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Writing & Rating

by dooyoo | 07.03.2014

Get tips on how to write a great review, rate a review, and how to leave comments for other reviewers. Learn about Crowned Reviews - dooyoo's awards for exceptional reviews.

Where and how do I write my review?

When you have chosen a product/service you want to review, click the grey 'Review' tab which is just below the item picture. You can then write your review in the page provided. A handy tip though is to write your review in a word processer first (such as Word) so that you can take your time writing your review and use the spell-check function before submitting it to dooyoo.

Once you have finished writing your review, click the 'Submit your review' button at the bottom of the screen. You will then be aksed whether your review meets dooyoo site rules. Then click the green 'Confirm' button to post your review.

As a reviewer you have the option to write either an Express Review or a Premium Review. A Premium Review is a review of 250 up to 500 words. Only Premium Reviews qualify for dooyooMiles. Use the word count beneath your review to see how many more words are required for your review to be considered a Premium Review. You can take a look at our Site Rules for more information on Premium Reviews.

What do I get for my reviews?

We know that dooyoo wouldn't be what it is without our fantastic members, which is why we are thrilled to offer dooyooMiles rewards for your participation! Premium Reviews (reviews of over 250 - 500 words of genuine, useful consumer opinion) qualify for dooyooMiles according to the category in which they are posted.

You will receive the most rewards for Premium Reviews in categories that are highly sought after by consumers. All the categories on the site are sorted into three different dooyooMiles levels, you can check at any time exactly how many dooyooMiles you will get for each review by checking the dooyoo categories (you have to be logged in to see the dooyooMiles values though).

Please note that Express Reviews (reviews under 250 words) and reviews in the Archive category do not earn dooyooMiles. Reviews in the dooyoo Lounge category do not receive a posting/writing bonus but you will earn 10 dooyooMiles for every member reading.

For all the specifics about dooyoo rewards, take a look at the dooyooMiles section of the Help Pages.

Can I edit my Premium Review, or update my Express Review to a Premium Review?

Yes! dooyoo members can come back at any time and extend their Express Review into a longer Premium Review, or update their Premium Reviews. You cannot, however, replace a Premium Review with a shorter Express Review. Only dooyoo members can edit their reviews, which is another reason why it's a great idea to join the dooyooCommunity!

You can update your Express Review, or indeed edit a Premium Review, in one of two ways:

What happens to my reviews when I have finished writing them?

If you are a dooyoo member and you are logged in your reviews will immediately appear on the site. Once you have clicked 'Submit your review' to send us your review you will see links to either go back to the product/service you wrote about or directly to your new review. Non-members' reviews normally appear on the site within 24 hours of being submitted.

If you wrote your review without logging in, don't forget to click the link in the confirmation email sent to the email address you provided. If you don't confirm that you want your review published then we can't upload it onto the site.

I just posted my review but it's not showing up.

If you're a member and have posted a review but can't see it on the site yet, chances are you're not logged into dooyoo. Non-registered users can post reviews, but there's a delay in them displaying on the site for security reasons. Becoming a dooyoo member will also let you edit your review after it has been posted.

How do I rate a review? Can I update my rating?

Both dooyoo members and non members have the option to rate other members' reviews. At the bottom of each review you'll find a section called 'Rate this opinion' - simply click on the appropriate button ('Not helpful' or 'Helpful') to rate the review.

If you click the wrong button, the reviewer updates the review, or you simply change your mind, you can change a rating at anytime. Go to the review again and click again 'Not helpful' or 'Helpful' to update the rating.

I rated a person's review as "Not helpful" and now I see they've rated all my reviews the same way.

What you're talking about is called 'revenge rating'. According to the dooyoo psychology dept., it happens when people can't take criticism and seek 'payback'. This is not a nice way to play in the dooyooCommunity and is against the Site Rules, which state that all reviews must be read thoroughly and rated honestly.

If you believe you've been revenge rated, contact the dooyooTeam and we will investigate for you.

How do I leave a comment?

Only members can leave comments on a review. At the bottom of the review, you will find a section titled 'Comments' with a box that says 'Have your say'. Click in this box, write your comment, then click 'Submit' - simple as that! The lastest comments (if there are any) will be displayed above that box.

What is a Crowned Review?

A Crowned Review is an exceptionally well-written review that has been awarded a Crown. For a review to be awarded a Crown it must be helpful. It should provide all the information required for a consumer to make an informed purchasing decision, it's insightful and it stays on topic. Even better if it's full of character, entertaining and enjoyable to read.

Members of the dooyoo community nominate reviews for Crowns. dooyoo will read all of these reviews and then decide which reviews should be awarded a Crown. This is the only way dooyoo can be sure that Crowns are awarded objectively.

Crowns are NOT awarded according to ratings, members, dooyoo Guides or by the number of nominations they receive.

How much is a Crowned Review worth?

A Crown will earn the reviewer a BONUS of 1500 dooyooMiles. Please note that 'dooyoo Lounge' and 'Archive' reviews don't receive any bonus dooyooMiles if they receive a Crown.

How do I nominate a review for a Crown?

If you read a review that you would like to nominate for a Crown, just click on the 'Crown Suggested' at the end of the review. Nominating a review for a Crown is not the same as rating it, nor does it replace your rating, so remember to rate a review even if you have nominated it.

Is copying reviews allowed? What if I wrote the original review and posted it on another site?

We here at dooyoo like to call a spade a spade, so make no mistake, copying a review is called plagiarism. Under no circumstances does dooyoo allow people to plagiarise content. Reviews copied from other sources are quickly picked up by dooyoo users, guides, and staff - so do not copy other people's work and claim it as your own.

Can I publish a review anonymously?

The short answer is, yes you can. You can publish a review you've written without logging in. However, once published you will not be able to edit your review, it will not earn dooyooMiles and the review will not appear on the site immediately.

To post your anonymous review, go to the product page for the product you wish to review and select the Review' tab, then click on 'Write a review'. Write your review as normal and, once you're satisfied with your text, click 'Submit your review'. You will be taken to a screen that allows you either to log in, or submit your review anonymously. You can add a screen name here that will appear with your review. Please ensure that you include a valid email address (this will not be visible to other dooyoo users), as we will send you an email asking you to confirm your review by clicking on a link contained in the email.

Can I use HTML tags in my reviews?

No. Reviews cannot contain html code.

Does dooyoo censor members reviews?

No, dooyoo does not censor reviews - the site is all about your opinions, not ours! We do, however, have certain, commonsense restrictions about what can and can't be said in a review - see our Terms & Conditions for more information. The main things to remember for review writing are: no plagiarising, no foul language, don't mention a specific employee's name if reviewing a company, and don't speak negatively of other dooyoo users. If you find a review that breaks the rules of the site, please contact us and let us know.

How can I get a review removed?

All legal inquiries, including a request to have a review removed from our site, are to be handled through the proper channels by contacting us. Please do not attempt to contact the reviewer directly.

My review is 'locked', what does this mean? How do I unlock it?

If your review has been locked, it is almost certainly because it breaches one of the dooyoo Site Rules. The most common problem is that the review does not meet the dooyoo quality requirements. If your review is locked it is no longer visible to other members or visitors to the site and the dooyooMiles associated with the review will also have been removed from your account.

You can find your locked reviews by logging in and going to 'My dooyoo', and then to 'My Reviews'. Then sort by 'Locked Review' on the right hand side.

You can't unlock the review yourself, it was locked because it was considered unsuitable for dooyoo, so the good folk at dooyoo HQ need to take another look at it before it can be unlocked. To get your review unlocked, you need to first edit your review and improve it so that it exceeds the quality standards for Premium Reviews on dooyoo. This means adding more useful, personal experience and product information to your review to make it more helpful to consumers using dooyoo to research their product purchases. Imagine what information you would want to know about the product if you were trying to decide whether or not to buy it. If you're stuck for ideas, we recommend taking a look at the latest Crowned Reviews in the category. You can also contact the dooyooCommunity Guides for advice, they're always willing to lend a helping hand.

Once you have made any necessary changes to the review, click 'Submit your review' to save your changes. There's no need to get in touch with us after this, your review will go into a queue and will be checked to see if it meets our requirements. If it does it will be unlocked and the dooyooMiles returned, if not you will receive another notification and will have the opportunity to update it again. Please do be patient though as it can take us some time to get through the queue to check your reviews, and we would appreciate you not sending emails before we get a chance to get to your reviews.