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    • Twinings Peppermint Tea / Tea / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      01.08.2014 13:45


      • "tasty and refreshing"


      Tasty and good for you

      I suffer from IBS and as a result peppermint has become a little bit of a theme in my life. Peppermint is really good to help with digestion problems, but also it is really tasty when in tea. Peppermint tea is especially good to drink if you may have just overindulged over a big meal and need something to help everything to go down.

      Just add a peppermint tea bag and some boiled water in to a cup and your done. Of course add a little cold water if you are impatient like me and want to drink your tea straight away. I would advise that you leave the tea bag in so that the flavour can really come out. Taking the tea bag out straight away can leave your tea a little flavourless. You can also add sugar to taste but I prefer it without.

      Peppermint tea is really tasty and very refreshing when you are thirsty. I have managed to convert my husband and my dad to peppermint tea and neither need to have any for digestive reasons. This tea is also great as it has no caffeine in it. This means that for those that have no tea of coffee in the evenings due to the caffeine contact can now still enjoy a lovely hot drink.

      I think these tea bags are normally on sale for around £1 so its not much of a strain on your purse. It is also available for sale in all supermarkets.


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    • secretsales.com / Online Shop / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      01.08.2014 13:43



      • "time waste"
      • con
      • "mis-advertising "

      Don't bother unless you love dissapointment

      I really would be careful when ordering from this company and would definitely not use again based on my recent experience.

      In June I ordered what I thought would be a full set of Cobra AMP Irons for a very good price of £99 especially good as the advertised RRP on SecretSales stated £450 big saving for what is a good set of clubs.

      Delivery was reasonable and my delivery arrived within 3 weeks however rather than the full set of Cobra Irons that I expected I received one club a 4 iron, I assumed there must have been a mistake so called there customer service to tell them what had happened, the response was that the one club is all that I should have received. (anyone who plays golf and reads this will appreciate that a single iron is the equivalent of ordering shoes and getting just one, completely useless).

      I have since gone through a month long battle, they have consistently accepted no responsibilities and maintained that what was delivered was correct and finally as compensation offered either a 25% discount which would result in paying £75 for a 4 iron or credit to use on future purchases. anyone that does read this would probably feel that someone who has been treated like this would not be keen to purchase anything else via said company so credits really would not be an acceptable settlement.

      Still there is unfortunately no conclusion to this so once again I advise anyone who is considering buying something from SecretSales to be careful and expect problems and a likely con.


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    • Cadbury Dairy Milk Shortcake Biscuit / Chocolate / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      01.08.2014 13:30


      • yummy


      Chocolate and Biscuits - it is a winner with me!

      I love chocolate and I love biscuits. Clearly this is a product for me! It tastes delicious!

      I don't see these chocolate bars around very much. Generally just in large supermarkets but not in little local shops. I have only ever seen these available in the large size which is a shame. It would be great if they were available in the small standard chocolate bar size as it makes you feel less greedy. Of course a big bar of chocolate is great and probably works out as more economical - but only if unlike me you do not have to eat it all at once! Also a smaller bar are more impulse buys whereas I tend to think more about price when it is the larger ones.

      The Dairy Milk chocolate is lovely and creamy with just the right amount of sweetness. The shortbread adds a lovely bit of crunch to your chocolate and also a little bit of saltiness. This is a lovely flavour and texture combination and I love it!

      Generally I have seen Dairy Milk Shortcake Biscuit bars for sale at around £2 which I do think is a bit pricey. However, they are occasionally on special offer at my local Tesco's and its worth getting this at around £1.50 (only at 50p saving I know but it seems a lot of a difference when you are down the chocolate aisle and your on a budget).

      I would recommend this product to any one who like me loves chocolate and biscuits!


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    • The Bride Wore Black (DVD) / DVD / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      01.08.2014 13:27


      • "Dark and suspenseful"


      • "Not always keeping up the same level of engagement"

      Never Kill a Bride's Husband On Her Wedding Day

      Based on the book by Cornell Woolrich, "La Mariee Etait en Noir" ("The Bride Wore Black," 1968) is a revenge film starring Jeanne Moreau as vengeful bride Julie Kohler out to kill five men, who were part of accidentally killing her husband on their wedding day while playing around with a rifle. The film unfolds as a nicely Hitchcockian suspense story that holds its interest fairly well despite a few moments where the storytelling tends to get a bit more plodding. Admittedly the movie somewhat looses its grip when it gets to its fourth victim, the womanising artist Fergus (played by Charles Denner), which misses out on some of the escalation of situations inherent in the previous three marks Moreau's vengeful bride goes through, but the final twist in her plan at the end of the film is rather clever. However, the scenes involving lonely bachelor Coral (Michel Bouquet) getting a surprise date to brighten up his miserable life, and politician Morane (Michel Lonsdale) getting a visit from the "teacher" of his young son, both stand out in their well-delivered suspense and particularly sadistic outcomes by our coldly methodical bride.

      Savaged by French critics upon release and considered a significant disappointment by director Francois Truffaut himself, it's not quite as bad as all that, and Moreau is quite good as the central character. Still, there certainly are moments that drag a bit and the morbid tone can be a little too pervasive for some to derive all that much enjoyment out of it, but this is still a largely worthwhile film to see regardless. Fine colour cinematography by Raoul Coutard, who had several of disagreements with Truffaut throughout the production, and music is suitably by Alfred Hitchcock's former go-to-composer Bernard Herrmann, their second and last collaboration as they just couldn't see eye-to-eye on anything in the movie. Incidentally, Hitchcock himself saw the film and said he liked it despite also voicing criticism over some inherently contrived leaps-of-faith. (c) berlioz 2014


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    • Cyclax Apricot Facial Scrub / Skin Care / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      01.08.2014 12:52


      • "Smells pleasant"
      • "effective scrub"
      • "Easy to use"
      • "Good waterproof container"
      • "Readily available in many shops"
      • "Cheap price"


      • "not much moisturising"
      • "leaves the scrubby bits in the bath"
      • "Not all natural ingredients"

      A cheap body scrub that has sandy bits which get left in the bath

      This is a pretty basic scrub available in most stores selling toiletries and many bargain shops. It is pretty cheap and usually costs around a pound.

      It comes in a plastic screw top tub which is handy if you keep it on the bath or in the shower as the product does not end up getting wet inside.

      I find it scrubs well but I prefer scrubs which are more natural and have shea butter or similar that moisturise as well. I also prefer scrubs that have dissolving scrubby bits like salt or sugar so that they don't harm the environment not leave bits in my bath. These are apricot stones ground so will decompose but they feel like sand in the bath or shower and I hate that.

      It smells pleasant enough but not that great, it is not offensive but it isn't something I would say I like particularly.

      So it does the job and is a good price but far from being a favourite of mine.


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      01.08.2014 12:12
      Very helpful


      • "Interesting ingredients"


      • "Too musky"

      Not for me

      My favourite store, Lush, makes beautiful and unusual fragrances under the name Gorilla Perfume. Many of these are available in-store, with some exclusively online. Several are available in sample sizes, and you can also buy two miniature sets each containing eight of the sample size fragrances.

      I bought the second set, including many of the perfumes originally called ‘B sides and rarities’. These are scents from Lush past and also from B Never, Lush’s sister company which closed a few years ago. I have sampled all the perfumes in turn and I am going to review them all. The fragrance I am going to review today is 1000 Kisses Deep.

      Each fragrance comes in a tiny 2ml glass vial and the bottles are laid out together in a recycled cardboard case. It is also possible to buy the fragrances in the following forms:
      - Solid GBP6
      - Spritzer GBP12
      - Atomiser GBP24

      The concentrations are different depending on the form purchased, with the atomiser having the highest concentration. The perfumes come in the standard black packaging which is slightly dull, but fits in with the Gorilla Perfume ethos of concentrating on the perfume rather than the packaging. Some people on the Lush forum have found that perfume can leak from these black bottles, but I haven’t had any problems.

      *The Fragrance*
      Lush describe this fragrance as complex and developing. It is made up of top notes of mandarin and osmanthus blossom, with undertones of myrrh and labdanum. I thought this combination of ingredients sounded rather bizarre, so I was looking forward to trying it.

      *My Experience*
      When I first smelled this I thought it was really unusual. It was light and fresh with a musky undertone, unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before.

      Unfortunately, after a while the scent dried down and became a bit too musky for me. It did last for ages, but I wasn’t that keen on it.

      1000 Kisses Deep is a good value fragrance and I would recommend it if you like unusual perfumes. Unfortunately, it isn’t really for me.


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      01.08.2014 11:37
      Very helpful


      • lovely


      • none

      vitamin e facial mist

      I adore The Body Shop's range of vitamin E products. I have been using various items from the range for quite a few years now and love how they make my skin feel and more importantly, how they make me feel inside and out. I think they are really good quality beauty products and I love the vitamin E ingredient which is fairly different from most beauty products on the market today. One of my favourite products from the range is this vitamin E face mist.

      This mist is like a refreshing blast of gorgoeus watery rose water that hydrates and refreshes my face. The mist comes in a little bottle with a spray function at the top so when you spray it on your face you get a really nice soft cooling sensation from the mist. I tend to hold this fairly far away from my face so when I do spray it it will cover my whole face with just one or two sprays. The liquid then dries fairly quickly and you are just left with this dewy fresh faced feeling and a nice scent on your skin too.

      The scent has a lovely rosewater smell to it. This is quite a light delicate rose smell and not overpowering or too flowery like some rose scents can be. I find it subtle but intoxicating all at the same time.

      I love to use this spray in summertime when I have come in from being outside and my face is all hot and sticky. If I can't wash it straight away its great to be able to spray this on and feel my face cool. Its also nice when my face is feeling a bit tight and dry such as after the gym or when I have been swimming, its a perfect way of quickly adding moisture to my face.

      This spray is great for setting your make up too so when I have done my look for a night out I give it a quick spray with this mist and everything seems to look a bit nicer and brighter and I find mt eyeshadow stays nice and put, as does my mascara too so its nice to be able to spray this before I go out.

      A 100ml bottle costs £8 and is one beauty product I definitely recommend. 


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    • Sharps Bedrooms / Furniture / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
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      01.08.2014 11:27
      Not Helpful


      • "Value for money"
      • "Quick fitting service"
      • "Professional service"
      • "Free no obligation quotation"


      Good quality for an affordable price. Great service.

      My wife and I received a very good service from Sharps Bedrooms. The gentleman that visited our house was very professional and didn't put us under any pressure to purchase the bedroom. He made the most out of the small space we have in our bedroom. The fitting of the bedroom was stress free and quick. The quality of the wood is very good, the prices are very affordable. I am very happy with the whole service we received and would recommend Sharps to anyone. Keith Perry.


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    • Sony KDL-42W805A / LCD TV / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
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      01.08.2014 11:22
      Not Helpful


      • " unique in the world"
      • "good quality"


      • "not have "

      shengxintga com

      Make sure you DRY UP your GPU chips before installation.
      You need to use your oven to dry it up for more than 48 hours and then

      If the gpu chips are something wet, then the board might be bent when

      installing, and the balls might be short cut !

      XBOX360 45nm CGPUX818337-004 without flash, for the 9.6A version consoles,

      usd50/pc with warranty for installing then working; and we have a with flash

      set, usd63.5/pc, supporting the 10.83A consoles. We are the unique agent of

      this model!

      45nm 850744-004 usd22/pc with warranty for installing then working;
      80NM X810480-002 usd19/pc;
      90NMX02056-010 usd10/pc;
      65NM CPU812480-007 usd19/pc;

      XBOX360 GPU X02056-011 USD16/PC ORIGINAL NEW ,X02127-002 USD26/PC ORIGINAL


      PS3 GPU usd25/pc models
      CXD2979GB CXD2973GB
      suits for the ps3 console 40G 60G;
      PS3 GPU usd27/pc models
      suits for the ps3 console 20G 80G 120G;
      PS3 GPU usd31/pc model
      suits for the ps3 console 160G 250G 320G;
      We provide 3 months warranty for all our gpu chips.
      Sometimes we get brand new in stock, sometimes bulk new, sometimes

      refurbished ones. But we provide 3 months warranty which is the gpu chips

      normal life. SO you dont need to worry about our quality.

      GPU updated price, USD
      19 x360 with HDMI X810480 65NM
      14.5 x360 with HDMI X02127 65NM
      12.5 x360 without HDMI X02056 90NM
      17.8 x360 with HDMI X816970 65NM
      17.8 x360 with HDMI X816971 65NM
      17.8 x360 with HDMI X817791 65NM
      19 x360 X817793-001 65NM
      11.5 x360 X802478-003
      11.5 x360 CPU X812480 CPU
      11.5 x360 X02047-027
      11.5 x360 X817692-001

      23 xbox360 hana chip

      BD7956FS ps3 blue ray controller chip USD2/PCS

      MCP67MV-A2 07+ 39USD/PCS
      MCP67M-A2 07+30USD/PCS
      BGA NF-G6150-N-A2 09+ 21.6USD/PCS
      G84-620-A2+10 17USD/PCS
      G86-630-A2+10 17USD/PCS
      G86-631-A2+10 17USD/PCS
      G86-635-A2+10 17USD/PCS
      G84-750-A2+10 17USD/PCS
      216CPIAKA13FL 30
      Laptop chipset 216-0683008 25USD/PCS
      GPU chips are repairing the monitors.
      Other chips please note us if you need
      Make sure you DRY UP your GPU chips before installation.
      You need to use your oven to dry it up for more than 48 hours and then

      If the gpu chips are something wet, then the board might be bent when

      installing, and the balls might be short cut !

      Amimized 3D silicone cases, high technology silicone cases,
      Midnight MX2 Android 4.2 Dual Core TV box;
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      Newest Android 4.2 TV Box built-in Camera and Microphone;
      Samsung Exynos4412 Tablet PC;
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      High technology products at the FACTORY price.

      Ps3 120G 250G console drive, the 450aaa drive full set , original new,


      PSP1000 LCD , usd7.5/pc;
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      Psp go lcd, usd10/pc;
      Ps vita lcd, usd90/pc;
      470A original new usd13/pc;
      450EAA original new usd19/pc;
      850A usd33/pc for refurbished;
      NGC Screw driver 3.8 4.5 mm, advantaged supply.


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    • Cello C22115F / LCD TV / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
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      01.08.2014 11:17
      Not Helpful


      • "Japanese quality"


      • "not have"

      shengxintga com

      ps4 kem 490aaa lens ps4 kes 860a lens ps3 super slim 850a lens ps3 slim kem

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      3dsll repair parts 3dsxl repair parts 3ds repair parts laser lens lcd screens

      gpu chips xbox360 xbox one lens xbox 360 gpu chips

      PS3 SLIM 450A 450DAA 460A 450EAA original new
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      PS3 400A original new
      ps3 410A
      PS2 802W original new
      XBOX ONE lens B150 original new
      XBOX360 HOP141X
      XBOX SF HD63
      WII RAF 3355 original new
      WII-RAF 3350
      advantaged supply

      490a lens for PS4 Japan, usd30/pc without tray, usd33/pc with tray

      450A lens* usd15/pc850A lens*usd25/p 860A lens*usd27/pc LTU2 lite on

      board*usd17/pc LTU2 LG board*usd20/pc or so, see order quantity;

      Our ps3, xbox360 gpu chips and other relative products are smart and

      advantaged and quickly selling

      XBOX360 Slim HDD
      20g usd15/pc; Seagate
      60G usd19/pc;Seagate
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      250G usd33.5/pc; WD brand new
      320G usd36.7/pc WD BRAND NEW HDD in stock and advantaged supply,
      This is for basic 100pcs/item price .

      Xecuter USB Pro V2 10pcs, usd49/pc;
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      xbox one controller case with buttons and battery covers full sets, CHROME

      color usd9/set, Glossy color usd7/set, matt color usd6/set...better quality

      than others.

      Cobra ode v4.3 only we have stock, usd70/pc to you J Cobra ode qsv usd50/pc

      or so , gateway 3ds usd51/pc or so, see order quantity.

      PSV2000, 1000 universal ABS plastic + Urethane bag, JAPANESE sales stock,

      2000pcs, without the customers OEM packing, usd5/pc or so see order quantity

      ! Our customers private mould, you have no competitors! Even no SIMILAR

      products from others ;)

      Speaker for PSV, 3DS LL and all the android mobile phones, Japanese quality

      with the BQB and BQTF certificates, price usd11/pc or so only Your best



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    • MAC Mineralize Concealer / Make Up / 2 Readings / 2 Ratings
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      01.08.2014 11:12
      Very helpful


      • "A little goes a long way"
      • "Has a radiant effect"
      • "Evens out colour of skin"
      • "Looks natural"
      • "Really good coverage"


      • "Quite pricey"

      The Best Concealer Out There?

      A family member gave me some of this Mac Mineralize Concealer recently as a gift. It came in a small back box with some product information on the outer packaging including full ingredients and contact information. The shade is printed on a sticker on the end of the box and I have N20 which is a warm but still a fairly light shade in the whole range.
      The product I have is a 5ml or 0.17Fl. Oz sized bottle. The little bottle itself is transparent plastic and the top has a large rubber screw off lid. The whole thing measures 3 ½ inches so it’s small enough to carry in a purse. The applicator inside is a small, precise soft bristle bush. I find the brush very easy to direct onto the skin. The applicator lid is actually a strange soft rubber material which can feel spongy to hold though.
      Mac state this product contains “minerals and botanicals” which are meant to be nourishing and beneficial to the skin. They state that this will provide medium coverage with a “natural luminous finish”.
      The product is very creamy and rich and feels really soft when you blend it into your skin with a finger. I find the product is easy to blend in and once it has settled in has this sort of invisible second skin appearance. It manages to conceal without looking like a concealer! It’s a very clever product! I’ve found that less is definitely more with this product as a little smudge of this can cover a wide area of skin. The product is brilliant at concealing any redness, prominent veins or eye circles.
      This product is fairly pricey at GBP17.00 and at first I wasn’t convinced it would be better than my much cheaper concealer. I therefore actually tested the two side by side - using the Mac on one side of my face and my cheap product on the other. The difference was incredible. This Mac concealer looked so much more natural and healthy. It also gave me much better coverage in general and evened out areas where there was any discoloration or blemishes. I can therefore attest that paying more in this case is actually worth it.
      The concealer feels light and breathable on the skin and it is easy to remove at the end of the day with make-up remover and facial wash. I am certainly impressed by this product and would love to keep on buying it as long as I can afford to! I would definitely recommend this product if you have troublesome skin which needs a really good cover up or if you have a big occasion coming up like a wedding. I don’t know if there is a better concealer out there, to be honest!


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      01.08.2014 10:58
      Not Helpful


      • "Japanese quality products and repair parts"


      • "not found"

      please support us.

      JAPANESE PRIVATE MOULD products, can only be selling outside of Japan. All

      the Japanese customers can buy directly from the inland wholesalers instead

      for the private mould products.

      PSV1000 ABS BAG, PSV2000 ABS BAG, super hard
      3DSLL ABS BAG, 3DSXL ABS BAG, Japanese quality
      psv2000 glitter case, psv2000 crystal case with metalic powder, pink and

      3dsll cat ear case, 3ds cat ear silicon case

      Also have the 3DS sized ones, not put online.
      The following are the Japanese quality products but not private mould
      psv2000 hand grip. psv1000 hand grip, psv hand grip
      3ds 16in1 card case Japanese quality.
      3ds 24in1 card case Japanese quality.
      3ds car charger, 3ds dual usb car charger with usb cable; We also sell the

      wall charger, data and charge cable, etc.
      for wii u, wii usb lan adapter, wii lan adapter, wii u lan adapter
      for wii, wii u, ps3, ps2, xbox360, pc multifunctional microphone

      PSV2000 crystal case with metalic powder, several colors available. Japanese

      customer's private mould.
      PSV1000, PSV2000 universal ABS+Urethane pouch bag, Japanese private mould

      product, you have no competitors if you order from us. These are only selling

      out side of Japan since we already have the unique seller in Japan. For the

      3dsll cat ear silicone case, the 3ds cat ear silicone case, the 3dsll nubby

      silicone case, the 3dsll abs + urethane pouch bag, etc. , contact us for the

      NO COMPETITOR sales :) shengxintga com


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    • Slither (DVD) / DVD / 5 Readings / 5 Ratings
      More +
      01.08.2014 10:40
      Very helpful


      • "Country – USA"
      • "Run Time – 95 minutes"
      • "Genre – Horror"
      • "Certificate – 18R"
      • "Star – Elizabeth Banks"


      • "Bit familiar to horror fans"

      A monstrously funny alien-invasion-zombie-horror-comedy.

      Slither is one of those American backwoods horror flicks you think you have seen a hundred times before and probably have, controversy at the time because of director James Gunn’s magpie tendencies, stealing little bits from every other American horror film you have ever seen. But it’s more of a movie fans homage to Carpenter, King and Cronnenberg than anything cynical and all the more humorous for it. Fred Dekker, The creator of the 1985 film Night of the Creeps, claims its 75% of his film. To me every horror movie reverts to cliche and familiarity at some point to get those screams and eeks on cue and all cliche is plagiarism at the end of the day. I could have dream t up the plot to this myself and easily squeezed it on the back of a fag packet.


      • Nathan Fillion as Bill Pardy
      • Elizabeth Banks as Starla Grant
      • Michael Rooker as Grantford "Grant" Grant
      • Tania Saulnier as Kylie Strutemyer
      • Matreya Fedor as Emily Strutemyer
      • Gregg Henry as Jackson "Jack" MacReady
      • Don Thompson as Walter "Wally" Whale
      • Brenda James as Brendalynne "Brenda" Gutierrez
      • Jenna Fischer as Shelby Cunningham
      • Jennifer Copping as Margaret Hooper
      • Haig Sutherland as Trevor Carpenter
      • Amber Lee Bartlett as Jenna Strutemyer


      Small town balding mechanic Grant (Michael Rooker) is married to sexy schoolteacher Starla (Elizabeth Banks). Whilst Grant is out drinking late and trying to steel a drunken kiss from the local barmaid (Tania Saulnier) in the woods behind the bar he catches sight of a gooey pod shaped thing. Earlier a meteor like object had streaked across the sky and impacted nearby. Could it have come from that and not of this world? When it spears a boozy Grant with a stinger the answer is probably yes.

      It’s not long before Grant is ‘changing’, his wife noticing something strange in her man, but unaware of the large tentacles gestating in his gut, Grant now the host for something nasty. And the alien inside is a hungry little beast and likes raw meat, and lots of it, soon the local pets and dogs disappearing. Grant begins to morph into something disgusting, probing his tentacles into Kylie, she, too, on the way to being one of them.

      Local cop Bill Pardy (Nathan Fillion) still holds a torch for Starla and as Grant munches up the town and changes into a squid like beast the whole of the townsfolk prepare to do battle with their alien monster. Its ready to give birth and that would mean a lot more of them.


      Gross-out horror comedy is my least favorite genre, but this movie's so skillful in presenting that usual stuff you only ever seem to get from America you have to take your hat off to it. It’s surprisingly funny tongue-in-cheek stuff and above average in the genre, gore and gangs in equal measure. The zombie munching scene to the Carpenters soundtrack will make you chuckle. But that nagging claim of plagiarism hit the gross and the all important date night crowd were not that taken with it, presumably fearing more of the same horror cliche, its $15 million budget bringing in just $12 million back, a bit of a flop.

      But with plenty of horror film and monster movie referencing throughout its better than the final gross suggests, very much one of those nostalgic horror films you should TiVo form the TV. I laughed throughout and although the plot is extremely predictable (and deliberately so) you stay with it and joyously box tick those horror cliches. Its self-parody style elevates it above most in the genre and I realty don’t care how many bits it stole. If you want a slightly smart and knowing horror fun comedy then this is for you.


      Imdb.com – 6.5/10.0 (52,505 votes)
      Rottentomatos.com – 86% critic’s approval
      Metacriitc.com – % critic’s approval
      Radio Times Film Year Book –

      ===Special Features===



      Top Critic.com –‘Gunn's film is masses of nostalgic fun if you grew up with body horror of the 1980s. And just plain gross fun if you didn't’.

      San Francisco Chronicle –‘Here's a review that not only benefits from, but requires, words like giant squid, festering blob and tummy tentacles’.

      Empire Magazine –‘Undeniably funny and gooey to boot, Slither may not be groundbreaking but it is a rarity: a horror-comedy that does both its genre-parents proud’.

      Total Film – ‘Derivative, glib, throwaway, and thoroughly entertaining. A knowing genre movie aimed at fans of Tremors or Lake Placid’.

      Sci-Fi Movie –‘An under-appreciated gem that horror fans would appreciate’.

      Daily Mail –‘Slither is over-the-top, gross, funny, bizarre and totally weird. In other words, it might be just what you're looking for this weekend’.

      Independent –‘Unlike the current concept of over the top bloodletting that thinks the sequence is more important than the sluice, this inspired auteur gets his groovy grue just right’.


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    • More +
      01.08.2014 10:35
      Very helpful


      • Themes
      • Plot
      • Characters


      • None

      A brilliant book. A must read.

      The Fault in our Stars
      Written by John Green
      Published: 2012
      Price: £3.85 on Amazon.
      Number of pages 313

      I’ve heard quite good reviews on the Fault in our Stars film and knew it was a book so just had to purchase it. I’m one of those people that likes to read the book first then watch the film. I haven’t got round to watching the film yet so will review that and compare to the book once it’s released on DVD.
      I purchased the book from Asda it was in part of a deal 3 books for £10.00 as its summer and I’ve planned many weekends away I thought 3 books would be great and with such great titles to choose from it was hard to resist.
      Main Characters
      Hazel Grace- The main character who tells the story of her life as a cancer patient aged just 16 the struggles and joys she faces
      Augustus – A great supporting friend for both Hazel Grace and Isaac, always coming up with great ideas.
      Isaac- My favourite character although he has a lot of bad luck throughout this book I hope for happiness for him.

      Relationship/ Friendship
      Wishes/ Dreams

      The Plot
      The Fault in our Stars is about a cancer patient called Hazel Grace Lancaster, the whole story is told by her from her point of view which is a very nice way of writing. Hazel attends a cancel support group once a week, not that she wants to attend but it’s to keep her mum happy and lets her mix with people who are going through the same experience she is. It’s a group where people talk about how they are feeling and support one another. All the members of the group are roughly the same age, Teenagers. At one of the support meetings that Hazel is reluctant to go to she meets a guy called Augustus, He is friends with Isaac who is a friend of Hazels, Isaac had a tumour in one of his eyes and had that removed but now unfortunately it has returned to the other eye meaning that he has to have that one taken out as well. Isaac doesn’t have much luck throughout the story he loses his sight and his girlfriend in a matter of weeks. But luckily for him he has two great friends Augustus and Hazel. After Augustus First meeting him invites Hazel back to his house to watch V is for Vendetta as apparently Hazel looks like Natalie Portman. We learn from this that Augustus is now cancer free after having his leg amputated. Hazel however is not she has thyroid cancer that has spread to her lungs meaning she has to carry around an oxygen tank with her, before leaving hazel and Augustus agree to read each other’s favourite books, his is ‘The price of dawn’ and hers is ‘an imperial affliction’. ‘An Imperial Affliction sends the two on an adventure, The books ends with so many unanswered questions that Hazel has been thinking about constantly that Augustus gets in contact with the PA of the author and after several forward and back emails he decides to use his one wish that cancer patients receive from a generous charity to take her to Amsterdam to find out the answers to her question as Van Houton the Author refuses to email the answers. When Hazel’s lungs fill with liquid and is rushed to ICU she thinks her dream of finding out the answers has gone but this is not true. Hazel’s mother joins Augustus and Hazel on their journey to Amsterdam. When the two meet Mr Van Houton he is not what they were expecting and they leave very disappointed. That day Augustus has something to tell Hazel as well his cancer has returned…..
      I will end my plot summary there as I don’t want to give away the ending for those of you who are reading it.

      My Opinion
      I really enjoyed reading this book I read it in 2 days although if I didn’t have work I think I could have easily finished it in day. (Damn work) It’s an easy read which is suitable and written for young adults possibly teenagers. Throughout this story you read so much about Hazel Grace, Augustus and Isaac that it’s impossible not to fall in love with the characters. When reading this book I went through every emotional possible, I laughed I cried and some emotions in between. I’m sure many people if not everyone has had to face cancer at some point in their life maybe not directly but a family member, colleague or friend, so to write a book where young 16/17 year olds have cancer must have been really difficult. We all know that young people do get ill and die but I think it’s a something that we don’t want to think about. This tear jerking book is extremely sensitive and you can tell the writer has done a lot of research into the conditions.
      I really liked that it was written from Hazel Grace’s point of view, as a reader you felt how she felt, she took you on a journey of the ups and lows of her life. I loved every 313 pages of this book and looking forward to reading more of Mr John Greens work. I do face a dilemma now of do I watch the film? I have many times read a book then watched the film and felt heartbroken at how the film doesn’t do the book justice.
      I would recommend to anyone who likes a good book to read this it’ll be well worth your time. An exceptional book with loveable characters and great themes within the plot.


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    • Binatone SPEAKEASY-7 / Telephone / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
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      01.08.2014 09:58
      Very helpful


      • "General ease of use"
      • "Hearing aid compatible "
      • "Clear screen"
      • "Large buttons"


      • "Small name and number phonebook"
      • "Poor looking design"

      All round great phone, especially for older people.

      The Binatone SPEAKEASY-7 is your average landline phone with some nice new features which I think everyone will like. The Binatone SPEAKEASY-7 comes with a disappointing design which may become a bit of a pain to look at. This phone has been nicely designed with large buttons with clear writing which makes it easy to use especially for the elderly. The Binatone SPEAKEASY-7 also comes with a nice clear screen at the top displaying things like the number of the person calling you, the current date and the time. All this is made clear on a nice backlit screen. Through this the phone is very easy to use. The phone itself is also hearing aid compatible which means it could be extremely useful with older people. Coupling that capability with the large clear buttons and clear screen this is idle for older people. The phone also comes with a hands-free speakerphone which is a nice little addition for any phone. The 13 name and number memory is very disappointing not giving you much choice and you will either nee to buy a phone book or another phone like the Binatone ACURA3000. Besides if you miss a call from someone you have a nice yet clear answering machine. The Binatone SPEAKEASY-7 also comes with some other features like caller ID, a call log and a speaker and volume control which all add up to make a great phone. All in all this phone is quite good especially for older people offering a good solid build and some nice features although the phonebook is far too small.


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