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Hershey's Drops

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Brand: Hershey's

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    2 Reviews
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      31.08.2011 17:36
      Very helpful



      A great treat from America

      I am a big fan of American food, drinks, sweets etc and as I live near a local USA Candy store, I am lucky enough to get to try a lot of these sweets etc, but can not eat them very often as I do not want to put on weight or anything. Due to this fact, there is a mass load of American produce in my kitchen which is slowly, and surely getting worked through, but I do end up adding to it a lot lol.

      One of the latest things I have tried, and fallen in love with, is the new Hershey Drops. Hershey is the biggest brand of chocolate in America, and they make a MASSIVE range of different chocolates and sweets.

      Hershey drops are basically the American version of Galaxy Counters. They are small, round pieces of chocolate, with no candy shell, so they literally are just drops of chocolate. They are made from Hersheys Milk Chocolate, and there is also a white chocolate version of these, although I have not tried them yet. The white chocolate one is the Hersheys famous Cookies and Creme, which is white chocolate with oreo pieces.

      These drops come in a couple of different sizes, but the bag I bought of them was the "king size" bag, which basically had a few more drops in it rather than the smaller amount you would get in the standard bag. You can also get these in a share bag, which has about 3 times the amount in it compared to the smaller bag.

      I have tried Hersheys chocolate before, and I found it to be really nice, so I was expecting these to taste the same, just in a different size. I was right, and these did taste the same and really nice. They are not too sweet, so they do not make me feel sick, and they are not so bland that you do not want any more. They have a nice warm texture to them, and are really smooth.

      The chocolate is nice and thick, creamy and yummy, and I demolished the bag pretty quickly! In regards to the taste and texture of the chocolate, I have nothing bad to say. Sadly though, like all chocolate in this world, it is bad for you and the nutritional information is as follows:

      Serving Size: 15 pieces (41.00 g)
      Total Calories 200
      Calories from Fat 100
      Amount Per Serving %DV *
      Total Fat 12 g 18%
      Saturated Fat 7 g 35%
      Cholesterol 10 mg 3%
      Sodium 35 mg 1%
      Total Carbohydrate 25 g 8%
      Dietary Fiber 1 g 4%
      Sugars 23 g
      Sugar Alcohols 0%
      Protein 3 g
      Vitamin C 0%
      Calcium 8%
      Iron 2%

      Once in a while, these are ideal as a treat, but they are not something that should be eaten very often. If you are unable to get to an American store very often, these can be bought online at www.americansweets.co.uk and they will cost you around £1.29 for the kingsize bag.

      I give these drops a 4 out of 5, not due to the taste, but because of the fat and calories. Recommended.


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        08.06.2011 13:17
        Very helpful



        Somewhere between Minstrels and Buttons....but made of Hershey's

        If they sold the same chocolate in 10 different shapes, I would want to try each of them and I'm sure I'm not the only one: after all seasonal bunnies and Santas don't taste quite the same as regular slabs, do they? Continuing on this vein, Hershey's Drops are my latest find. They're not wildly different or exciting, but I still wanted to try them when I saw their different shape.

        Mine came in a King Size bag which intrigued me because the bag wasn't overly large by European standards, let alone American ones. The bag shown in the Dooyoo picture is the resealable share size - the King Size just looks like a normal pack of M&Ms.

        Hershey's Drops are round pieces of Hershey's chocolate but they're not quite the same as Buttons made of Hershey's. They're shaped a bit more like Minstrels, but nor do they have a crispy, candy shell (not that Minstrels exist in the USA, but M&Ms do). They are small pebbles of chocolate with a slight sheen to them, and the word HERSHEYS stamped on one side.

        Hershey's Drops are perfectly smooth which differentiates them from normal Hershey's (embossed bars, and ridges where the segments join) and Cadbury's Buttons (slight engraving on the bottom). The shape also makes them different, as while Buttons have a flat bottom, these are curved all the way round. In other words, the smoothness and shape combined offer a different texture that's not quite the same as anything else, and this affects the taste too. While you can sit a Button on your tongue easily, these slide around a bit more as they don't have a flat side, while their super smooth finish makes them melt evenly, turning to liquid quicker and more smoothly than the same item in another shape might.

        The taste of these is pure milk chocolate Hershey's, which most Brits would describe as more bitter and less creamy than the chocolate they are used to. They also have a less 'dusty' after-texture than Herhey bars and are silkier actually on your tongue. Given the choice, my first picks would always been Milka or Galaxy, but I also agree with those who say that trying local food is one of the most important parts of travelling...and this goes for chocolate too. I enjoy the Drops more than I do regular bars of Hershey's, which I'd put down to the shape and novelty factor as much as anything, because underneath the basic chocolate recipe is, I'm sure, the same.

        Even though there's no candy shell, I do think these Drops have been dipped in something during manufacture as they don't melt quite as quickly as you might expect. In my head it's as if they've been shrink-wrapped in clingfilm, but obviously it has to be something more edible (and appetising) than that. They do melt in your hand if you hold them long enough, but they don't turn liquid the second you pick one up, and in the packet none of them were stuck together messily though I'm sure they had been imported by air.

        Overall I liked the Drops because they are easier to eat then a bar (you can have a few now, save a few for later), easier to share, and easier to swallow (as in you can just suck, you don't have to chew). They're not a ground breaking new addition to the chocolate shelves, but just as there's room for both Buttons and Dairy Milk at home, I think there's room for these beside Hershey bars too.

        Unless they come down in price, they won't form part of my every day chocolate fix but they're fun to try once or indulge in now and again. And, I also want to try the Cookies and Creme version if I spot them. After all, it's another shape/flavour combo I've not yet sampled...


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