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Terrys Chocolate Orange Segsations

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    13 Reviews
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      05.09.2015 01:28
      Very helpful


      • Delicious
      • "5 flavours"
      • "Assorted chocolate orange segments"


      Individually wrapped segments of Terry's Orange with five flavours to choose from

      I have always loved Terry's chocolate orange so when the segsations first came out I couldn't wait to try them. These delicious individually wrapped chocolate orange segments come in five different flavours and each one is lovely.

      Milk chocolate...Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange with the essence of real orange oil
      Exploding Candy .....Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange with exploding candy pieces
      Toffee Crunch ....Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange with crunchy toffee, caramel pieces
      Milk Crunchy....Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange with crispy puffed rice
      Milk with Dark....Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange with a layer of Dark Chocolate

      They come in a 300 gram box and at Sainsburys they are priced at four pounds. However this week I was having a casual look around Poundland and pounced on a clear bag filled with segsations and of course I could not resist them. A 250 gram bag for one pound was a brilliant bargain. It did not matter one jot that there was no fancy box, just a bag filled with lovely Terry's Orange chocolates.

      I usually buy these chocolates at Christmas so it was a nice treat this week to be able to purchase some lovely chocolates at such a great price. I never mind paying the price of these but usually for a special occasion is when I would normally purchase a box.

      I know that segsations have been around for a few years and I really like all the flavours which add a different twist to the chocolate orange which has been around for many years. Also the fact that these chocolates are individually wrapped keeps them fresh and handier than the chocolate orange which has to be bashed hard on a table to break up the segments.

      I recommend them to anyone who hasn't already tried these chocolates.


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      05.02.2013 00:51
      Very helpful



      A great box of orange flavoured chocolate with variety.

      Terry's chocolate orange segsations - yum they're not terry's they're mine - it's certainly true.
      What better way to review these yummy chocolates than to sit here actually munching on them so here we go!!
      Terry's segsations are little wrapped versions of the original terry's chocolate orange which as we all know is one large orange shape cut into segments which have to be crushed to eat the segments. So the segsations are in segments. Each obviously has an orange theme because that is what Terry's chocolate orange is about.

      == Cost ==
      This is a large box, 330g. approx £6

      == The taste ==
      So how does each one taste lets see!!

      I'm opening the red wrapper first - Milk Dark Duo
      Firstly it's smooth and chocolaty, a rich dark chocolate taste with a hint of orange with a milk chocolate and orange wrapping. ummm..... yummmm.......lovely....

      The dark blue wrapper - milk classic
      Again smooth and chocolaty, this is the original Terry's chocolate orange, lovely milk chocolate with juicy orange flavours. ummm..... ummmm.....similar to chocolate above but still yummy! just having a moment while I finish it....

      Just popped the chocolate from the light blue wrapper in - Milk Crispy
      Ummm! This is the milk chocolate terry's chocolate orange with lovely light crispy rice bits inside making it crispy. Ooo.... this is nice..... crisp, crunch.... then soft chocolate, then crisp, crunch .... soft chocolate....

      I've opened the brown wrapper - Toffee crunch
      Ooo nice, a lovely smooth milk terry's chocolate orange as always with hidden pieces of crunchy caramel giving it an extra twang. The only problem with this one is it takes a while to get the bits of toffee out of your teeth as they get stuck!! ummm, nice tangy toffee bits.... bit sticky.... chew, chew, chew.... still I'm liking it, picking bits out teeth now (not that you wanted to know!).....

      Can you tell I'm enjoying this box of chocolates!

      Now for the pink/burgundy wrapper - Popping candy
      Wooo! It starts straight away, once you've popped it in your mouth the popping candy starts popping away whilst the chocolate orange taste is melt in your mouth. A great sensation and a great fun chocolate! Try holding your mouth open whilst eating and hear it crackle and pop! Fantastic!!..... pop, pop, pop, .... soft chocolate.... nice taste.... definitely I saved the best till last.....

      The latter two are new additions and what great additions they are. I have thoroughly enjoyed sampling each one to tell you what a great box of chocolates these are! you must try them for yourself!


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        25.01.2011 00:20
        Very helpful



        chocolate orange perfection!

        I love Terry's Chocolate Orange but had never tried there segsations until this Christmas. On a trip to Tesco I spotted boxes of the Segsations on offer at half price so thought they were a bargain and would try them. I was not disappointed with my purchase they have the distinctive chocolate orange taste but with great twists.

        The segsations come in a 330g cardboard box, the box is very bright and colourful with a blue background, pictures of the differently coloured chocolates inside and an explosion shaped clear window on the front.
        On the back of the box you can find a description of the chocolate flavours inside as well as detailed nutritional information.
        The box is also suitable for recycling.

        Currently in Tesco a 330g box of segsations cost £4.49, but it's worth looking out for offers as I was able to purchase my box before Christmas for £2.50. These chocolates are also avaliable in larger tins, although these only seem avaliable around Christmas from what I have noticed.

        As described on the box there are five 'delicious taste explosions' contained inside. Each individually wrapped segsation has the Terry's Chocolate Orange chocolate as a basis, with an added twist (except for the milk classic which is a segment of original Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange). The wrappers are also coloured differently to make it easy to identify which chocolate to choose.
        - Milk Chocolate Duo (Red) - Dark Terry's Chocolate Orange underneath a blanket of milk Terry's Chocolate Orange.
        - Toffee Crunch (Light Brown) - Crunchy toffee flavour caramel pieces buried underneath a layer of smooth milk Terry's Chocolate Orange.
        - Milk Crispy (Light Blue) - Lovely light and crispy puffed rice bits to discover within a layer of smooth milk Terry's Chocolate Orange.
        - Popping Candy (Purple) - Volcanic popping candy bits ready to explode from smooth milk Terry's Chocolate Orange.
        - Milk Classic (Dark Blue) - Classic milk Chocolate Orange, delicious as ever with the essence of real juicy oranges.

        ~~~~~My Opinion~~~~~
        These are a fantastic choice of chocolates for Terry's Chocolate Orange fans as they offer a bit of variety. In my opinion all of the different segsations taste fantastic. My favourite has to be the Toffee Crunch as I am a big toffee fan and the combination of the chocolate orange with the pieces of toffee to me is a perfect combination.
        They are also fairly reasonably priced so make an ideal gift. If you have not tried these already I can highly recommend them.


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          16.11.2010 16:35
          Very helpful



          Good for a bit of variety or a gift that isn't the usual tin of roses.

          Every year I buy boxes and tins of sweets for various people and instead of a chocolate orange that makes you look cheap I purchased a few of these last year and have a couple of boxes away for this year. The boxes retail at around £3+ each but I buy them whenn they're on offer for £2 each.

          The picture shows a tin but I have bought boxes which have the same design and contents.

          You get 5 varieties that are all individually wrapped:

          Milky: A blue wrapper that has a pice of the original chocolate orange.
          Honeycomb: This is a normal segment that has crunchy honeycomb pieces embedded in it and comes in a lighter orange wrapper.
          Dark: Dark chocolate layered on top of the standard milk in a darker orange wrapping.
          Crispy: This has the taste of a crispy cake with a hint of orange presented in a dark blue foil.
          Crunchy: A normal segment with cornflakes within it within a yellow wrapper.

          All of these varieties taste like the standard chocolate orange with a little addition but not really anything special considering really. They're still as sweet and tasty just a little harder to get into having to undo each individual foil wrapper meaning that if you don't have energy then they'd last longer however being the chocoholic I am I have the willpower to get into every single last one!

          At 40calories on average per sweet they could be classed as better for you than a chocolate orange. A nice change and variety but nothing to rave about in my opinion!


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          16.11.2010 12:16
          Very helpful



          Gorgeous chocolates which are great as presents, or just for yourself!

          So I was browsing in Sainsburys yesterday, trying to decide which biscuits to keep on my desk this week, and spotted these at the end of the aisle. I love Terry's Chocolate Orange and have only tried these a few times but thought they would make a nice difference from biscuits.


          Terry's Chocolate Orange Segsations are single segments of the original orange wrapped individually. However, rather than just have the one flavour, this box comes with 5 different flavours, two of which are new. These flavours are:

          Milk Classic - Classic milk Terry's Chocolate Orange
          Milk Dark Duo - Dark Terry's Chocolate Orange underneath a blanket of milk Terry's Chocolate Orange
          *NEW* Toffee Crunch - Crunchy toffee flavour caramel pieces buried beneath a layer of smooth milk Terry's Chocolate Orange
          Milk Crispy - Lovely light and crispy puffed rice bits to discover within a layer of smooth milk Terry's Chocolate Orange.
          *NEW* Popping Candy - Volcanic popping candy bits ready to explode from smooth milk Terry's Chocolate Orange.

          The mix of flavours gives an exciting twist to enjoying Terry's Chocolate Orange.

          **Availablilty and RRP**

          I don't usually look for these but find I only really notice them around Easter or Christmas, however, I'm sure they are available for most of the year. I have spotted them in most supermarkets, plus shops like Wilkos or W H Smiths.

          As I don't look out for them, I haven't noticed what they usually RRP at. The box that I have (330g) was on offer in Sainsbury's for £2, which I was quite impressed with considering a big bag of Malteasers is £1.80 now.


          Whenever I have seen these before, they have been packaged in a large plastic box. The box that I purchased yesterday is made of card, and shaped slightly like a small roses box but fatter.

          The box is dark blue and has orange writing on the front to show that they are Terry's Chocolate Orange Segsations. There are also pictures of the different flavours.

          On the back there are pictures of all the different flavours again, but these have small descriptions underneath each one to describe what they are.

          Also on the back are the nutritional values, ingredients and contact details for the manufacturer.


          I'm not going to go into too much detail here as I have already given a quick description of the flavours above.

          Each different flavour has the original flavouring of Terry's Chocolate Orange, but with a twist.

          I'm struggling to decide which is my favourite between the two new flavours. The popping candy one taste exactly like the original, but the popping effect after is just great and reminds me of my childhood.

          But the toffee is quickly becoming my favourite as it has a unique taste, whichi s quite difficult to describe and it would be pointless describing it as I taste it (Terry's Chocolate Orange with a bit of toffee). It's a little like you get a bit of the toffee flavour, then the original, then the toffee. Its just a great mix of the two tastes.

          The only one which I'm not too keen on is the Milk Dark Duo, but I'm not a fan of dark chocolate and I'm sure someone who loves both dark and milk chocolate would adore this as it is a great mix of the two.

          The Milk Crispy isn't all that amazing, just the original flavour again with rice bits in it, but it is nice and the texture makes it a little less sickly than eating a whole box of the original flavour.


          I am really enjoying sitting here munching on these chocolates. I love the mix of different flavours as they stop me from getting bored. However, this also means I cant stop eating them!!

          I love the twist that these bring to the original flavour and think they are great for someone who loves the original.

          At £2 these were an absolute bargain! And would be perfect to pick up as Christmas presents, or for yourself!

          I highly recommend these, they are gorgeous!


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            30.04.2010 11:49
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            3 new flavours to try!

            Terry's Chocolate Orange Segsations are a new (ish) twist on an old classic. I always get about 3 dark chocolate Chocolate Orange's at Christmas from various people so I consider myself quite the Chocolate Orange connoisseur! My family must have decided that enough was enough this Easter and decided to mix things up a bit by getting me a box of Segsations instead. Chocolate Orange Segsations are individually wrapped segments of Chocolate Orange, in 5 delicious flavours.
            As well as the traditional 'Milk' and 'Dark', you also get 'Honeycomb' (orange wrapper), 'Crispy' (sky blue wrapper) and 'Crunchy' (yellow wrapper) varieties.
            As the name suggests the 'Honeycomb' variety incorporates little chunks of honeycomb into a milk chocolate segment; the 'Crispy' has puffed rice and the 'Crunchy' (my new favourite) has pieces of crushed up cornflakes.
            In my opinion, these new flavours are a welcome addition to the Chocolate Orange family. I also received a 'Popping Candy' Chocolate Orange for Easter which I am a bit more dubious about, but I only have good things to say about the Segsations.
            The 330g pack is nice and big. I have long since polished off the last segment in my box, but as the box is decorative and durable I am using it as a handy jewellery box!
            Segsations are a good sharing chocolate and are ideal if you are having friends over for a movie or drinks and want something to munch on between sips of chardonnay.

            Unfortunately Terry's Chocolate Orange does not count towards your recommended 5-a-day portions of fruit & veg, and neither do the Segsations, regardless of how many you eat!

            *** This article is also on Ciao ***


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              28.02.2010 10:50
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Yummy Terry's Chocolate!! x

              Please note: I wrote this review a while ago on Ciao but have only just uploaded it here, so if it's going on about Christmas being recent...that's why!!

              Every year I have had some form of Terry's Chocolate Orange for Christmas. Ever since I can remember Santa left me an unwrapped chocolate orange on top of my stocking...until a few years ago. Then it all changed. I am a stickler for tradition, particularly at Christmas time, so when I didn't see my chocolate orange with my stocking I was very annoyed and a bit upset. But, never one to disappoint, good old Santa Claus had upgraded my chocolate orange into a fancy new box of Chocolate Orange Segsations.

              ~*A Brief History Of Terry's And Segsations*~

              I am well aware that this review is about the Segsation's themselves, not a history of them, and I am not a fan of reviews that spend ages talking about the history in great detail, the advertising campaigns etcetera and then add at the end "It tastes all right too", so I'm just going to sum it up for you!
              It's not Terry's - it's mine! - one of the most memorable slogans of Terry's. Terry's, which is now a worldwide brand, was originally founded in York way back in 1823, by Joseph Terry. He expanded the brand and then when he died, his son - Joseph Terry Jr. - took over. Terry's was taken over by Kraft Food's in 1993. The famous Chocolate Orange was however launched way back in the 1930's. Chocolate Orange Segsations launched in 2003, but did not become that well known and well stocked in supermarkets until around a year or so later.

              ~*The Packaging*~

              Segsation's are available in tins and boxes of various sizes. The packaging is a dark blue colour, with a large orange title of 'Chocolate Orange Segsations' and a picture of each of the segments. I currently am reading off a 330g box, so this is what the packaging looks like on this...the box is curved in a shape of a chocolate orange segment, and the lid is orange and decorated to look like a chocolate segment. On the back of the box there is a picture of each type of the segments and information of what the chocolate is like. Also on the back is a list of ingredients, nutritional value and some contact information.
              Each of the segments are individually wrapped in plastic wrapping inside the box (or tin!) and are colour coded so you can tell which ones are which.

              ~*The Talking Chocolates!*~

              The tagline for Segsation's is 'Chocolates With Something To Say'. I find this a bit random but quite sweet, as each chocolate has a cheeky message imprinted on it, reading things like 'Smile Now!', 'Pssst!' and 'Saucy!' and ... ooh, this is a great excuse for me to be stuffing my face with them ... I've just found one reading 'Share Me' - not likely!

              ~*The Taste*~

              This is the bit that really matters, right? I'm going to attempt to make your mouth water as I describe each flavour of the segments...
              Terry's Chocolate Orange is made with real orange essence, so the flavour is very real and doesn't taste cheap or synthetic at all. As soon as you open the tin or box you can smell the orange essence straight away - it is very inviting!
              Milky This segment can be found in a dark blue wrapper and is the original chocolate orange - everybody's favourite! You can taste the zest and the chocolate is creamy and simply divine. I love to let it melt in my mouth!
              Honeycomb is in the bright orange wrapper, and is my second favourite of the selection. The milk chocolate is bursting with small pieces of crunchy honeycomb. I found the texture of the crunchy honeycomb worked well with the smooth original chocolate, and that the honeycomb gave the segment an almost caramelised flavour to it.
              Dark my favourite segment! I am not even a fan of dark chocolate normally, but this layered segment of the traditional milk chocolate orange and dark chocolate is simply gorgeous. For me, eating so many of the Segsations can make me feel a little sick - but I still do it anyway! - but these dark segments are so much less sickly than the others. They do not lose the zestiness of the orange oil either. They are found in the red wrapper - if anyone doesn't like them please do send me them!
              Crispy is the segment in the pale blue wrapper. I must admit, these are my least favourite. The pieces of puffed rice add an odd texture and other than the strange texture it is just the same as a Milky segment.
              Crunchy is a traditional segment of chocolate orange with slivers of cornflake pieces. It is quite nice as I like the texture of the cornflakes against the chocolate, but I feel that they pack a few many pieces of crushed cornflakes into the segment. This replaced the white chocolate segment a while ago.

              ~*Eh Oh, Nutritional Info!*~

              Aah, well, this isn't too good - each 25g serving of the segments (which is a tiny handful) is 130 calories. Oh well - it's Christmas! That means each seeving is 7% of an adult's GDA, which is 2000 calories. Needless to say, this isn't too good for somebody on a strict diet - but they really are to good to resist!


              Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Skimmed Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Milk Fat, Maize, Emulzifiers, Rice Flour, Flavourings, Glucose Syrup, Salt and Colour.
              Nutrition And Allergy Information

              Contains milk and soya. May contain traces of nuts and wheat. Suitable for Vegetarians. Not suitable for Vegans.

              ~*Available In..*~

              Box/Tub - 330g - from £5.49
              Tin - 700g - approximately £10
              Available from most supermarkets.


              To conclude, I would recommend this selection to all Chocolate Orange lovers who want to be a little more adventurous. I enjoy all of the segments and they are perfect to relax with, curled up on the sofa watching Ant & Dec's Christmas Special with a nice cup of tea...sorry, I'll stop planning my night on here! But yes, they are a lovely treat and one of my favourite selections of chocolate!


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                03.02.2010 18:20
                Very helpful



                Good for parties and family gatherings

                Every Christmas, our household receives, accumulates, buys and pilfers at least two big tins of chocolates (amongst various little boxes and variety packs) - Normally it's a tin of Roses and a tin of Quality Street. Which whilst being nice, is a little bit boring sometimes! This year though, we seem to have gone down a different track and instead of the Roses, we have a tin of Terrys Chocolate Orange 'Segsations'. I've been meaning to review them for a while, but I just seem to keep eating them instead? I'm not sure how that's happened. But for the sake of scientific research and informing you, the consumer, I will make the sacrifice and eat a few more so that you are fully informed!

                Starting off with the appearance of the tin, it's pretty average, just a circular hat box style, nothing special. The lovely little tab on the front tells you that there are 130 calories per 25g - Unfortunately, it doesn't tell you have many individually wrapped segments this is! The lid is typical Terrys Chocolate Orange decoration/branding. Turn the tin over and you get a much more detailed nutrional analysis, still using the 25g serving size though. If you're really bothered, you could probably work out how many segments there are in 25g (there's 700g in the whole tin, I can tell you now that if you ate the entire thing in one sitting, you'd be consuming 3600 calories - yeowch!) from the amount of it all but I couldn't really be bothered... I tend to go for 3 or 5 segments a go and leave it at that. The back also tells us what is in the tin - 5 different types of chocolate orange segment, 'all with a message to make you smile'. That's just something imprinted into the chocolate like 'Smile!' or 'Lookin' good'. A strange concept for a chocolate, but hey.

                Now down to the good stuff; the different varieties. I'll arrange these in order, from my least favourite to my favourite! First off, we've got the 'Honeycomb', which you'll find in an orange wrapping. I just don't like honeycomb in chocolate unless it's a Crunchy! The combination of honey flavour and synthetic/chocolate orange is just a little bit off and definitely not my kind of thing. Thankfully, there seemed to be a lot less of these in our tin.

                Onwards and upwards, the yellow 'Crunchy' is up next. As stated before, crunchy textures and smooth chocolate doesn't really do much for me... And these disappointed me a lot. They would be last if it wasn't for the odd taste of mixing honeycomb and orange! They are said to contain cornflake pieces, but to be honest, it just gives the chocolate a gritty texture which is a bit weird. Not one I'd be going back for.

                Next is the light blue 'Crispy' variety. Now, don't get me wrong, these are no honeycomb or crunchy, they don't taste too bad. But the addition of these to the Chocolate Orange range just feels a little bit childish and reminds me of the badly made, value Tesco chocolate bars that I used to scoff every lunch time. A decent third place.

                Second and first place were tough, but I think in the end, the red 'Dark' variety is just pipped to the post. I love dark chocolate, I love it more than milk, but I was disappointed to find that the dark chocolate segments are not fully dark chocolate! These segments are about 85% milk chocolate, with a little layer of dark chocolate along the bottom. That dark bit tastes lovely though, I just wish there was more of it!

                The milk is a deserved winner, given it's classic status and timeless simplicity. There's very little to say on this segment, it's just there. There seem to be more of these in our tin which I imagine is due to them being cheaper and easier to make than the others, but it's a good thing for me!

                Overall, I think this is a nice little tin of chocolates, simple and with a good variety. There's a segment for every member of the family here, as long as they like chocolate oranges! I would definitely buy these again, even though I only like a few of the varieties, as I know that other people in my family like the ones that I don't. However, if you think you would only like one or two, you're better off just buying a few chocolate oranges by themselves. I don't quite understand the idea of putting messages on the chocolates, but it doesn't detract from them, so it's not a major point for me.


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                  22.01.2010 20:38
                  Very helpful



                  Hats off to terry's for a brilliant product

                  My overall review score: 10/10

                  Before I start I must admit I am a bit of a chocoholic so my opinion may be a bit biased although I have tried my fair share of different chocs!
                  For me chocolate and orange are a perfect match and the 'segsations' are no exception. I love these and the segsations offer five different combinations to choose from. They are a welcome twist from the conventional chocolate oranges however there is one big drawback - you can't stop eating them. I have been known to polish off one of these tins in a couple of nights.
                  My top tip for the most enjoyable tasting experience (as with a lot of chocolates) is to eat them at room temperature. There is also some science behind this. Chocolate's melting point is 1 degree below body temperature and hence this has a slight cooling sensation in the mouth. One reason why chocolate is so moreish!!
                  Hats off to terry's for a brilliant product although you could knock the price down a bit :)


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                  09.01.2010 21:05
                  Very helpful



                  Not my favourites but certainly nice enough!

                  Before Christmas we were looking for a couple of tins of chocolates to put on the coffee table for when our guests were with us. We always used to get Cadbury's Heroes but we don't think that they are as good since they changed the contents so we were on the lookout for something else this year. When we were shopping in Tesco's and saw their tins of sweets on sale at £5 each we chose a tin of Cadbury's Roses and a tin of Terry's Chocolate Orange Segsations. Incidentally I have looked on the Internet and cannot find any of these tins for sale anywhere so I have no idea what the full price would be.

                  The Packaging

                  The Segsations came in a tin containing 700g of the chocolates. The tin is the same sort of diameter as all the other tins of chocolates that are available at holiday time but it isn't as deep. The tin is mainly decorated in blue and orange - the colours that we have come to associate with Terry's Chocolate Orange. The top of the tin has a picture of some of the sweets together with the Terry's Chocolate Orange logo. On the back there are pictures of each of the five different varieties in the tin together with a description of each one. There is also a list of all the nutritional information.

                  The Chocolates

                  The chocolates are shaped like little orange segments - like the ones in a standard Terry's Chocolate Orange only much smaller. They are all individually wrapped and each of the five flavours is wrapped in a different coloured paper.

                  The various flavours are as follows:

                  This one is in a light blue wrapper and is basically a standard Chocolate Orange segment but much smaller.

                  This one comes in a light orange wrapper and is a Chocolate Orange segment with honeycomb flavoured crunchy bits.

                  This one comes in a dark orange wrapper and is a Chocolate Orange segment with an added layer of Terry's dark chocolate.

                  This one is in a dark blue wrapper and is a Chocolate Orange segment with crispy puffed rice added to it.

                  Finally this one comes in a yellow wrapper and is a Chocolate Orange segment containing crushed cornflake pieces.

                  What did they taste like?

                  The milky one obviously just tasted exactly the same as a segment of Terry's Chocolate Orange so it was just rich creamy Terry's milk chocolate.

                  I didn't try the dark one as I don't really like dark chocolate so I left these for the people who did like dark chocolate and they all got eaten so I am assuming that they were nice!

                  I loved the honeycomb one as it reminded me a bit of a Cadbury's Crunchie with a Terry's taste.

                  The crispy one was nice too and this was a bit like a Nestle Crunch bar only with an orange tang.

                  The crunchy one was quite similar to the crispy one and was also really good.

                  On the whole we were all really impressed with these although I did prefer the Cadburys Roses but that is only because I love Cadburys chocolate!

                  Nutritional Information

                  The sweets are all slightly different so the average nutritional value per 100g and per sweet at 7.7g is as follows:

                  Calories 525 (40 calories)
                  Protein 58.5g (0.5g)
                  Carbohydrate 58.5 g (4.5 g)
                  Of which sugars 55.5 g (4.3 g)
                  Fat 28.5 g (2.2 g)
                  Of which saturates 17.0 g (1.3 g)
                  Fibre 2.8 g (0.2 g)


                  At £5 for 700g these sweets were really good value and went down well with everyone. I enjoyed the ones that I ate as they made a nice change but as I have said before I do prefer Cadbury's chocolate rather than Terry's so they won't become my favourites!


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                    09.01.2010 10:46
                    Very helpful



                    Terry's got it right with this box of chocolates version of the Chocolate Orange.

                    The Chocolate Orange 'Segsations' are individually wrapped "segments" (in the way that Roses are) made from the choclolate used on the normal Oranges.

                    There are a few different varieties in the box: (all are 'Orange' flavour with...)
                    - Milk Chocolate
                    - Dark Chocolate
                    - Milk Chocolate with small crunchy bits of honeycomb
                    - Milk Chocolate with small crispy bits of rice (similar to Rice Krispies but it doesn't mention anywhere that they are the actual brand)
                    - Milk Chocolate with small crispy bits of cornflake

                    It's actually better that there are "only" 5 different varieties, as you get a decent number of each and aren't left trying to decipher the 'key' thing that you get to tell you which chocolate is which!

                    All of these varieties should appeal to most people and unlike many selection boxes, we didn't find any that we didn't like which got left at the end, in fact within a couple of days after Christmas they were all gone! :) (I should mention that the Segsations I am reviewing are in the 330g upright box which looks like a "semicircle" segment as a cross section... but still...)

                    The actual chocolate itself is the same as that used in the standard Chocolate Oranges, if you are familiar with those. If not - it's a rather nice chocolate, can become very 'crisp' especially if kept in a slightly colder environment (we found this where they were kept in the kitchen at about 17 degrees C) and the orange flavour is enough to be decently "orangey" (is that even a word?!) but not overwhelmingly so, so they are not really sickly sweet.

                    As mentioned above we had the upright "semicircle" box which I have kept, hoping that I can find a way to reuse it as something useful as it is the sort of shape which looks like I should be able to make something from it! The lid is orange (and moulded to look like an orange segment) and the box is actually plain white plastic with a blue cellophane (?) plastic 'sleeve' around it, so the sleeve could be removed leaving a white box to reuse. I will continue thinking about this one!

                    Segsations make a great present for someone or if you work in a team environment, would be a good choice of treats to bring in and share around your workplace as most people will find something they like in there! They are also reasonably priced and compare well to the other chocolates in their market 'segment' (boom boom!) for price and variety, such as Roses/Celebrations etc.


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                    03.01.2010 00:36
                    Very helpful



                    Worth a try if you love choc orange

                    I like the original Terry's chocolate orange but i find it a bit heavy going and the tap it and unwrap it novelty has worn off now, so when i ended up with a box of these over the festive period i put them to one side as i was full with Christmas dinner and alcohol! only today i picked them up and thought i would give them a try.

                    The Packaging
                    Not as pictured above, mine is a orange segment shape plastic tub type thing containing 330g of Chocolates, the lid is orange by design and colour, the tub is blue with the Terry's chocolate orange logo and a picture of the sweets, the back has pictures and a description of all 5 varieties in the tub, and all the usual nutritional information that tells you what you don't want to hear! ( if you do need this information please see useful info at end of review)

                    The Contents
                    As i have mentioned you get 5 varieties of chocolate in this tub and each one has a nice little message printed into it, each one is about the size of a normal chocolate orange segment and is individually wrapped in a colour coded wrapping for easy identification.
                    Milky:A light blue wrapper which contains your standard chocolate orange segment.
                    Honeycomb: A light orange wrapper containing Chocolate Orange Studded with honeycomb flavour crunchy bits.
                    Dark: A dark orange wrapper containing Chocolate Orange With a cheeky layer of darker chocolate.
                    Crispy: A dark blue wrapper containing Chocolate Orange Packed with light, crispy puffed rice.
                    Crunchy: A bright yellow wrapper containing Chocolate Orange Speckled with crushed cornflake pieces.

                    My Opinion
                    I will start with the milk and dark varieties as these are pretty much the same as a normal milk/dark chocolate orange, a nice touch of individual wrapping and a little message for you but still just chocolate orange cut up and wrapped for you, now on to the honeycomb, plenty of bits in this one which gives it a nice crunch, makes it a bit sweeter and takes a bit of the orange flavour out of it, so nice enough and a bit different, now on to the crispy one which tastes just like a Nestle Crunch bar with an orange flavour, i love Nestle Crunch so i quite enjoyed this, last but not least is the crunchy one with bits of cornflakes? a strange mix but it taste very similar to the crispy one really so i also enjoyed that one.
                    Overall i really enjoyed this tub of sweets, a chocolate orange just seems a bit rich for me, and slightly oily, where as the bits of rice/corn break the monotony, and leave a much more edible chocolate, and you get to pick and choose a flavour plus it seems to take longer to eat individually wrapped chocolates so they last longer which can only be a good thing.

                    The Results
                    These are usually about £3 a tub or 2 for a fiver if they are on offer, not as good value as a chocolate orange but if you like chocolate orange you will love these so i suggest you give them a go, a refreshing change for chocolate orange lovers and not as sickly!

                    Other useful info
                    Sugar, Skimmed Milk Powder, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Milk Fat, Maize, Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin, Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate, Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), Rice Flour, Flavourings, Glucose Syrup, Salt, Colour (Beta Carotene).
                    May Contain Traces of Nuts, Peanuts and Wheat Protein.
                    Milk Chocolate Contains: Cocoa Solids 25% Minimum, Milk Solids 20% Minimum.
                    Dark Chocolate Contains: Cocoa Solids 50% Minimum, Suitable for Vegeterians.
                    the Mix of Sweets May Vary In Composition.

                    Allergies Information:
                    Contains Milk Fat, Milk Powder, Milk Solids & Soya Lecithins
                    May contain Wheat Protein, Nuts & Peanuts

                    nutrient per 100g per 7.7g (sweet *(this is an average of all 5 sweets))
                    Energy kCal 525 kCal 40 kCal
                    Energy kJ 2,195 kJ 170 kJ
                    Protein 6.9 g 0.5 g
                    Carbohydrate 58.5 g 4.5 g
                    of which sugars 55.5 g 4.3 g
                    Fat 28.5 g 2.2 g
                    of which saturates 17.0 g 1.3 g
                    Fibre 2.8 g 0.2 g
                    Sodium 0.1 g 0.0 g


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                    02.11.2009 17:32
                    Very helpful



                    Terry and Dawn French can have the cornflake ones.

                    Terry's first produced the Chocolate Apple in the UK in the 1920s. Thanks to its popularity in 1936 they then launched the Chocolate Orange, which was an immediate huge success. Aside from a brief period during the second world war when Terry's stopped manufacturing the Chocolate Orange because they couldn't import the orange oil it required, production started again in the late 40s and due to its major success the less popular Chocolate Apple was later withdrawn from sale.

                    Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange remains the most popular product in their Chocolate Orange line, though Terry's introduced the Plain Chocolate orange in the 1970s, followed by the Chocolate Orange Lemon, Chocolate Orange Snowball (white chocolate), Chocolate Orange Mint, Chocolate Orange Toffee, Chocolate Orange Bars, Chocolate Orange Tangy, Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Orange Volcanic Popping Candy, Chocolate Orange hazelnut and more, offering plenty of variation on the theme.

                    In 2003 Terry's introduced Chocolate Orange Segsations which negated the need to 'tap and unwrap' as each chocolate orange segment is individually wrapped. They are available in either 700g tins or 330g plastic tubs. I am reviewing the tin.

                    The tin has the classic Milk Chocolate Orange styling, it's blue with an orange border around the lid edge and features a large Terry's Chocolate Orange logo on top of the lid. The side of the tin shows the 5 different varieties of segment - dark, crispy, crunchy, milky and honeycomb.

                    The nutritional information is unsurprising. A recommended 25g serving gives 130 calories and 7.2g fat which equates to 10% of the guideline daily amount. That's if you manage to stick to the recommended serving though which works out at a small handful. I think most of us would get through more than 5 or 6 in a sitting!

                    There is a special Terry's Chocolate Orange Careline Freephone number printed on the base of the tin and Kraft suggest you visit their website to find out how you can incorporate Terry's Segsations into a healthy lifestyle, but I couldn't find any mention of chocolate on their healthy eating site.

                    The underside of the tin also has a description of each variety of chocolate segment. They are named the blue one (milk), the red one (dark), the yellow one (crunchy), the orange one (honeycomb) and the light blue one (crispy).

                    A new addition to Segsations is the tag-line, 'Chocolates with something to say...' Unwrapping each chocolate you find they each have words printed on their upper-most side, slogans like 'Partygirl', 'Tasty!', 'Groovy', 'Have Another'(what, even if you have gone beyond your 25g?!), 'Chill out', and 'You're Beautiful'. I haven't unwrapped them all but it seems that most of them have different things printed on them.

                    Terry's aren't the first confectioners to put messages on their sweets, Loveheart sweets are the original and the best in that department as far as I'm aware, and Munchies have cheeky slogans on their packaging, 'You want me', etc. I think the idea doesn't work particularly well on chocolate orange segments as the sweet has to be unwrapped to discover the message, Terry's chocolate is not a very romantic medium for love messages, and most of the messages are meaningless. 'Alright!' and 'Cheers!' aren't going to have you breathless with anticipation to read the next one, are they?

                    Each individual segment of chocolate closely resembles a segment from a standard Terry's Chocolate Orange'. They are shaped to look like real orange segments complete with the orange peel texture effect on the outer edge. They all smell just like orange and chocolate. I know that sounds obvious, but it's true!

                    My favourite 'Segsation' is the one in the orange wrapper, honeycomb. I have never seen this one appear anywhere except in the Segsations box unfortunately as I think it's a really pleasant combination. The honeycomb appears in generously sized chunks all through the chocolate. It looks orange and is very probably not real honeycomb (especially as Terry's describes it as honeycomb flavour) but it tastes like it and is nice and crunchy when you bite into it. It also adds a chewy texture to the chocolate while eating. The honey and orange combination is delicious.

                    The next one is milk chocolate. This has the familiar blue wrapper and is the original Terry's Chocolate Orange flavour. This is the one everyone should know, Terry's describes it as 'delicious milk chocolate flavoured with the essence of real juicy oranges'. It doesn't taste any more orangey than the others but it's very smooth velvety chocolate with an authentic taste of oranges, it doesn't taste artificial at all. No bells and whistles with this one, just a chocolate classic in a little plastic wrapper.

                    My third favourite is crispy which is the one in the light blue wrapper. Why another blue wrapper? Terry's still had plenty of colours left to choose from! Anyway, this one is 'packed with lovely light and crispy puffed rice bits' which you can see on the bumpy underside of the chocolate. They have been generous with the puffed rice as it's all the way through the segment and this adds a nice crispy texture.

                    Then we come to the two varieties which are always the last left in our tin.

                    The yellow one is called crunchy and according to Terry's has been 'secretly embedded with little crushed cornflake bits.' Even before trying the chocolate the description of crushed cornflake bits didn't sound appetising. The texture isn't very crunchy, and the amount of crushed cornflake bits added is quite stingy. I can taste cornflakes after I have finished eating the chocolate though, but I don't know if that's a good thing! This one was added to replace the white chocolate segment but I would have preferred that, or they could have brought back their Chocolate Apple or Raspberry? This one is a little bit blah.

                    Last one is the red one - dark. I like Plain Chocolate Orange so you would think I would like this one. However it's not just dark chocolate, it's 'a milk chocolate top sitting on a cheeky dark chocolate bottom'. The base is a layer of plain chocolate topped with milk chocolate. I can taste the slightly bitter dark chocolate for a moment after biting into it, then it begins to taste like the milky one. Good if you don't like dark chocolate much, but those who buy the tin because the like the Plain Chocolate orange would be disappointed. I do still eat them because they are there, but they seem a bit pointless.

                    Ultimately though, this chocolate selection is very very moreish. So much so that we are on our third tin even though I originally meant to buy one and set it aside for Christmas. Any Chocolate Orange segment is better than no Chocolate Orange segment!

                    I would definitely recommend the Segsations to anyone who likes orange flavoured chocolate. Right now you can buy the 700g tin for £5 at most of the major supermarkets.


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