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Revolutions Vodka Club

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Several locations throughout England and Scotland.

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    2 Reviews
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      02.06.2010 12:58
      Very helpful



      A great place to hang out, eat a good meal, and sip on a yummy cocktail.

      Vodka Revolution is a branch of trendy bars that are located across the UK. They are primarily a cocktail bar that specialises in uniquely flavoured vodkas. They also serve food and all the normal alcoholic and soft-drink beverages that you would expect from most bars.


      This is what makes the place special. Vodka Revolution creates wildly different flavoured vodkas that you cannot find anywhere else. These are available to buy in single or double shots, and you can get 'sticks' containing 6 or 10 shots of various flavours.
      The current range of flavours includes:
      Very Cherry, Love Candy, Chilli, Mr Voddy Ice Cream, Big Apple, Fruit Salad, Milk Chocolate, Blackjack, Cola Cube, Glacier Mint, Cream Soda, Strawberry & Vanilla, Watermelon, Parma Violet, Lemon & Lime, Peach, Bubblegum, Banana, Milky Bar, Jelly Baby, Bakewell Tart, Blackcurrant, Pear Drop, Mango & Pineapple, Raspberry, Rhubarb & Custard, Strawberry, Cappuccino, Birthday Cake, Cherry Bomb.
      Artificial flavourings are a no-no here, you really are getting what it says on the bottle. For example, to make 50 litres of Mint Vodka, the ingredients include over 8000 Glacier Mints! They are a dedicated to providing innovative drinks that are a lot of fun and great for special occasions. They really do taste amazing and I always enjoy trying out the new ones.

      The cocktails are fantastic, freshly prepared by the bar staff as you wait and it is interesting to watch them being made. There are the classic favourites such as White Russian, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, and Long Island Iced Tea. There are also new cocktails being added to the menu on a seasonal basis, inspired by current events and using fresh fruity flavours. The current range of specials at the moment are in honour of the World Cup (yep you can't escape it!).


      Food is freshly prepared by in-house chefs and is fairly limited to your standard sort of pub menu items. Specialties include pizzas and burgers, but these are of very high quality and each meal is hearty and filling. There are some really nice vegetarian options as well, and you can mix and match food as you wish to create your own meal if you don't fancy the combos on the menu. There are lots of lighter choices such as wraps and salads, along with big sharing platters and chunky burgers. Most dishes come with a side so check your options. The ingredients all taste fresh and the presentation is of good standards. There's nothing hugely original on the menu but some things come with a twist, such as using vodka sauce on the meat. I've eaten here many times and am always happy with the good quality of the food and ingredients. The meals are filling but quite high in carb and fat contents so pick carefully if you're watching your diet. New dishes are added to suit the season but the favourite staples stay on the menu all year round.


      Register online and you can receive text messages and e-mails giving you 2-4-1 offers at set times on a weekly basis. If you sign up for this at the bar they often give you a free drink at the time as an extra bonus, so it's worth asking if you can get there in person.

      The offer to beat them all is the I <3 Vodka Privilege Card. Available for the cost of £4 from the bar it will last you for one year and comes complete with a mini booklet full of money off and BOGOF vouchers. These will usually have a limited expiry date of about 2-3 months so check the T&Cs and make the most of them. Once you've bought your Privilege Card you can start saving straight away, and this entitles you to reduced prices on cocktails, beer, pitchers, meal deals, and BOGOF on selected items from the menu. My partner and I can usually manage to get a meal with 2 cocktails each for around £20 all included by making the most of the special offers. If you think you will be visiting regularly these are well worth the money and can save you an awful lot in the long run, mine has proved itself to be well worth the £4.


      My local Vodka Revs is in Bristol and I go there fairly frequently after work on Friday nights, on nights out with friends to get things kicked off, or for a well deserved break after a day's sightseeing and shopping. It is a large building with a huge amount of space, including two levels of indoor seating and an outdoor patio with lots more seating and tables. Inside there is a good mix of large and smaller tables but it can be difficult to find a place to sit if you arrive at a busy time.

      The bar runs the whole length of the main room and is usually staffed by about 3 or 4 drinks servers. It will quite often be packed with customers 2 or 3 deep, and you can expect to wait at least 10-15 minutes to order your drinks when the place is busy like this on a weekend night. It can be quite a long wait, but if you are visiting at a quieter period, say late afternoon or at lunch time you may be lucky enough to get someone serving you directly at your table and they will take all your drinks and food orders to make things more efficient. Food is served in good time and I've never had to wait more than 20 minutes for a meal to be prepared even at peak times.

      The typical crowd is your 20s-30s young professional type. It is mostly appealing to younger customers but manages to avoid being a clichéd student bar, even with all the special offers available. It's a quietly classy place to drink and you spend a very enjoyable time here. I think the best way I could describe it is, it's a place you would go to drink, not a place you would go to get drunk. The drinks themselves deserve appreciation and mixed in with good food it is very unlikely to see anyone mis-behaving in here. I've never had or seen any problems, and door staff clock-on later in the evening to help manage the volume of customers.
      Even the bathrooms are nice, with drinks holders in each cubicle and PAYG hair straighteners by the mirrors!

      This is one of my favourite places to go out for drinks, it's modern but not too trendy, the staff are welcoming and helpful, the music is generic but not too loud, and the atmosphere is laid back, fun, and inviting. I would recommend this place to anyone and always look out for a new branch if I'm travelling to another city.


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      15.09.2009 16:55
      Very helpful



      Great value and lots of fun

      If you Love Vodka, you will Love this place!

      There are numerous locations scattered across the UK, all of which have the same idea..... to offer you as many different vodka's as you can imagine!

      Vodka rev is a modern and popular bar that offers a range of different drinks, food and will also cater for events.

      Vodka Rev are very experimental with their drinks they look at creating something that is a little unusual, something not everywhere serves, I personally like this. Different shot flavours include birthday cake and milky bar. They do lots of different and unusual cocktails which change depending on which menu they are using. Here they like changing their alcohol menu and I think this changes every few months.

      These bars are popular, and you will usually find that weekends are very very busy in these places, however that is pretty much standard for all bars in a city centre. It is however still fairly easy to get served even in these busier times, there always seems to be lots of bar staff on and the place remains tidy till late into the night.

      Food is also available pretty much all day and at great value. If you order before a certain time and they do not bring you your food in 15 minutes then you eat for free! The food has always been of great standard, very tasty and very filling always a bonus.

      Vodka rev have a benefits card. This year you pay £4 and get lots of Two for One on drinks and food. If you sign up online to recieve emails the only time they really contact you is when they send you even more vouchers. You can save alot of money, even if you go just once this £4 card can save you alot more.

      There is a facility where you can book certain sections of the bar for private parties, they also have a facility where you can book the whole place out and have themed events and their staff members will dress up accordingly. Prices for these services vary from bar to bar however their website can give you lots of information and contact details of your local bar.

      The handfull of Bars I have been to has always been clean and had friendly staff. There never has been any problems with drunk people or fights it is just a very calm and relaxed atmosphere where everyone genuinly is there to have a good time.


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