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    • Max Factor Loose Powder Translucent / Make Up / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      30.09.2014 19:47


      • "easy to apply"
      • "doesn't clog pores"
      • "doesn't feel heavy on skin"
      • "long-lasting cover"


      • "can make you look orange if you use too much or have pale skin"

      A light feeling powder that last's.

      THE PRODUCT: Max Factor claims that this loose powder fights shine, blends perfectly with your skin tone, stays in place throughout the day and gives your skin a soft, groomed complexion. This powder is apparently a trustworthy face powder which is why it's in demand with professionals. The clever mesh sieve dispenses the perfect amount of powder so none of it goes to waste and the translucent shade suits all skin tones and blends with any foundation. A powder puff is provided for easy blending and the ultra-fine formula doesn't feel dry on the skin. To top it off this product is dermatologically tested.

      PRICE/AVAILABLITY: I purchased the powder from my local Boots or Superdrug store where it's priced at £7.99 which is for a pot of 15g of powder.

      USING THE PRODUCT: I used the puff that comes with the powder to gently press this on the surface of the loose powder and tap this onto my skin all over. I didn't use too much of the powder and only gave myself a light covering of it. I then used a large powder brush to spread the powder around my face. I did this in downwards strokes, although on the cheek area I used circular motions. The powder doesn't have any kind of scent to it and I found that it was really easy to apply using the puff. You do really need to be careful how much powder you use, otherwise it may end up looking a little too much and as the powder seems to be tinted slightly despite saying it's translucent.

      RESULTS: Luckily the powder looked natural without making my skin look orange. For very pale skin tones this powder probably will give you a hint of colour as it's not really translucent. The powder felt light on my face which was good. I applied the powder in the morning before going to work and I found that the powder was still looking great into the early hours of the afternoon. I found that the powder came off easily using a facial cleansing wipe.

      OVERALL OPINION: I like the packaging to the product and the fact that you get a powder puff and the small sieve with it which you can use to dispense the right amount of powder. I found the powder easy to apply using the supplied puff or using a large brush. I find that if you use the puff you do tend to get a slightly better coverage. The powder did give my skin some colour, although it didn't make it look orange. In terms of value the powder is a lot more expensive than other brands but I have found it to be good quality. As you don't need to use a huge amount of the powder this product should last me for quite a long time. I would definitely recommend this product, although go easy on the bronzer if you are putting this powder on the top of it.


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    • TCP Antiseptic Liquid / First Aid / 1 Reading / 1 Rating
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      30.09.2014 19:32
      Very helpful


      • "Does the job"


      • "Stings a little"

      A good liquid antiseptic


      TCP is a well-known antiseptic product in the UK. Unlike creams or gels, this TCP product is in a liquid form as an antiseptic.


      This liquid antiseptic can be applied to wounds like cuts, scrapes, grazes, boils, insect bites, spots, etc. It can be used neat and diluted with water for whatever treatment.

      I've also heard of people using it for coldsores and sore throats, but this doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Unless something is marked for internal use, it's probably just best to use it topically / externally. And obviously keep it away from the eyes as well.


      The smell of TCP has always been distinctive and this product is no different. It's extremely medicinal.

      There is some stinging when applying it to open wounds, such as a cut or graze. But again this has a very medicinal feeling to it, like using hydrogen peroxide. However this liquid does not fizz. The stinging is only minor, but you may want to use something else for very young children.

      I apply it with a cotton pad, such as one might use for make-up remover. The liquid dries fairly quickly when applied.


      The bottle is dark coloured glass and should be stored in a cool, dry place away from children and pets.


      This TCP liquid antiseptic is available to buy for the princely sum of £3.79 at Boots. That's for a bottle of 500ml. A bottle does last a long time as you only use very little at a time, so is good value.


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    • LG BP645 / Blu-Ray Player / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      30.09.2014 19:23


      • "blue ray player looks so good"


      • none

      a player review

      The image and sound quality are superb for the purchase price. Establish up is no real bargain if you've connected players before; more advanced users can download a complete pdf manual, although there is a quick start paper guide. I would propose using ethernet instead of wireless for streaming: setup is virtually auto, and connection dropped. Likewise, be sure you let any updates offered on screen before using device.
      The huge selling point for me was the amount of flowing channels accessible like Netflix, Amazon prime. They load slowly, but once online no difficulty provided your broadband with fast speed; if it is too slow-moving, as with any streaming device buffering pauses are got by you. The virtual onscreen keyboard is quite clumsy so better to place orders, etc., from your computer where potential.

      This Blu Ray Player was bought as opposed to a real Blu Ray Player to make use of mainly as a smart streaming box.

      I am subscribed to Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and Now TV. Only LG Smart TV's and Smart Blu Ray Players support all three services so choosing LG was my only alternative.

      Amazon Instant Video and Now TV are reasonably responsive once truly loaded, Netflix genuinely lags within it is menus. All three services play with their content well when you make your selection.

      The LG iPhone app is simply terrible, it appears like it had been made for PC and has limited functionality. Additionally, I had to go remote apps before finding one that really worked with this Blu Ray player. This is not acceptable in LG and 2014 should be exceptionally embarrassed!

      This is a newly published version from LG and I am hoping that performance will improve over time, for now it enables me to watch the three services that are on demand I use through one machine and that was the reason for purchase.

      The Blu Ray Player looks so good, the physical remote is as usual and quite fine Amazon delivered fast and promptly,cause i often order on amazon.


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    • buy.com / Online Shop / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      30.09.2014 19:10


      • "good buy online"


      • "no disadvantages"

      have a good buy online

      Buy.com is simply another online site that lets you buy computer goods.
      I really don't find Buy.com to be the finest of all, and considerably prefer dabs.com.
      Firstly, prices. Buy.com doesn't consistently have low prices, and compared to other sites, it's prices can look high.

      Next, products. Well, they do stock major products that are new, like Windows ME's launch. BUT about last month, I was interested in purchasing hard drives. And these were also overpriced!!
      Subsequently, delivery. Well alright, the offer free delivery, 3-5 days I believe. This really is done by UPS. They appear not false, despite the fact that they drive round in such awful brown/black vans. Okay my first order was Windows ME, some paper.
      Naturally, windows ME wasn't due to be released so the paper was dispatched. In regards to a week after, Windows ME was received by me, in exactly the same sized box. OK, I suppose they don't have that big a range of boxes, so that appeared not unreasonable.
      Guess what?!?!? It came in a box that was HUGE! The same size used for the paper and Windows ME. It could probably fit a 15" screen in it if you did not use any bags or things. The dimensions of those adapters were just concerning the size of my thumb...

      The web site is not so negotioable. There are a lot of links, and menus. The search facility is also not quite reputable. It can give you sometimes, and seeks all catogories.
      What I do like about it though, is that some products have thumbnails, so this can be useful to see what it's like first. Not several of the products have a product description, and some may be a bit vague in the naming of the product.

      I felt a bit guilty after about 2 weeks of receiving it, and after that checking my bank statement has changed. Windows e-mailed them, and also they responded thanking me for my honesty, and is not going to bill me for the next day, it. Customer support is very good and friendly.
      They do have tracking facilities on your own order, which are becoming very common now. This is always a helpful tool, and you need nothing, although if your order should say delivered, then it is possible to contact fairly easily.

      I wouldn't recommend using Buy.com, as you can have so many new but unwanted experiences. It is not necessarily cheap, and sometimes not the most products that are up to date. Always shop around before buying! That's the point of the internet.


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    • Now TV Box / Set Top Box / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      30.09.2014 18:49


      • "good now tv box"


      • "less programs"

      now tv box,affordable tv box

      The box itself is quite dinky (84 x 84 x 24mm dimensions, it weighs merely 85g). that's a bit generous, but it is definitely palm-sized and easy to accommodate into any system set-up. It feels light and fairly trivial but finally once it's not disconnect assemble isn't much of an issue.

      Round the rear you will discover an HDMI ouput, minijack AV out for video and analogue sound and a power connection. It's Wi-Fi only so there is no Ethernet input signal - a bit of a pity - while in the box you get a smart white remote control and also an HDMI cable.

      The Now TV Box output signals at a maximum resolution of 720p via HDMI and also promises to deliver "5.1 surround sound where accessible", though there is no reference of Dolby Digital everywhere.

      So what do you get? A simple row of program tiles outputs BBC News, Sky News, Demand 5, Flixster, Tunein, Vimeo, Facebook, TED, Spotify and IGN, amongst others. What you won't locate, we're pretty confident, is Lovefilm or Netflix - you'll want to turn to Sky Movies.

      A smartphone program would make text entry a great deal simpler, although the remote control is good - sadly Roku's own app nor the Sky programs that are excellent are not incompatible with the Now TV Box.

      Now TV is where you discover the juicy stuff, and is another tile on your home screen following the Roku Store: Sky Movies and Sky Sports. The 'grab' is of course that that is superior content. The primary draw is pay as you go Sky Sports, yours in 24-hour bundles for GBP9.99.

      Expensive? It appears up for argument. In case you're dipping in and outside, once a month at most, and/or getting mates round who might share the cost, then for a day of content that is potentially rather a great deal of, it is not too terrible. It's certainly cheaper and easier than having a monthly subscription and also a Sky dish.

      Sky Movies is obtained on a pay-monthly basis. These subscriptions can be canceled by you anytime, according to the Now TV T&Cs.

      After having a couple of hours we like that which we see. It's not difficult to use and has shown little sign of flakiness (there was the odd long pause but no crashes or need to reset). The custom interface is speedy, extremely smart and glossy to move and instinctive with regard to finding content and important apps.

      And the choice of content is not bad: GBP10 for a box that adds Demand 5, iPlayer and internet radio apps is a small deal on its own - pay for premium content for example Spotify and of course Sky's Sports and Films, and it could offer a whole lot. Complete HD could be fine but graphics seem decent at first, with only occasional syncing/buffering issues - which show the need for a wireless network connection that is good.

      First impressions are definitely good for this particular streamlined, amazingly affordable Now TV flowing box. For free catchup TV services it appears a no brainer; for premium Sky Sports and Movies - it'll ultimately depend a fantastic deal on just how much you are prepared to pay for the premium programs- which is what Sky is actually after.


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    • secretsales.com / Online Shop / 2 Readings / 2 Ratings
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      30.09.2014 18:29


      • "good website for giving cards"
      • "you cant beat their price"
      • "good customer service "
      • "no gimmick "
      • " you get"
      • "what you"
      • "good delivery service "
      • "originality "
      • "clarity "
      • "designers at affordable prices "
      • "easier access "


      the site that has the best, and they are doing great

      The best and honest site to do your shoppings. There is no secret about this, it's one of the best site online when you can be sure of getting genuine things from well known designers all over the world.
      They always ask for opinions so that they keep everyone happy and they keep me up to date on the next products that will be coming on. What else could I ask for? The best online sale ever!
      I'm loving ever single thing I've bought from the secret sale. Keep the ball rolling, because I'm loving it!


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    • Fujifilm XQ1 / Digital Camera / 2 Readings / 2 Ratings
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      30.09.2014 18:26
      Very helpful


      • "good Fujifilm XQ1 design"


      • "no disadvantages"

      Fujifilm XQ1 review

      With all the guts of the X20 and a new f/1.8 zoom lens, Fuji's XQ1 promises great low light functionality and high image quality.
      But that can not offer much more than the XQ1. It also comprises that second most-desired additional feature - a bigger-than-standard imaging sensor, as well as a camera's processor much further up the range than itself.
      It's a heady mix, but one that experience tells us doesn't need to produce the great effects one would expect from the sum of many complex parts.

      The Fuji XQ1 is a pocket-sized compact camera that features a 25-100mm (35mm equiv) lens with an aperture range of f/1.8-4.9.

      Some great benefits of the link, beyond the stature, is the detector is twice the measurement of that used in many compact cameras, and 1.3x the size of those used in more premium versions such as Canon's Powershot G16. Possession of a detector that is larger, naturally, indicates that the camera's 12 million pixels can be larger and can, in theory at least, collect more light. This consequently should lead to less image noise at higher ISO settings and in long exposures. Indeed, the camera continues to be allowed a maximum ISO rating.

      Fuji asserts as the high powered chip has a hand in issues also, that the sensor's measurement is not the only facet of the camera that's working towards reducing imaging noise.
      Demonstrating Fuji's premium credentials, the XQ1 gives the coincident saving of images as JPEG files and raw, and the exposure mode dial on the top plate houses locations for aperture and shutter priority modes, as well as full manual and fully automatic point and shoot functions.
      People who remember the film days will be happy to understand that Fuji has included picture settings to simulate the colour and contrast characteristics of Velvia, Astia and Provia transparency emulsions, in addition to Neopan's grayscale tones. If you decide to record your images in raw format you really have the chance to use these 'looks' post-capture, as the camera is really capable of a level of processing that is raw alone of a pc.

      Obviously, physically plugging a camera into a pc is recognized as really third-world nowadays, and Fuji has rightly included wireless connection so that you can transfer files either to a hard drive, a smartphone or a tablet computer.

      If we were to look for what is missing, perhaps some kind of touch screen capability for choosing at least a focus point might happen to be useful.


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    • HP Officejet 5110 / Fax Machine / Copier / 2 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      30.09.2014 18:05


      • "good printer"


      • "no disadvantages"

      hp printer review

      For the price, it performs really magnificently. Nonetheless, to get a professional degree of speed and quality, a higher priced model will be desired.

      After having my trusty HP DeskJet 722 (of 6 years) finally crap out on me, I determined that I was necessarily likely to have to shell out a little more money for another printer. I hadn't even looked at printers for at least a couple years, and did not understand just how radically technology had really shifted. Finding a dedicated printer-only apparatus was moot, with nearly every model seemingly sporting at least 2-4 choices. Having had much luck in days gone by with HP, I determined that I was undoubtedly going to keep in the HP family. Nevertheless, budget was kinda tight, so or so I was hoping to keep right around $100. After visiting with about 3-4 spots, I had narrowed it right down to several distinct models, those of which included the OfficeJet 5110 and the PSC 1210. Both ran around exactly the same cost, but since the OfficeJet was on sale I really could note that the selection in this case was very clear. While I did not really want a fax machine, it's indeed been proven useful since then. Anyway, within the course of the last month, here's all that I Have found!


      Quite frankly, this part was a joke. Before I even got an opportunity to plug it up to the computer I actually needed to take back TWO of these printers. Both of them seemed to be damage mistakes that might have happened during transport, but I Will never understand. I had been just about to call it quits on this particular printer, and only get my money back. However, I had been lucky enough to FINALLY get a great printer in the 3rd try. With a few parts that seemed to dangle freely, which is not really ever overly comforting, it appeared to be substantially solid, with this model. After having fully constructed the printer, it weighed in at a seemingly hefty 15.4 pounds. The receiving printer can hold up to 50 printed pages before getting jammed. There are 5 pre-set spaces for single-button fax sending. Another nifty feature allows for a picture to be scanned and then fit to the magnitude of a sheet of paper when printed out. Overall, it looked just like a fairly solid machine, but it did look just a little tacky the way that the file scanner receiving tray was a cheap flimsy alloy wire that folded up finished to cover a few of the display and buttons that were important for many of the features that were operational.


      Instantly after beginning to work with the HP 5110, I understood that some of its features came in incredibly helpful. As with all of the OfficeJet printers available through HP, this machine consisted of not only a printer, but additionally a copier, feed-through scanner, plus a fax machine. This comes in rather helpful when attempting to do more then 1 thing at a time, rather than actually wanting to sit and feed each page separately. All those features will be independently broken down for additional details.

      Bragging an intermediate 12ppm in black, and 10ppm in color, this printer was slightly disappointing if you ask me. Above all, it's important to appreciate that THOSE ppm evaluation are if you're printing in the lowest priced quality (draft mode). One part that really bothered me off the bat was the excessive NOISE this machine makes when preparing to print. It kinda dinks around for about 15 seconds or so using a huge end of clicks and twangs. About 10 multiplies the sounds when in draft mode. You're looking at closer to 7ppm black and 5ppm color, if run in normal way. While the colour appears to do an excellent job of mixing the 3 primary colors to create an attractive variety of colors, the black does print out clear and clearly. After about a month, I have started to experience some streaking to be common. As for resolution, it is rated 600x600 dpi in black and 4800x1200 dpi in colour. I will commend HP one doing such a wonderful job with all the overall print quality, and instead, personally don't have any complaints with this aspect. While the printer feature does get the task finished well, it only takes just a little longer to get there then I was really hoping for. Lastly, if you are worried about not being able to deal with the monthly volumes, fear not, with this computer is rated at 3000 pages per month quantity. Drawback?

      The copying machine did a good job of creating both colour and black copies. I found the color copies to be faded but that was expected because of the fact that you're using a feedthrough scanner. Unlike scanner/copier combos, this machine does not even need to be plugged up to a computer to make use of this option. Various choices also exist when making copies, such as magnification, darkness, augmentations for quality picture and paper size or text. Yet, there are still borders on all 4 sides of right around a centimeter which is not reproduced, nor printed on. The copier speed for copies that are black was quite fast, going along more quickly then if printing something. The colour nonetheless was appreciably slower, taking what looked to be correct so or about 4ppm.

      It was one features of this machine that seriously let me down. To begin with, I had been rather skeptical of the truth that it absolutely was a feed-through scanner, which are hardly seen anymore using the deteriorating prices of flatbed scanners now available. Using a listed scan resolution of up to 2400dpi, I had been hoping to find the best. It was not something that went and came, although I have no idea what caused this flaw to be damaging. I'm still having a lot of trouble scanning any graphics. Black scans (like records) were excellent, and showed no real problems. I usually do not suggest this machine by any means, if you are looking for a machine primarily for the scanner alternative.

      When initially purchasing this machine, I didn't actually even believe I would use this, but since then have sent around 5-6 faxes, all with minimal issues. Having a built in 33.6 Kbps modem, it was really quick and efficient in sending facsimiles. A 99-page memory guarantees that even the most long facsimile jobs can get done with minimal supervision and/or assistance. Additionally, it is one of the primary fax machines I've experienced that is sporting the new technology of offering color facsimile sending. So am not able to remark on that facet, I've yet to send a color facsimile. An "auto-reply" button sits conveniently in the front of the unit, making it simple to maintain your fax machine from answering phone calls if you are using it on precisely the same phone line as your house phone. You can find a lot of alternatives that go with facsimile sending, all which are recorded both in the manual, and also on the definitely readable display LCD screen.


      So is this multi-function machine worth your time and money? It really is a matter of personal inclination. If you're seeking committed printer that will not be unable to spit out fast sheets of both black and color pages, you might want to look into a printer, or a more expensive version -committed only apparatus. This could very well meet your quota, if you are simply after having a printer which will get the work done having a little time to add. As for the other facets, when it comes to copying scanning, and faxing, it is all an issue of acceptable quality. For a feedthrough scanner, it can seem to take it's own, but SHOULDN'T be utilized primarily to scan on pictures for an online photo album or something. After 1 month, the machine still seems to be striking hard, with minimal difficulties. Ink levels appear to fall rather quickly, however we do use it excessively. If you are seeking another machine that will give you all the same options, you are going to actually expect to pay around 2-3 times more. Ultimately, it all comes right down to just how much your willing to spend, and exactly how picky you're about the grade of your scans/copies/faxes.


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    • Hama Beads Activity Box / Art / Craft / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      30.09.2014 17:45


      • "a good toy"


      • "no disadvantages"

      a play for children

      With a daughter who's a huge craft buff, it is not bad to try many different tasks and one we were keen to try is HAMA beads. DKL Marketing sent us the giant set constituting of 6000 beads with never-ending chances of things to make, the limit is your imagination!
      The HAMA beads box was huge and immediately got a thumbs up. It seemed very excited, plenty of beads, a great number of things as well as a craft toy that could give tons of value due to the amount of things you can do.

      Miss M could not wait to get stuck in and make a crocodile for her brother who'd chosen that as his favourite picture from the front of the box.

      The HAMA beads are simple to put in the peg boards, merely following the layouts in the images. Contained in this set are three peg boards, a crocodile contour, bunny and also a fundamental square which gives you the liberty to create anything you want. Having tons of straightforward designs is better for younger children so they do not get bored doing a bit that is large and also get to see the finished result sooner. Miss M did need some guidance on starting off and is 5 yrs old and I likewise needed to keep check on her during to make sure she was not going off track with the design she was attempting to make. It really is a lovely activity that Miss M can sit and do alone and she appreciated the challenge of trying to complete each one.

      The magic really happens once all the beads are in place on a peg board. You are able to iron the creation which melts the beads after covering it in some paper that is special. This bonds them together enabling you to remove the finished piece from the board.

      We've so far copied designs in the image and box sheet included but we have many ideas to produce other matters. With such a huge number of beads in the box, there are endless possibilities and you also can have ago at anything. Miss M would like a cat to attempt and we are also going to do her initials.

      One thing that did slightly disappoint was almost all the recommended layouts contains one of these colours, and that although we had a good selection of colours in the box, we didn't have a yellow, or a fleshy pink. Miss M in particular found this very frustrating but I explained that she could do them in any colour she simply to swap a colour in the image for one of her choice and needed.

      It is a fantastic action that can be carried out through the year - excellent for those boring, rainy days when you're stuck inside! It also has lots of beads so will last quite a while with respect to the speed your child works through them, but could easily be packed away between designs and got out again at a later date. It's also something that will grow with your kid as they go to creating their own from replicating designs.

      We highly recommend HAMA beads as an excellent crafting activity that supports and helps with fine motor skills, imagination concentration.


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    • Chloe (DVD) / DVD / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      30.09.2014 17:36


      • " performances and writing "
      • "Generally good direction"


      • "Disappointing dramatic finale "

      Restrained twist on the cuckoo thriller

      Dr. Catherine Stewart suspects her husband is having an affair. She enlists the help of call-girl, Chloe, to test his loyalty. The experiment results in Catherine discovering far more about herself than she realized existed. This is before she has taken into account the nature of Chloe...

      Based on the French film, “Nathalie...”, “Chloe” comes from a type of erotic film genre I have come to refer to as “Cuckoo” thrillers. This is acclaimed Canadian director, Atom Egoyan’s biggest money-maker despite being a financial flop. Draw your own conclusions there. I see strong thematic similarities in “Single White Female”, “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle”, “Fatal Attraction” and even the horror, “Orphan”. However, unlike all those mentioned the film elicits a degree of sympathy from its antagonist. This serves keep the viewer guessing regarding how much of what Chloe says is real or delusional. Like “Fatal Attraction”, there is also something of a moral message running through the story and it raises a few questions regarding personal responsibility.

      The film has been criticized for not being erotic enough, despite its premise, but I think the restraint in this respect works well. Egoyan understands restraint and allows strong character interaction, which draws the audience into the collective psychology. It’s a nice trick. Furthermore, Erin Cressida Wilson’s screenplay is less crass than “Nathalie…” She makes some good decisions regarding the relationship between Catherine, David and Chloe. Unfortunately “Chloe” doesn’t deliver high on the actual drama and rather fizzles than explodes. The film’s dramatic climax is disappointing and seems somewhat rushed, even if its final frame is a saving grace.

      I have never been a fan of Liam Neeson’s work and often feel like he is in the wrong film. I tend to place him just above Nicholas Cage, Richard Gere and Kevin Costner on my bland scale, but he is quite believable in this role. However, the primary drama rests on Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried. Their scenes and the complexity of their relationship carry the film.


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    • The Brave One (DVD) / DVD / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
      More +
      30.09.2014 17:33


      • "Good acting and direction "


      • "Largely unoriginal and fails to suspend disbelief "

      A feminist "Death Wish" exploitation flick with high pedigree direction and acting

      Erica Bain (Jodie Foster) is an outspoken radio host. Her expressive opinions on her late night show have recently been focusing on the decay of her neighbourhood. One night she and her partner are victims of a vicious and unprovoked assault. Both are serious injured with only Erica surviving the attack. Struck by fear, she illegally purchases a gun. Finding herself in another violent incident she uses it and begins a life as a vigilante. Meanwhile, Detective Sean Mercer (Terence Howard) is appalled by the corruption he sees around him...

      I always find it interesting to see what a very high calibre and respected artist can do with a simple and sensationalist genre. The last 15 years or so have seen an increasing number of writers, directors and actors decide to see what they can do with a populist medium. I would like to think that they were all inspired to do this in the same artistic vein that Alfred Hitchcock, considered by many to be history’s greatest director, decided to tackle a horror with “Psycho”. However, I cannot see Wilhelm Defoe and Kevin Bacon convincingly make this argument, as their respective agents raised invoices for their work in commercials. There is an entire episode of Ray Galton and Alan Simpson’s “Hancock’s Half Hour” radio show, where Tony Hancock tries to retain respect as a theatre actor after a commercial appears that seems to have him doing the voiceover. Alec Guinness never seemed to stop moaning about how he became associated with his role in “Star Wars” despite appearing in all three of the original trilogy that were filmed in his lifetime. The same could not really be said for Patrick Stewart who successfully took the place of and rivalled William Shartner’s position in the other lucrative science fiction franchise, and has gone on to retain the respectability he originally won through his Shakespearean acting. We live in a different age now. Most of the big budget superhero movies star serious dramatic actors rather than bodybuilders and athletes, and not all of them are directed by cynical corporate hacks known for big explosions and zero storyline. Kenneth Brannagh and Christopher Nolan prove this point very well. Despite this, I was still intrigued by Jodie Foster and Neil Jordan deciding to take this particular material on.

      As far as I am concerned, Foster is up there with Bette Davis, Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren and Vivienne Leigh in the best actress category. She has also proven herself to be a more than competent director and has won universal acknowledgement for her work. Foster’s education at Yale University, her linguistic skills and the way she has managed her life in general seems to represent an image of someone who is not desperate for work. Her work is certainly regular, but we are not talking Nicholas Cage here. The projects vary, including taking a French-speaking part in “A Very Long Engagement”, and she is not easily dragged into big budget action movies. However, despite a career that defied the tragic child star cliché and has been shining through her teenage to adult years with best actress nominations that have culminated in two Oscars, three BAFTAs and three Golden Globes as well as several other awards, Foster’s selections are not those of a snob. She might yet to have been pulled into a big budget franchise blockbuster, but genre pictures have never been beneath her and she seems to like science fiction. I guess it is worth remembering that at “The Silence of the Lambs” might have all the techniques of a sharp psychological crime thriller, but at its heart it is a horror and Foster’s second Oscar win came her performance in this picture.
      Neil Jordan also counts as one of my favourite artists in the movie-making world. Jordan is grounded and yet imaginative. He always plays to the right side of surreal and has enough control not to pretentiously self-indulge. This level of discipline alone puts him above David Lynch and even Ken Russell. Jordan is accomplished and award-winning screenplay writer and it is this ability that makes most of his works so well rounded in execution. Like Foster, I have been a long-time fan of Jordan’s work. Although, being behind the camera and I didn’t always realize I was consistently enjoying his projects. Now, looking back at his wonderfully eclectic range of material I find myself not being surprised why he would take on “The Brave One”, but rather whether it was a wise choice.

      Revenge tragedies are a pretty old and established institution with many of the greats, including Shakespeare, tackling them. However, the movie world often distils them into gory action thrillers that range from B movies to hard boiled blockbusters. Personal justice is a strong and emotive universal theme. From this genre we have seen emerge the subgenre of the vigilante thriller. These stories of avenging individuals who set out to take on the wrongs of the world that the official authorities cannot or will not handle has proven hugely popular. They tend to take two very rough forms. The superhero vigilante fiction sprung from the Dick Tracy era of comic-strips, when the corrupting influence of gangsters and racketeers over official authorities made the general public look towards “untouchables” to enforce justice. I am in agreement with many who see the superheroes of the 20th and 21st century to be latter day manifestations of the multiple gods found in various mythologies. Of course, this is evident in characters like Thor, Hercules, Wonder Woman and Aqua-Man. The other type of vigilante is a more relatable figure. These people are usually unaided by many advantages, and are merely following the line of wish fulfilment that the average enraged member of the public may feel each time they read about injustice. Depending on the writer and director, this second genre can be a massive wet dream for the enraged masses or a moral or psychological examination of what happens when unauthorized people take the law into their own hands.
      On paper, “The Brave One” does not stand out as an especially interesting project for Foster or Jordan to handle. The unique slant on the story is that the main protagonist vigilante is a famous radio presenter. This does make the story somewhat interesting by the way it rips open the veneer of untouchability that we can assume surrounds celebrities. Erica Bain, like anyone else, is just as likely to be set upon by thugs when she walks her dog down a subway. The nature of the attack is made more horrific by the totally unpredictable nature of the killing, the extremeness of the violence, the voyeuristic element brought in by one of the thugs who video tapes the whole attack and the way her fit and capable partner is so brutally disposed of. This latter point, of course, brings up the other unusual twist. The vigilante is a woman. There is nothing new in this – I remember a very low budget movie called “The Sisterhood” from the ‘80s – but it is still not common. Most vigilante films are masculine fantasies, empowering regular men to reclaim their position as protectors. However, this film argues that women also have the same insecurities. It doesn’t go the route of maternal rage either. Erica Bain is angered by what has happened to her and when she discovers the ability in herself to take some power back she gets the bug. Unfortunately this is not fully explored. Instead we pretty much go the revenge route with a degree of debate regarding the morality of vigilantism. This gets a bit more analysis than is usual in this type of genre due to Erica using the radio to voice her opinions.

      Certain clichés are avoided. We get an affectionate platonic male/female relationship between Erica and Sean Mercer that does not even hint of going in any other direction than one that is borne out of a desire to see justice served. It is quite refreshing to not be bothered by the tiresome will she/will he device going on to please a certain perceived public demand. Terrence Howard should be given a lot of credit here and both he and Foster work well together. Like all the best screen actors, they can convey powerful moments by a look or a pause. There are key moments in the story, particularly in the film’s climax where this is very evident. However, the scene that sticks in my head is the late night telephone conversation. The violence is not excessive, but it is certainly realistic and works well to horrify when needed yet does not linger unnecessarily.
      Sadly all these good points cannot suspend disbelief enough. It's an interesting premise that Erica, who is used to presenting herself to an audience on the radio "becomes someone else" and this is a worthy theme, but it is not strong enough to support the actions of her character. It is not that Foster does not infuse Erica with enough passion and need to become what she becomes, but the storyline is not credible. We are supposed to accept that a traumatized victim of a near-death assault, on the verge of complete agoraphobia would, on her first day out alone following the assault, go with a confirmed criminal down a back alley to illegally purchase a pistol. Surely the trio of writers could come up with a more plausible device than this scene. Then we have to accept that a completely untrained and inexperienced individual can go forward and dispatch violent criminals with said pistol. There is an attempt to make it all sound credible with Sean Mercer telling his colleagues that Erica’s first shooting looks like it had been done by someone who had never fired a gun before. This makes it the flukiest gunfight in history. Finally, we then are expected to believe that Erica, who has spent all of her life up until the assault never being involved in a violent altercation, to suddenly find herself getting into trouble again and again.

      “The Brave One” came out the same year as two other vigilante thrillers, “Death Sentence” starring Kevin Bacon and “Outlaw” starring Sean Bean. Neither of these were particularly remarkable examples from the genre with the former, despite having a literary basis, appearing to be little more than a depressing imitation of “Death Wish” and the latter, despite having some empathetic potential, being a mess of ideas. However, despite not lighting up the box or receiving a lot of critical praise, “The Brave One” earned Jodie Foster another nomination for best actress and it is easily better than “Death Sentence” and “Outlaw”. Two years later Michael Caine would join in with “Harry Brown”. Not long ago I overheard a conversation between middleclass mothers, where they were saying how “surprisingly good” “Harry Brown” was. There was definitely something in the air. We worked on a low budget film called “Vigilante” that was inspired by the 2011 London Riots. “The Brave One” is generally better than most found in this genre, but this nearly entirely reliant on Foster’s performance and Jordan’s direction. The storyline wobbles between gritty reality and outright implausibility. Rather than pursuing the psychological angle provided, it takes the moral route. This does not conclude anymore satisfactorily than the majority of similar films.
      As far as Jodie Foster’s foray into crime dramas go, “The Brave One” is better than “Panic Room”, which was another puzzling choice, and on a par with “Flight Plan”, but no way near as good as “Inside Man”. The closest thing Neil Jordan has ever done to this film is his 1986 classic, “Mona Lisa”, and there is no comparison. “The Brave One” is an above average vigilante revenge thriller with strong acting, fluid direction and an interesting if unoriginal premise.


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      helpful and easy ,natural remedies

      I just bought aloe vera juice for the first time from Wal-Mart about months ago . I have a terrible case of irritable bowel syndrome, so that when I recently contracted a stomach virus, I did not even notice. After reading from loads of forums, I developed a list of matters that I was able to attempt to aid me naturally get better, I'm not permitted to take specific medications which are typically used to deal with IBS ,since I am in piloting school. Among the things I came up with was Aloe Vera juice, and it was the first one I tried.

      The improvement was the most significant I have ever had back when I had been on drugs prescribed by my gastroenterologist. Merely 8 ounces of this stuff soothed my belly and greatly reduced my pain. It definitely solved the pain problem, although it didn't solve my toilet issues. I have discovered a complete far more pleasant-feeling stomach since it was started by me. A day later, I noticed a certain upsurge in my pain.

      How does this wonder drug taste? Completely terrible! That is the only con. But with my case, I think that the benefits far outweighed the awful flavor. Fortunately enough, if you are a terribly picky individual using a much-too-intact gag reflex, don't stop reading! This bitter flavor can readily be disguised. First, a fruit smoothie consisting mainly of berries as well as a banana and a little kale and I mixed it. Myself the hard way then attempted it as did apple juice when I tried the cranberry juice, and it tasted just the same. However don't think that it is too simple --this stuff is bitter, and consequently can not be added to things like soda or milk. It is unquestionably mix right into a juice, or something which you either have to gulp down while holding your nose, since it tastes like a tree that is bitter. Also significant: Percentages! I find the apparent conclusion would be that it tastes more like the Aloe Vera juice, if you put 2 ounces of cranberry juice and 8 ounces of Aloe Vera juice, when you put this material in your juice. That is something which I did show to myself the hard way. You can't even actually place as much of it as juice. You must get MORE juice, LESS aloe vera. This applies using the smoothies as well.
      It removes toxins, supports your immune system, lowers cholesterol, helps with weight-loss, hydrates your body, is packed with vitamins and minerals, maintains healthy gums, helps reduce acne, moisturizes skin, enhances hair growing, and is even believed to help regulate blood sugar levels in people who have diabetes! Those are advantages that may be supported by scientific studies, although I haven't experienced all of this first-hand. I've not had an individual ulcer since starting to place aloe vera juice.

      Aloe Vera juice is available at nearly all grocery stores. I have personally bought it at Kroger, Wal-Mart, and Whole Foods Mart.
      Aloe Vera juice, when tested in animals, demonstrated to cause tumours. But this happened when the animals ingested pure, unprocessed aloe vera extract. The juice available in grocery stores isn't the same thing. This juice would not be approved for sale at grocery stores if it was actually something that had a great risk of causing cancer. I encourage you to take the risk into consideration. However, in folks that do have an aforementioned case, quality of life may be significantly improved by this juice that is cost-effective.


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      Life before CD's and digital is still here to see

      It's a nice compact size, being about 290mm long by 110 mm deep by 125mm high, weighing in at no more than 1 ½ kg.
      There are six buttons on the cassette player and three sliding buttons, a couple of dials and one or two holes in the rest of the unit.
      It runs of the mains or, for mobility, 4 of those chunkier batteries. (the 'C' size)
      It offers your usual stuff that any half decent radio/cassette player offers, a radio, AM/LW/FM, but no digital I'm afraid, and a cassette player that allows you to play those old fashioned small plastic case things that have a reel in the middle that is connected to what looks like two cogs.
      And that's it. Apart from a little tiny clock alarm that is in the top left corner and shows up on a small screen.

      It has a recording function, both internal and external, so you can either record your voice, using the inbuilt mic, or record the radio onto a cassette, (like in the good old days when you listened to top 40 on radio one and tried to record the music without getting the DJ's voice... now that was a challenge).
      There's a headphone socket so you don't have to annoy the neighbours, or, if you want stereo sounds, you can attach a couple of external speakers too.

      It has a single speaker, on the right side, with a single handle going over from one side to the other, with an extendible aerial for better quality radio signals.

      The radio tuning is manual so you have to scroll through in order to change the station, using the simple to understand, and even easier to see, frequency settings on the front, with some of the more popular stations being marked along the window.

      The clock/alarm is exactly that, but I never really used that function, although I did test it and can clearly say that if you use the alarm setting you can wake up to either the radio station of your choice or a buzzing noise that could easily annoy the Daly-Lama.

      I still use this in one of the sheds, although sadly the cassette deck is broken, with a cassette still wedged in it to be honest, but the radio still works fine and the speaker still manages to give out a good enough sound, even though the entire unit is covered in paint, and other stuff that I can not identify. But the radio still works.

      This radio cost about £20 when I got it.


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      • "Quick & Very Reactive"
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      Easy, competent, efficient, friendly and competent. I recommend L&C!

      I had an exceptional experience with L&C.
      My adviser Alastair was easily reachable and available, whether by email or phonecall. His support and explanations were keys to get my mortgage selected and have the process started. There are no dumb questions!
      Once the mortgage process started, everything happened very efficiently and quickly. It barely took a month between my first call and the mortgage approval, and I was kept informed at all time.


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      Caudalie Beauty Elixir for your beauty

      The Price
      I just purchased the 30 ml sized bottle for GBP13.50 from John Lewis shop, yet it is also available to purchase from their website. http://www.feelunique.com are selling the 30ml sized bottle of Caudalie Beauty Elixir for GBP10.95.

      What's this Merchandise for?
      It is created to minimise pores, smoothen the skin. It also provides a glowing look to the skin and helps you to combat dull looking skin, leading to a healthier refreshing appearance. Additionally, it may act as toner or cleaning mist.

      Rose infusion, grape extracts, astringent myrrh, benzoin essential oils of organic balm mint, orange flower water and rosemary essential oils and so on.

      My Expertise
      I wished to attempt the product following a recommendation from a friend of mine, as I frequently have problems with open pores, and dull looking skin. Particularly as a well-being product award was won by it in the year 2012.

      The Perfume:
      The very first thing I noticed when I dispensed the mist and opened the lid was the powerful smell. The odor would be described by me to be a nice enjoyable natural smell that reminds me of blooms and herbs, yet following the mist subsides onto the skin thus, at first it can be somewhat over powering for the senses does the potency of the scent. The softer smell is just not only more bearable but very enjoyable, and smells very refreshing.

      Using & Results
      I can immediately feel the cool effect in the liquid after applying the mist onto skin on my face. It made my skin feel refreshed as well as the dry dull skin on my face felt more alive because of this. The pores on my face, notably around the cheekbones place did reduce after a week of use , however I did not see much difference on the bigger sized pores. Nonetheless after three or two weeks the pores that are bigger did begin to reduce in size and my skin did seem a great deal more refreshed and more healthy.

      I also used this a couple times as a toner, using a cotton wool ball to massage into my skin and applying the mist spray. I think it worked quite well in giving a youthful appearance to me, and toning my skin. When touched, that was quite noticeable in places where I used to have dry patches on my face additionally, it made my skin feel softer and smoother.

      How Long Does It Last
      The 30 ml sized bottle lasted 4 weeks me good, which will be pretty great for a 30 ml sized bottle. Nevertheless for the cost, I would like it to last! Therefore I want it was marginally more affordable so I could benefit from this product due to the high price more, and rarely buy it.

      Overall it is a terrific health product for the face that reduces pores smoothens tones and refreshes dull skin. I would recommend purchasing it, but more of a rare treat unless you've got enough money to purchase this every month. The purchase price lets the product down and consequently I would rate it 4/5.


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