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Nightclubs in Dubai

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United Arab Emirates.

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    1 Review
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      29.04.2004 07:33
      Very helpful



      * Initial Note * Well, Maybe not a new Ibiza, but Dubai is growing so fast, that I wouldnt be suprised one day that the cultural style and diversity that pushes on the development of Dubai, will soon allow the club culture to surpass of those more popular clubbing destinations in the Meditteranean today. Dubai, unlike some of the other popular young places to visit such as Ibiza, Malaga, and Ayia Napa, it maintains an heir of class, a cut above the rest is the best way I can put it. The reason, really, is firstly the distance from the UK. As its quite far away, its not generally a discounted or cheap holiday. The drinks here are also relatively expensive, due to what is known as 'haraam' tax. This basically means that there is a 30% tax on anything that is against the Muslim religion. This therefore applies to Bacon, and meats which are not slaughtered in the proper islamic way. It however more importantly relates to our beloved english past-time of drinking. You will therefore expect to pay approximately 20 Dhs for a drink on average, which works out at about £3.60. This therefore discourages younger tourists or typical 'lager louts' to visit. Which in my opinion stops it becoming spoiled, and allows, although being possibly sterotypical, a more sophisticated crowd. Dubais commercial sector has picked up on this, and therefore Dubai has seen the sprowt up of classy wine bars, as well as ultra modern night clubs, with sophisticated drinks (-instead of cider) such as interesting and surprising cocktails. I often visit Dubai, and therefore know it very well. I will classify the different clubs by either the type of music, or theme of it. * The Review * -House Music Clubs- Many people from Ministry sound, and for example MTV Mash has been here with many successful gigs. The house music culture in Dubai is on the increase, due to mainly the greater influx of tourists. There
      are therefore many clubs in Dubai that relate to the ever increasingly popular house music scene. The most prominant one in my mind, is The Lodge located near the Movenpick hotel in Bur Dubai. This nightclub was set up by the British Council in the 1980s, and therefore being established for so long, attracts a lot of the House music enthusiasts, as well as many of the western expatriates. The drinks are a little cheaper here as well, averaging out at about 14 Dhs, being just over £2. The Lodge has a relatively large indoor area, where older music is played from the 70s and 80s. There are three bars inside, and generally have small queues - so no extra long waits. Outside there is an absoloutley massive dance area, with a huge dome. DJ Dave, an established DJ from Northern Ireland, pumps out all of the latest house tunes, and also plays some interesting mixes. Outside there are 8 bar outposts, as well as a fast food area to buy drinks. I will however point that during the summer, the outside area is generally closed due to the extreme heat. However, if visiting from October through April, The Lodge is definately one of the bigger hot spots to visit. Another nightclub which sticks in mind is Planetarium, located in the Wafi Spa complex on the sheikh zayed road. This although plays a mix of music, ranging from old school, and R n B, it has a regular evening with house music, played out by their resident Dj, DJ Teddy (Egyptian). He is extremely talented, and although a much smaller venue than the lodge, is well worth a visit if on holiday here. * R and B Clubs * Rhythym and Blues has hit the United Arab Emirates, and especially Dubai with a bang. The R and B scene here is one of the biggest in the world, with many established artists touring here (e.g. Blu Cantrell). A lot of the clubs here are orientated to this type of music, such as Zinc (Crowne Plaza, Shk Zayed Road), The Kaz Bar (Royal Mirage Hotel),
      and Planetarium (See ABove). The most prominent being Zinc. This night club has recieved many awards such as the "Whats on Magazine, 'Best Nightclub' Award" for 2003 and 2004. This new and very trendy nightclub includes a main dance area and a stage, as well as three bar locations Zinc also has a live band, which performs the latest R n B tracks from the previous weeks. This band is highly talented, and can really attract the crowds. The drinks, are about 22Dhs here, nearing towards £4. You may think that this is very expensive, but if you make sure that you goto a pub first, which I will advise you on shortly, you will not have to spend so much money. I will mention that Zinc has a very stringent entry code. You must wear fashionable clothes, and if you are obesely overweight, or for example have bad acne, you will not be allowed to enter (which I think personally is very prejudist). Also, as is everywhere in dubai, it is stricltly over the age of 21. So even if you are 20, forget it (you may get away with it in most of the other clubs in Dubai) The Kaz Bar also has a brilliant reputation, which follows on the same lines as Zinc. They recently held a gig for MTV Mash, where reputable R n B artists played live to the crowd. For more information, visit http://WWW.MTVMASH.COM - Rock Clubs - Although a much quieter scene, there are still some great places to go if your are into rock music. Three of the best places to go, include Rock Bottom, which usually has a live band on (mixed with a dj), Billy Blues ( a very relaxed, cheap place where you can expect a quite un-nerving crowd i.e. people below the age of 14), and Waxy O connors. Waxy O Conners, or deemed "Waxys" by the local expatriate population is a brilliant place to go. The atmosphere is mad, with customers dancing on the tables, and having free drinks with drinking competitions going on at the bar. The people in here are
      very friendly, and are generally of a western culture. This is definately a place to go to! Waxy o Conners is located in the Ascot Hotel in Bur Dubai. If in a taxi, and he is fumbled, say The bur Juman Centre. From here, you will be able to get out and walk. With asking a few people where to go, it will take about 5 minutes to walk. - Chill Out Bars - Sevilles is the best place to go if you fancy a bit of a chill out evening. Every Thursday, the management put out huge bean bags, and play a dance themed film outside on a huge plasma screen. Typical films to expect are Boogie Nights, Dance Fever, and Dirty Dancing. The atmosphere is very friendly and very relaxed. The drinks are also pretty average priced, so it wont break the bank balance either. I will guarantee, that you will have a good night here. - Just a Pint at a pub ? - If youre looking for price, The George and the Dragon at the Ambassador Hotel IN Bur Dubai. I will however warn, that although the drinks are under £2, it is very difficult to reach, and is in one of the poorer districts of Dubai, so dont be alarmed at the state of the building it is in. If you are looking for a little class, but cheap drinks at a certain time, I would recommend the Dhow and Anchor in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. They have a happy hour that lasts from 6pm to 7.30 pm, where the drinks are 12 Dhs, or £1.80. After this they double in price going up to 25 Dhs a pint which is over £4. It is however a very nice place, with good seating facilities, brilliantly trained staff giving the best of service, and warm and pleasant people. Finally, if youre looking for somewhere to watch the footy, I would advise the Sports Bar in the Emirates Golf Club. This is a very presitigous bar, where you will be expected to dress respectively, although looks, or weight is not regarded a problem. They have access to many sports channels and therefore have most sporting events. They
      have a very interesting abr set up with a circular bar in the middle, and millions of large plasma screens, so that you dont miss any of the action. * Final Point * Dubai is a great place for clubbing. Please do not listen to the ignorant claims of, 'you cannot drink in dubai', ' you cannot dance in dubai'. It is all rubbish. It has a better night life than most of the UK cities which I have visited, and has a bustling, vigorant, and unique style to clubbing that you will not experience anywhere else in the world. I would like to point out a few websites and books that may prove useful: Http://www.godubai.com Http://www.dubaitourism.com Http://www.Jumeirahinternational.com Whats On! Dubai Magazine Dubai Explorer Dubai Zappy Explorer An Insight In to Commercial Dubai Thank you for reading my review on the nightlife in Dubai and hope that you find it useful. Hopefully you will visit soon. All the best everyone. Antony


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