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Cadbury's Mini Creme Eggs

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Brand: Cadbury's / Type: Egg

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    8 Reviews
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      09.01.2013 19:15
      Very helpful
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      Smaller is not necessarily better

      I am a HUGE chocaholic. One of the highlights of my year is Easter and I always look forward to the 'Creme Egg Season'- that is December to April for those of you who do not follow the chocolate calendar. I was really excited when the small creme eggs came out a few years ago- but was soon disappointed for a few reasons. Firstly, the price. For approx 7-8 of these small eggs in individual wrappers, you will pay in excess of £1.29. for 4-5 of these small eggs that come naked (without their individual foil jackets) you will pay 69-79p.

      Unless you rarely eat chocolate and are quickly satiated with the smallest bit of chocolate, then you will eat 69p- £1.29's worth of treats within about 3 minutes if you have anything of a sweet tooth. I do not understand why Cadbury's have brought out two different packs of these- one with individual wrappers and one without as the price for either isn't that different for what you get. The packs are small and I always feel a little out of pocket. In the bags without the individual wrappers, the eggs can get sticky inside the pack too so this isn't the most appetising thing to eat (for example at work if you type).

      The eggs themselves are just small creme eggs. Approx 1.5 x 1 inches. When you bite into them, I find they are 75% chocolate with normally not a great deal of fondant and a large air bubble. The fondant often dries out a little so it is not runny as you get in a standard sized creme egg. As I am a fan of the fondant in the normal creme eggs, and how this is the majority of the product, I dislike the smaller eggs on the fondant front. But, if you are not a fan of all the fondant in a standard creme egg, and prefer the milk chocolate element, then the mini creme eggs will be more up your street.

      If you are a fan, I would recommend keeping your eyes open for any multibuy deals that newsagents or supermarkets have (ie two of the larger bags for £2 etc).

      As you should all be familiar with the ingredients of chocolate and the calorific value (around 540 calories per 100g as standard for milk chocolate) I will not list all the ingredients here. I will instead keep this review compact like the product.


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        03.07.2010 12:46
        Very helpful



        Stick with the large eggs, they came first for a reason.

        It's the time old question, how do you eat yours?. Personally I'm a bite off the top, scoop out the inners with my tongue and eat the remaining chocolate. But do I like them mini? Well on the whole no. Mainly because I don't like munching chocolate, I prefer to melt it, and you can not do this with the mini ones unless you lick them to death -which can get so messy!.
        But for those of you who have never had a cream egg, yet alone a mini one, deciding how to eat it you must first be educated that it is a hollow Cadbury's (kraft) chocolate egg filled with sickly sweet liquid sugary filling of a yellow yoke and a white white. This filling is sticky and very sweet, so time must be taken over it. The chocolate is standard, so not that rich and doesn't distract from the centre.

        With the larger ones, as you can imagine you have a lot more -which I find is just that perfect amount to leave you feeling indulged and satisfied, where as the mini ones are too small leaving you wanting more and can't be eaten in the way I want.

        So from a 5ft 4 girl although I love small things (like me) I would prefere to spend my money on a large cream egg, and if I need a party bag to buy mini eggs or m&ms.


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        20.04.2010 11:44
        Very helpful



        Nothing compares to Cadburys Creme Eggs, they have just the right amount of goo

        As anyone who knows me knows, I am a complete chocoholic and went into mourning when Cadburys got taken over by an American company , as I`ve been to America and the chocolate is not the same, theres nothing wrong with it, but its not Cadburys

        So to crack on (excuse the pun) I LOVE CADBURYS CREME EGGS, every easter, I buy loads of creme eggs, I give them to everyone I know.

        I buy in bulk and a treat is to sit down pop an whole one in your mouth and crack the shell....mmm (how do you eat yours???).

        So when they brought out mini cream eggs I was the first to buy them.

        I brought them home , examined the bag , which is very colourful I must say . Inside my 54g bag was 6 mini cream eggs, individually wrapped and I wasnt sharing, the rest of the family could have a bag each, but none of mine.

        I removed the foil and put it between finger and thumb, peered at it, mouth watering, popped it into my mouth, what bliss, exactly the same, crack the outer milk chocolately coating and the white and yellow fondant filling bursts onto your taste buds and chew. What could sum up easter better, no hollow eggs for me, creme eggs number one everytime.

        And whats even better, eat one, theres 5 to go. Woohoo. I was lucky to buy somebags of these yesterday in Tesco for 29p each but I know they retail for more than that.

        In each bag of eggs theres

        245 calories, which is high
        37.7g of sugar
        9.2g fat
        5.8g being saturates
        0.08g of salt

        So no good for a diet, but great for being naughty

        A tip

        If you`re one who likes to make an Easter Cake being a bit traditional, and no one wants the cake because they`re full of eggs.
        Put a ring of these on top and see how quick it goes.

        Cadburys, dont leave us, dont take away the British institution of our eggs


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          20.03.2010 18:31
          Very helpful




          I quite like the regular sized creme eggs, but I've always found them so sickly, so rarely managed to finish one or ended up feeling ill - so finding mini creme eggs this year was a pleasant surprise to me!

          A bag of mini creme eggs is around £1,50, depending where you go.

          In a bag there is around 7 mini creme eggs, just the perfect amount really, but I definitely couldn't eat them all in one sitting!

          Per bag there is:
          210 calories
          9g fat
          2g protein
          31g carbohydrates
          25g sugar
          0g fibre

          So how do you eat yours? Whether you bite the top off and lick the insides out, or just eat it all in one - these aren't the healthiest chocolate, but it's not like it's only one creme egg.

          They are around 1/3 of the size of regular cream eggs. They come in a plastic bag with the typical creme egg decoration - with a blue, red and yellow theme.

          These are SO much nicer than the big creme eggs, and never make me feel sick! I love that they are this size, it means portion control is so much easier, and maybe I wont get too fat from chocolate this Easter!


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          24.02.2010 16:06
          Very helpful



          5 stars despite the calories (I ignore that bit - you should too!)

          Cadbury's creme eggs are my favourite ever chocolates. How can anyone resist the gooey cream and cadburys chocolate?! I love the different sizes they do too with the mini ones easily popping into your mouth in one go, you can soon trough your way through a mountain of them without realising! The only problem with these chocolates is the calorie content..... eek!

          A bag of mini creme egg's has the following nutrional content:

          Energy (KCal) 435
          Protein 4.1g
          Carbohydrate 67.5g
          (of which Sugar) 67.4g
          Total Fat 16.5g
          (of which Saturated Fat) 10.3g
          Fibre 0.4g
          Sodium* 0.05g

          There are all sorts of offers on these eggs at the moment in various places with easter around the corner, so go on..... stuff one down your gob!!

          Gooey fact: By 2008 the Bournville factory could make 1.5 million eggs per day, and over 300 million are sold each year.

          A fun easter recipe for a creme egg tart.....


          25g unsalted butter
          50g digestive biscuits, crushed
          3 Normal size Cadbury Creme Eggs
          50ml double cream
          Grated chocolate, for decoration


          1. Melt the butter in a small saucepan, then stir in the crushed biscuits. Divide between 2 x 8cm loose-bottomed round tart tins and using a teaspoon, press the mixture over the base and up the sides of the tins. Chill in the fridge.

          2. Carefully cut the Creme Eggs in half down the seam and pull apart, then using a teaspoon scoop out the "goo" from the centre and place in a small saucepan. (Alternatively place the "goo" in a microwaveable bowl and microwave on high power for 10-20 seconds depending on microwave rating.)

          3. Break the chocolate eggs into pieces, then place in a small bowl with the cream. Place the bowl over a pan of simmering water and stir until you have a smooth chocolate mixture. Allow to cool slightly, then pour into the tart cases. Chill for 2-3 hours until set.

          4. Just before serving remove the tarts form the tins. Place the "goo" in the saucepan and heat gently until melted together. Do not stir, but shake the pan from time to time. Pour over the tarts and serve immediately decorated with a little grated chocolate.


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            10.02.2010 21:32
            Very helpful



            I love these things they taste fantastic!!!!

            I've loved Cadbury's Creme eggs since I can remember and has always been a firm favourite of mine. They always hit the shops straight after new year (so this makes it even harder sticking to your new years resolution diet). Cadbury's Creme eggs are very easy to spot with its distictive red,blue,green and yellow silver foil wrapping with the little yellow chick logo on it.
            Its around the same size as a chicken egg (but over the years they seem to shrink even more).
            When you unwrap your egg and take your first bite out of the delicious its very easy to see why its one of britains best loved confectionerys with its world famous Cadbury chocolate and the white and yellow gooy insides that makes it what it is.
            You can buy these from anywhere from a supermarket to petrol stations and the local corner shop.
            They cost between 40 and 50 pence per egg but you can also buy these great tasting chocolates in packs of threes and sixes. You can also buy mini versions of the egg costing around £1, and easter egg with a couple of creme eggs.
            McDonalds sometimes do a creme egg Mcflurry (gorgeous) and if you miss cadbury creme eggs for the rest of the year you can buy the new creme egg twister bar and they now feature in tins of Cadbury Hero's.
            Everyones a winner.

            The ingredients are as follows -

            Milk Chocolate (Milk Chocolate contains Sugar, Milk, Cocoa Butter, Chocolate, Soya Lecithin an Emulsifier, Vanilla and Other Artificial Flavorings)Sugar, Corn Syrup, Invert Sugar, contains 2% or less of Egg Whites, Artificial Coloring, Yellow No. 5)Vanillin, an Artificial Flavouring.

            Nutrition Information are as follows -

            Amount Per Serving
            Calories 170 Calories from Fat 54
            % Daily Value

            Total Fat 6.0g 9%
            Saturated Fat 3.5g 17%
            Cholesterol 5mg 2%
            Sodium 25mg 1%
            Total Carbohydrates 28.0g 9%
            Sugars 25.0g
            Protein 2.0g

            Vitamin A 0% * Vitamin C 0%
            Calcium 4% * Iron 0%


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            27.07.2009 22:21
            Very helpful



            Less sickly than the regular version.

            I am a huge fan of Cadburys confectionary products. I think that they are the superior brand on the market, and anything that is made with dairy milk in seems to be onto a winner for me. Of all the cadburys products I have to say my least favorite is the cream egg as I find the insides rather sickly. I do like them and their thick chocolate outer edge, but being in competition with the rest of the Cadburys brand they have a lot to live up to. I was hoping these smaller versions would be a lot less sickly.

            Cadburys mini eggs are on sale msotly around easter time, although they come on sale so far before easter and for so long after they last almost half a year. You can get these mini cream eggs in multipacks, in various forms, in bags, tubes or as extras in egg boxes. I purchased a bag when in my local petrol station as something to snack on in the car. The bag was nice and easy to open, however is was not resealable, which meant I felt I had to eat them all in one go (excuses excuses) or risk spilling them everywhere. The other downside to the bag was that it was not recyclable.

            Inside the bag were lots of mini individually shaped eggs, wrapped in bright coloured foil. The foil was red and blue with the writing on cadburys cream egg, just like the bigger versions. The small eggs were nice and easy to unwrap and the foil could be scrunched into a little ball and then thrown away. The eggs taste just like Cadbuys cream eggs but smaller. They are cadburys chocolate coated egg shaped treats (a nice thick coating of that delicious chocolate) with a creamy white and yellow fondant centre. The really great thing about these eggs for me is that they have less of the filling in ratio to the chocolate than the bigger ones whcih makes them much less sickly. Therefore they are my new favorite easter treat!


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            15.05.2009 05:11
            Very helpful



            Mini-guilt creme eggs!

            There's something a little bit mystical about a creme egg, isn't there? Probably the first Easter eggs we bought for ourselves as children, they sit sweetly (very sweetly) in their self-created niche: the only Easter egg you can buy all the year round, for the same price as a Kit-Kat.

            With brilliant marketing, Cadbury's have continued to build their creme egg's quirky individuality. Everybody can answer the question "How do you eat your creme egg?" - though not always in such detail as thedevilinme's entertaining Dooyoo review of the full-size product!

            I am totally in love with the idea of a Cadbury's creme egg. For me, they hold that special childhood magic very well. I keep buying, and eating them, because I often think I want a creme egg.

            There's a problem. I don't much like them. The sticky goo inside the egg is far too sweet for me; the texture's too gummy; there's just too darn much of it! Worse, there's 170 calories in just one egg ... and that's 70 cals above my personal threshold per "irrational treat". All in all, I've developed a very strange love/hate relationship with the Cadbury's creme egg.

            Earlier this year, bags of mini creme eggs appeared in my local shop. This looked like the answer to my eggy problem! Much smaller than a full-sized egg, they're still reassuringly plump - larger than a Cadbury's Mini-egg, for example - and each one is 'properly' wrapped in creme egg foil, so they look the part. The back of the pack told me there are only 50 calories per egg. Bonus!

            As it turns out, I much prefer these to the full-size version. There are two decent bites to each mini creme egg - which is about as much of the sticky stuff as I can stand - and the chocolate's proportionally thicker, giving a more satisfying crunch to the bite. Plus, of course, it tastes more chocolatey.

            Cadbury's creme egg minis come in a red-and-yellow bag with the logo in Cadbury's purple. The 100g bag contains eight eggs, each in its own foil.

            Interestingly, the mini version is actually less fattening than the full size! A full-size creme egg boasts 525 calories per 100 grams (about 3 eggs) but the mini ones have 445 calories per 100g. I guess that must be because of the higher proportion of chocolate, relative to sugary goo.

            For anyone who wants to know the nutritional value of this product (why??), here's a comparison:-

            * VALUES PER 100 GRAMS

            * Full-size creme eggs:
            Calories - 525 cals
            Carbohydrate - 57g
            Protein - 7.5g
            Fat - 30.0g

            * Mini creme eggs:
            Calories - 445 cals
            Carbohydrate - 68g
            Protein - 4.1g
            Fat - 16.4g

            Calories - 50 cals
            Carbohydrate - 7.8g
            Protein - 0.5g
            Fat - 1.9g

            I don't know why the individual values aren't exactly one-eighth of the 100g values; perhaps the eggs come out in slightly different sizes. I hope so! It kind of adds to their charm ;)


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