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Tiger Tiger (Newcastle)

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Address: The Gate / Newgate St / Newcastle / NE1 5RE / England / Tel: 0191 235 7065

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    1 Review
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      18.02.2010 21:09
      Very helpful



      A great night out!

      I don't often go out in Newcastle as it's expensive for a taxi home, but when I do I often go to Tiger Tiger. I've been about half a dozen times in the last 6 months and will hopefully be going back again soon! Tiger Tiger is located at the Gate, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

      When I was in my first year at University, our Christmas party was in one of the rooms and it was really good. I then hadn't been back until August last year, for my friends birthday. In September my brother-in-law won a competition on metro radio for 4 people to have a 3 course meal, bottle of champagne and free cocktails for the opening night of Groovy Wonderland. Unfortunately for him, my brother-in-law was unable to make it so he gave the prize to me and my friends! This was my first true experience of Tiger Tiger and it was a fantastic night out! Obviously the fact that it was mostly free helped make it a night to remember, but as a venue it is great. As my brother-in-law is so lucky (and enters lots of radio competitions!) he won another competition from Metro. This time it was for a Christmas night out for 10 people. This included a 3 course meal and free drinks all night and I was one of his guests!! This was one of the best nights out I've had (although we were all a bit hung-over the next day!)

      I have been to Tiger Tiger on a number of occasions outside of the competition prizes. This is the venue we chose for our night out on New Years Eve and it was great! It cost £20 for a ticket to get in on New Year's Eve, and although this was expensive I would pay it again for New Years Eve. There were people at Tiger Tiger from all over the country as they think Newcastle is a great place for a night out! :)

      Happy hour times keep changing but it's currently 5-9pm. During happy hour drinks are half price! We usually try and go for part of happy hour to save us a bit of money, as the drinks are quite expensive.

      Entry is £5, but if you go in before 10.30pm it's free. We nearly always go in before 10.30pm so I've only actually paid for entry once (plus New Years Eve, as that was ticket only entry).

      == Restaurant ==

      The restaurant is located on the ground floor and I did not even realise it was there until I went for the competition. There are quite a few tables and they are spaced out well so it doesn't feel cramped.

      The only times I've eaten in the restaurant were for the 2 competitions. Both times the food was excellent and the service great! Looking at the menu I thought it was more on the expensive side so not somewhere I would go regularly. There is a good selection of well presented and well cooked food. Starters range in price from £3.95 (for soup) to £5.95 for whole tiger prawns. They do a selection of steaks starting at around £14.95 and burgers for £8.95. They also serve fajitas, pasta and salads (starting at £7.95). They do a range of deserts at £4.50 each. The deserts we had were delicious. When we went at Christmas we were given choices from a set menu so most of us opted for the Christmas dinner! This was also delicious. The staff are all really friendly and there's a nice atmosphere although not as much as there is in smaller restaurants.

      The website currently states 'Dine with us on Friday and you will enjoy 25% off your total food bill!' however it doesn't state how long the offer is on.

      The restaurant also does a lunch time menu, I've never been in for lunch but the menu has a good selection of dishes and there are cheaper offers, ranging from dishes £4 - £11.

      == Tiger Bar ==
      This is the bar on the ground floor where you go in, before you get to the restaurant. We often have our first drink in here but it's not really a place to dance, so we head upstairs once it opens. There are a number of tables and chairs as well as a couple of booths which can be hired out for party's etc. Our booth was here the night of my brother-in-law's Christmas Party prize. This is the only time I've been in one of the booths on this floor.

      I always think the music is a little bit quieter here so you don't need to shout quite so loud to make yourself heard. We never stay at this bar very long, although it is usually quite busy, as we like to head upstairs asap to have a dance!

      == Raffles Bar ==
      This is an open plan bar on the top floor, leading to some of the other rooms. The music is usually good in here, with songs that are currently in the charts and that are good to dance to. The toilets for this floor are next to this bar and they are great! Well obviously I can only speak about the Ladies but there is a room as you first go in with soft seats and big mirrors, and I've yet to go to Tiger Tiger without posing in here with my friends/family lol. The actual toilets themselves are just average, usually with a lady selling hairspray, deodorant and sweets etc. The trouble with the soft seats though, is that we often go in and chat so much we forget to come back out! Our party at Christmas thought they'd lost me and my sister, but we were just sitting chatting in the toilets!

      == Groovy Wonderland ==
      This is my favourite bar in Tiger Tiger! I absolutely love it! It's a 70s and 80s bar and has a disco dance floor. We went on the opening night as that was the first of the competitions my brother-in-law won. They sell cocktails served in fresh fruit, which I had when we got some for free on the opening night. The Pina Colada is served in a fresh pineapple and looks really good. It was quite night but not really my kind of drink so I wouldn't buy one.

      There are also booths in Groovy Wonderland, which you can book for a party. You also get a silver sequined glove (like Michael Jackson's) if you book a booth. We got them on opening night as we were VIPs. They make the whole experience more fun!

      There's a DJ there and he does take requests although the last time I was there I asked for a song and he didn't play it... even though it was an 80s song that I've heard been played there before. It was busy though and lots of people made requests. He told me he would play it in half an hour but an hour later he still hadn't played it. It didn't spoil the night though as the music was still good, it just annoys me when DJs don't play my requests!

      The disco dance floor is a huge hit with me and my friends! I can't not dance when I'm in Groovy Wonderland! My sister loves this bar too and

      == The White Room ==
      I'm not a huge fan of the white room as it's like a night club and I don't really like clubland music. My friends really like this room though and we always make a short visit here. Sometimes the music is good, it just depends. The room is quite large and also has private booths.

      == Drinks ==

      Tiger Tiger sells a wide range of drinks, including cocktails, which I think are quite expensive. However, I think that most places in Newcastle are quite expensive (which is part of the reason I don't go out in Newcastle much). They sell a selection of wines (bottles start at £12.95), cocktails (£6.20 per glass or £14 per jug), champagne cocktails (£6.45), shooters (£4.80) and soft drinks (from £2.45). I usually drink Archers and lemonade and I think a single costs around £5.

      == Contact ==
      The Gate
      Newgate Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5RE
      0191 235 7065

      == Opening Times ==

      Monday - Thursday noon- 2am
      Friday - Saturday noon-3am
      Sunday - noon-12.30am

      == Admission ==
      Friday night - £5 after 10pm
      Saturday Night - £7 after 10pm. £8 after 11pm

      == Overall ==

      If I could afford it I would go Tiger Tiger more often as it is a great venue in the heart of Newcastle. It is great as there is such a variety of music all under one roof, so we never get bored. Also it means if it's raining and/or cold (which it is in Newcastle at this time of year!) once you are inside you don't need to worry about the weather until it's time to go home! It's also fairly easy to get a taxi almost right outside, there's a taxi rank if you want to queue but usually book one and get it to pick us up very nearby. If you are looking for a night out in Newcastle I would definitely recommend Tiger Tiger!

      I really do think Tiger Tiger is a grrrr-eat night out! You can start in the restaurant and then party on til 3am all under one roof! I would quite like to go to the restaurant and try the lunch time menu. My sister has just qualified as a nurse so maybe I should treat her to lunch here to celebrate! :)


      Thank you for reading! :)


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