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Thorntons Classic Collection

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Brand: Thorntons / Type: Milk

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    14 Reviews
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      08.03.2015 22:09
      Very helpful



      Chocolates with the traditional touch.

      I always associate Thorntons chocolates with being something a little bit special, even though they are widely available in the supermarkets as well as Thorntons shops.
      The Classic Collection is the one which I always seek out when looking for a chocolate gift for my parents as it includes all those tried and tested flavours which they really enjoy.
      There does tend to be a trend towards truffles these days and while I really enjoy the truffles found in the other Thorntons collections, my parents do prefer their well-known favourites such as the caramels, fudge and Turkish delight as found in this tasty selection.
      Unlike many chocolate selections you get a good mix of milk, dark and white chocolate which all look very tempting so it can take ages for the box to do the rounds while everyone chooses their favourite.
      The box is also of a fresh, no fuss, classic design which is easily recognisable on the shelf. What I would say is shop around for these chocolates.
      There have been occasions when I have bought a small box of Classic Collection from one store, only to find a much bigger box in another outlet for almost the same price, which can be annoying. This often happens around Christmas time or those special chocolate buying dates throughout the year such as Mothers' Day and of course we all want to get as many chocolates as we can for our money!
      The Classic Collection is just the thing for those who have their favourites and like the traditional centres.


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      17.04.2013 23:05
      Very helpful



      Thorntons classic chocolates

      I recently had a birthday and was lucky enough to receive not one, not two, but three boxes of Thorntons Classic Collection chocolates. My friends must know me very well and know that I love a box of chocolates so I was very happy with my presents and of course with the Thorntons box as in my opinion they make a really lovely box of chocolates.

      The beauty about this box of chocolates is that you have a little something of everything in it to suit everyone's taste although I don't share my chocolates!! The box comes with two identical layers of chocolates which is nice as if you have your favourite out of the top layer you know there is another one waiting for you on the bottom layer!! The chocolates are individually presented in a plastic tray and then the box itself is cardboard and the top just slides off from the bottom of the box so they are easy to get in and out of. I like the fact that you can put the top back on as this keeps them fresh and out of harms way although its likely I will eat them all before they have a chance to go bad! There are two chocolates that are in wrappers, the soft caramel in the red wrapper and the orange zest in the orange wrapper but apart from that all the chocolates are unwrapped, ready to eat!

      On the front of the box the chocolates are described as, "A delicious collection of Thorntons classic favourites including Caramel, Fudge, Fruit and Nut centres covered in milk, dark and white chocolate. All the chocolate is wonderful and creamy and very tasty.

      To quote an article I read, "Thorntons is a UK chocolate company established by Joseph William Thornton in 1911. Thorntons today is a £180 million turnover company with 360 shops and cafes and 230 franchises together with internet, mail order and commercial services. Since the takeover of Cadburys by US company Kraft, Thorntons is now the largest independent chocolate and confectionery company in the United Kingdom. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE Fledgling Index."

      Thorntons are probably my favourite high street chocolate company as I find they always make a box of good quality chocolates which taste great and always want you coming back for more.

      I will now go on to list a few of my favourites from this box:

      Strawberry velvet - A silky soft fondant of real strawberries folded with double cream covered in milk chocolate.

      Orange Zest - A zingy centre combining delicate orange peel pieces and a luscious orange preserve smothered in dark chocolate.

      Honeycomb crunch - Velvety milk chocolate bursting with crisp honeycomb and sugar-roasted hazelnut croquant.

      Thankfully there is a chocolate guide included with this box as there is really only one I don't like, the Turkish Delight chocolate so its good to see what this looks like and be able to avoid it!!

      All in all an amazingly delicious box of chocolates.


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        28.04.2012 21:41
        Very helpful



        A great selection of chocolates

        ~ THE CHOCOLATES ~
        My boyfriend's auntie bought me and my boyfriend a large box of chocolates to share as an Easter gift. We were expecting a small egg, how-ever she spent a bit more and handed us a huge box from Thornton's. The box is called the classic collection and has a total of 42 chocolates which contains classic favourites including Caramel, Fudge, Fruit & Nut centres covered in milk, dark and white chocolate. I can't find these on the Thornton's website so I'm not 100% how much they are, however I imagine they are around £9.99 or just under for the box of these. You can purchase these chocolates in a smaller sized box for around £6.50 and also a larger box for £11.99. You can also choose to have these gift-wrapped if you wish. The chocolates are available to buy both online and in store.

        ~ PACKAGING ~
        The chocolates come in a large box which is beige in colour. On the front it had a red strip which has a picture of the different chocolates on the front and also states that the chocolates are the classic collection. On the back of the box it gives you a list of ingredients; contact information for Thornton's and also gives you some information about recycling the packaging. The lid is sealed down on the box either side using a small piece of tape. This is easily peeled off in order to open the box to reveal a black piece of plastic and a small piece of paper which is folded in half. The piece of paper tells you what chocolates are what and the black plastic keeps the chocolates covered. When you take the plastic paper off it will reveal a large black try in which all the chocolates sit in, so they don't move about when the box is being moved.

        The tray of chocolates made my mouth water as soon as I saw them. There is a nice range of different shaped chocolates each with a different coating of milk, dark or white chocolate on them. Some of the chocolates are wrapped in individual foil wrappers which are orange and red in colour. There is also a large piece of chocolate towards the bottom of the tray which has Thornton's etched onto the front of it. As there are so many chocolates all you can smell is a strong chocolate smell. You can smell any of the centre's that may be in the chocolates such as the caramel, nuts or fruit centres. These do smell a little sickly, but only because there are a lot of chocolates in the box.

        ~ THE LEAFLET ~
        The small leaflet which comes in with the box of chocolates has a picture of 13 different chocolates which are all included in the box. The leaflet shows you the chocolate as a whole and then in half and has a description of each chocolate underneath the picture so you can choose the chocolate you wish to have. The pictures on the paper were very clear so you had no problems trying to work out which chocolate was which.

        ~ TASTE TEST ~
        The overall look of all the chocolates look very appealing and they all look as good as each other. I wasn't really sure which one to go for first but I would taste all of them eventually so I guess it didn't really matter which one I went for first.

        Strawberry Velvet - A silky soft fondant of real strawberries folded with double cream covered in milk chocolate. The particular chocolate was round and covered in milk chocolate. It had a slightly textured surface to it with raised bits to the chocolate. As I bit into the chocolate my teeth sank straight into the strawberry fondant centre. The middle of the chocolate was a very pale pink colour and as I started to chew the sweet the taste of strawberry filled my mouth. Although it was covered in milk chocolate I could taste the strawberry more than anything until I got to the end of the chocolate which is when I could taste the milk chocolate more and this tasted delicious with the strawberry fondant centre.

        Honeycomb Crunch - Velvety milk chocolate bursting with crispy honeycomb and sugar-roasted hazelnut croquant. This chocolate is rectangle in shape and is covered in milk chocolate. The top is textured and very bumpy. I bit into the chocolate to reveal a chocolate centre which had small pieces in. The pieces crunched in my teeth as I bit into and chewed the chocolate. There wasn't a great deal of flavour in the chocolate apart from the milk chocolate; how-ever the crispy pieces of honeycomb gave the chocolate a nice texture.

        Creamy Fudge - Melt-in the mouth light & creamy fudge smothered in milk chocolate. This chocolate is a triangle shape and has 3-4 lines along the top of it. It's covered in milk chocolate. I bit into the chocolate and my teeth sank straight through the creamy fudge. As I chewed the chocolate I could taste the creamy fudge which soon took over the taste of the milk chocolate. The fudge was really creamy and soft and tasted delicious.

        Chocolate Truffle - An indulgently smooth chocolate truffle with a hint of vanilla covered in milk chocolate. This chocolate is round and is covered in milk chocolate but also has lines going across it in white chocolate. As I bite into the chocolate, it's very soft and you can see the chocolate truffle inside. There is a very small taste of vanilla, but this is then overpowered by the taste of chocolate.

        Layered Chocolate Classic - Three tempting layers of meltingly smooth milk, white and dark chocolate. The chocolate us rectangle in shape with a T engraved onto the top of the chocolate. You can clearly see the 3 layers of different types of chocolate. I bite the chocolate in half, which was quite easy as the chocolate wasn't too thick and was quite soft. When chewing the chocolate, I could taste the dark chocolate and milk chocolate more than anything else. This was a lovely chocolate and very sweet.

        Coconut Dream - An intense coconut centre sprinkled with toasted coconut nuggets drenched in milk chocolate. The coconut dream is long in shape and there is some slight texture to it which must be the coconut. I bit into the chocolate to reveal the coconut centre which is very soft and slightly chewy. My mouth was filled with the taste of coconut and a slight taste of milk chocolate. This had a lovely texture to it.

        Special Toffee Truffle - Deliciously rich caramel truffle with special toffee pieces sprinkled between a layer of dark then milk chocolate. The chocolate is round in shape and has some slight texture all over it, which must be the toffee pieces. When you bite into the chocolate you will notice that the inside is a caramel looking colour. As soon as you start chewing the chocolate you can taste the toffee and there is a nice texture from the crunchy toffee pieces. It left a toffee after taste in my mouth. I really liked this chocolate.

        Hazelnut Praline - Velvety smooth hazelnut praline combined with roasted chopped hazelnuts and almonds, covered in white chocolate. This chocolate is round and has a dusting of chocolate over the white chocolate coating. I bit into the chocolate to reveal the praline centre which is a very light brown colour. This tastes very nutty and you can definitely taste the hazelnut praline more so than the almonds.

        Soft Caramel - Deliciously smooth and soft caramel with a hint of vanilla encased in a milk chocolate shell. The chocolate is wrapped in red foil and when you unwrap it this reveals a round chocolate with lines down the side. I would call it more of a caramel cup. As I bite into the chocolate the delicious caramel seeps out and fills my mouth with a lovely sweet taste. I could taste the small hint of vanilla in with the caramel. This left a very sweet taste in my mouth, but it was really delicious.

        Country Caramel - A deliciously chewy caramel smothered in dark chocolate. The chocolate is square in shape and has 4 lines which go across the top of the chocolate which are slightly raised. As I bite into the chocolate, the dark chocolate came off the caramel and filled my mouth with a sweet but slightly bitter taste. The caramel wasn't as chewy as I thought it would be and I could easily bite the caramel in half and into separate pieces. The caramel tasted really creamy.

        The thorntons chocolate - This was towards the bottom of the tray. This was simply a piece of milk chocolate which tasted very creamy. The chocolate piece wasn't too thick so was easy to break and wasn't too sickly.

        I can't comment on the taste of the following chocolates as I don't like these flavours.

        Coffee Truffle - A soft truffle infused with aromatic roasted coffee blended with double cream and covered in white chocolate. The truffle is round and has some slight texture to the top of it. The outside of the chocolate is white and the inside is a light brown chocolate colour.

        Turkish delight - Delicate rose flavour Turkish delight smothered in dark chocolate. This chocolate is oval shaped and is covered in dark chocolate with milk chocolate lines going across the chocolate.

        Orange Zest - A zingy centre combining delicate orange peel pieces and luscious oranges preserve smothered in dark chocolate. The chocolate is wrapped up in an orange coloured foil.

        · Alcohol-free recipe
        · Contains added nuts, milk, egg and soya
        · Free from artificial colours and flavours
        · Vegetarian
        · No gluten containing ingredients

        The overall selection of the chocolates in here is very good as there's bound to be something that everyone likes in here. I really enjoyed the chocolates and thought they tasted delicious. My favourite one's were the Soft caramel and the Creamy fudge as I thought these had a lovely taste to them and they were both so creamy. Although the chocolates are probably around the £10 mark, I would only ever buy these as a gift for someone and would never treat myself to a box of chocolates at this price. The quality of the chocolate is lovely and the taste of each chocolate is delicious and full of flavour. I give this delicious box of chocs 5 out of 5 stars as you can't beat the quality and taste of the chocolates.

        This review was written over a few weeks/close to a month! I hate to think the amount of calories/sugar these chocolates have in them.

        (review also on ciao)


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          31.01.2012 18:05
          Very helpful



          Nice box of chocolates - good as a gift.

          ---How I Got Mine---

          Usually I but these for other people but I was lucky enough to receive a whole box for myself this Christmas.

          ---The Brand---

          Thorntons has been making chocolates for over a hundred years. In fact, the very first shop was opened in Sheffield by travelling confectioner Joseph William Thornton in October 1911. (Thorntons website)

          ---The Product Packaging---

          Described as a collection of caramel, fudge, fruit and nut centres covered in milk, dark and white chocolate.
          The Thornton Classic Collection came in a 330 gram box.
          The box is just under 8 inches square and two inches deep.
          The box contains 26 chocolates in two layers with dark corrugated cardboard on top of each - the plastic trays holding the chocolates are very strong and good quality.
          The box is in cream and red with an illustration of the chocolates on the lid.
          Inside is a folded illustrated small colour sheet showing all the different chocolates with a small description.

          ---Ingredients and Allergy Advice---

          The base of the box contains a long list of the full ingredients with the following points:
          * no gluten containing ingredients
          * Vegetarian
          * alcohol-free recipe
          * contains added nuts
          * contains added milk
          * contains added egg
          * contains added soya
          * free from artificial colours and flavours.

          ---The Chocolates---

          The box contains 26 chocolates with one of each variety on each layer:
          * Strawberry Velvet
          * Honeycomb Crunch
          * Coffee Truffle
          * Creamy Fudge
          * turkish Delight
          * Chocolate Truffle
          * Layered Chocolate Classic
          * Coconut Dream
          * Country Caramel
          * Orange Zest
          * Special toffee Truffle
          * Hazelnut Praline
          * Soft Caramel


          This is the current price on the Tesco website though I believe they often do 'buy 1 get one free' before Christmas.

          ---My Opinion---

          The box is a nice chunky and sturdy shape and is inviting to sample.
          The sweets are well presented within the plastic tray and look appetising. The sweets themselves are also reasonably large so you would only want a eat two or three at a time.
          Like everyone else I have likes and dislikes and there are normally always a fw chocolates within a box that I do not like.
          This box was a pleasant surprise as I found I was able to eat most of them - apart from the coffee.

          I have mentioned each one separately below:

          ***Strawberry Velvet***
          Every box of chocolates has to have a strawberry one! Round sweet with the characteristic bobbly strawberry surface. Not too runny or sickly so ate this one ok - dark red centre rather than the bright pink that comes in some boxes. Covered in milk chocolate.

          ***Honeycomb Crunch***
          Mostly chocolate oblong shape with a few crunchy bits inside - one of my favourites.

          ***Coffee Truffle***
          Sorry I don't do coffee at all so didn't try this one - it was round and covered in white chocolate with a coffee centre - thick truffle mixture with strong coffee aroma.

          ***Creamy Fudge***
          Diamond shaped sweet and lines along its length - softish fudge centre covered in milk chocolate - not at all runny and a nice combination.

          ***Turkish Delight***
          Another one I don't really like. Oval sweet with nice solid centre with dark chocolate covering - nice smell.

          ***Chocolate Truffle***
          Round truffle covered in milk chocolate with white chocolate linesa cross the top - lovely and chocolatey.

          ***Layered Chocolate Classic***
          Another of my favourites. Large oblong chocllate - made in the form of layers with a 't' imprinted on the top. This has dark chocolate layer on the bottom, white chocolate in the centre and a top layer of milk chocolate - lovely.

          ***Coconut Dream***
          Another favourite as I love coconut. Lovely creamy coconut centre encased in milk cocolate in the form of a nobbly oblong.

          ***Country Caramel***
          A large square of hard caramel inside dark chocolate decorated with chocolate lines on the top. The centre is not rock hard but firm and not at all runny - it is described as chewy but I prefer to suck!

          ***Orange Zest***
          Another flavour that is in every box of selection chocolates. An oval sweet covered in orange foil. Pale orange centre with dark chocolate covering and a tiny jelly/orangy bit in the very ccentre - again not runny as with some chocolates and a good orange flavour.

          ***Special Toffee Truffle***
          Caramel truffle in a milk chocolate covering. This is a large round knobbly sweet which is good and chocolatey but I would not describe it as toffee flavour.

          ***Hazelnut Praline***
          The hazelnut praline was encased in white chocolate and sprinkled with chocolate powder. This round sweet was a bit too sickly for my liking - but I am not a fan of white chocolate in large quantities so that may be the reason.

          ***Soft Caramel***
          Round cup of caramel with a red foil covering. This caramel is more runny but not messy if you are careful - another nice sweet.

          ---In Conclusion---

          I normally prefer a box of Bendick's Mints but this box, being a gift, was a nice change. Not something I would buy for myself but a good all round gift for someone - there are bound to be some flavours that they like and the chocolates and well made and presented.
          I prefer chocolates that are not too sweet so perhaps I am not the best person to review this box - but I did enjoy most of them.

          ---Would I Recommend?---

          Yes - 4 stars as they are a little sickly.




          The Thornton business story is contained in the book written by Peter Thornton:
          392 pages plus 8 pages of illustrations
          ISBN-13: 978-09557670-3-6


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            24.11.2011 21:32



            A tasty box to share, or scoff to yourself if noones watching

            The classics collection is a box of chocolates with something that everyone will enjoy from fudges, to caramels, turkish delights to nuts, you can't go wrong. Thorntons always delivers fantastic quality and has done for years which is why you can bet the taste is going to be sensational. Seven to eight pounds is a reasonal price to pay for a box of chocolates this size (28 chocs) as you'll find whether in Thorntons stores or the supermarket the price is going to be around this mark. The milk collection is a favourite of many chocolate lovers with a sweet taste that is smooth and will most likely leave you diving back into the box for more. The caramel is one of my particular favourites with a gooey centre of deliciousness that practically melts away in the mouth, (if you can stand to leave it there long enough). The packaging is pretty standard in the supermarket variety, so if your'e looking for something a little more special it might be worth a trip to your local Thorntons for snazzier package design.


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            23.05.2011 23:20



            I usually don't like all the chocolates in an assortment box but i love all of these. Very moreish, I was bought these as a gift, but as a treat i would buy for myself and others in future. My kids and husband both thought the same so a great share box.


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            21.01.2011 14:15
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            An enjoyable slection from Thorntons

            In all honesty if someone asked me which chocolate came top of the tree for me I could not say that it was Thorntons. I often visit the Thorntons café at a nearby designer outlet and enjoy the experience but after coffee I call in at a Cadbury chocolate shop to stock up on my favourite chocolate. But a box of Thorntons luxury chocolates were given to me and it would have been so rude not to have eaten them! Thornton's are highly regarded as manufacturers of gourmet chocolates and their presentation boxes always look amazing.

            For starters the 330g box of assorted classic milk chocolates were well presented in a dark blue and gold box. For some the packaging is immaterial but the box of chocolates appeared neither masculine or feminine which means that they could prove a useful unisex gift. For some unknown reason I have always thought that Thorntons chocolate is a little on the rich side. But the Thorntons toffee is to die for and the Thorntons Easter eggs look really special.

            In this box of classics there are a selection of twelve different centres. Each chocolate has its own unique shape and just one chocolate on each layer ( there are two) is covered in an orangey/gold foil.
            Chocolate caramels are my favourite and the Thorntons version did not disappoint. The layer of creamy chocolate encases a very firm sweet caramel that is delicious. I am always a bit apprehensive about trying some of the soft centres, some are far too rich for my taste. But I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised, the Thorntons classics are not too rich.

            The chocolate covered fudge is delightful and even the coffee cream is good. The truffles and pralines are lovely and coconut paradise is like a miniature Bounty bar. Every chocolate in this selection is covered in milk chocolate there is no dark chocolate at all. There are two layers of chocolates in the box and the layers mirror each other. The chocolates truffle and the special toffee truffle are probably the two most exotic chocolates in the box. The one and only chocolate that left me cold was the orange crunch, this is a small solid block of orange flavoured chocolate that has what seems to be a crunchy sugar added to it. The taste is fine but the texture does not appeal to me.

            After reading this far you may have gathered that I am working my way through the box of Thorntons classic chocolates in order to relay the details. Maybe I would not rush out and buy another box of the Thorntons classic chocolates but I have changed my opinions somewhat. The chocolates were good, in fact they were excellent. I feel that a box of Thorntons classics would make a good gift for anyone. But I still feel that they are a special occasion chocolate and definitely not one that you would eat whilst stood in a bus queue.

            Thorntons have a website where chocolate can be ordered and sent off worldwide. At the moment some of the end of season chocolates are less than half price. Interestingly I have noticed that Thorntons produce a no added sugar chocolate that is fine for diabetics and an organic chocolate that is gluten, dairy and wheat free. Valentines Day is only just around the corner and the Easter bunny will soon be hopping too. I have a feeling that Thornton's are going to be working overtime!


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              24.02.2010 18:16
              Very helpful



              A very nice box of chocolates

              A yummy box of chocolates at an affordable price.

              I am currently demolishing a 350g box of these which comes with two layers, each with 14 chocolates. After reading a couple of other reviews saying that there are more turkish delight than anything else I find myself being a little disappointed with the selection in front of me - one of each type on each layer. So I do get two turkish delights but can't help being disappointed that I didn't get a pack where they'd swapped the almond marzipan for yet more turkish delight. No complaints about that really though as it seems like a very fair selection.

              It is a nice box of chocolates to be given as a gift - looks impressive and I was certainly pleased. The fairly plain packaging in neutral colours makes it look a bit posh and there is a little picture of what's inside just to tempt you. Definitely a good one if you're looking for a box of nice quality but affordable chocolates. They cost around £6 but you can often pick them up in supermarkets for a bit less.

              The selection is one that I think is just about perfect with lots of truffles, praline and caramel and nothing too artificial (well ok there's the turkish delight but I'm not going to complain about that). Even the one with the garish pink strawberry centre actually tastes like strawberry instead of that nasty artificial taste you often get. The chocolate itself is of the quality you would expect from Thorntons with 30% cocoa solids in the milk chocolate which I always take as a sign that chocolate is going to taste good.

              I won't list every single chocolate - mainly because I'd feel obliged to eat them as I review despite the fact that I have already eaten the top layer so know what all of them are like. A few highlights though just so you know whether this selection is for you......the coffee truffle is smooth and creamy but with a lovely kick of coffee flavour, honeycomb crunch is deliciously soft milk chocolate with little crunchie bits, hazelnut praline covered in white chocolate - I'm not even much of a fan of white chocolate but this works really well, a chewy caramel and a soft caramel, both of which are smooth and delicious. They're not stingy on the chocolate either - most of them come wrapped in a really thick layer of it. And the ratio of milk:dark:white is perfect too - I like all three but milk is by far my favourite and I find white can be a bit sickly sometimes. This box appears to know that and has mostly milk with a couple of dark and a couple of white.

              All in all I'm very pleased with it and I think most people would be as the selection is quite varied with nothing too offensive - unless like me you need to find someone to eat the almond marzipan for you but that isn't too problematic and makes some marzipan fan think you're being really generous.

              I hope this last bit of information is useful to someone because I just tipped the box upside down to see what was on the bottom and there was an alarming sound of all the chocolates falling out of their individual little homes. No artificial colours or flavours and no added preservatives. Nice to know. I haven't dared to look at the mess I made inside the box finding that out though. Nothing else of much interest on the bottom except that the cardboard is from well-managed forests.

              The only real problem with this box of chocolates is that they are too easy to eat - a few more of the chewy caramels or similar would at least slow me down a bit.


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                22.02.2010 16:57
                Very helpful



                Great chocolates that are not too heavy

                Thorntons are affordable chocolates that make a lovely gift (for any occasion). I am a heavy chocolate eater and get through a couple of bars a day so when they are so easy to pick like this it becomes a nightmare trying to have self control as one leads to two leads the whole box. This are rich chocolates but not too big or heavy which means you really can eat 5 or 6 quite happily. The variety is a little uninventive and boring, especially with Turkish delight being included, such a cheap horrible chocolate. The coffee chocolates are my favorite which fortunately are always included in the classic box.

                The packaging is smart and makes the chocolates more desirable to purchase as a gift. The size of the boxes varies, so you can spend between 5 and 20 pound on a box. These are an ideal gift for mothers day or to say sorry as they aren't to over the top and they will most definitely cushion the blow if you've upset someone and you need to say sorry.


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                17.02.2010 14:04
                Very helpful



                A great gift or pick me up for yourself!

                As the chances of Mr Right rocking up in time for this year's Valentine's Day grew increasingly slim, I was feeling rather sorry for myself, so sought consolation in a huge box of these from Tesco. The one good thing about being single on Valentine's Day is that you feel justified in buying a load of cut price chocolates and pigging them all yourself, which is exactly what I did. The fact that this 621g box, big enough to fill a whole basket, was half price at just £6 went a long way towards lifting my spirits!

                These chocolates are available in several different sized packages- a 106g bag, and a 350 or 700g box. The 621g box that I bought seems to have been a one off size, as I can't find it available anywhere now. This is perhaps unsurprising, given the huge size of the box- the 50 chocolates inside were arranged in a single layer, whereas the other boxes have a much more compact two layers of chocs.

                The Classic Collection contains a great range of milk, white and dark chocolates, so there's something for everyone in there, and you won't get bored of the same old tastes. There are 14 different chocs to choose from, and my big box contained 3 to 5 of each. Here's the line up:

                Hazelnut Nougat: sweet, soft but chewy hazelnut nougat with a dark chocolate coating. Tasty and nutty.

                Coconut Dream: moist, bountyesque coconut, in white chocolate. A bit too sweet for my liking.

                Layered Chocolate Classic: simply chocolate- layers of dark, milk and white on top of each other. Nothing particulary interesting, but if you like chocolate without the trimmings, you'll love this.

                Hazelnut Praline: this looks the business with a white chocolate coating sprinkled with chocolate powder. The hazelnut praline inside is deliciously creamy, nutty and sweet. A personal favourite.

                Creamy Fudge: good quality fudge diamond encased in milk chocolate. Great flavour and texture- I really enjoyed this one.

                Country Caramel: a hard caramel square, that's very chewy, covered in milk chocolate. Pretty standard, but still tasty.

                Chocolate Truffle: smooth, soft, chocolately truffle in milk chocolate. Deliciously chocolatey, without being sickly.

                Honeycomb Crunch: a soft hazelnut croquant with crunchy pieces of honeycomb, surrounded by milk chocolate. Another good quality chocolate that you can actually taste the nuts in.

                Almond Marzipan: rich, creamy marzipan, coated in dark chocolate, which makes a great contrast. Very tasty, and an unusual chocolate that I've not come across anywhere else.

                Soft Caramel: milk chocolate encasing sweet, runny caramel. This chocolate comes wrapped in red foil. Average.

                Strawberry Velvet: surprisingly nice- the sweet, super smooth (and very pink) strawberry filling actually tastes of strawberries, and it's coated in milk chocolate. Much nicer than the other strawberry chocolates I've tasted in the past.

                Lemon Parfait: the second wrapped sweet, this comes in gold foil. It's a lemony truffle, with a white chocolate surround- an interesting combo, as the zesty lemon contrasts with the super sweet white chocolate. Not a personal favourite, but it tastes quite refreshing and vibrant.

                Coffee Truffle: rich, thick, sweet coffee creaminess in a dark chocolate casing. Most boxes of chocs seem to have something similar, but the smoothness and flavour of this make it really special. My other favourite.

                Turkish Delight: OK, I'll try not to be biased- this is a richly flavoured Turkish Delight in dark chocolate. Absolutely repulsive in my opinion, and just about the only chocolate I'd happily throw away. But I'm sure it's no worse than any other Turkish Delight- in fact, I saved these and gave them to my Dad, who loves them and said these were particularly nice.

                So there you have it. The one disappointment for me was that there were 5 of my least favourite chocs (Turkish Delight and Coconut Dream) whereas there were only 3 of some of the nicer ones. I did wonder if Thorntons were using this box to palm off some of the less popular chocolates onto unsuspecting buyers. But overall, I'm thoroughly enjoying working my way through these- there's something to suit my every mood, and I'm sure I'll still be eager for more when I've got through the 50 (well, 45 as I can't count the Turkish Delight!).

                As for the nutritional info (which I've just braved looking at for the first time!), each chocolate contains about 61 calories, or 3 % of your GDA- ouch. Still, the great flavours in these mean that even one is quite satisfying, so all in all, eating a couple of these is probably better than eating a whole bar of moreish chocolate. The good news is that they contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, are suitable for vegetarians and are gluten and alcohol free. They do, however, contain milk, nuts, soya and eggs.

                The quality and flavour of these chocolates make them a great gift, if you can bear to give them away! I'd certainly be happy to give these as a present, now that they've passed the all important taste test on myself! I'm taking one star off for the high Turkish Delight content, and the fact that these are maybe slightly overpriced usually, although for £6, this box was an absolute bargain.


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                  06.09.2009 17:33
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  A nice box of chocolates, could be better selected

                  After reading these other review on this product, I would just like to chip in my slightly contrasting opinion. This is my opinion on the Thornton's Classics Milk, Dark and White Chocolate, 335g. Thornton's chocolates are generally fantastic, really rich and creamy and made with the finest ingredients. However, when a family member received these as a gift, we were all left a bit disappointed.

                  The Packaging
                  Housed in a cream and bronze box, these 'Classics' look just that. There is a real air of expense and quality to this box, the colours working together well. The box is a stout cuboid (a wide, square face that is about five centimetres high) and embossed patterns on the cream lid. The writing, on the lighter sections, is a gold colour and cream on the bronze underside. All around the edge are the words "Thornton's Classics" and "Milk, Dark & White Chocolate Assortment".

                  When you turn the box over (careful if there are still chocolates inside!) is a brief description of each chocolate and the nutritional information.

                  The Chocolates

                  When you open the box, the smell really starts to get you in the mood for chocolate - a smooth, chocolaty aroma. The classics are laid out in the usual trays and there are fourteen spaces - therefore twenty eight chocolates.

                  White Chocolates

                  Lemon Parfait:
                  'Luxurious smooth chocolate encloses a soft, luscious, zingy lemon centre'
                  This chocolate is presented in gold foil and the inside is certainly cirtus-y. I would be tempted to describe it more as smooth and sharp - perfect for anybody who is partial to lemon.

                  Hazelnut Praline:
                  'A cloak of chocolate draped around an enticingly smooth hazelnut praline'
                  A very nutty praline goes really well with the sweet white chocolate - though it can be a little too sweet. The little bits of nut add a different texture which is pleasant.

                  Coconut Paradise:
                  'A velvet coat of white chocolate draped over tender coconut sprinkled with nuggets of sweet chocolate'
                  Not being a lover of coconut myself, this wasn't particularly up my street. However, my mother, who does like chocolate, said that "it was very strong flavour which might have gone better with a less sweet chocolate, such as a dark variety. The coconut pieces weren't too appetising".

                  Milk Chocolates

                  Chocolate Dream:
                  'Soothingly smooth chocolate conceals an extravagantly rich chocolaty soft centre'
                  Very rich and not too dreamy. A very chocolaty chocolate, tastes good quality but doesn't go much more than that. Nice, but I won't be raving about it to my friends.

                  Butter Fudge:
                  'Temptingly creamy fudge made with butter and milk and lavishly covered in chocolate'
                  Being a huge lover of fudge, I immediately jumped for this one. However, I just felt slightly disappointed - the fudge was nice, as was the chocolate but the textures together just were a little too soft and not luxurious enough for me.

                  Croquant Crunch:
                  'An ingot of Thornton's finest chocolate enticingly laced with delicious crunchy cronquant pieces'
                  Essentially a fancy name for a rectangle of milk chocolate with little bits of crunch in them. It is a nice chocolate, but nothing special.

                  Country Caramel:
                  'Deliciously chewy chocolate smothered caramel'
                  One of the nicer chocolate, this caramel does stand out as being a very good consistency - thick and chewy. At first the chocolate can be a little hard and can mask the caramel, but after a few seconds the taste really becomes apparant.

                  Strawberry Velvet:
                  'A velvety soft centre infused with the flavour of summer strawberries'
                  This is truely one of my favourite chocolates of all time, and is a gem to find in this increasingly average box of chocolates. The strawberry centre is gorgeously thick and very, very fruity. Mixed with the milk chocolate (which is just at the right thickness), it is incredible.

                  Dark Chocolates

                  Almond Marzipan:
                  'Fine almond marzipan sumptuously wrapped in rich dark chocolate'
                  This was sweet to the point of being sickly. I would only recommend this to marzipan lovers as it really does overpower the rest of the chocolate. However, the almond does add quite an attractive and different texture to this chocolate.

                  Hazelnut Nougat:
                  'Chopped hazelnuts encased within the finest nougat'
                  Not being the most keen on nougat in my family, it was again passed onto my mother and this is her verdict. "The nougat wasn't the most promenant flavour - the dark chocolate and the nuts overpowered it. Not my favourite".

                  Turkish Delight:
                  'Delicately fragrant rose flavoured Turkish Delight drenched in rich chocolate'
                  I would strongly question the use of 'delicately flavoured' in that description. The Turkish Delight was anything but as it was far too perfumed. Unfortunately, Thorntons decided to place an extra Turkish Delight in each tray (there are 14 spaces and only thirteen chocolates). The dark chocolate was the only pleasing element.

                  Creamy Coffee:
                  'A splendid double cream soft centre laced with aromatic roasted coffee'
                  Fortunately, this was one of the better chocolates in the mix. The dark chocolate on the outside worked really well with the strong - but not dominating - coffee cream centre. This is a very good example of when using really fine, quality ingredients makes the end product that little bit more delicious.

                  Triple Chocolate

                  Layered Chocolate Classic:
                  'Three tempting layers of meltingly smooth milk, white and dark chocolate'
                  Thorntons keeping it simple here, letting their top notch chocolate just speak for itself. They really melt in your mouth and a real showcase of brilliant chocolate. We fought for this when it came to the second layer!


                  This twenty eight piece box can be bought from Thorntons for £6.50. However, if you shop around then you can knock about a pound off that. This works out at around 23p per chocolate which isn't extortionate. However, I certainly won't be buying them for myself again.

                  Nutritional Information

                  Typical values per chocolate:
                  Energy 247 kJ/59kcal
                  Protein 0.5g
                  Carbohydrate 7.7g
                  of which sugars 7.4g
                  Fat 2.9g
                  of which saturates 1.9g
                  Fibre 0.3g
                  Sodium 0.01g

                  Some or All of these chocolates contain: Milk, Nuts, Soya, Eggs, Gluten, Wheat
                  These are suitable for vegtarians and there is no added alcohol


                  In conclusion, I would not recommend these chocolates. Not only did we find that the least appetizing chocolate featured twice more than the others (I hope, but I do suspect, that this isn't the case for every box), but we only found that about 50% of them were worth the 23p. These are nice for a gift for a chocolate lover, but I wouldn't buy them for myself. Will be buying single packets of one kind of chocolate next time. If you are unsure whether you would like the chocolates (as I fully respect that my tastes, and that of my family's, are not the same as everyone else's) then either:
                  - Wait until they are on offer or
                  - Buy a single one off the counter selection


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                    26.04.2009 13:34
                    Very helpful



                    Indulgent Treat

                    Since I became a member of Dooyoo it has not only been an extremely enjoyable experience writing my reviews. In addition it has highlighted to me just how much chocolate I actually consume. I was looking at my previous reviews and I have written several on the scrummy subject of chocolate. I have to say in my defence however that I do get given a lot of the chocolate stuff from patients. I tend to collect the packaging however and store it at home until I decide to write a review on the items in question. So just to continue with my trend heres another one. The product this time is Thorntons Classics Chocolates.

                    These chocolates come wonderfully packaged in a super blue coloured box. The Thorntons logo is sported in a contrasting gold colour on the top with the wording "Classics". It also states that these are a collection of timeless favourite from the Thorntons range which comprise of Milk, White and Dark varieties. The reverse of the packaging contains information on product ingredients, nutritional information and a picture of each chocolate with its name and contents. The chocolates are displayed inside the box on a brown chocolate tray as with most other chocolate boxes.

                    I believe that this particular product is a smaller version of a larger box of Classics also available to buy at Thorntons. It is a 100g box which contains eight different chocolates from the range. I have tried each and every one of these and although I am not as keen on white and dark chocs as a general rule and normally stick to my favourite milk variety I have to say that I found it difficult to find fault with any of these. The chocolates in this box are made from West African cocoa beans, which apparently are primarily Forastero and Trinitario varieties.

                    The selection available is as follows.

                    Strawberry Velvet: This has a soft centre which is infused with the lovely flavour of summer strawberries. Delicious and one of my favourites.

                    Chocolate Dream: Lovely smooth chocolate outer which has an even more chocolately gooey soft centre.

                    Butter Fudge: This is exceptionally creamy fudge which is made with butter and milk. Which is lavishly covered in thick chocolate.

                    Coconut Paradise: A velvety coat of chocolate draped over tender coconut sprinkled with nuggets of sweet coconut.

                    Creamy Coffee: This was my least favourite of the box however it wasn't terrible however I am not a lover of coffee. It has a double cream soft centre laced with aromatic roasted coffee.

                    Lemon Parfait: Zingy soft and luscious lemon centre covered in chocolate.

                    Hazelnut Praline: My favourite of the bunch chocolate draped around a smooth hazelnut praline.

                    Layered Chocolate Classic: Triple layer of milk, white and dark chocolate. Lovely melts in the mouth.

                    I appreciate that some people find the Thorntons range quite rich and a bit of an acquired taste however I would suggest before wasting money on a huge box why not try a 100g mini version like this one to make sure that you like them as they are not the cheapest. I love these and will certainly be hinting to my hubby for some more in the future. Delicious and highly recommended. As these were a gift unfortunately I am unaware of the cost.

                    Nutritional Information Per 100g

                    Energy 2032 KJ
                    Protein 4.3g
                    Carbohydrates 61.2g
                    Fat 25.0g
                    Fibre 2.5g
                    Sodium 0.07g
                    Calories 64 per chocolate



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                      21.03.2009 12:09
                      Very helpful



                      Truly delicious.

                      Just before Christmas 2008, there was an offer on at Tesco for a 700g box of Thorntons Classic Collection for, if I remember rightly, around £5, definately no more than £6. My Dad spotted the offer and bought a couple of boxes, one for a relatives present, and one for my Mum. The offer was meant to last for a few weeks, but when we went back a couple of days later, the offer had been pulled, which I can only assume was down to mass bulk buying from people, which I don't blame them. We thought the offer was fantastic value for money, if we'd of gone to a proper Thorntons shop, we'd of been looking around £12 or maybe more for this box.
                      A couple of nights ago, we opened them for the first time, so I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to review them.
                      The other day I saw them at Tesco doing them for £5.99, (more on that below).

                      I'm sure everybody has heard of or tasted Thorntons at some point in their life. Thorntons first opened in 1911 and has been producing great quality chocolates and confectionary ever since. They use good quality ingedients, combined with the traditional art of confectionary-making, a truly delicious treat. They have stores all over the UK, and no doubt theres probably one near you. Thorntons make a great thoughtful gift, or a delicious treat for yourself.

                      *CLASSIC COLLECTION*
                      The Thorntons Classic Collection consists of all of Thorntons, classic chocolates, funnily enough. They are the so-called 'timeless favourites', which include, caramel, nut, fruit and fudge, each individually wrapped in either milk, dark or white chocolate.

                      The box that the chocolates come in is made of quite thickish carboard, really good quality, nothing flimsy. It's a pale pinkish skin colour with peach, gold and red pattens on the lid of the box. It's quite a biggish box, well I suppose it has to be for the amount of chocolates inside. On the front is the name of the product, and has pictures of the chocolates inside. When you first look at the box it spells quality and excellence, really professional and you know the chocolates inside are going to be mouth watering. On the underside of the box it's a medium chocolate colour, with some information about the product, nutritional info and such like.
                      Inside the chocolates are packaged in the usual plastic chocolate trays.

                      *THE CHOCOLATES*
                      When the box is first opened, there is a sudden woft of creamy chocolate, which gets the juices flowing. There are two seperate rows of milk, white and dark chocolates, each consisting of 28 chocolates, with 14 different varities. Meaning 56 delicious chocolates in total. There is a 'chocolate menu' in the box, with a little bit about each different chocolate and a picture, so it's easily recognisable.

                      These chocolate have no artificial colours or flavours and have no added preservatives, which is nice to see in good chocolates.
                      First of all when I review the chocolates themselves, I am going to first of all say how they are described in the 'chocolate menu' and then give my own opinion.

                      Now my favourite bit, smell, taste and texture, obviously I didn't do these all in one go, as I would probably make myself sick, but after I ate one I noted down the smell, taste an texture, and now i'm finally typing it up.....I can see my belly growing already....
                      *MILK CHOCOLATE*

                      - CREAMY FUDGE - A deliciously creamy dairy butter fudge, lavishly covered in milk chocolate. 9/10
                      Smell - The fudge smells really creamy and has a delicate scent of the milk chocolate, it smells alot like the Cadburys fudge.

                      Taste - The overall taste is the creamyness of the fudge, mixed with the smooth sweet tasting chocolate, is a real winner. The taste is very delicate, and leaves a delicious scent on the pallete.
                      Texture - This chocolate is smooth, and sort of melts in the mouth. The smooth soft texture of the fudge, teamed with the thicker texture of the milk chocolate makes for a heavenly companionship.

                      - COUNTRY CARAMEL - Deliciously chewy caramel made in traditional copper pans, finished with smooth milk chocolate. 8/10
                      Smell - When the chocolate is first smelled the overall scent is of the creamy milk chocolate, when bit into is when the slight scent of the sweet caramel is apparent. The overall smell is quite appetising.

                      Taste - Caramel and chocolate have always been a great mixture, but with this being Thorntons caramel, it's even better. Thorntons are well known for their caramels and toffees, so unsurprisingly this chocolate taste doesn't dissapoint. It's creamy and the caramel isn't a strong, overpowering taste, but is quite light and moreish.
                      Texture - The overall texture of this chocolate is of quite hard to begin with and as the chocolate melts in the mouth, the softness of the caramel becomes apparent, it's then when you can start to chew and get all the full flavours of the creamy carmel.

                      - CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE - An indulgently smooth chocolate truffle with a hint of vanilla, coated in delicious milk chocolate. 8/10
                      Smell - Like with the other chocolates, the first scent is of the milk chocolate, then is trails off into a delicate scent of the vanilla, also smelling quite like a liquer.

                      Taste - The main taste is that of the milk chocolate. The centre of the truffle tastes quite liquer-y, although there is no added alcohol. The centre also tastes quite darkish, which is a nice combination with the milk chocolate.
                      Texture - The outside texture is quite crisp, and inside is smooth and soft. Each of the textures complimenting eachother highly.

                      - HONEYCOMB CRUNCH - Velvety milk chocolate bursting with crispy honeycomb and sugar-roasted hazelnut croquant. 8/10
                      Smell - There wasn't really a massive smell with this one, just a nice creamy milk chocolate smell, I couldn't smell any honey or nothing else imparticular.

                      Taste - I thought this one would taste alot like honey, sort of like Cadburys Crunchy, but it didn't, although it was still pleasant. The honey wasn't a massive aroma, it was just slight, the main taste was that of the milk chocolate, quite a powdery chocolate taste.
                      Texture - The texture of this chocolate was smooth inside, with little gritty like bursts of honeycomb, they wasn't sharp, but quite grainy, crispy and quite chewy, overall a nice varying amount of textures inside.

                      - SOFT CARAMEL - Smooth soft caramel with a hint of vanilla encased in a milk chocolate shell. 8/10
                      Smell - A great mixture of the sweet milk chocolate and sweet caramel, sort of rolled into one.

                      Taste - The chocolate was quite sweet, but not a sickly kind of sweet. The caramel tasted really buttery, quite like butterscotch, with a hint of toffee. It was really creamy and you could tell it was good quality caramel.
                      Texture - Soft chocolate with a smooth, sort of sticky consistency of the caramel. The caramel was quite runny also.

                      - STRAWBERRY VELVET - Real strawberries folded with double cream to create a silky soft centre, coated in milk chocolate. 10/10
                      Smell - This chocolate had a powerful strawberry smell, really strong and appetising. It smelt so fruity, so yummy, with a slight hint of the milk chocolate.

                      Taste - Bursts of strawberry throughout my mouth when I ate the chocolate, it was delicious. It was the most fantastic tasting strawberry 'creme' I have ever tasted, the strawberry was rich and so creamy, and the chocolate just topped it off nicely. I like Roses and Quality Street strawberry ones, but they don't have a patch on this.
                      Texture - The centre of the chocolate was soft, but rather than the strawberry being like a runny creme, like is mostly found in strawberry chocolates, it was more of a set, sort of soft stiff consistency fondant. It was really silky and had a few tiny crunchy bits in which I would assume came from the real strawberries it's made from.

                      - HAZELNUT NOUGAT - Light nougat folded with golden roasted hazelnuts, finished with rich dark chocolate. 7/10

                      Smell - A rich dark chocolate aroma was the prominent smell.
                      Taste - The nougat tasted quite nutty, but was rather delicate, not too overpowering. The dark chocolate made this chocolate for me as it complimented the nougat so well. Both of the flavours mixed together were lovely.

                      Texture - The overall texture of this chocolate was soft, but with the small chopped nuts inside the nougat made it quite chewyish. The texture of the chocolate altogether wasn't hard, but it wasn't overly soft, just right.

                      - ALMOND MARZIPAN - Fine almond marzipan wrapped in sumptuous dark chocolate and hand finished with a whole almond. 7/10

                      Smell - An aroma of rich dark chocolate and a slight delicate almond hint.
                      Taste - The main flavour was that of the almond marzipan, the dark chocolate was quite rich, but the prominent taste, surprisingly was the marzipan. It tasted like really good quality marzipan, and a beautiful almond aroma was left on the pallete. The almond on top, topped it off really well and had a lovely nutty flavour.

                      Texture - The almond fondant was smooth, but slightly grainy, which was a different texture to experience, as it wasn't grainy in a 'bad way'. The almond on top wasn't too hard, it was quite chewy.

                      - COFFEE TRUFFLE - Aromatic roasted coffee blended with double cream to create a soft truffle, encased in rich dark chocolate. 8/10

                      Smell - A very aromatic, quite bitter coffe aroma. The smell was quite powerful, and smelt like fresh coffee beans.
                      Taste - A very creamy coffee taste was first present in my mouth, it had a bit of a powerful kick, but not in the slightest overpowering. The chocolate was creamy and finished off the overall chocolate taste very well.

                      Texture - A soft coffee fondant creme, which was really quite smooth on the tongue, it was a very delicate softness, with a smooth chocolate exterior.

                      - TURKISH DELIGHT - Delicate rose flavoured Turkish Delight encased in a double layer of rich dark chocolate. 7/10

                      Smell - A rich dark chocolate aroma, with hints of a sweet classic Turkish Delight essence.
                      Taste - The main flavour was of that of the rose, which didn't have a massive strong flavour, as I don't think it would be very nice if it was overly strong, but rather had a soft delicate taste, that was left on the pallete after eating. The dark chocolate was strongish and rich, really excellent quality.

                      Texture - This chocolate was soft to bite into and inside was like a stiff rose jelly, it was rather sticky, but smooth to eat.


                      - COCONUT DREAM - Moist coconut centre sprinkled with toasted coconut nuggets, coated in heavenly white chocolate. 8/10
                      Smell - Main coconut aroma, with a delicate creamy smelling white chocolate.

                      Taste - A tasty combination of white chocolate, mixed with a powerful, but not overpowering kick from the coconut. Using white chocolate instead of milk or dark, I think, made this chocolate so much better than it would of been. Lovely mixture of flavours.
                      Texture - Inside was finely grated coconut, which wasn't grainy, but rather chewyish, but not overly chewy. The chocolate was quite moist and had a smooth consistency.

                      - HAZELNUT PRALINE - Velvety smooth hazelnut praline combined with roasted chopped hazelnuts and almonds, covered in white chocolate. 8/10
                      Smell - A strongish scent of vanilla and delicate sweet white chocolate.

                      Taste - The white chocolate casing was quite sweet, but not sickly. Inside was a extremely creamy, melt in the mouth nutty flavoured praline, both went well together.
                      Texture - The chocolate was smooth with a nutty grainy bits, which were quite crispy and crunchy. The overall chocolate was really soft to bite into.

                      - LEMON PARFAIT - Real zesty lemon folded with double cream, wrapped in smooth white chocolate. 10/10
                      Smell - A strong creamy zesty lemon aroma, deliciously mouth watering.

                      Taste - The main taste came from the creamy lemon fondant. It was quite strong and rich lemon flavour. The bitterness of the lemon contrasted well with the sweetness of the white chocolate really well. There was just the right amount of the lemon flavour coming through. A real fresh kick.
                      Texture - Smooth and soft to bite into. Inside was a bit runnier than the strawberry one, but not overly runny and was a 'soft stiff' sort of consistency. Oh so smooth.

                      *ALL 3 CHOCOLATES*
                      - LAYERED CHOCOLATE CLASSIC - A triple layer of deliciously smooth milk, white and dark chocolate. 7/10

                      Smell - Rich cocoa smell, quite sweet.
                      Taste - A of the three different chocolate layers, deliciously infuse to give an all round sweet creamy chocolate taste, however I do feel the dark chocolate slightly overpowered the taste and flavour of the milk and white.

                      Texture - Not too hard, but not overly soft to bite through. Really smooth, with a melt in the mouth consistency.


                      Like I said before, we got these for around the £5 mark, for the 700g box, and I popped into Tesco the other day and I saw they are doing this exact same box for £5.99, which I was quite surprised at. I don't know how long this will last for, or if it's in every Tesco store. I can't imagine it being long, going by what happened last time, so if your after some I'd get yourself to Tesco as soon as possible, a great Mother's Day present, just in time.
                      Apart from that offer the prices range from shop to shop usually being from the £11 - £16 mark, yes, quite expensive, I wouldn't like to pay THAT much, but I suppose for 700g of good quality chocolate, what do you expect? It's up to your personal opinion if you think they're worth that price, but I suppose every now and again, isn't going to hurt.
                      *NUTRITIONAL INFO*

                      Typical Values Per 100 g Per Chocolate
                      Energy 2031 kJ 258 kJ
                      485 kcal 62 kcal
                      Protein 4.1 g 0.5 g
                      Carbohydrate 62.3 g 7.9 g
                      of which saturates 60.0 g 7.6 g
                      Fat 24.6 g 3.1 g
                      of which saturates 15.9 g 2.0 g
                      Fibre 3.0 g 0.4 g
                      Sodium 0.08 g 0.01 g

                      The chocolates contain:

                      *FEW BITS AND BOBS*

                      They are suitable for vegetarians, they are gluten and alcohol free.
                      Store in a cool, dry place.
                      The whole of the packaging also can be recycled, just what I like to see, environmentally friendly chocolates :)
                      *MY OPINION*

                      Overall my opinion of the Thorntons Classic Collection chocolates is a great one. With every single one of these chocolates, you can taste they are made from good quality ingredients, and have been developed to make your chocolate experience one that you'll want to experience over and over again. Yes they might be quite calorific, but we can treat ourselves every once in a while, can't we?
                      They are quite expensive to buy, but I suppose you only get what you pay for. Delicious tasting, with real proper flavours, no artifical flavours, colourings or preservatives. When I think of Thorntons I think of chocolate being lovingly made, not just being thrown together. Great quality ingredients, great product knowledge, making a bloody good chocolate. It's the Art of the Chocolatier.
                      Thanks for reading.


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                        24.02.2009 22:22
                        Very helpful



                        See review.

                        As it was my birthday last week my friend thought it was only fitting that she give me something that may alleviate the stress of being another year older, unfortunately she thought chocolates would be more fitting rather than alcohol my normal numbing device!

                        The chocolates in question are the subject of this review these being - "Thorntons classics"

                        Now I normally indulge in the continental variety available from said shop, this is my only Christmas treat to myself, but due to the ridiculous amount of chocolate that we received this year that buying more seemed fruitless.

                        Upon first getting these chocolates off my mate Elaine I didn't realise that there was a bog standard type of these choc's, not that even these could be deemed bog standard!

                        The box is a perfect square shape and very classy looking, with the colour scheme being gold and cream, my mum's two favourite colours!

                        There is the briefest of information on the lid, this being the brand name, product name and the statement that this is - "a collection of timeless classics, milk, dark and white chocolate assortment"

                        I am afraid this may be a long review, so I apologise in advance!

                        The chocolates -

                        Chocolate dream - This is a smooth chocolate fondant covered in a milk chocolate shell. This is a nice chocolate, there are some nice textures involved to titivate your taste buds but not much else, the flavour is chocolate and not much else! 3/5

                        Almond marzipan - This is a finely ground almond marzipan, wrapped in milk chocolate and topped with a whole almond. This is by far one of the better chocolates in the box. The almond marzipan is moist and flavoursome complemented perfectly by a thin outer shell of smooth milk chocolate, the nut is quite superfluous but looks nice! 5/5

                        Hazelnut nougat - Chopped hazelnuts encased within a nougat, covered in chocolate. Until reading what the centres are I hadn't realised this was anything but chocolate covered toffee, not a favourite in any way shape or form! 1/5 (And that was for the chocolate element!)

                        Lemon parfait- This is a dome shaped zesty lemon mousse held within a white chocolate shell, this is the only one wrapped in foil, gold to be exact! This is a truly special chocolate, the mousse inside is thick and creamy with the lemon flavour bursting onto your tongue, the only thing that could be made better in my opinion is the outer chocolate, white is not my favourite by any means, so a dark surround in my opinion would have made it the top dog of the box! 4/5

                        Turkish delight - A subtly scented rose Turkish delight encased in rich chocolate. Turkish delight is usually the first chocolate that I go for but this one is well below par. The centre that in my extensive knowledge should be soft and melting, with only a slight firmness of bite, this one was far too hard with the chocolate not seeming to complement but more disguise what centre it covers. ½/5

                        Butter fudge - Creamy fudge made with butter and milk covered in milk chocolate. This again is far too reminiscent of the fudge fingers you can buy. I have no problem with the fudge but to my way of thinking is nowhere near enough luxurious enough to be included within a box of what they deem "classic" chocolates. 2/5

                        Coffee cream- Double cream soft fondant centre laced with a strong aromatic roasted coffee scent and flavour, again encased within chocolate. I don't normally like coffee flavoured chocolate but this was a true delight. The outer chocolate shell is dark chocolate, this is vital as the soft centre is so strong in flavour any other sort would have been lost in translation so to speak. The centre is nice and sweet and in no way bitter, delicious. 5/5

                        Hazelnut praline -This a dome shaped hazelnut praline encased in white chocolate then sprinkled with toasted chocolate flakes. This could be really nice if it wasn't let down slightly by the consistency of the centre. The praline was more like sawdust than a slightly textured praline consistency, the second I bit into the chocolate it fell apart, though I cannot complain about the taste as this was sublime.3/5

                        Coconut paradise - This is a coconut roll, sprinkled with sweet coconut nuggets then covered with white chocolate. This is again delicious and different from what I was expecting. I was expecting bounty in white chocolate, this was more like a macaroon due to the moistness of the filling, again I could have been more satisfied with the outer shell being a different sort of chocolate. 3/5

                        Croquant crunch - This is a rectangular ingot of milk chocolate containing some crunchy croquant pieces. This was one I wanted to try but felt disappointed with after eating it it. The crunchy pieces in the ingot were nice and just that... crunchy, but the chocolate doesn't taste that good quality, but more like the cheap stuff you can buy, not nice! 0/5

                        Country caramel - This is a creamy chewy caramel covered in milk chocolate. Again toffee sweets are not my favourite but taste wise this is more than a toffee, creamy and sweet, nice if you like that sort of thing! 3/5

                        Layered chocolate classic - This is a three layered ingot of chocolate, the three layers being dark, milk and finishing with white on the top. This is another of my favourites, each layer complimenting the next perfectly, though if chewed rather than allowing to melt on the tongue you are missing out on the full extent of the creaminess. 5/5

                        Strawberry velvet - This is a domed strawberry fondant covered in dark chocolate. This is again a delicious chocolate, the centre being strong in flavour and smooth in consistency complimenting the sweet centre with a dark and bitter flavoured shell, perfect! 5/5

                        The nutritional information is follows-
                        Per sweet, 59 kcal
                        0.5g protein
                        7.7g carbohydrate
                        7.4g of which sugars
                        2.9g fat
                        1.9g of which saturates

                        There are of course a few allergy notices on this box, no doubt due to the amount of different ingredients included! These are that this product contains milk, soya, nuts, eggs, gluten and wheat. This is however suitable for vegetarians and none of the chocolates mentioned contain any alcohol.

                        The cost of the box should be compared with the actual amount you receive. Bearing in mind that this particular box is a double layered box, and on each layer there is around 20-25 chocolates, the cost is a wonderful £6.99 per box, exceptional value from a retailer that can sometimes be considered as a higher priced shop.

                        For more information visit - www.thorntons.co.uk

                        Thanks for reading x


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                        An assortment of 28 milk Classics chocolates.

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