
      9. Love Somebody - This song is okay but not one of my favourites. I'm not really into the music for it. I think the song is about how to you realise you are with the one you love, but the sound is not corny at all. It's quite the opposite so that's probably why I am not too keen on it. It does have very upbeat music, it would be impossible for you to feel down in the dumps with this kind of beat.
      '''You're the reason I never wanna sleep at night
      Cause nothing that I could dream
      Is better than you by my side'''
      10. One Phone Call - Another song I loved the first time I heard it. Its actually quite a sad song, a typical love song though of a guy trying to show the one he loved that he did actually love them and wants them back. The music stays quiet until it gets to the chorus where it progresses a bit louder as all five sing together in harmony. Its not a really soft and corny sound like their 90's love songs but it really works, its a mature sound and it really works for them. If you're feeling down I wouldn't say its the best song to listen to, however it is a good song to listen to during a break up.
      '''Holding the phone tight, I hear the tone twice
      If you just pick up, swear I can fix us'''
      11. Feels Like Home - Also one of my least favourites, probably because it doesn't relate to me personally. It has a very strange sound to it, I can't really explain it but it sounds sort of like a party sound with the chorus actually slowing down the song. The song is actually very smartly written though. The Backstreet Boys have managed to name so many of the places they have visited, they said it is a song for the fans, like an appreciation. It doesn't have a very fast beat but it is also not extremely slow; its hard to explain it as I consider it to be quite a unique sound.
      '''Moscow, Cape Town, showed us how to get down
      London, Berlin, this is where it all began'''
      12. Soldier - One of my favourites, its an uplifting song that makes me feel like there is hope. It has a sort of drumming beat to it like in the army, which is a very clever implementation as the song is titled 'Soldier'. Nick came up with the idea for the song whilst he was playing a war game on his computer, very random but imaginative. I find it uplifting because the meaning of the song is that no matter what happens, that person will be your solider; they will fight for you and protect you in every aspect of life. I feel that I can relate to it personally so I really like this song and its one I listen to to try and lift my mood up if I am having a bad day. I also love the way they all sound in it,
      '''I will be your soldier
      I, I'll stand and fight until its over
      Oh, and if your heart is getting colder
      You know I will always be your soldier'''

      I would recommend this album for any one who has liked Backstreet Boys music in the past. Also any one who likes listening to songs about love whether it be positive or negative.
      I think this is one of their best albums to date; they all had control of every aspect of the album and all had their input in every song. There are songs for different moods, don't let the 90's 'typical' Backstreet Boys songs put you off looking into this album. I personally love all their music but a lot of people find their 90's songs too cheesy. The Backstreet Boys have turned down the cheddar in this album and have gone for a more mature sound which I think works perfectly; they are always evolving to musical changes each year but also are staying true to themselves.
      Amazon UK:
      6.99 digital download.
      7.99 phsyical CD copy
      iTunes UK:
      8.99 digital download
      My mum purchased this for me as part of a late birthday present, she spent about £14 on a site that was associated with the Backstreet boys as they were selling copies that came with a personalised poster with your name on.


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      20.10.2014 23:25
      Very helpful


      • "Getting better with each update"
      • "Lots to offer"
      • "Good short cut system"
      • "Nice looking"


      • "Tiles are best for touchscreens"
      • "can be annoying at times"

      Windows 8.1 is not as bad as some people say.... although it's no 7

      You've got the option of having the tiles, or 'start page' showing up first or your desk top, which doesn't have the 'Start' section in the bottom left corner, all that is there now is, with a right click, is an area about the size of the 'start' section with options such as 'programs and features' System', 'device manager', 'computer management', 'file explorer', 'search', control panel' and more, with the main one I use being the file explorer as this opens up the 'PC options', such as 'Documents', 'music', 'pictures', etc....
      The tiles give you a quick link to what ever you want to put on the 'Start' page and you can set it up how you want, putting what ever 'shortcuts' you want, even deleting the programs from here if you want to.
      For example, I have set my tiles to let me go straight to my e-mails, show the local weather, or where I am, webcam and sound recorder, notepad and a few more. You can add what you want and have them in a few differant sizes, small, medium, wide or large. This really does let you set it up how you want. Although to be honest these tiles are more for touchscreen PC's so with mine being a none touchscreen I don't get the full benefits. But it's nice to have.
      Also, if you click on the little arrow under the tiles, at the left, you'll see a full list of all that is on the PC, in a sideways rolling motion. So with one click from there you're onto any program on there.

      The desktop, as I have mine set to go there first, rather than the tiles, is like the other OS's, which is comforting.
      I also have mine set to have a little folder showing in the 'taskbar', this is so that I have a quick link to the 'file explorer' and also it gives me a link to my recent open programs.
      If you hold the mouse on the 'taskbar' it will show the thing you have open, showing a small 'page' which you then mouse on to go to, left clicking to open it up properly.

      There's just so much to say about Windows 8, or 8.1 in my case, which is 8 but posher, so giving me a 500 word limit is just wrong. What I will say though is that this OS does take a bit of getting used to and can be a little bit annoying when things seem to want to go wrong. But all OS's have issues.
      It's not 7, nor is it Vista, (which I loved despite all the horror stories), but it's not as bad as some people are claiming.


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      20.10.2014 23:04
      Very helpful


      • "They work fast on different hayfever symptoms "


      • "They cost alot to buy"

      Benadryl liquid release capsules

      WHAT IS IT?

      Tablets that help to remove the symptoms of allergies and hayfever, I bought them in the summer when my hayfever was very bad.


      You take one capsule once every day in the morning.


      I think these capsules work very good when I have got hayfever. They stop my eyes from running so bad and my chest is not tight also like happens in the summer alot because I cough when I get a tickle throat because of my hayfever. They stop me from being sniffley and I do not sneeze so much when I take these capsules also. They do not help my nose from being blocked but I use Olbas oil for that and I like to use that so I do not care about the capsules not helping my nose.


      I am very happy with these tablets and I am glad I bought them because I was not going to and only got these because the tablets I usually buy were not in stock. These are quite big but they are easy to swallow even though the outside feels a little bit sticky and like it is going to get stuck in my throat, that does not happen.

      These capsules have got Cetirizine in them and that always works good for my hayfever symptoms so I am happy about that and I think that is what helps them to work so fast. I think I get relief from my hayfever after only about 20 minutes when I have taken a capsule and that is good. I suffer with hayfever only in the day when the sun is out and I am glad I do not get it at night also, I do not know how good these would work at night but for me they are very effective in the daytime and the effects of them last me for all day until my symptoms wear off for the day.


      These cost quite a lot and are more than £3 for 7 tablets but they work so good that I do not care about the price and they are the best tablets that I have tried for my hayfever and I will buy them again for the next summer.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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    • Trixie Dog Bed Jamiro / Dog Accessory / 4 Readings / 3 Ratings
      More +
      20.10.2014 22:53
      Very helpful


      • "nice colour"
      • "good build"
      • "good size"
      • "Nice and comfortable"


      • none

      Pamper your dog with one of the most comfortable beds out there... ask my dog

      Anyone who has a dog knows how important a good dog bed is. Not only for the comfort of the dog but also for the sturdiness of the bed as some dogs tend to get a little... shall we say, excitable at time. So one picking a dog bed this one is up there with the human equivalent of a four poster bed....
      The one I have is about 900mm by 600mm by about 240mm deep, That's the cushioning, not the side walls, the side walls go up another 130mm. These cushioned walls are about 100mm thick when not squashed too much after the dog's sat all over them.
      The inside is a polyester fleece, apparently, and the cover is polyester and can be removed by a good old fashioned zip.

      The sides aren't rigid, which means that it does need plumping up more often that not, but what ever the shape it becomes it still manages to remain like a good cushion for the dog to get a good nights sleep.

      Although it is polyester it looks nothing like it, which makes it not only look nice it looks as though it can withstand the test of what my dog does to it when there's no one else in the room, (any dog owner will know what I mean there....!!!).
      The base has a rough feel to it which is the non-slip material so that it doesn't slide along the floor, although it is no good when my dog's doing his favourite thing.. again.
      Luckily, this is machine washable, which this states on the label, washing on at 30º, both the inside and the outer ring.

      The good thing about this one is that the inner section is a light colouring, the one on here is red, the one I have is more a blue colour, but as my dog is as black as a Welsh Coal miners face he stands out on this bed, which means we don't stand on him. Unlike his old bed which was dark and, in the dim light of his room, we could only see him on the bed if he opened his eyes and looked at you.

      The price of this dog bed depends on the size of the bed wanted as this comes in a variety of sizes, so, depending on the size of your dog depends on the cost. But this larger size one cost just under £25, which is great value for what you get as it is not only comfortable it is as strong as any other bed that my dog has had his wicked way with.


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    • Sony FWD-40EX650P / LCD TV / 3 Readings / 3 Ratings
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      20.10.2014 22:35
      Very helpful


      • "3 year warranty"
      • "The built-in features work really well"
      • "Looks pretty and has style"


      • "The image could be brighter and sharper sometimes"

      Sony FWD-40EX650P-Thin,beautiful and usefull

      Do you people remember those simple days, where a Tv was a Tv, a monitor was just that and you didn't even had Wi-Fi. Well long gone my friends, not only with this particular device, but it does all of the above and does it very well.


      Brand Sony
      Item Weight 18 Kg
      Product Dimensions 119 x 67 x 15 cm
      Item model number FWD-40EX650P
      Series FWD-40EX650P
      Screen Size 40 inches
      Speaker Description Loudspeakers

      Now, that technical data don't really say much, putting it in the real world it just makes it a big 40 inch tv, with some built-in features and a price complex. So what makes it special and why is it worth the bucks they ask for it?

      High contrast makes your screen images vibrant, and Sony achieves a dynamic contrast ratio of over 1 million with the Edge LED Backlight. This system adjusts backlight brightness according to the picture content. Compared with conventional, fluorescent tube backlighting, the LEDs enable a thinner profile and higher energy efficiency, being around a third of the depth and consuming less power.

      The converter box allows you to turn on the display, switch the input signal, adjust the volume control and the display features RJ45 input and built-in WiFi, allowing you to surf the web via the built-in browser.

      For easy, entry-level signage displays, you can play videos, pictures and audio from a USB memory stick, complete with looping and adjustable interval settings,it is made from a unique contrast of the material while protecting the bezel from finger prints.

      Now BRAVIA Professional owners can take advantage of free Skype-to-Skype Internet voice and video calls. The Bravia Professional display accepts a wide variety of input sources, including 4 x HDMI,1 x D-Sub VGA, 1 x composite video for laptops, Blu-ray and DVD Players.

      You can even download the free Media Remote app (for iPhone and Android) and turn your mobile device into a versatile remote control with a full QWERTY keyboard. It makes typing searches fast and convenient.The Light Sensor ensures that the brightness of your screen is adjusted to the brightness of its environment. You get a great picture, save energy and it’s automatic.

      My personal opinion

      All these features transcend to the real world very useful, everything works quite well as expected although I do have some complaints. The light sensor takes a while to adjust, sometimes you can really feel it, the image could be sharper and believe me when I say:
      YOU WILL LEAVE FINGERPRINTS ON IT! All in all this is a great buy and you will be pleased, highly recommend.


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