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Trinidad Fine Bitter Chocolate 75%

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Brand: Trinidad / Type: Dark

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    1 Review
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      20.01.2008 10:49
      Very helpful



      Cheap to buy but has an expensive flavouring to it.


      There are some that say chocolate is better than sex and although I've always said that it depends who you're with, this one does have its qualities.

      Love it or hate it, Lidl shops are springing up in towns all over the country. I'm not really one for buying all my shopping there but there are a few things that are good value and taste great.

      J.D. Gross chocolate bars are one of those things and I have to admit that I'm a little bit addicted to these. I love dark chocolate and this company produces real dark chocolate at exceptionally cheap prices.

      The Trinidad version is available in 2 ways, either as one big bar or in a pack of 3 thinner bars. It is the 3-pack that I am reviewing today after getting a pack for my Christmas.

      ***The Company Behind It***

      This chocolate bar originates from a company called Fassbender and Rausch who are German and they specialise in making a range of different bars, each of which have different chocolate content. Now most people are used to sweeter versions of chocolate such as Dairy Milk or Galaxy but personally I prefer much darker bitter chocolate and this company caters perfectly for those tastes.

      The Trinidad version is so called because the cocoa beans used to make it are from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. This country makes some of the finest cocoa beans worldwide and is well known for usage to make bitter chocolate.

      ***The Taste & Appearance***

      The total weight of the three bars is 125g and each one is separately wrapped in foil. Each one has 8 blocks to it and they are relatively slim.

      Tearing into one is easy and the scent instantly hits you. This is a strong aroma of chocolate and the bitterness is apparent immediately. This is because the cocoa content in this bar is a hefty 75% so it's not 'watered' down with milk and sugar the way milk chocolate is. Because of this the colour of the chocolate is a deep brown shade and you just know that this is going to be a treat for connoisseurs of the dark side of this cocoa product.

      Each 2.5cm square only has a depth of around 1cm but the taste is so smooth and bitter that it's enough at a time. The chocolate just melts in your mouth and has the most delightful flavour. There is a small hint of sweetness in the aftertaste and I have to say that this is what makes your taste buds crying out for more.

      ***Other Information***

      There is no nutritional information on this pack, which seems to be pretty standard in Lidl with a lot of the imported stock. It does however say on the pack that there may be traces of hazelnuts, almonds and milk solids in here so anyone with allergies should be aware of this.

      The price varies from week to week with this one but I have known the 3 bar pack to be on sale for only 79p. Other times it sells for round about £1.

      ***My Thoughts***

      This really is something that everyone can afford to treat themselves with. The price is exceptionally reasonable for such a high quality and high content chocolate bar. The taste is just to die for and the smoothness was something quite unexpected as some of the more bitter bars can have a little bit more of a rough texture.

      This product isn't one that comes or goes in Lidl, the way some do. It does sometimes come in larger bars but these to me are more dangerous as I do believe I would munch through a complete larger one rather than sticking to a smaller one at a time. You can also sometimes get a chance to try this one out in a mini form along with some of the other chocolates in the range. I haven't yet had the pleasure of trying these out yet and I believe they work out slightly more expensive.

      If you love dark bitter chocolate then these are definitely the bars for you and of course there is the fact that eating a small amount of dark chocolate every day is actually good for your arteries.


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    • Product Details

      Fine dark chocolate with a rich cocoa taste.

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