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Toblerone White Chocolate

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Brand: Kraft / Type: White

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    5 Reviews
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      23.12.2012 22:03
      Very helpful



      This is not something I would eat everyday but lovely as a treat.

      Not all Christmas presents are easy to disguise when they are wrapped up and Toblerone is one of the easiest to guess. Having had a little feel around the bag of presents I was given by a friend yesterday there is one in there and as she knows my preference it is going to be a white one.

      As a child these always seemed to be very special simply because they were not designed the same way other chocolate bars where. It was hard to bite into back then but the 400g blocks are even more difficult and if past experience is anything to go by it will be a case of forcing a triangle off the block and then risking back teeth in an attempt to get a reasonable sized piece to eat.

      Checking on the manufacture I found that it is now only produced in Switzerland in Bern although it has been manufactured in Bedford and Zagreb.

      There are a number of different types but all of them are made with almonds and nougat with the difference being the size and the type of chocolate covring. They can be white, milk or dark chocolate and my favourite is definitely the white. It is a little sweeter than the others and the white chocolate and almond works very well together. I have never tried the dark so cannot comment on that, but the milk ones are also really nice and the almond taste comes through.

      There are not that many ingredients in the bar but they are the ones you would imagine. Almonds and nougat make up a decent proportion and then there are eggs, soya lecithin, vanilla flavouring, milk powder, honey, cocoa butter and sugar. I have taken the nutritional information directly from the company website. It's scary to think that the block I have been given has more than the recommended daily calories in it, but it will be eaten over a number of days - and not just by me.

      Nutritional Information | per 100g

      Energy 535 kcal
      Protein 6.2g
      Carbohydrate 61.5g
      of which sugars 61.5g
      Fat 29.0g
      of which saturates 17.5g
      Fibre 0.2g
      Sodium* 0.09g
      *Equivalent as salt 0.23g

      As I have absolutely no self control I have just opened the Toblerone and it is the white one and now has a couple of triangles missing. It tastes just as nice as I remember it. The texture is quite crunchy and the pieces need to be chewed thoroughly as the nougat is quite hard.

      It is currently on offer for £3 at Tesco although after Christmas it is supposed to be going back to its normal price of £4.


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      26.10.2012 22:13
      Very helpful



      A nice treat but doesn't last long in our fridge

      This is a review of Toblerone White Chocolate which we have just demolished a bar of (between us!). It's a silly joke in our household that my husband can't pronounce the word "Toblerone" so when one ended up in the basket recently it was a continuation of that joke. We have had the milk chocolate one many times but this was the first time we tried the white chocolate one. It sat in the fridge for a few days, taunting us before we ate it.

      The Toblerone packaging is so distinctive. For those that don't know, it's a cardboard triangular shaped tube that houses the triangular shaped chocolate. Inside, the chocolate is foil wrapped and you can snap off a piece or two as you eat it.

      At 170g, our bar was a bit of a whopper I think and made for substantial white chocolate indulgence. One piece is slightly bigger than your mouth so you need to bite it at least in half to get it comfortably in your mouth. Smaller sized bars are available (as are larger ones!).

      Our bar cost just £1 at Poundland. We see these (and the milk chocolate ones) there very often although the white choc bars have limited edition printed on them. I can remember buying a very large bar of the white chocolate one for my sister after a holiday (duty free) so it's been around a while.

      My thoughts
      This chocolate is Swiss by name and nature so really it should be good. And it is. It tastes lovely, really sweet though so may be a bit much for some. Inside each piece are little chewy bits of nougat which is true to all the Toblerone bars. You may have already unwittingly tried this Toblerone in the gift boxes which have an assortment of milk, white and dark small wrapped chocolates in them. I couldn't sit and mix all three genres in one sitting but I did find this bar of white Toblerone very moreish and difficult to stop eating.

      Final word

      Each piece has 134 calories in it which is quite high if you can't stop after a couple of pieces. It's definitely not an everyday treat but feels quite indulgent and nice as a special bar of chocolate.


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      28.08.2012 20:30
      Very helpful



      I can't mark it lower than 5 stars cause it just tastes so damn good!

      ---------- Introduction ----------
      I received this white chocolate Toblerone as a gift recently, and although I'm meant to be eating healthily as part of my diet, I was pleased with it as I LOVE white chocolate, and I thought, well one small triangle a day can't be too fattening, can it?

      ---------- About Toblerone ----------
      Toblerone was created by a Swedish man in 1908. You can get lots of different types of Toblerone:
      - Toblerone milk chocolate 132 cal per triangle.
      - Toblerone fruit and nut 124 cal per triangle.
      - Toblerone dark 125 cal per triangle
      - Toblerone white 134 cal per triangle
      - Toblerone honeycomb crisp 129 cal per triangle.
      - Toblerone Tobelle 126 cal per triangle. (Box of milk chocolates, each chocolate is shaped like a triangle).

      ---------- Packaging ----------
      My white chocolate Toblerone comes in a white triangular shaped cardboard, with big, bold red writing on the front saying 'TOBLERONE'. It also says in small writing 'swiss white chocolate with honey and almond nougat'. My chocolate comes in the size 400g, but you can also get it in 100g.

      ---------- The Chocolate ----------
      Inside the carboard packaging there are lots of white chocolate triangles all attached in a long row (I'm sure most people have seen Toblerone before). To eat it, just break off a triangle, they break off very easily, and then enjoy! I like that the chocolate comes in triangles, I think that it's a lot more interesting than it coming in boring squares.

      The taste is AMAZING! it's not just white chocolate, there is also some crunchy bits inside the chocolate which gives it a very nice texture and makes it more interesring to eat, rather than if it was just plain white chocolate.

      I find that one triangle is enough for a snack. Each triangle contains 134 calories, so it's not a healthy snack exactly! But I find if I have around one triangle a day, It will be fine.

      ---------- Price ----------
      I received this as a gift from someone who went to Switzerland, so I don't know how much they paid. I have found it quite hard to get hold of but have seen the milk chocolate 400g Tobelrone in ASDA for £4 but I haven't seen the white one. I had a look on the TESCO website, and it says it's currently unavailable, so I'm not too sure how much it costs, I think it would be around the £4 mark, but it is very hard to get hold of!


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        08.01.2011 18:52
        Very helpful



        a indulgent white chocolate bar for the masses

        Just after Christmas supermarkets often reduce there unsold stock quite dramatically in some cases. Whilst shopping I spotted this white toblerone at 60% off. I am generally quite careful to check sell by dates of these items as you never know how long they have been there, this was fine until the end of the year and lets be honest, I knew it would never stay in the cupboard that long!

        The bar itself comes in the usual Toblerone box a triangular shape with large red writing marking it as Toblerone and also small gold writing stating the version and that it is made in Switzerland, along with a small mountain picture. This is repeated throughout the whole pack apart from one side.
        This side gives product information.

        Ingredients and daily guidelines are clearly written in numerous languages, showing the diversity of the product across various countries. The nutritional information I particularly like as it not only gives a per 100g and per 25g section numbers but also gives little pictures to indicate which one stands for what. For example a spoon for sugar - now although I would probably take ages to guess what they meant - it is a nice try. A Kraft food product which gives a address for most countries (freepost in UK) and free phone numbers.

        The immense white pyramid sections are great and unusual way of issuing a bar of chocolate. The chocolate is a creamy colour with tiny white flecks in it which I believe is the nougat.
        The bar is quite difficult to break into sections and if you try to bite a piece off- watch your teeth!
        However, when you do manage to split it the taste of the chocolate is very creamy. You can immediately taste the honey nougat pieces and it somewhat over rides the almond in my opinion. It is not bad but probably slightly to much for my taste as it makes the bar quite sickly. This does have it's advantage though as you could probably only manage a few pieces at a time.

        For this bar weighing 400g you can expect to pay around £4.00 - £4.50

        Overall, a huge bar of chocolate that indulges the white chocolate fan.


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          08.04.2010 22:10
          Very helpful



          A must try

          There are not many white chocolate bars i can think of unless you count the one-off special editions of white Kit Kat, Twix, Flake and many other top choc bars that have tried the white edition, i have tried all these limited edition white bars and have not been impressed with any of them, however along side your standard white Milkybar there is another nice white chocolate bar called Toblarone white.

          The Packaging
          This 100g Toblarone bar comes in a nice little triangle box which is all white with the red Toblarone name in large letters across one side of the box, inside the box the chocolate is sealed in a foil wrapper.

          The Contents
          Inside the box you get a triangle shaped bar of Creamy White Chocolate with Honey and Almond Nougat divided into little pyramid shaped segments for you to snap off and enjoy, what else can i say about it!

          My Opinion
          you can forget your Milkybar and your special edition white choc bars, you can even forget normal chocolate Toblarone as this tastes nothing like any of them, i don't particularly like nuts in chocolate and don't eat nougat but the combination of these along with the top quality swiss white chocolate is perfect chocolate heaven!

          The only bad thing about this odd shaped choc bar is it's difficult to snap a piece off, the trick here is to pinch together the peak of 2 segments and it usually snaps in the right place.

          Pop a chunk in your mouth and suck, don't chew, just suck and let it melt in your mouth, you get the smoothest chocolate and sweet honey taste and then the bits of nougat and almond kicks in, when the chocolate has dissolved your left with a sweet chewy bit to finish off with.

          Chocolate heaven at it's best and should be more widely available, try it.

          More Info

          Web site:

          100g bar....... around £1.10

          Sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, honey (3%), almonds (1.6%), emulsifier (soya lecithin), egg white, flavouring (vanillin)

          Nutritional Information per 100g bar:

          Energy ..................2235kJ
          kcal........................ 535
          Protein ...................6.2g
          Carbohydrate .........61.5g
          of which sugars ......61.5g
          Fat ..........................29.0g
          of which saturates ..17.5g
          Fibre ........................0.2g
          Sodium* ..................0.09g
          *Equivalent as salt ..0.23g


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