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Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup

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    8 Reviews
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      01.03.2014 00:38
      Not Helpful



      I wouldnt recomend it!

      Well when I first saw this I thought it sounded perfect and I could just pop my cup under with my coffee or tea in and no waiting to pour it! I might as well have just bought a normal kettle. After first receiving it I thought it looked stylish and sleek. I set it up for my first drink, put my cup under and switched it on, it boiled really quick but overfilled and even overfilled the drip tray! I then had to resort to buy larger mugs, half a pint mugs to be exact because any smaller and I would have had to tip some out to fit the milk in! In my second attempt to use it with larger cups I did the same and the drink tasted weak and I had to double my coffee to two spoons and use two tea bags! In the end I have resorted to using the mugs I bought to fill them with water and pour into my other mugs! so like I said I should of bought a fast boil kettle because that's the only useful feature to this! Needs to have an adjust mug size on!


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      20.01.2014 14:12
      Very helpful



      the idea behind this is great and with a few improvements the product would be fantastic

      Being a bit of an eco warrior and also having 2 young children, I really loved the idea of this Hot Cup kettle, heating up just the right amount of water very quickly using far less electric than a standard kettle and never reboiling water, sounded perfect! I thought I'd finally be able to fit time in my hectic days to make myself a hot drink!! Well......it started well although I had to adjust the amount of drink flavouring/coffee granules as the machine did not dispense enough water to fill our cups. I found it very easy to use, simply filling the tank directly with cold water (no faffy mini jugs) and pressing the switch at the top. I knew it was on as the switch illuminated blue and almost immediately started dispensing very hot water. I thought I'd be able to nip through and flick it on and then return to play with my boys whilst I waited for it to cool away from their reach still under the dispenser, unfortunately, a few times the switch did not switch off when the cup was full and ended up spilling very hot water onto the kitchen tops! Once this had happened twice I resolved to standing and watching and manually switching it off each time, not really a time saver and frankly not very safe! I also found for some of our flavoured teas and teabags, the water just wasn't hot enough to properly brew them and the flavour was often weak because of this.

      To sum up;
      This would be a fabulous product with just a few improvements, ie. a variable cup size option and by dispensing truly BOILING water.


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      03.10.2013 17:15
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great product in theory, but could do with improvement.


      Upon deciding that our old kettle that was well past its best needed replacing, I already had a fairly good idea of what I wanted to replace it with. I had previously seen the Breville Hot Cup range of kettles on sale but they had always cost just that bit more than I was willing to spend on a kettle retailing between £50 and £60. So when I saw that they had come down in price considerably it was enough to justify to myself that this item would be worth the outlay. At the time of purchase I managed to pick up a Breville Hot Cup for £35 having been reduced from its full retail price. For this price I was expecting to pick up a base model kettle from one of the premium brand names so was delighted to leave the shop with my Breville Hot Cup.
      There are two sizes available but with the larger of the two still retailing at £60 I settled with the smaller version as I figured there wouldn't be much difference other than the amount of water that each would hold. The Breville Hot Cup is essentially just a fancy means of boiling water, however it boils just one cup of water at a time meaning both energy efficiency and convenience are key to this product; it was primarily for these two reasons that I had been eyeing up this product for quite some time.

      Getting Started:-

      The Breville Hot Cup is just the same as any other cordless kettle in the way that it sits on a base unit that is plugged into the wall with the main jug section being removable for supposedly easy filling. Upon removing the kettle from its sturdy box displaying photos of the contents, a little assembly was required, but this was only a case of putting together the drip tray and placing it onto the base of the kettle underneath the water outlet. As with any other kettle this needed cleaning through before first use which was simply a case of filling the jug and dispensing the water one cup at a time until it was empty. Once this process was complete it was ready to go and be used as it was intended.

      How is it Different?:-

      The first thing that is noticeable is the size of the Breville Hot Cup as it appears to be quite a bit larger than a normal kettle but the way it is designed means the footprint doesn't take up much more room than a standard kettle. Finished in chrome and black it looks quite sleek making it an item that actually catches the eye for all the right reasons, I have found it to look more like a coffee machine than a kettle, and have had several people comment that they like the look of it.
      On top of the kettle are the controls which consist of two large chrome buttons one for switching it on and the other for opening the lid of the jug. The jug section on the back of the kettle holds 1.5 litres of water which means it will dispense 4 large mugs of water before it reaches the minimum level indicated on the side, with the jug itself lighting up a neon blue when the kettle is boiling, this actually compliments the chrome and black finish nicely even though it sounds as though it could look just a bit tacky.

      Overall the Breville Hot Cup still manages to look very modern indeed given the fact that they have been around for a while now, and if it wasn't for the pre-mentioned reasons for purchase I feel that the looks may just have won me over as I feel it does look about as stylish as a kettle can sitting on my kitchen side.

      In use:-

      Once ready to use the Breville Hot Cup does really come into its own taking a shade under 30 seconds to dispense a cup of boiling water although it does make quite a bit of noise whilst actually dispensing the water, I think this is mainly due to pressure created by the steam. The quick boiling time coupled with the fact that any remaining water is not being re-boiled or poured down the sink means freshly boiled water every time with no waste, and saving more than just a little electricity makes the noise worthwhile to me as my kitchen generally isn't the quietest place anyway. The Breville Hot Cup is rated at 3000W which may seem like quite a high power consumption rate but the fact that it is working for a lot less time than a normal kettle means in reality it is actually using less electricity.
      One major bugbear that some may find with this model of the Breville Hot Cup is the fact that the amount of water dispensed in one go cannot be altered. This is not a problem in our house as we prefer to drink from mugs rather than cups, if cups were being used however this item would be pretty much useless as they would just overflow, or at best make life difficult and messy by having to discard of a little water each time to make way for milk. The other Breville Hot Cup that is available in this range does have a feature to adjust the amount of water dispensed but it is a lot larger and also more expensive; still retailing at around the £60 mark. I would have liked to have seen this feature on the smaller version and I cannot really see why they have done without it as I cannot see that it would increase the price by much at all. Fortunately I had used the version of the Hot Cup that we purchased beforehand so I knew that it would meet my needs.

      One point that I do find to be a little bit of an irritation is the fact that the lid for filling the jug is just not big enough. If filling under a tap the size of the kettle itself makes it difficult to position correctly and there is a high likelihood that water will end up spraying all over the place. For this reason I usually fill it from another jug but I feels this completely defies the point of being able to remove it from the base, and would much rather swap this feature for the ability to control the amount of water being dispensed.
      So overall in the usability stakes I cannot rate this item all that highly, as I do not feel that it would fulfil most people's expectations of the product. I feel that the fact that it would probably be constantly over-filling their cups would make this item more of a chore to use than it was worth in the long run.

      Cleaning and Maintenance:-

      I have found that the Breville Hot Cup scales up at around the same rate as a normal kettle and it does sometimes pass a little of this through into my cup but again no worse than a normal kettle. De-scaling is simply a case of filling the One Cup using either a standard de-scaler or vinegar solution and boiling it all through, then repeating the process with clean water to ensure there is no residue left internally.
      As for the external surfaces of the Hot Cup the chrome does get marked quite quickly due to the inevitable amount of steam involved with boiling water but it is very easy to wipe clean and doesn't tend to smear meaning minimal amounts of time can be spent cleaning this item which is always a bonus in my eyes.

      In Conclusion:-

      In theory the Breville Hot Cup is a brilliant idea however the "little brother" model that I purchased didn't fully meet my expectations despite having used one in the past although I was satisfied enough to keep it and not return to store to exchange for a different model. However as previously mentioned I feel that it may end up being completely useless for some due to its lack of ability to adjust the amount of water dispensed. I feel that by trying to compete with standard kettles on the pricing front Breville have removed the one feature that would make this kettle appeal to a much wider audience that would prefer to purchase the cheaper of the two models.

      I would love to give the Breville Hot Cup a high user rating as personally I have found it to make my life a lot easier as I drink a lot of tea and coffee whilst at home and always in a decent size mug, and when for example cooking pasta or when I need a larger amount of water I simply fill a jug by boiling it several times which only takes around 2 minutes to dispense a litre of boiling water meaning I have been able to leave our old standard kettle in the cupboard as a backup. Despite this I can see the lack of adjustability along with the fact it is by no means easy to fill putting quite a few people off so I'm afraid it is a cautious recommendation from me based on the fact it does perform reliably every time I use it and the theory behind is indeed pretty solid but I could see most people preferring the larger model compared to the one that I purchased.
      As my title suggests I feel that Breville would have been better off calling this the Hot Mug due to the fact it dispenses too much water for most cups leaving little or no room for anything other than the water.

      Unfortunately only 3/5 stars from me for a product I feel could be a lot better than it actually is with just a couple of small improvements.


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        25.08.2012 09:05
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        I love it

        == Why the Hot Cup ==
        My boyfriend is a massive tea fan so for his birthday recently, I bought him a Breville Hot Cup. I didn't even know these existed until I was randomly looking at tea related products on Amazon. I was actually looking for one of those coffee making machines where you put in the little sachets but for tea but apparently they don't exist. Anyway, when I saw this on Amazon it was about £35 which does sound quite expensive considering it is basically a kettle but I needed something a bit different as a present.

        == What it does ==
        As I just said, the Breville Hot Cup is essentially a kettle. The difference, however, is that this boils enough water for one mug at a time. This is supposed to save you both money and energy and as the water gets hotter quicker than a normal kettle, it's supposed to make a better cup of coffee or tea etc. It only takes roughly 10 seconds for the one mug of water to be boiled so it also saves quite a lot of time in comparison to a normal kettle.

        == Design ==
        The Hot Cup has a silver base on which the main part of the product sits. The base has small holes in the front part which is used to store excess water in case the mug used overflows or like my boyfriend did once, not put a cup underneath at all. This is the only time the drip tray has ever been used and it is really easy to remove so that you can empty out the water.

        The main part of the Hot Cup sits nicely on the base and is quite secure once placed there. The kettle part of the Hot Cup is black with a clear part which shows how much water you have left in it. When turned on and in use, this part lights up in a really nice blue colour which was a nice touch I thought. The handle is large and quite thick so picking up the kettle part is nice and easy and not awkward at all.

        The most annoying part of this product is where you fill it up with water. The hole is in quite an awkward place and it is also quite small so sometimes, when using the kitchen tap, water does go down the side instead of inside. I have had to wipe down the sides many times before being able to put it back on the base. The Hot Cup holds 5 mugs worth of water which is a nice amount as it means you don't have to refill too often.

        The cord for the plug is quite short so we have had to place ours right next to a plug socket. This isn't really a problem for us as the kitchen is pretty small to begin with and ours now fits in snug next to the wall. However, if you have a larger kitchen, you will end up being limited in where you can put this.

        == Using the hot cup ==
        Once we had taken this out of the box and decided to use it for the first time, I wasn't ready for just how easy everything was. Putting the two parts together was obviously very simple and apart from an awkward moment when filling it up with water, everything went smoothly.

        With water in the tank, the Hot Cup turned on and a mug underneath, we were ready to go. To boil the water and to dispense one mugs worth, you only need to press the button on the top. Once you have done this, the machine will make a crazy sound for about 10 seconds and then the water begins to stream out. The noise is quite loud and a bit annoying but seeing as it doesn't last long, I don't mind this too much now. The water streams out in a nice, even flow and every single time, all of it has gone in the mug without it going elsewhere. The water comes out piping hot and hotter than when boiling water in a kettle.

        == Cleaning ==
        For the most part, this is a really easy machine to clean. To clean the base and the outer parts of the machine, you can use a cloth was soap and water and just wipe it all down. However, like kettles, the inside will need descaling from time to time. I have never descaled anything as I have never really use a kettle much myself. I'm told that you can buy any descaling product and follow the instructions. As this cost a fair bit more than a normal kettle, I think I'll actually be cleaning this one when it needs doing.

        == Overall ==
        I wasn't expecting to like this product as much as I do. Although I don't use it too much myself, my boyfriend does all the time! It is a really handy product for people who don't make more than one cup at a time or for people who live on their own. This also boils enough water much quicker than a normal kettle so it does actually save a lot of time. I would happily recommend this to anyone and my boyfriend thinks it's one of the best presents he's had for a while!


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          21.07.2012 17:55
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          economical, time saving, safe.

          Breville Hot Cup VKJ142

          - 3Kw
          - 1.5 litre tank
          - Drip tray
          - Cord storage

          RRP around £40

          The Breville Hot cup is a hot water dispenser. Rather than a hefty kettle. It is much easier to use than a standard kettle. I have owned this item for a couple of years now with no problems. Its main appeal is the energy usage, or lack of! I live alone and so generally only make one cup of tea at a time. Boiling a kettle each time, with more water than needed, does use up more electric than necessary, in my opinion the Hot Cup is very economical. It is very quick to use and so saves quite a bit of time.

          The body of the Hot Cup is finished in a very stylish black, with silver trimmings. It is a very attractive addition to the work top. The main body of the water tank is a transparent white colour. The water tank illuminates in a shade of blue when it is switched on to dispense. This is a good feature as it is easy to see when the unit is in use.

          With a simple flick of the switch, located on the top of the machine, it heats up only the water that is to be dispensed. Therefore reducing energy as it does not heat up the entire tank. The water comes out automatically so there is no need to lift it in order to fill up a mug/teapot/saucepan etc. It dispenses 250ml of water each time it is activated. This is equivalent to 1 US cup measurement. This is ample for one serving. It can be used in succession for multiple cups, without complications, providing the water level is on or above the minimum line. It also incorporates a drip tray to catch any spills. The drip tray is easily removed for cleaning and emptying. So, to make a cup of tea, simply place your tea bag in your mug, then put on top of the drip tray. Press the button and less than 60 seconds later your tea will be brewing. If I am making a cup of coffee I tend to pop a small jug underneath the spout instead so not to over fill the mug as I like my coffee milky! It has measured marks all the way up from minimum to maximum. This makes it easy to see how much water is available without having to move the unit at all. The other feature is that it can be used at any angle on the base. So it doesn't have to be put back in the exact position. It has non slip feet so it doesn't move around the worktop.

          To fill the unit simply remove the tank from the base. Then press the release button, and fill to the maximum mark with water. I fill it up to the maximum mark each time for ease of use.

          It may not be suitable if you want to boil large quantities of water, therefore, a normal kettle may be better.

          I feel that this item is much safer than a normal kettle as you don't lift the unit when it has boiled. Thus reducing the risk of spilling scalding water. Ideal when there are children around. It would be very handy for the elderly, or people who are unable to lift. I have a back problem, and the Hot Cup makes my life a lot easier as lifting a big kettle when my back is sore, can really be agony. This would be a valuable item to anyone who has difficulty lifting a standard kettle.

          The only draw back is that the amount to be dispensed cannot be changed. Although, to my knowledge, there are other models available with this feature.


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            13.02.2012 13:33
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            Recommended for those who find larger kettles difficult to manage

            This review is for the Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup, which is a kettle designed to just heat the amount of water that you need.

            The aim of this kettle is to boil and dispense only one cup at a time, which has the advantage of being much quicker, and saves energy and time in not boiling water that isn't needed. I bought this deliberately for both the speed and energy issues, and hopefully it'll save at least a little electricity!

            Some technical details, the kettle is 3,000 watts, has a 1.5 litre 5 cup capacity, a removable drip tray, cord storage, boil dry protection, and safety cut-out. The kettle weighs 1.6 kgs.

            In terms of the product itself, it's easy to use, and takes less than 30 seconds to boil one cup, with the water automatically dispensed at the press of a button. It's easy to fill, which is done just like a usual kettle and it has an easy release lid, and it's also easy to pour. It's maybe a little louder than a usual kettle, but nothing particularly excessive.

            The kettle is black and grey, and I think this is the only colour that is available. As expected, the kettle comes well packaged in a relatively small box, and there is a comprehensive instruction manual enclosed, although it's not really necessary to read this to be operate the kettle.

            The kettle feels quite robust and comes with a one year warranty, so should be reasonable long-lasting. It's also easy to lift, which makes it particularly suitable for those who struggle to lift heavier products or have problems with gripping kettles to pour the water.

            Although it isn't a problem for me, one surprising factor in this product is that you can't change the amount of water that is boiled, so if you only have a small cup you can't boil a little less. This isn't a problem, but is a feature that some might have expected.

            At the moment, I've noticed that Amazon have a similar unit with a different dispenser, but Amazon have removed the product from their sale saying that customers have complained that the product wasn't as described, so they aren't selling it themselves. This seems a little mysterious, but when the problem is resolved, this gives another option for those who do need a different amount of water to be dispensed.

            The water boils quickly - and when boiling the kettle lights up blue which looks quite effective - and pours at boiling point and especially for those who drink tea, this is the ideal temperature. As a primary coffee drinker this is less important, but it does make an ideal product for those who drink tea.

            Any excess water goes into the drip tray, and this is easily removed and can be placed in a dish-washer if necessary, and easily slots back in.

            It's not likely that this product will replace as a kettle for many people as many need a kettle to pour more water on many occasions, and so for many it'll be an extra product, which is quite a clever way for a manufacturer to sell an extra product to be put in a kitchen. But for some people, this would make an ideal replacement.

            The kettle retails for 69.99 pounds but can be found much cheaper than this. At the moment the kettle costs 34.97 pounds on Amazon including postage, although I purchased mine from Argos during their 20% off kettles sale. Argos say that the retail price is 49.99 pounds and they usually charge 39.99 pounds (mine was around 32 pounds).

            In summary, it boils water quickly and efficiently, looks modern and is an affordable price. Might have been better if the amount of water that was boiled could be slightly varied, but overall, this is a recommended product.


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              05.02.2012 22:02


              • Reliability


              good purchase

              we purchased this after using one at a family members house and absolutley loving how quick it boiled.

              i thought that this would be great for the morning rush before work and decided to get one.

              you simply switch on the kettle, put your cup on the drip tray under the nozzle and wait

              The kettle has a blue light which illuminates when boiling it takes merly seconds to boil and the fills your cup, there is a drip tray for spillages which is easily taken out to empty.

              its easy to clean and fill up as the kettle itself can be taken off the base

              the kettle itself is great the boil time great but there are a few downsides for me

              the first time i used it i managed to overfill my cup not realising that the water was more than a normal size cup (its 250ml i believe) the excess water spilled into the drip tray but also splashed out, the drip tray itself is not very big. i had to purchase mugs from then on.

              the kettle isnt easy to see water levels and i have boiled it so many times and realised nothing is coming out but on the upside it has not broke.

              i do recommend this kettle though and often get frustrated when im visiting family and have to wait for the kettle to boil for so long.

              worth the money on the eco friendly part but just make sure you have big mugs


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              17.01.2012 21:27
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              Great for a fast cuppa but don't chuck your old kettle away yet

              I decided to buy the Breville Hot Cup VKJ142 after dropping the lid of my kettle while trying to clean it
              so while the kettle is still usable there's now a big crack in the outer plastic of the lid which doesn't
              look too good when it's sitting on your worktop. My mum had recently bought one of these and after
              trying hers I was really impressed with the speed and the way it looked so my kettle breaking created the perfect excuse to go and buy one.

              The Hot Cup looks great it's definitely an improvement on our old plain white kettle with it's sleek
              glossy black and chrome casing with a clear water display that lights up bright blue when the machine
              is in use. The main unit lifts off the base for easy filling and there's an easy to clean drip tray on the
              base to take care of any spills.

              The Breville Hot Cup only boils the water you need for one mug which supposedly saves on energy
              plus as it boils water 4 times faster than a kettle you get your cuppa in around 30 seconds.
              There's usually only two of us in the house most of the week and we both come and go at different
              times so the Hot Cup seemed like a good idea as it's faster and less wasteful than boiling a kettle
              for one cup.

              The Hot Cup is easy to operate just fill it up with water place your cup on the chrome drip tray and
              press the on button, it boils the water and after about 30 seconds it fills the cup for you. The
              water comes out in a steady stream when it pours so it doesn't splash or splutter as it fills the cup.
              The Hot Cup holds 1.5 litres of water which will give you 5 cups of 250ml before it goes below the
              minimum level and needs to be topped up. As we found out by accident it's not a good idea to
              overfill it as the water goes everywhere when you switch it on.

              One major downside of this machine is you cannot change the amount of water that comes out
              so you have to make do with 250ml. In our case we discovered our cups were slightly too small
              for 250ml servings after buying the machine. I had to give in and go and buy some bigger mugs to go
              with it after two days of burning myself trying to empty water from a cup that's full to the brim so I
              could actually stir it. This also means the machine is a bit useless for anyone who likes their coffee
              with half milk half water or tops their drink up with cold water when they are in a hurry although you
              can still use it by emptying the water out then adding your coffee it just seems a bit of a pain.

              Although I've never had any problem using this myself recently as I've been stuck on crutches with
              a broken ankle since new year anyone coming to visit has been told to help themselves to a cuppa.
              This is often followed a shriek or swearing from the direction of the kitchen as even after they've
              been told to put the cup under it before they press the button several people have switched it on
              like a normal kettle while putting their coffee etc n the cup then scream as hot water pours out with
              no cup under it.

              For this reason I really wouldn't recommend this if you have kids around who could switch it on then
              get scalded when the water comes out. Likewise it's probably best avoided if you happen to have
              friends like my boyfriends mate who although academically is very clever it would seem when they
              fitted the clever part of his brain there was obviously no room left to fit any common sense in. So far
              he is the only one who has switched this on without a cup under it twice in one afternoon and then
              done it again a couple of days later.

              On the plus side it's a great help for anyone with disabilities that make lifting and pouring a kettle
              difficult or dangerous. My friend is blind and she has just got one of these as she reckons it's a lot
              safer than the liquid level indicator alarm she was previously using to gauge how full her cup was.
              My mum also finds this really helpful as due to her disability often affecting her hands and arms she
              often had to use both hands or a special cradle to pour a cuppa so she finds the Breville is
              perfect for her.

              Although the speed at which this produces a cup of boiling water is impressive and it's ideal for hot
              drinks when there's just the two of us I still find it can't fully replace a kettle. I'm glad I kept the old
              kettle as I often use it for boiling water to fill a pot for cooking as our electric stove is pretty slow and using this would take several refills. I also find myself dragging the kettle out if we have a few friends
              in as it's faster and easier than waiting on separate cups and refilling this for 6 people to get their drink.

              We paid £35 for the Breville Hot Cup when we bought it in a sale a few months ago and current prices
              seem to range from £36 at Amazon to £49.99 from Argos. Although I do love this for a quick coffee it
              is a bit expensive for something that in my case doesn't fully replace the need for a kettle.


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            • Product Details

              The Breville Hot Cup features patented technology and a rapid boil function making it four times faster than a standard kettle. With a smooth black finish and illuminated water gauge it is a stylish addition to any kitchen. A detachable base and cordless