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Hotel Chocolat Boozy Truffles

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Brand: Hotel Chocolat / Type: Truffle

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    3 Reviews
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      23.03.2011 22:59



      A decent buy on its own; even more so if on clearance (expiring within a month)

      Hotel Chocolat's Boozy Truffles come varied - you get different selections given the time of year you bought them; 2 of each.


      Very boozy! The strongest alcoholic kick i've experienced from such "mass-produced" chocolates. Although at 3.50GBP for 6, they're pretty pricey.

      The exterior chocolate coatings were either Milk or Dark - both of exceptionally high quality,, with a good long melt that seems to quell the booziness of the alcohol. Other flavours were apparent as well, not to be overshadowed by the 'alcohol' focus.

      I got this selection:

      Single Malt Smoothie - Dark medium thick shell, light nutty overtone; interior STRONG Whiskey kick - specifically, a true single malt! Ganache was thick couverture which melded well; rich non-creamy feel. could not taste caramel in ganache though. PERFECTO!

      Rum Ingot - dark shell, internal mild rum (from St. Lucia) kick slightly too "springy/flimsily mellow" for dark chocolate

      Milk Mulled Wine - SWEET BERRIES artificiality with light cinnamon spiciness hits you IMMEDIATELY before milk creaminess settles in. Interior truly tastes christmassy!


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      19.03.2010 10:42
      Very helpful



      Incredibly good white chocolates with a boozy theme.

      Hotel Chocolat sells a range of chocolates 6 to a pack. Within this range, there are some which are boozy. Now, I am caffeine intolerant, so I have to say I didn't expect to find any chocolates in the boozy selection that I'd be able to eat, so I was quite surprised to find two varieties that were suitable for me. Both are white chocolate based, and my husband bought these along with two other varieties also in the 6 to a pack selection that are white chocolate based, but not boozy.

      ~*~Coco Loco~*~
      6 white chocolates coated in coconut powder and filled with a creamy coconut truffle centre.

      These are absolutely delicious, and have probably become my favourite in the whole of the Hotel Chocolat store (I have only sampled their white chocolate range don't forget!).

      They are round, and the wall of chocolate surrounding the creamy centre is reasonably thick - you're not going to put your thumb through it as you pick one up. The coconut powder on the outside is lovely, so different from what you get with most white chocolates, and it really sets this apart from everything else in the store as the combination of creamy white chocolate and coconut is georgous. The chocolate casing itself is very creamy as is all Hotel Chocolat white chocolate, it's not like Cadburys dream in flavour which I find overly sweet, but is of a similar texture, and there is a distinct vanilla tang to it too which is lovely.
      Inside is the coconut truffle centre. Now this really is special for me, as very few manufacturers make white chocolates with a boozy hint to them, and normally when they do, it's a fairly subtle hint to be honest, not like eating a chocolate liqueur (I do remember these from the dim distant past before I realised I was intolerant to caffeine). In this, the truffle is creamy white the same colour as the chocolate itself, and the flavour is a bit like cream and chocolate and Malibu (coconut liqueur) all mixed together. It's quite a strong flavour, not over powering, but definitely alcoholic, and definitely coconut.

      ~*~Champagne Truffle~*~
      6 white chocolates with a stippled outer layer, filled with a creamy champagne truffle centre.

      Imagine a normal chocolate truffle, it's chocolate on the outside, and truffle on the inside, dark, and rich tasting. Well this is definitely not what this is. This chocolate being white not milk or dark is pale and creamy throughout, the chocolate casing has a stippled effect on the outside but that's just for looks and is just white chocolate. Don't get me wrong, it's very good creamy Hotel Chocolat white chocolate, but it's still just white chocolate, there is nothing else on the outside. Inside however, is a warm pale creamy looking centre with a flavour that owes a hint to champagne. It's not a strong flavour like the Coco Loco centre, this is much gentler, much more subtle flavours. Creamy yes, chocolaty too, and there is a taste of champagne in there, but I'd not advise eating one of these after a Coco Loco, or you would probably miss the champagne flavour almost completely.

      Both chocolates are very nice indeed, and each has it's own advantages, but I think if I was going to pick just one, it would have to be the Coco Loco because it has just that bit more to offer in terms of being different as white chocolates go.

      Personally I prefer to taste each element of the chocolate individually, first the coating then the chocolate casing and then the creamy truffle, and then finish with a mouthful of all together and a good lick of the fingers so as not to miss any, and I do tend to do this with both these flavours.

      Both these sets are £3.25 per pack or part of their promotional deal at the moment of 3 or more packs for £2.75 each. I was lucky to be bought 4 packs which cost my husband £11.00 They're definitely not cheap chocolates, and one of the sad things is that you can't buy either on their website, only in their stores, which means that unless you have a store nearby you may never get to taste them. At the price they cost, they're not something for everyday eating either, but for a treat on a birthday or anniversary, or for a special evening after dinner chocolate they are definitely worth the money.


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        04.11.2009 08:00
        Very helpful



        See review.

        After visiting the delight that is Hotel Chocolat a few weeks ago, and depending on whether or not you have read/Dooyoo have posted a link to publish, you will be aware of my new found love for the chocolates that I have purchased from there, well so far anyway!

        The product I will now review is - "Boozy truffles - Hotel Chocolat"

        These, as with the others in the range come in there own little tray, with each chocolate having it's own vacuum shaped "hole", wrapped up within I can only describe as a clear plastic sleeve, though on this there is plenty of information available, and also the chocolates within visible!

        In this particular selection there are six chocolates, with three different varieties within that six.

        This was the one I really wanted to try, I love alcoholic truffles, even ones that contain liquor that I wouldn't normally drink!

        The three varieties were al very different in appearance, so there would be no confusion between each.

        The fits I tried, I have to be honest, about blew my head off! The chocolate itself was round and made of milk chocolate, this was fine until I got to the smooth ganache centre and the rum centre nearly paralysed my mouth!
        The taste was far too overpowering, with the rum taking away any chance of tasting the chocolate centre, spoilt it a bit actually!

        As you may have gathered I was a little apprehensive about trying the others after that experience, but I am a professional chocoholic so I ploughed on!

        The next chocolate I tried was a lovely looking round but somewhat spiky ball of dark chocolate. Again I was previously aware that the centre would be a smooth ganache, but this time flavoured with brandy, again not a drink I would normally partake in.
        After breaking through the bitter sweet shell I was delighted to find that this chocolate was delicious but in no way overpowering.
        The flavour of the chocolate intermingled wonderfully with the brandy, giving the effect of tasty but warming chocolate, hot chocolate in sweet form!

        The last chocolate was left for the simple reason that "Marc de Champagne" truffles are my absolute favourite, so after getting rid of the foul one to my husband (I know what a cow! Lol!), and I had sucked the brandy one into oblivion, I was left with these two, my husband knew better than to ask for one of these!

        The chocolates were white chocolate balls with the scent of champagne being detectable even before taking them from the tray, though when the rum one's were still in there you could smell anything at all!
        Once you have got passed the delicious and creamy white outer shell, you are left with a smooth white chocolate ganache, once this hits your tongue you feel as if you are tasting and inhaling the flavours of the truffle, these are truly decadent, and I sincerely wished I had brought the tray that just contained these, live and learn!

        As with all the chocolates I have/I intend on reviewing, there are is no nutritional information included on the pack, never a good sign!
        The pack does state that these are suitable for vegetarians, but do contain alcohol, mik and soya, with there being a chance that these contain nuts.

        As with the other trays of chocolates I purchased, these were brought as part of a "buy 4 for £10.00" deal, a little pricey but worth it as a treat!

        For more information visit - www.hotelchocolat.co.uk

        Thanks for reading x


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