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Thorntons Premium Collection

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Brand: Thorntons

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    11 Reviews
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      30.12.2013 11:48
      Very helpful



      Great box for the festive period, but only average overall

      I purchased these chocolates as they were part of a really good offer in the Thorntons shop in town. The other four boxes have been received as gifts and prizes in this festive period, but I thought I would keep one for myself and visitors.

      The box itself is the lovely classic size and design of a luxury box, which is what had initially drawn me to the collection. On opening the box, the selection looks delicious - with a mixture of white, milk and dark chocolate shell designs. There were three of each type of chocolate in the box, which I thought was a good number. The addition of the plain milk chocolate 'Thorntons' chocolate was excellent, and perfect for my friends little girl who wanted a chocolate too. This one was a really good size (bigger than the others) and was very well received.

      Reading the chocolate menu, I thought there would be a diverse selection of flavours and textures. When I had my first one (the heart shaped citrus truffle) I was impressed. The flavour was tangy and the chocolate was chocolatey. It was wrapped in red foil too, which was a nice touch. From this I moved onto the double chocolate praline. This was pretty disappointing in my opinion. I expected a distinctive difference of taste with the praline and chocolate, but it was only average. From there, I had gathered opinions from others who had tried this box and had similar responses -
      'hard to tell the difference with most of them'
      'could do with a few more textures'
      'delicious.. but not the best chocolate I've ever had'

      Needless to say, the chocolate box is pretty empty right now. Only the white chocolate shell ones seem to be left, but I'm pretty sure this is because white chocolate doesn't go great with wine.

      Although my review has been somewhat negative, I can't say that I feel hard done by with this box. But that is because of the price I paid. If I had paid full price for this, this review would probably be slightly more damning.

      Overall, I think this box of chocolates was okay for the festive period, and lovely box, but in future I would go for the Roses and Quality Streets.


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        20.06.2013 22:22
        Very helpful



        A range of delicious and unique chocolates, perfect for a special treat

        I received a box of these as a gift, it was a pink box with hearts on containing 359 grams of chocolate. The box is well presented in a lovely pink colour with hearts on and a photo of some of the chocolates, the box is quite big because mine were on a single layer which makes it look quite impressive.

        Inside there are 29 chocolates in 11 varieties, two of the chocolates are covered in foil and they each have a unique appearance which gives the box of chocolates a special feel and just looks lovely. On the front of the box it says 'A selection of creamy truffles, light mousses and smooth pralines in milk, white and dark chocolate' the majority of the chocolates are milk which is great for me because milk chocolate is my favourite out of the three. The chocolates included in this box are as follows...

        Vanilla Velvet: this is a round, white chocolate with dark chocolate drizzled on top filled with a light and creamy vanilla truffle centre, it tasted creamy to me and the vanilla wasn't too strong, the outside of this was crisp and the dark chocolate took away some of the milkiness which was nice because I find that white chocolate can be a bit sickly sometimes.

        Amaretto Truffle: this is a milk chocolate with crunchy amaretto biscuit pieces in the outer shell and filled with an amaretto liqueur centre, I usually don't like liqueur chocolates but it wasn't too strong and didn't overpower the milk chocolate.

        Cafe Latte: this is one of my favourites! It has a strong cappuccino taste to it and the outer shell is white chocolate with a dusting of coffee on top, it is filled with a light filling which tastes like cappuccino to me, it is a strong taste but isn't overpowering because of the white chocolate which adds sweetness and creaminess and goes well with the filling.

        Dual Layered Praline: this is another of my favourites, it has a small layer of a white chocolate praline and the rest is a hazelnut and milk chocolate praline which tastes very nutty, this is coated in a milk chocolate shell with a drizzle of dark chocolate on top.

        Orange Truffle: this chocolate was wrapped in shiny red foil and is heart shaped, I wasn't expecting much of this, I was expecting an orange cream taste which I don't really like but actually it was a thick milk chocolate shell with a soft milk chocolate and tangy orange truffle centre, the orange flavour is tangy and noticeable but doesn't take away from the milk chocolate.

        Crunchy Praline: this has a dark chocolate outer shell and is filled with hazelnut praline with crunchy little bits of hazelnut, there is a slight salty taste which gives a nice blend of salty and sweet in the praline.

        Caramel Divine: this has a milk chocolate shell with a drizzle of white chocolate and the centre is a delicious caramel truffle, not a liquid caramel but a rich truffle which tastes strongly of caramel but with a thick and creamy texture.

        Caramel Meltaway: this is a milk chocolate outer shell with a creamy caramel centre with crunchy bits. The smoothness and the crunchiness go really well together, the chocolate is a curved raindrop shape with ripples on top.

        Marc De Champagne Truffle: this is a thick dark chocolate shell with a champagne flavoured truffle inside, it is creamy and rich but the champagne isn't overpowering, it is quite soft but still noticeable and an interesting flavour, the shell is topped with a drizzle of milk chocolate.

        Triple Chocolate Mousse: this is a light and fluffy milk chocolate mousse coated in a thick layer of milk chocolate and topped with flakes of white chocolate, a very chocolatey taste but not boring because of the different components.

        Thortons Signature: there is only one of these in the box, it's a quite large plain milk chocolate with the word 'Thortons' on the front, it is just pure Thorntons milk chocolate, delicious!

        All in all, I would definitely recommend this box of chocolates to give as a gift or to treat yourself, there is a great variety to choose from and they're all very tasty. I have seen some fantastic prices on this particular box in Home Bargains and Tesco lately.


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          05.01.2013 13:54
          Very helpful



          Fancy box of chocolates from a reputable firm

          ===Why I Got This===

          Well I did not buy these nor have them as a gift - but they were given to my son who does not like 'fancy' chocolates so the box soon got passed o to me. I have had various Thornton boxes before but not this exact one.

          ===The Brand===

          Thorntons are a British brand that have been making chocolates for over 100 years and which began in Sheffield. You can now purchase form their shops, website or various supermarkets and large stores.

          ===The Product===

          Large single layer box of chocolates.
          The bronze/brown box is large at 13 x 10.5 inches and contains 359 grams of chocolates.
          The lid has images meant to represent Christmas trees along the centre is a band of colour with images of the chocolates.
          'A collection of creamy truffles, Light Mousses and Smooth Pralines in milk, white and dark chocolate.'
          The box contains 11 different chocolates which are described n a little coloured menu leaflet inside.
          The chocolates are made with no artificial colourings or flavours and are suitable for Vegetarians.
          Made in Derbyshire - Thorntons have been 'providing delicious chocolates for over 100 years'.
          Contains nuts, milk and soya.


          £11.99 on the Thornton's website currently but I am sure these are on offer before Christmas and also reduced and on sale afterwards. This is a slightly different box which obviously does not have a Christmas tree themed lid - it also has four more chocolates in the box.

          ===My Opinion===

          For the price this is a large and impressive box of chocolate to give someone as a gift.
          The chocolates are well laid on a sturdy moulded plastic tray.
          The chocolates themselves are attractive to look at, quite large and are covered in a good layer of Thornton's chocolate.
          Most of these chocolates are of the mousse and truffle kind with two containing alcohol.
          Being quite large I would only want to eat one or two at a time. They are good quality chocolates and look attractive. They are well spaced out in the box and covered in a sheet of corrugated cardboard for protection.
          The small coloured menu card shows which chocolates are which and describes their contents.
          As with all Thornton's chocolates they are covered in a good thick layer of chocolate which is very nice tasting - whichever sort of chocolate it is. I am not a particular fan of alcohol in chocolates but the two truffles that contain alcohol in this box are quite pleasant to eat. The only one I did not like was the Cafe Latte - but as I hate all coffee sweets and chocolates that is just my personal dislike.
          These chocolates are quite sweet with the truffle and mousse centres and I think, like my son, I am more for plainer chocolates.
          However that is not the fault of these chocolates which are all pretty true to flavour and the crisp layer of chocolate which covers then is deliciously 'snappy' when bitten into.
          A very impressive box to give someone but a bit too too fancy for me as well really but I will give it a 5 star rating as for what it is it is very good.

          Here are the individual chocolates:

          ===Thornton's Signature===
          A disc of Thornton's milk chocolate
          === Orange Truffle===
          Heart shaped and covered in milk chocolate and wrapped in orange foil.
          ===Amaratto Truffle===
          Made with liqueur and covered in milk chocolate.
          ===Cafe Latte===
          Roast coffee and cream made into a light mousse, in white chocolate and covered in chocolate powder.
          ==Crunchy Praline===
          Large cube chocolate of hazelnut praline covered in dark chocolate.
          ===Triple Chocolate Mousse===
          Chocolate mousse covered in milk chocolate and decorated with white chocolate.
          ===Duel Layered Praline===
          White praline on base with layer of milk praline covered in milk chocolate.
          ===Caramel Divine===
          Caramel truffle covered in milk chocolate and decorated with lines of white chocolate.
          ===Caramel Meltaway===
          Creamy caramel in milk chocolate shell.
          ===Vanilla Velvet===
          Light mousse in white chocolate decorated with dark chocolate lines.
          ===Marc de Champagne Truffle===
          Champagne truffle in dark chocolate.

          ===Star Rating===

          5 stars. Not really my sort of thing but for what they are they are very nice.

          ===Would I Recommend?===





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            14.09.2010 17:41
            Very helpful



            A box of chocolates woth sharing

            We received a box of Thornton's premium collection chocolates last weekend from our friends. The box contains an impressive range of 12 types of chocolates. There are total 17 chocolates some being duplicates. The box has a selection of creamy truffles, smooth pralines and light mousse covered in milk, dark and white chocolate.

            The box is brick red colour. The label 'Thorntons' is nicely written in a shiny golden colour and just below is mentioned 'the Art of the chocolatier. 'Premium collection 'is mentioned on the box and there is picture of chocolates beside it which gives us the look of chocolates inside it. The box has a band attached to it which has the menu information about the twelve types of chocolates inside it.

            Heavenly hazelnut: This is a great tasting variety which contains two smooth pralines topped with a layer of roasted hazelnuts and is coated with milk chocolate. The chocolate is smooth and delicious. The hazelnuts are small bits which are not crunchy and while tasting these we can completely enjoy the smooth chocolate.

            Citrus truffle: According to menu this is a smooth tangy orange truffle with crispy wafer pieces encased in a sleek milk chocolate heart. This is the only chocolate which is wrapped in a foil and 'Thorntons' is written on it. It is of heart shape and is kept in the centre of the box. The filling is rich and creamy and the hint of orange can be felt in the chocolate. I personally did not like the combination of orange and chocolate flavour.

            Framboise Ganache: The menu says the chocolate contains raspberry liqueur and double cream ganache (ganache is a glaze, icing, or filling for pastries made from chocolate and cream) dipped in plain chocolate and feathered with white chocolate. Personally I don't like fruit liqueur flavour chocolates and hence I did not like this one but I have to mention that the fruit flavour was not strong.

            Dual layered praline: The menu says it has a layer of white and milk praline and smothered them in milk chocolate. The chocolate contains a thin layer of white chocolate so its individual taste cannot be felt. The chocolate is smooth and fluffy and has light texture.

            Cafe latte: The menu says it is made of roasted coffee and cream whipped into a light mousse encased in white chocolate and sprinkled with ground coffee. The white chocolate is delicious and solid. It holds the smooth creamy mousse which tastes like a sweet mild coffee. The white chocolate and the the mild coffee flavoured mousse together taste delicious. The chocolate looks beautiful and tastes great.

            Triple chocolate mousse: The menu says it is a truly indulgent chocolate mousse double coated in milk chocolate and finished with a sprinkle of grated chocolate. This is a plain simple chocolate which is round and has a flat base. The outer coating is thick and of course not hard to bite. Inside is a chocolate mousse smooth and tasty.

            Praline Noir: The menu says the chocolate is silky almond praline blended with golden Californian roasted almonds enclosed in a crisp dark shell. The outer chocolate shell is crispy and not bitter at all. The small pieces of almonds generously filled inside are crunchy and the combination tastes nice.

            Amaretto truffle: The menu says 'A chocolate truffle laced with amaretto liqueur, covered with crisp amaretti biscuits and milk chocolate'. This chocolate has a unique and mild flavour.

            Vanilla velvet: The menu says 'A delicate mousse with a hint of vanilla coated in white and dark chocolate'. I personally like vanilla flavour and this chocolate is my favourite in the box and these are two pieces in the box. The chocolate is smooth and creamy and I enjoyed it very much.

            Dark champagne truffle: The menu says 'a rich and indulgent truffle made with fresh cream and champagne, enveloped in layers of velvety dark chocolate'. The chocolate has a dark shell which is crispy and not too bitter and is laced with milk chocolate. The inside of the chocolate is soft and creamy.

            Chocolate Marquise: The menu says smooth praline with crepes topped with a light crème de cacao mousse and double coated in plain chocolate. This is another smooth and delicious chocolate.

            Caramel divine: The menu says 'we've smothered this deliciously soft and creamy caramel truffle in a double layer of milk chocolate with ruffles of white chocolate'. Rich chocolate and tasty.

            Overall I felt the mousse in the chocolates was fluffy, smooth and tasty. The white chocolate was rich, creamy and tasty. The dark chocolate was not too bitter and was crunchy which is the way I like. Hazel nuts were smooth and almonds were crunchy. The flavours used were not strong and the combination complimented well. Overall this is a box of tasty and good quality variety of chocolates.

            This box is ideal to give as gifts and is a good treat during occasions.

            I definitely recommend these for their good quality, taste and varieties.


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              20.05.2010 09:12
              Very helpful




              The wife got a box of these from her work for Passing her Driving test. So when she brought them home and said I could help myself then I thought I was on to a winner. Not that she was ungrateful, but she said there wasn't many in the box that she would like to eat. I didn't get that concept, but after reading through the chocolates that are in the box then i have to say I think she had a point.

              These are in a 227g box. Not sure of the price being a present, but I would hazard a guess due to the brand and all that and say they cost around £5 give or take. The box is alright. It is trying to look flash and expensive and sort of does. There is a nice picture on the front and the Thornton's branding is in a sort of engraved itallic's.

              So what Chocolates are in the box? I have the listing here. Bearing in mind that the wife passed her test on the 12th April, got these on the 13th and although we both love Chocolate there is still a third of the box left and that may say how we aren't much into these.

              Heavenly hazelnut
              Framboise Ganache
              Citrus Truffle
              Triple Chocolate Mousse
              Dual layered praline
              Cafe Latte
              Praline Noir
              Dark Champagne truffle
              Amaretto Truffle
              Chocolate marquis
              Caramel Divine
              Vanilla Velvet

              A mixture of White, Milk and dark Chocolates in here. I would say more Dark ones. Although it may seem impressive that there is 12 different Chocolates, there is only 17 Chocolates in here, and the really nice ones I would have liked more than 1 of.

              A bit too fancy Chocolates for us. I think if these were more simple Chocolates then they would have been a winner.


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              24.04.2010 23:16
              Very helpful



              A collection of mousse, truffle and praline

              I read a review the other day which lead me to open my box of gifted Thorntons Premium Collection. Personally I am not a fan of Thorntons Chocolates and I am not one to buy a box of chocs for myself. So when for my leaving do at work I received these I was grateful but not expecting an awful lot.

              The box is a dark brick red colour with a large print swirled onto it in a shiny effect on the matt cardboard box. The writing is all in gold with the brand name in large italics and the information is normal gold text. This selection is a range of truffles, pralines and mousse, in white, dark and milk chocolate.

              The box itself has a black printed band on it which forms the base of the contents menu, this varies from the image provided by Dooyoo. The content information can be opened on the front of the box and inside is a selection of 12 chocolates, a picture, their names and what they should taste like or contain. In actual fact there are 17 chocolates in the box, some are duplicates.

              So from the top!

              The Heavenly Hazelnut - the box says it is a "fusion of two smooth pralines topped with golden roasted hazelnuts in milk chocolate". I say yum! The praline is tasty and very subtle. The texture is smooth and creamy, yet you can taste the hazelnut amongst the edge chocolate. Unlike some nutty chocolates the hazelnut was cut into fine pieces which meant that it wasn't crunchy.

              The Framboise Ganache - the box says it is a "raspberry liqueur and double cream Ganache" in plain chocolate with which chocolate lined on the top. I say I didn't know what a Ganache was so had to Google it and discovered it is infact a smooth mixture of chocolate and cream in the form of icing, filling or glaze. I am not often fond of fruit liqueur chocolates and this wasn't really an exception. It was a lovely smooth chocolate filling with a slightly firmer chocolate case. The raspberry flavour was distinguishable but not overpowering. However this isn't my sort of chocolate so no matter how good it is it isn't going to come out on top.

              The Citrus Truffle - the box says "smooth tangy orange truffle with crispy wafer pieces" in milk chocolate. I say this is the heart of the box - quite literally. It is the only wrapped chocolate and is secured in a reddish/orange silver foil with Thorntons written onto it. The heart itself is detailed so it looks to be sitting on a base; the filling was a fairly rich, creamy yet solid truffle which had a hint of orange but nowhere near as strong as your normal high street chocolate orange. The wafer pieces are hard to detect but are there. I enjoyed this selection as it was a bit different.

              Okay so three chocolates in and had I eaten them one by one I would potentially be feeling quite sick. As it happens today I start my indulgence with the citrus truffle and will proceed in my tasting session in the name of research.

              The Triple Chocolate Mousse - the box says "a truly indulgent chocolate mousse double coated in milk chocolate and finished with a sprinkle of grated chocolate. I say this round yet flat based chocolate was one of the plainest in the box and didn't really make a visual impact. On biting into it I could see the double layer of milk chocolate as the outer coating was thicker than the others in the box. The centre was very silky and rich. Personally not my thing. If you have ever tried Lindt then the texture of the mousse is comparable. It was a nice taste but too sickly for my liking.

              The Caramel Divine - the box says "we've smothered this deliciously soft and creamy caramel truffle in a double layer of milk chocolate with ruffles of white chocolate." I say, this was odd. I like caramel but I wasn't sure what to expect by a caramel truffle. I got a smooth, rich centre in a pale caramel colour encased in a think pale milk chocolate. It was okay.

              The Amaretto Truffle - the box says, "a chocolate truffle laced with amaretto liqueur, covered with crisp amaretti biscuits and milk chocolate." I say, the amaretto really enhanced this liqueur chocolate and really came through the smooth texture of the milk chocolate. The amaretti biscuits were noticeable and really complimented the formula of the individual selection. Definitely a winner!

              The Cafe Latte - the box says, "roasted coffee and cream whipped into a light mousse, encased in white chocolate and sprinkled with ground coffee." I say, the white chocolate really compliments the chocolate cream and coffee mouse. I bit into this and could feel the sprinkled coffee on the top, the coffee taste wasn't so strong on my first bite but my second re-enforced the flavour. This wasn't too sickly because the flavour was enough to detract from the chocolatiness (is that a word?) I got two of these in my box!

              Time for a break in the chocolate tasting session; So far so good; I will finish the box off another day and complete the review at the same time!

              ....So I am back;

              The Praline Noir - the box says, "silky almond praline blended with golden Californian roasted almonds, enclosed in a crisp dark shell." I say, the almonds are crunchy, rather than silky and add good texture to the chocolate. From the "noir" in the title I was expecting a richer blend of chocolate, whilst the dark chocolate was in a crisp shell it wasn't bitter at all and I think it could have been stronger in order to compliment the almonds.

              The Dark Champagne Truffle - the box says, "a rich and indulgent truffle made with fresh cream and champagne, enveloped in layers of velvety dark chocolate." I say, there is something about champagne truffle which means I cannot decide whether I like them or not but always crave another. Unfortunately for me, despite some chocolates being duplicated in the box, this wasn't one of them. This mix is velvety, it is smooth and it is rich. The chocolate in identified by its dark shell with milk chocolate laced over the top. It is crisp and breaks on impact. I loved the fact that this really did melt in my mouth.

              The Duel Layered Praline - the box says, "we've taken a layer of white and milk praline and smothered them in milk chocolate. Heaven for nut lovers." I say, aren't I lucky there are two in my box? No, not really. I found this chocolate light and fluffy but it didn't really do it for me. I couldn't distinguish the white chocolate from the milk and they taste was overall rather than individual flavours. The nuttiness was noticeable, though no overwhelming and there were no varying textures.

              The Vanilla Velvet - the box says, "a delicate mousse with a hint of vanilla coated in white and dark chocolate." I say, personally I am not a fan of vanilla, however Thorntons appear to want to convert me, as again there are two of these in the box. Visually they stand out as the white chocolate contrasts in the box against the milk and dark chocolate of the other selections. The vanilla itself was fairly subtle, but the whole thing just tasted like cream with a chocolate base. This chocolate was very smooth and creamy, I will offer the second to someone else.

              The Chocolate Marquise - the box says, "smooth praline with crepes topped with a light crème de cacao mousse and double coated in plain chocolate." I say, once again I didn't know what a Marquise was and had to do a bit of research. The definition I came up with was a French noblewoman, ranking above a countess but below a duchess. Does that mean that this isn't quite at its best but nearly there? The crème de cacao was most definitely present, not necessarily overpowering but it made the mix quite sickly. The mousse was smooth but the dark chocolate was bitter, alongside the liqueur I felt this was too much and I am glad I have sampled my last selection from this box, because after this one I needed a big glug of water and a break from chocolate!

              Overall my I have a mixed opinion of Thorntons Premium Collection, but I am definitely not converted. I think that as a treat these are a lovely gift, but not the sort of thing you could settle down with for the night and devour. Perhaps they would be most appropriate in a shared environment where they can be enjoyed in small quantities. The presentation is excellent and they stayed fresh once I had opened the box. I didn't need to store them in the fridge, room temperature was adequate.

              The 227g box that I have reviewed will set you back approximately £9.99, though prices vary from retailer to retailer.


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                06.04.2010 13:03
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Loved these chocolates and would buy again

                I must admit I'm more of a savoury girl than sweet, but on the odd occasion about once a fortnight I really having a craving for some nice chocolate, anyway a few weeks ago I was visiting the metro centre when my daughter decided she wanted a fudge, looking around for a shop I seen Thornton's so decided to pop in. Once in the shop and seeing all the yummy treats I decided to treat myself to a box of Thornton's premium collection chocolates.

                The box I bought contained 227g and cost 6.50. I don't often buy Thornton's chocolate boxes due to the price being quite high for the sake of a chocolate fix I tend to buy the individual bars.

                The box of chocolates looked rather posh with a deep red colour creating the effect that these chocolates do appear expensive and would therefore be an ideal gift. The box contains 17 chocolates with a wide variety of different centres and textures. These include:

                Heavenly Hazelnut - has a centre praline and is coated with milk chocolate and roasted hazelnuts. I enjoyed this one it had a lovely smooth centre with an added crunch from the hazelnuts.

                Citrus truffle: has a smooth orange centre with wafer pieces. A nice chocolate but not the nicest.

                Dual layered praline: This chocolate has a layer of white and milk praline coated with milk chocolate it also has an added taste of nut which is delicious.

                Famboise Ganache: contains raspberry liqueur and double cream dipped in plain chocolate. This was the only chocolate I wasn't really keen on as it tasted a bit too sweet and sickly for my liking.

                Triple chocolate mousse: simply chocolate mousse coated in milk chocolate. This was my favourite of the bunch, the centre was smooth and the added crunch of the milk and grated chocolate was delicious.

                Cafe latte: roasted coffee and cream whipped into a light mousse encased with white chocolate and sprinkled with coffee. This was another favourite of mine I normally don't bother with the coffee flavoured chocolates as they tend to be quite strong in flavour but this one was rather mild with a delicious flavour.

                Praline noir: almond praline dipped in a dark chocolate shell. Pretty basic chocolate with a nice taste.

                Amaretto truffle: chocolate truffle with amaretto liqueur and amaretto biscuits and milk chocolate. Again I expected this truffle to be very strong in taste but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was mild yet still tasty. You do taste the amaretto well but it's not too overpowering.

                Vanilla velvet: soft mousse with a hint of vanilla and coated with white and dark chocolate. This mousse was very creamy but not sickly.

                Dark champagne truffle: truffle made with fresh cream and champagne encased in layers of dark chocolate. This truffle was nice but I think it would have been a little bit tastier with milk chocolate.

                Chocolate Marquise: smooth praline topped with a light cacao mousse coated in plain chocolate. Very smooth and delicious this was another one I really enjoyed.

                Caramel divine: smooth caramel truffle with layers of white chocolate coated with milk chocolate. This truffle was very smooth and luxurious. Very tasty.

                As you can see from above the box contains a wide variety of different chocolates and I'm sure there will be a few in there to suit almost everyone. Although they are a bit pricey you definitely get some good quality chocolates. I think these are a great box of chocolates to give as a gift too.


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                  25.02.2010 18:56
                  Very helpful



                  a nice treat

                  Despite saying we weren't going to buy anything for each other for Valentine's Day, my OH still managed to produce a large box of Thornton's chocolates. I would rarely buy Thornton's due to the price tag, unless I really was going to treat myself, but I did know that this rather large box was on special offer at Morrisons just in time for Valentine's day for £4.99, so who could refuse really.

                  I always associate Thornton's with luxury and richness in taste. The chocolate selection included in this box really does keep up to this standard. I found straight away I could only eat one or two chocolates at a time, rather than loads as I would do with other varieties.
                  There are 12 different chocolates included in this one layered box. I think they could have reduced the packaging by including two layers and keeping the same amount of chocolates, but then the box itself wouldn't make so much of a statement, so I can see the reasoning behind the packaging despite it being slightly unfriendly to the environment.

                  Chocolates always have exotic names attached to them when in reality they actually just mean a layer of chocolate with a sometimes tasty filling inside.
                  I'm not going to go through all of the different chocolate varieties included in this box, but I will give you a brief outline of what your money will get you.
                  - Heavenly hazelnut - the name says it all really, a praline with enclosed small pieces of hazelnut with a milk chocolate coating.
                  - Citrus truffle - this is basically an orange cream with a fancy name.
                  - Dual layered praline - two smooth chocolate surfaces put together to make a creamy sensation.
                  - Praline Noir - An almond sensation in a dark chocolate layer.
                  - Amaretto truffle - this is a liqueur chocolate without the liquid you usually get in liqueur.
                  - Vanilla velvet - A white chocolate outer coating with a vanilla flavoured middle.
                  - Framboise ganache - a posh strawberry cream, but with raspberries instead.
                  - Triple chocolate mousse - you can get much more of a chocolate shot than you can with this one.
                  - Caffe latte - Who needs a cup of coffee when you can have the same in a chocolate form.
                  - Dark champagne truffle - dark chocolate with a creamy slightly alcoholic taste to it.
                  - Chocolate marquis - a mousse effect chocolate topped with a smooth thick layer of chocolate.
                  - Caramel divine - what box of chocolates would be without its own caramel version.

                  As you can see the varieties are almost similar to other boxes of chocolate just with nice names. My definite favourite is the triple chocolate mousse. This is an equivalent of eating a bar of chocolate for me; the flavours stay with me for ages.
                  My least favourites are the orange and ganache choices purely down to the fruitiness of the flavours. Each chocolate gives a rich lasting flavour when you eat them, but considering each chocolate contains 72 calories then you would need to only eat one or two at a time.
                  Sadly my box is all gone now, but I did enjoy them while they lasted. For a special occasion I would go for it, unless you have nut allergies then this box wouldn't be suitable.


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                    14.02.2010 17:46
                    Very helpful



                    Great gift idea and gorgeous with it!

                    Thorntons Premium Collection have been on offer recently in Morrisons at just £5.00 for a 465 gram extra large box, originally priced at £10.99 and aimed squarely at the Valentine's Day market I'm sure many people ended up buying a box for their loved ones to have today.

                    Never one to miss on offer I purchased a box of these for my wife and have been 'helping' her eat them since this morning. Now that I'm feeling particularly fed up with chocolate and having sampled a few of the selection I thought it a good idea to write a review and give my thoughts on the choices contained within the single layered box.

                    The box itself is a large flat square and has had a bit of a facelift from the picture shown above, instead my box is pink with a flurry of love hears illustrated across the top. The swirly Thorntons name is proudly displayed in the top left had corner and there is an illustration of a gold plate with a selection of chocolates sitting upon it. You are informed that these are an 'indulgent selection of creamy TRUFFLES, smooth PRALINES and light MOUSSES covered in milk, dark and white chocolate'.

                    The lid of the box is firmly held in place with a small piece of tape on each of the four edges which only serve to frustrate as you try to prize the top off. However perseverance and maybe a knife do the trick nicely and once the top has been removed and the protective black layer of corrugated paper lifted away you are left with the sight of the carefully designed, delicious looking individual chocolates. Helpfully, Thorntons have provided a 'chocolate menu' which gives a small picture and a description of each of the 12 choices you have in the 36 chocolate selection.

                    For the purpose of a full review I will list the choices available and if I sampled one give my opinion as to the appearance and taste. So we start off with:

                    Heavenly Hazelnut: Milk chocolate covered praline and Hazelnut centred. I generally don't like nuts so didn't eat this one, appearance wise it is bumpy and certainly looks tasty enough, just not my personal choice so not for me.

                    Framboise Ganache: Plain chocolate covered ganache featuring raspberries and raspberry liqueur with double cream. Rectangular in shape with a white chocolate criss-cross effect on the top, very nice as you can imagine, really rich and creamy with a strong raspberry flavour.

                    Citrus Truffle: Heart shaped milk chocolate with an orange truffle centre with wafer pieces. Comes wrapped in bright red foil and tastes delicious one of my favourites and you do get two in the box - hurrah!

                    Triple Chocolate Mousse: As per its name this is a chocolate mousse centred milk chocolate treat which even has a sprinkling of grated chocolate on top. I haven't actually eaten this one yet but I imagine it will be delicious just from its description.

                    Dual Layered Praline: White and Milk praline smothered in milk chocolate. Another that I haven't tried but will do if there is one left.

                    Caffe Latte: Coffee and cream mousse covered in white chocolate and sprinkled with ground coffee. Another delicious choice and really tasty!

                    Praline Noir: Almond praline in a Dark chocolate shell. Looks and smells lovely but will be probably be left until the others have gone as neither my wife nor myself are that keen on dark chocolate.

                    Dark Champagne Truffle: Cream and Champagne truffle covered in dark chocolate, another that we will leave until the others have gone.
                    Amaretto Truffle: As its name, an Amaretto truffle coated with milk chocolate and featuring crushed amaretti biscuits. Very rich and tasty.

                    Chocolate Marquise: Crème de cacao mousse and praline coated in plain chocolate. Not tried this one yet but it looks very appealing.

                    Vanilla Velvet: Vanilla mousse covered in milk and white chocolate. The first one I tried and it was delicious, very light and fluffy and a definite favourite of mine.

                    Caramel Divine: Caramel truffle coated in a double layer of milk chocolate with swirls of white chocolate mixed in with the brown. Another favourite, light but very rich and extremely tasty.

                    So those are the 12 different selections you can expect to receive in this box of 36 chocolates, and I bet from reading that you could just eat one now? (hee hee) Thorntons always deliver chocolate perfection and you know you are in for a great quality, indulgent treat with these. There really is something for everyone and even if you are not a chocoholic you would still be able to find something for you here.

                    For the price I paid (£5) I think I bagged a bargain here which has been highly appreciated by my better half. Not only that but because there are so many in the box they are ideal to share, which means I not only get to have my cake but I get to eat it too (replace 'cake' with 'chocolate')

                    These are a fabulous collection from Thorntons and I can't find fault with any of the selection available, I do have one minor little niggle which is petty, but it's my review and I can say what I like... But...the 'menu' you are provided with doesn't have a clear enough mini picture of each of the chocolates and because a lot of them are similar in appearance it's sometimes like playing a game of 'chocolate lottery' as to what you are actually selecting. Not the biggest grumble I know, but if you don't like nuts for example and pick one with a nut in (because the picture isn't clear enough) then it's a waste of a perfectly good chocolate.

                    Other than that, frankly ridiculous gripe the chocolates, the box they are sat in and the price (even when not on offer) makes them an ideal gift for anyone to enjoy. For me they rate a perfect 5/5 Dooyoo star rating and come highly recommended.

                    Thanks for reading my review!


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                      10.11.2009 10:43
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                      Good, standard box of chocolates

                      Thorntons Premium Selection is one of several members of the Thorntons range to be available in several supermarkets, as well as in the high street retailer's stores. It is a more upmarket version of their Classic Selection, but far, far nicer than its cheaper baby brother.

                      Whereas the Classic Selection contains more soft-centred caramels and fruit-flavours (not my bag), the chocolates in here tend more towards deep, velvety truffles, soft, light mousses and crunchy pralines (my favourites). The chocolate in them is of a higher quality than in comparable boxes: it's thicker, and darker, with the result that there is a big leap up in terms of flavour. You really can get a chocolate 'hit' from these, so high is the cocoa content in some of them. Unfortunately, there's also a corresponding hike in terms of price - 430g of these chocolates will set you back around twelve pounds, whereas 350g of Thorntons classic collection costs just six pounds. However, that said, it really is worth paying the extra: these are SO much nicer than the cheaper box!

                      At 527 kcal and over 33g fat per 100g, these are not a health food. But you don't need me to tell you that chocolates are unhealthy! A more significant gripe, however, is that the packaging could be nicer. Thorntons are now selling these in two sizes, and the larger of the two comes in a huge cardboard box, almost 50cm wide. As a petite person, I'd prefer to have a double-layered, smaller box that would sit on my lap more easily, too. Also, there's little step-up in the quality of packaging to reflect the fact that these are a more luxurious brand than the continental collection. I'm not a big fan of acres of tissue paper and wrapping, but a better and more stylish design is needed here. In fairness to Thorntons, though, you can buy a special 'gift wrapped' version of the box for a couple of quid extra.

                      There's also nothing on the packaging about the chocolate being fair trade. Since even Cadbury's Dairy Milk is now part of this movement, it's about time Thorntons updated their ethical policies to bring them into line with the modern world - and to give farmers a fair slice of the profits.

                      Inside the box, you get a host of different varieties, some dark chocolate, some milk and some white. Individually, the chocolates are beautifully presented: some are dusted, some finished with patterns of different coloured chocolate. Flavours range from coffee to amaretto to champagne, and textures are beautifully varied, with plenty of gorgeously rich truffle interiors matching crunchy nuts and whipped mousse.

                      For my money, these are some of the nicest chocolates you can buy on the high street. They're not absolutely first-rate, and don't compare to the kind of thing you'd get in a posh chocolate shop, but then they are also considerably cheaper than a box of handmade truffles! In the bracket they are punching in, they are a real cut above the competition (supermarket own brand boxes, Black Magic, Milk Tray etc).


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                        24.10.2009 17:02
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                        These were given to me as part of a birthday present and although I do like Thorntons chocolate I think they are slightly overrated. Yes they're tastier than the usual Cadburys or Nestle that I eat but some of the prices I've seen them being priced at are a bit extreme. I was in fact very surprised that I managed to last these a full 4 days before they were gone. And there's only 15 in a box.

                        They come in a rectangle shaped box with sadly only one layer. It's red in colour and has golden star shapes on it. Making it look quite christmassy. It also tells you the types of chocolates you're getting inside so you don't have to go around tipping the box upside down to see if it's worth you buying it. On the back you also have a little message written by a 'Master Chocolatier' ensuring us that they only use ingredients of the highest quality. From West African cocoa beans to French Champagne.

                        Once you've opened up your box you get a mini leaflet showing you the pictures of each of the chocolates and what's inside them. It's just typical of all selections like these who only give you 1 chocolate of those you like and 2 of the ones you don't. Personally I think they could of done something with the darker in appearance chocolates as some of them do look a bit similar. I almost ate a Raspberry Rapture instead of a Praline Noir which could of been a terrible thing.

                        You are given a selection of truffles, pralines and mousses. Each is covered in milk, white or dark chocolate and then decorated with drizzlings or powders of different flavours. Some of them do taste a bit too much alike, the Praline and Noir and Milk Manon being one of them. Both are praline, only one of them has a tiny crunch whilst the other doesn't. There are a mixture of tastes thrown so it isn't all just chocolate. You have citrus, raspberry and coffee plus champagne and vanilla.

                        Unfortunately I'm not one for liking some of these combinations but appareantly the Cafe Latte (Roasted coffee mousse, in a white chocolate shell with chocolate dusting) and the Raspberry Rapture (Raspberry mousse on a layer of creamy chocolate truffle and covered with dark chocolate) are to die for!

                        This is a 205g selection box I don't think 15 is at all enough but Thorntons have managed to make it so that each individual piece has 74 calories, 0.8g protein, 7.0g carbohydrate, 4.8g fat, 0.4g fibre and 0.01g sodium. How very clever of them. As these were a present I don't know how much they cost however I have seen them dotting about in Sainsburys. Also dooyoo has very helpfully given me a column of 227g boxes which will cost you £2.99 from Amazon.

                        These are very nice and are suitable for vegetarians. They may contain traces of nuts, milk, soya, gluten and wheat so bear that in mind. Overall they were a tastey treat although it is unlikely I'd buy them for myself. Far more suited to being given as a gift to somebody, however I wouldn't mind receiving some every once and a while.


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