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Power Bar Performance Chocolate

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Brand: Power Bar / Type: Bar

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    1 Review
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      13.04.2011 19:36
      Very helpful



      Overall a nice bar to give you an energy boost.

      This is one of the other flavoured Powerbar Energy Bars that I bought last week as I decided to buy a range of flavours in case I didn't like one of them. This one is there chocolate flavoured energy bar. It cost me £1.20 from my local cycling shop, which isn't cheap but for what it is isn't too bad.

      --- The Outside ---
      The individual 60g bar is 12.5cm x 5cm x 1cm in size and comes wrapped in a plastic wrapper. The wrapper is mainly gold coloured with a lot of print on it. The front has a large brand logo then has the product name and various phrases to try to entice you to buy it. The rear of the bar is gold and brown and contains a lot of information in very small print.

      --- The Bar ---
      On opening the wrapper, you are confronted with a brown coloured bar with a nice scent of cocoa. The bar looks a lot more like a chocolate brownie than a energy bar due to its colour and texture. The bar is brown all over and has a slightly sticky surface. On biting the bar, it is quite firm and so needs a bit of force. Once you have bitten through it, it becomes a lot softer to chew in your mouth. It has a slightly crunchy feel to it, however it doesn't look crunchy from the outside.

      The taste is a bit different to what I was expecting as I thought it would taste like a chocolate bar, however it has a more bitter taste to it that is similar to cocoa than Cadburys Dairy Milk! For me this is not a problem though as I quite like this taste and so it makes it quite pleasant to eat. As this bar is designed to be used whilst training, it needs to be easy to eat on the go. I find that as it requires quite a bit of chewing before eating, it becomes difficult to eat whilst cycling as I prefer snacks that can be swallowed quickly. I also find that if I eat too much, the taste and texture tends to get a bit overpowering and becomes a bit sickly.

      --- Energy Boost? ---
      As this bar is designed to give you an energy boost, this has to be the most important part of this review. I found that when out cycling it did seem to help me keep up a sustained effort for a longer period of time. I only ever ate about ¼ of the bar at a time and so I spread out eating it over an hour. I found that this helped me to train harder for longer than I would normally be able to before tiring.

      --- Overall Opinion ---
      On the whole this is a reasonable tasting bar that is okay to eat in small portions. If I was really tired and needed a big boost I wouldn't be able to eat a whole bar in one go as I think it would make me sick. However in these small portions it does seem to work well in giving me an energy boost to help with my training session.

      The price of it is not too bad as it is quite comparable to other brands of energy bars. I am therefore going to give this bar 4/5 as it is reasonably tasty, does give me an energy boost and is not too expensive.

      Thanks for reading.

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