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Vtech Kidizoom Twist Digital Camera

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Brand: Vtech

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    7 Reviews
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      15.12.2013 17:14
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great for kids 3-6

      * ~ Vtech Kidizoom Twist Digital Camera ~ *

      I bought this Vtech Kidizoom Twist digital camera for my daughters 3rd birthday, she will turn 5 next month and it is still one of her favourite most played with toys.

      Available in two colours - Pink or Blue.

      This is an updated version of the original Vtech Kidizoom, the most important improvement being the "twist" feature, which enables the lens to be rotated 180 degrees meaning the user can take a picture of whatever is in front of them or a "selfie". It also has a nice large 2.2" colour viewing screen.

      The camera itself is large and chunky in design and perfect for little hands, my daughter finds it comfortable to hold. It is incredibly resilient, I have lost count of how many times my daughter has dropped it, yet it is still in perfect working order.

      * ~ Set up ~ *

      The camera requires 4 AA batteries, I recommend using rechargables, they'll save you a small fortune. There are two batteries compartments each located on the base of the handles. The compartments are opened by sliding the little switches across, this is really simple to do - perhaps a little too simple. When my daughter was younger this didn't seem to be a huge problem, but now she has worked out how to take the batteries out by herself and they are forever getting lost. Personally, i would prefer the batteries to be secured away and only accessible by using a screwdriver.

      Also located on the bottom of the camera is a SD card slot, the camera has an inbuilt 256MB Memory capacity, which is certainly not enough for my budding photographer, so purchising an SD card comes highly recommended from me. There is also a mini USB port so the camera can be connected to a PC.

      When the camera is turned on for the first time the camera prompts you to enter the language, date and time (in 24 hours), this can be done by simply scrolling through the options until the correct ones are displayed. This is really simple to do, it takes just a minute or two and once complete it is ready to be played with.

      * ~ How to use / functions ~ *

      There are a number of buttons on the camera, but it is very simple to use, it didn't take my daughter very long at all to get to grips with it. After about an hour of playing around with it she was able to use all of the functions independently.

      Firstly there is a red power on button, which of course turns the camera on and off. The speaker button is the volume control.

      There is a "home" button which takes you to the main menu. There are 6 icons in the menu, all of which are easy to decipher from just their pictures.

      * Camera - goes to the camera option to simply start taking pictures.

      * Video Camera - goes to the video camera option to start making movies.

      * Microphone - goes to the voice recorder function where you can record your own voice / sounds and play them back.

      * A Game Pad - here there are five simple mini games (I will explain these in more detail further on).

      * A blue hat - this goes to the extras screen. This includes a photo editor where you can add frames, stamps, special effects and fantasy effects to your photos. There is also the option to view all the stored photos in a "wacky slide show", to be honestly its not too wacky, it is just a simple slide show.

      * Tools - This is the settings page, where the language and time can be changed. Here you can also check how much memory is left on the camera and change the photo resolution ( either 2.0 megapixel or 0.3 megapixel)

      * ~ Say Cheese ~ *

      My daughter finds taking pictures and making movies incredibly easy. It really is just a case of pointing the camera and pressing the shoot button. The screen shows exactly what will be in the photo and there is a small dial on the side which can zoom in and out. The twist lens is a fantastic addition and one which my daughter enjoys using. The lens can be rotated 180 degrees, so a picture can be taken of whats right in front of you, or your own face!

      The pictures are of a decent quality, they are clear enough but don't expect HD quality.

      * ~ Games ~ *

      As mentioned earlier there are five games available to play, as far as I know these are the only games available, no new games can be downloaded from the Vtech website, which is a shame really.

      All the games are basic and only require the use of a few buttons, plus they are all very bright and colourful too. I would say they are all unisex games really, with none of them being too girlie or too boyish. My daughter did enjoy playing with them when she was younger, but seems to have outgrown them now. Some of the games allows the player to take a picture of themselves and use it within the game, which really adds to the fun.

      * Swapping fun - The camera randomly selects a photo from the photo library, this is cut into four sections, the sections are jumbled up and the player must put them back in the correct order using the arrow buttons.

      * Funky Hair Salon - This game is used using the control pad, the player must match the direction arrow shown on screen, when this is done correctly the pictured hairdresser can wash the customers hair. There are quite a few levels which get a little more difficult as you go. Saying that, the game is pretty easy and my daughter tired with it quickly.

      * Odd one out - This is quite a classic spot the difference game. The player has their picture taken, four cards showing their photo are displayed decorated with funny add ons such as beards and hats. Three of the pictures are identical, one is different. My daughter finds it easy to find the odd one out, its usually obvious like the hat is a different colour from the rest.

      * Circus Star - Out of all five games this was my daughters favourite and the one which she found the most challenging. The player is a clown and must dodge bouncing balloons and gaps coming his way by jumping over them or ducking, there are also gold coins to collect along the way. Initially My daughter had trouble getting get the timing right, but she got the hang of it.

      * Germ Mania - The player must zap brightly coloured germs to win points. My daughter found this one rather "boring" and so it wasn't played with often.

      * ~ Conclusion ~ *

      My daughter has had this camera for nearly two years now and it has been played with on a regular basis. I am certainly impressed by how long it has lasted as my daughter is not exactly gentle with her toys. She tends to just use this as a camera for taking pictures and making movies, she enjoys uploading them to my laptop and printing her photos out. She has tired of playing the games, they are rather limited and repetitive, they are a little too simplistic for her as she is used to playing more complicated games on the iPad and Wii.

      Vtech give the age recommendation 3-9, I think this is a little optimistic. Personally I feel children over the age of 6 would want something more "grown up", the Vtechs design may seem a little babyish for them. For children under 6 though I think this is a wonderful first camera, it will last a long time and keep them amused for hours.

      I give the Vtech Kidizoom Twist digital camera 4 Dooyoo stars out of 5, knocking one star off for the games being a little repetitive and limited.

      * ~ Price ~ *

      * Amazon £49.99
      * Toys R us £39.97
      * Smyths £39.00

      Delivery charges may apply.

      ( Prices correct December 2013.)


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        16.09.2013 00:28



        Not worth the money

        My parents bought this for my daughter just before our last holiday as she always liked having her photo taken.

        It looks very pretty, appealing colours for any little girl, most off the buttons are chunky which is perfect for little fingers. It's more than a camera you can play games and add details to pictures such as frames and clown hats.

        My daughter found it tricky to hold the camera and press the button on the top to take the picture at the same thine. This often led to her dropping the camera but as is designed for kids it didn't break. If it was a normal camera it would be smashed to bits by now.

        Most importantly the picture quality is awful, the images are often blurred or poor quality. My daughter used this often on holiday and I honestly can't say there was a single useable image. Maybe as she gets older she wil became better at holding the camera steady but Iran now going to be any time soon


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        23.05.2013 09:25
        Very helpful



        super kids camera with games

        Seeing things through a child's eyes is pretty amazing. Even just seeing things at a different height level is very strange. Since she got the camera for her birthday, she has snapped lots of different things. The first lot of pictures were of her presents, balloons, self portraits and lots of photos of me and my partner doing silly faces.

        We took her bowling and to pizza hut for her birthday so she had taken lots of photos of our lovely day together but they were all to be lost at the click of a button. In a week she had taken over 300 photos and we had bought a memory card for it as it needs one to store memory as there little storage on the camera.

        What does it look like?
        The camera we have is pink. The front had a pink floral design on the front and right in the middle is the flash with Vtech written across it. The camera is a 4x digitial zoom with a swivelling camera. It rotates 180 degrees so you can take photos of other and also self portraits. It has a small screen on the back with the buttons to control what you want to do on the camera. On top of the camera is the button which Hollie never tends to use. She used the OK button next to the screen as it's easy for her little hands to press than to try stretching it up to the top of the camera.

        It also has two small "peep" holes either side of the lens which the child and look through to take photos but as the screen shows you what is being taken, Hollie rarely uses them. most of the camera had been covered in rubber so if it gets dropped it will most likely fall on the rubber to protect it and stop it from breaking which is good for those children who like to throw things or are accident prone.

        What does this camera do?
        This childrens Kidizoom camera isn't just an ordinary camera. It takes 2mpx photos but also had fun games to play too!! The camera holds 256mb of data which can be used for the photos, video recording or even voice recordings. We've got a lot of recording of just me and Hollie talking which she had taken without me even knowing!. There are also a lot of videos of her smiling and talking into the camera which are the sweetest things you will ever watch. Definitely something to keep and show them when they are older.

        There is a button which is a picture of a house "home" which takes you to a screen with the options to go to camera, video camera, voice recording, games, extras and settings.

        The camera twists round to be able to take self portraits or photos of others. Most of Hollie's photos are just of herself making silly faces or pictures of the ceiling when she hasn't turned it all the way round. The self portrait position is also great for when playing the games as some games lets the child be the player!

        The camera also has some funny and crazy effects and frames for the children to take silly photos. There are group ones too like three little pigs and all have Hollie's face on. She usually takes her camera to her room to take photos of herself and appears 30 minutes later with the camera to show me the silly things she has done or wants to take photos with me too.

        What about these games?
        The games are great fun and really easy for the kids to do. It's all played with the up, down, left and right buttons and the OK button on the back of the camera.

        Odd One Out
        Funky Hair Salon
        Germ Mania
        Earth Escape
        Crazy Cafe

        Odd one out is fun game of taking a photo of yourself and then there will be four cards with your face on and one of them isn't like the others and you need to pick which one isn't right. You have a time limit to get as many as possible.

        Funky hair salon is another opportunity to take a photo of yourself and you are having your hair washed. To play the game you need to use the arrow buttons. At the bottom of the screen is a box and arrows are scrolling across and when they reach the box you have to press the button, a bit similar to a dance mat!

        Germ mania is a game which has the background as your surroundings. Little pink germs are trolling the screen and you have to move the camera around to shoot them. You have an aiming circle in the middle of the screen and you need to put the germ in the centre of it and press OK to shoot it.

        Earth escape turns you into an alien. You have to jump onto the clouds moving left or right to get onto the cloud safely like in a ladder effect. If you fall, you drop to the ground and have to make it back up again!.

        Crazy cafe, take a photo of yourself to be the chef. Food is falling from the sky and it's your job to catch it! you need to move the chef left and right to catch the food on the plate in the order that you are told to.

        With all the games, there are levels to pass which get harder as you go on. You can also go back to the previous levels if you wish if they start to get too hard.

        There are also some other features the children can do for fun on the camera under the extras section of the camera. Beauty salon is a section for you to add silly hair, bows and other hair accessories, hats, glasses and jewellery and then save them to the camera. Photo editor allows you to add photo frames, stamps, special effects and "fantasy" effects. Voice photo lets you add words to a photo. This one is great fun as you can add little captions to crazy photos or silly voices and noises. Crazy slideshows can let the you make a slide show with effects etc to make a little video of photos taken on the camera.

        Where can you get one?
        Amazon, Argos and many children's toy stores and some supermarkets. I purchased mine from Amazon as I had a few Amazon vouchers to use up. At the time of purchase, I paid £44.45 for this for Hollie in April when It was her 4th birthday. She opened it up and squealed with delight as she's wanted one of these cameras for some time now.It came with 4 AA batteries already fitted in the camera but they didn't last long and I soon swapped them with some Duracell. I would suggest getting more up market batteries for this camera as like most children's toys, cheap batteries don't last 5 minutes in these.

        What we think of the camera
        Hollie has so much fun with this camera and will play with it for hours. She can do so many different things with it and the fun lives on with games too. The price of the camera made me wonder if it was worth it at first as I hadn't read any reviews on it and looked at the info that amazon were giving and it didn't tell it how we have seen this camera. It's brilliant in every way and Hollie can be a buddy photographer without me worrying she will break or damage it with one drop.

        She had a bit of an accident which I think shouldn't have even existed on this camera. In the settings there is a part to "reformat" the camera which basically deletes everything on the camera. As Hollie is just 4, she managed to delete everything on it. All 300+ photos of her day out for her birthday she had with me and my partner, and her trip to the sealife centre with her dad. She was absolutely devastated as were we. This is the only downfall of the camera. I don't think this option in the settings should be on the camera as Hollie can't read yet and she had no clue what she was pressing or going into so for this to be aimed at 4 years + is a bit silly with this option being on the cameras settings.

        I will learn from it and make sure to upload photos regularly to the computer so she doesnt make the same mistake again.

        Would I recommend it
        Definitely. All children should be armed with this camera just for the enjoyment of the parents. We get to look through the photos and giggle at the silly self portraits and the photos of the ceiling and corners of the room she wanted to snap a photo of. Your children get so much enjoyment out of it too which makes it a great purchase for everyone. Just watch out because they will take unaware photos of you! there are plenty of me looking gormless or even ones of me in bed when I've just woken up. I didn't upload them to this review to keep you from the nightmares.

        I give this almost 5 stars for being an excellent camera but it lost a few points from me for the option to delete everything. Vtech, take that option away!

        Thanks for reading my review



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          05.04.2013 17:02



          Good first camera with some fun features

          I just purchased the kiddizoom twist camera for my daughters 6th birthday, she had been asking for it for ages after seeing the advert on television.

          The camera is brilliant and she has loved it so far. It is very easy to use, she just switched it on and was able to navigate her way around it very easily only asking me for help with a couple of the features. The camera has a 4 x digital zoom and is a real 2.0 mega pixel camera. The camera can take 350 photos or 10 minutes of video fotage.

          The only negative points are that it does not come with batteries or a sim card which it requires so this is a bit of extra expense. You are able to use it without the sim card but it doesnt have much memory so you have to keep deleting old pictures/videos you have taken.

          The camera is very sturdy as she has dropped it a couple of times and it did not damage anything. There are a lot of fun features with it such as adding funny faces/hair to peoples pictures which she loves doing to wind her elder brother up!!

          The pictures produced are a good qualith, we have printed quite a few off and i wouldnt have noticed that it hadnt come from my normal camera. The camera also has a video camera mode which again is good and very easy to use. The viewfinder can be twisted so that you can film yourself (hence the name kiddi zoom twist). In addition to this there is also a voice recorder which can be used on its own. All in all a good purchase!


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            03.03.2013 12:50
            Very helpful



            A very easy to use camera for small people - it won't be a good buy for all kids however

            My daughter, now five, has had the Kidizoom Twist Digital Camera for around ten months after her uncle bought it for her as a little treat during a spell of illness. She'd been hankering after a camera for a while, but after a bad purchase of an unbranded kids Spongebob camera we were resigned to allowing her to use our digital camera under supervision. She has the Kidizoom Twist in pink (obviously!) although it's also available in blue; I find it a little odd that these are the only two colours VTech make the camera in as they're extremely gender specific, while Hollie is very much a pink lover it would be nice to see it available in more neutral colours for those parents who don't like to shove pink and blue onto their children.

            Aesthetically it's fantastic, chunky and colourful with colour coordinated hand grips and a 1.8" full colour screen. I love the way the large buttons have been arranged around the screen as this gives the camera more of a games console appearance, which might not be particularly appealing for us adults but certainly makes it seem a more exciting gadget for young children. The buttons all 'do something' and are pictorially marked so that the user knows straightaway what each one does, I think it took Hollie less than an hour to suss out the basics of the camera and from that point on she could use it pretty much unaided - only coming to us when she needed help with adding backgrounds or effects, which can be fiddly to begin with when your little one is already trying to grasp the concept of simply taking decent photos.

            The soft touch hand grips are comfortable to hold but in my opinion they'd benefit from being slightly smaller. Hollie is a dainty child with dainty hands to match, and while she could hold the grips from the day she received the Kidizoom I couldn't help thinking that they'd have been much too bulky if she had been using it from the minimum recommended age of three years (when she was absolutely dinky!). As it is now the camera covers most of her face when she's taking a photo and I do think it could have been shrunk down by an inch or so without compromising on its ease of use. I love the double viewfinder as it allows small children to look through and frame their shot without having to squint one eye closed (you'd be amazed at how hard little ones find closing one eye!) to peer through the single viewfinder on more adult cameras - the viewfinders on the Kidizoom are well spaced and wide enough that most, if not all, children will be able to easily see through them.

            Using the camera is an absolute doddle. As I've already mentioned, utilising the full array of special effects takes a little getting used to but with experience (and maybe a bit of help from mum and dad) some fantastically fun pictures can be created. The buttons are all pretty self-explanatory and it didn't take Hollie long at all to work out what each one does, and more importantly at what point during her photography session to press each button - the 4x digital zoom is operated via a small responsive wheel on one of the hand grips, and while this works extremely well Hollie did struggle to remember to use it sometimes simply because it's located away from the other buttons. I can definitely see why VTech have placed it in this position as it's quite possible to adjust the zoom while you're actually framing your shot, although I suspect the average small child would have difficulty actually operating this zoom wheel without looking at it which to be renders its clever placement a bit useless. The flash is great and enables Hollie to take photos in any setting, indoors or out, I particularly like the fact that it's set to automatically come on when the camera is switched on and needs to be manually switched off - if it was the other way round I feel this would make using the flash just a little bit more tricky as no doubt she'd forget to press the 'flash' button and would end up with dark and dismal photographs.

            The 'Twist' in the name of the camera relates to the fact that you can twist the lens round to take a photo of yourself, without resorting to the dreadful 'extended arm' shots seen every day on Facebook. This aspect of the camera is super; all children love to look at themselves and Hollie is no exception, the easily twisted lens has given her hours of fun as she snaps herself pulling the most bizarre faces! Of course, the business side of the camera is still facing her thanks to this clever lens rotation so she can see herself on the screen and push the button to take the photo at the optimum point in her 'silly faces' session - this has also been fantastic for her to take photos of herself with her siblings, although the weight of the camera does make it a bit awkward for her to hold it with one hand so she'll usually ask one of her big sisters to take the actual shot to enable them both to be centred properly in the photo.

            The quality of photos is pretty good - not exceptionally so due to the fact that it's only a 2 megapixel camera, but they're perfectly acceptable considering they've been taken by such a young child. I wouldn't say they were exactly blurry, but are certainly not as sharp as photos taken using my 'proper' camera (and nor would I expect them to be!) - when viewed on the camera screen they're great, it's only after they've been transferred to the laptop or viewed on the television that this lack of sharpness is really apparent. I'm not impressed with the quality of video as this suffers streaking if the subject of the video moves too quickly or suddenly, and I think the overall quality of videos taken is rather poor - the fact that the Kidizoom features a video recorder at all is good I suppose, but Hollie hasn't used this feature much as she prefers to take quicker still shots which she can control more fully herself.

            Other functions on the Kidizoom Twist include a selection of five games, an option where you can view your photos in a slideshow and a robotic voice changer. I must admit Hollie hasn't really spent much time using these extras but this is mainly because she has a DS and a Wii for games, plus is extremely computer literate for her age so prefers to transfer her photos to the laptop and watch the slideshow on there. Obviously she'll utilise the 'Wacky Effects' on the Kidizoom itself, but doesn't show the interest I thought she would in the (pretty clever in my opinion!) slideshow featured on the camera - I think this is due to the fact that the photos are displayed so slowly that she gets bored waiting for the picture on the screen to change, and really the effects aren't spectacular enough (although amusing) to hold her interest for long. She enjoys playing the Odd-One-Out game but again prefers other methods of playing it, usually using the very un-techie flash cards I bought her as a toddler. Having said that, her younger cousin (at three) loves the games on the Kidizoom so I suspect it all depends on the individual child as to whether they're going to be used fully or not. We've had some fun with the voice changer as who doesn't love altering their voice with this type of effect? It frightens the life out of my two year old however, so kindly Hollie tends not to use it unless he's in bed or otherwise engaged!

            Transferring images to the laptop is a very simple job accomplished using the USB cable which comes bundled with the camera - the first couple of times Hollie's dad did the transfer, but now Hollie herself is more than capable of following the simple on-screen instructions and has only had a problem once when the software inexplicably froze mid-transfer. I'm happy with the small rubber cover for the USB connection on the camera itself as this not only prevents dust from gathering in the small hole, but also hides it from Hollie's little brother who I'm sure would otherwise try to stick a pencil or something in there! The Kidizoom will hold a reasonably impressive 300 photos or up to ten minutes of video, the memory can be expanded with an SD card which needs to be purchased separately - we have a glut of SD cards in this house but due to the pretty low level of use have never needed to insert one into the camera as the internal memory is plenty for Hollie, mainly I'd imagine because of her lack of interest in the video function. I seem to recall batteries were included when Hollie received the Kidizoom Twist, but when the time comes to replace them you'll need four AA batteries (which live in the hand grips) - four may sound a lot, but you need to remember that this isn't a simple camera and all the added features obviously require extra battery power than if it was being used simply to take photographs. I've found the batteries last pretty well, casting my mind back to when it was new I remember being impressed at the original batteries lasting for well over a week despite absolutely crazy excessive use by all the kids in the house - now the novelty has worn off they last even longer, mainly because Hollie still prefers using my camera to her very pink (and very cumbersome) Kidizoom.

            Would I recommend the Kidizoom Twist? Well, yes I would but with the proviso that you have a really good think about whether it will be good for your child. Hollie hasn't been as impressed as I thought she'd be and in all honesty this £40 gift hasn't been utilised as much as it should have been. As a camera it works brilliantly, and the novelty element *is* fun (for how long will depend on the age and maturity of the individual child) but Hollie lost interest pretty quickly and by the time she'd added a few eye patches and pirate hats to photos of her dad she just didn't really want to do it anymore! The recommended age range is three to nine years; while I agree with the minimum age, I certainly wouldn't buy it for a nine year old due not only to the very childish design but also because I'm sure most modern nine year old children would want (or already have, more likely!) a proper digital camera rather than a Kidizoom!


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              26.02.2013 21:29
              Very helpful



              Children's camera that provides so much joy, entertainment, developmental and educational benefits.

              ~*~The Product~ 'The Camera Cannot Lie'!~*~

              The Kidizoom® Twist has a two megapixel digital, built in flash with a flash range of three to nine feet. This camera is an enjoyable, sturdy and simple to use device with a creative twisting lens to assist little ones take their own photo of themselves! The camera provides the opportunity to take fun photos of their little friends! There is a wide range of effects, such as wacky effects, frames and stamps that can be added to the photo. The camera also has a four by digital zoom, dual view finders, colour screen, an editing feature to allow enhancements of photos, and neat voice recording features with a full five different voice changing effects and even five great games to play! With an internal memory of 256MB, and more if needed, the SD/SDHC card will allow the user to store additional! The camera comes with a USB cable to enable the uploading of pictures to your computer.
              Included with the VTech® Kidizoom® Twist camera is:

              1 wrist strap
              1 USB cable
              1 user's manual
              1 A/V cable

              The product specifications as noted by the manufacturer include:

              Display 1.8" TFT colour LCD Photo
              Resolution 1600 X 1200 (2.0 MP) or 640 X 480 (0.3 MP)
              Video Resolution 320 X 240 pixel @15 fps
              Video Length limit per file 5 minutes when using internal memory 10 minutes when using SD card memory
              Digital Zoom 4X
              Focus Range 1.5 feet - â^z
              Internal Memory 256 MB built-in memory shared with program
              data, around 167 MB free for storage. (Stores ~400
              2.0MP photos or ~1600 0.3MP photos)
              File Format Photos: Standard Baseline JPEG
              Videos: AVI (Motion JPEG)
              SD Card Format and Capacity
              SD / SDHC cards (not included) with capacity
              from 1GB to 16GB are recommended.
              Connectivities USB 2.0 cable (included) for computer connection
              A/V cable (included) for TV connection
              TV Format PAL
              Batteries 4X "AA" (LR6) alkaline batteries (not included)
              Operating Temperature 0 - 40°C
              Storage Capacity for reference:
              Memory size 2.0 MP
              Photos 0.3 MP
              Video in 320 X 240 (Minutes)
              Internal memory ~400 ~1600 ~10
              SD card
              2 GB ~4,000 ~16,000 ~100
              4 GB ~8,000 ~32,000 ~200
              8 GB ~16,000 ~64,000 ~400
              16 GB ~32,000 ~128,000 ~800

              Product Buttons as noted on the manufacturer's instruction manual are as follows:

              On/Off ~Press this button to turn the camera on or off.
              Shutter Button ~ Press this button to take a photo, start or stop the video recording.
              Playback Button Press this button to browse your photos or videos.
              4-Directional Cursor Button Press these buttons to move the cursor and make
              Home Button~Press this button to go to the main menu.
              OK Button~Press this button to confirm a choice or action.
              Tips: The OK Button can also be used to take a photo when in camera Mode.
              Magic Button~Press this button to add effects to photos and video.
              Flash Button~When in Camera mode, presses this button to switch between auto-flash, Forced flash on and flash off.
              Volume Button~Press the volume button and then Left or Right Cursor Buttons to adjust~The volume.
              Delete Button~Press this button to delete a photo, video or voice file.
              Zoom Wheel~Push this button upwards to zoom in, push it downwards to zoom out.
              A/V Port~Plug the included A/V cable into this port to connect to a TV.
              USB Port ~Plug the included USB cable into this port to connect to your computer.
              SD / SDHC Card Slot~Insert a SD/SDHC card here for memory expansion.

              ~*~ My Usage Experience Via My Grand-Daughter ~ 'Children make you want to start life over'-Muhammad Ali~*~

              I purchased this camera as a gift for my eldest grand-daughter. But before giving gifts to my grand-children, I like to look the products over to see that all is in working order and if apt, make sure batteries are included; this avoids disappointment! Concerning this type of product I am reviewing, I find it very prudent to become familiar with the way the different features operate. I find that as my grand-tots are quite young, they need assistance in getting to know and operating such toys. Therefore, I spent quite a while reading through the excellent instruction notes and trying out the various utilities to ensure I could explain them well to my grand-daughter and provide her hands on help if and when she needed it. What makes this such a child-friendly gadget is that the functions to this bright and cheerful looking camera are all clear with cute symbols.

              ~*~Getting Started~ "Having a child is liking getting a tattoo...on your face. You better be committed."~*~

              ~ 'Recharging my Batteries'! ~

              To begin with, the four alkaline AA batteries must be installed. Thankfully, these were included. I find that this task is best done by an adult. But I will say that my eldest grand-son does this under adult supervision. First I had to ensure that the camera was turned off. The battery cover was easy to locate at the base of the camera. To open the battery covers is simple and came off fairly easily by pressing gently 'each trigger inwards' then installing two on each side, the inner - and + symbols clearly visible. Replacing the battery covers equally simple as the arrow points on the trigger are to be pointed inwards and then pushed down until they 'click into position'. The screen on the camera will also show a 'Low Battery' icon when the battery level is running low. This is an excellent warning feature as the gadget will not work correctly when the icon shows that the batteries are depleted!

              ~Shut Off~ 'Children seldom misquote. In fact, they usually repeat word for word what you shouldn't have said'! :~)~

              The camera has another very practical utility noted as the 'Automatic Shut-Off'. To preserve the battery life, the camera will automatically turn off after three minutes without activity. Though, this will not come into operation when using the Wacky Slideshow feature. The equipment can be simply re-activated by pressing the ON/OFF button again.

              ~ 'You are such a Card'! ~

              Another reason why it's important for an adult to prepare certain items before the toy can be given to a child is to avoid damage. For example, I had to insert the fragile SD Card, which was purchased separately, into the camera. Again the camera needs to be turned off before the card can be inserted. As with the batteries, the SD/SDHC card slot is also located at the base of the camera and all I needed to do was pull up on the rubber cover as illustrated in the instructions. I'm not very technically minded so 'once the SD/SDHC card is detected and can be used, the default memory will set as SD card memory automatically', which I was very relieved about! If I wanted to remove the card from the slot, I just have to push the card once and it will mechanically eject.

              ~ 'Ticked Off'~

              I gently pressed the ON/OFF button so as to turn the camera on. When I first turned on the camera, a very practical 'Try-me demo' started playing. This is such a neat feature and gave me hints and tips that combined well with the instruction leaflet. I pressed the OK Button to exit the demo and this stopped it from playing again thereafter. As I was setting up the camera and familiarising myself with the various modes, to help my grand-daughter, she wouldn't need to view this. My grand-daughter gets bored fairly easily so it is just as well I cut out as many unnecessary routes as possible. Once the Try-me demo has been disabled, the next time when the camera is turned on, it will go to the preview screen of the camera so my grand-daughter could start taking photos right away.

              ~'Mind Your Language'~

              Just after I exited the demo mode, the little language screen selection
              appeared. Following the directions on the leaflet, I delicately pressed the Cursor Button to select English, and then I pressed the OK Button to confirm my choice.

              ~'High Time'~

              Next I set the date and time by pressing the Up and Down Cursor Buttons to select the correct year, month, day, hour and minutes on the camera. Then repeating as in the language settings, I pressed the OK button to confirm the settings I had chosen.

              ~Connecting To A Computer~ 'One of the most feared an expression in modern times is 'The computer is down.'~

              I found connecting the camera to my computer was effortless by using the USB cable included in the package. Again, I could see why an adult needs to supervise and at times, take on certain task. As protection for the child and to avoid damaging links and such, it is far wiser for an adult to do these jobs. As soon as I connected the cable to the correct component on my PC I was able to transfer files between the camera and my computer. As with inserting the batteries and SD/SDHC card, I had to ensure that the camera was in the OFF mode. I then pulled up the 'rubber cover of the USB port' at the base of the camera and inserted the smaller end of the cable into the USB port on the device.

              Next I inserted the larger end of the USB cord into the USB port on my computer. This task was very easy as all the modes are clearly marked and easily located. As soon as this task was complete the removable drive named the VTech 1228 appeared. But, be advised that if there is a SD/SDHC card inside the unit, the VTech 1228 will show the content on the card only. The manufacturer advises that 'to avoid any potential damage to your Kidizoom® Twist, when the USB cable is not connected to the unit, ensure the USB rubber cover is fully covering the USB port of the camera'.

              ~Back-Up~ 'It's not how many times you fall that matters; it's how many times you get back up."~

              To enable me to be able to back up videos or photos my grand-daughter has taken, I located and opened the DCIM {Digital Imaging and Communications that contains all the digital video and images taken with the device} folder in the removable drive. I just dragged and dropped the files to a pre chosen location in my computer when my grand-daughter was ready for me to save them and view then or later. To back up voice files I simply located and then opened the VOICE folder in the removable drive then dragged and dropped the recorded files to a pre chosen location on my computer as I did for the video and images.

              As I often do this for my own camera files it wasn't a problem. But for any folk that are doing this for the first time, the instructions, both on those supplied with the camera and the PC interactive displays will be an enormous help in setting this feature up easily. To transfer video or photo files to this cute camera is just as simple. With the help of my grand-daughter in choosing the photos and videos I had on files on my PC I was ready to take the next step. I located and then opened the DOWNLOAD folder in the drive, dragged and dropped 'the photo files into the photo sub-folder for photos and video sub-folder for video files.

              Co-incidental to this, the manufacturer's advice that transferring video or photo files created by other models of camera to the Kidizoom® Twist camera must be avoided as the formats to these file might not be supported. Furthermore, 'system requirements for computer connection: Windows® XP, Windows Vista® or Windows® 7 Operating System or Macintosh Computer with Mac OS X version 10.5 or 10.6'.

              ~Connecting to a TV~ 'A child seldom needs a good talking to as a good listening to'! ~

              Connecting the camera to my television proved most popular with my grand-daughter, what better way to view her 'David Bailey' masterpieces than on full screen! :~) I used the A/V cable supplied with the camera and inserted it into the A/V port on the camera. Next I inserted the coloured Plugs on my A/V cable into the corresponding colour audio and video input Ports on my television set.

              ~ 'Hive of Activity'~

              The clearly marked Home button was easy for my young grand-daughter to locate so that she could press the flexible button and go to the main menu on the camera screen where she could choose other activities. By pressing the Home Menu button will show a selection of various activities such as games to play, voice recording, voice photo option, the wacky slideshow feature, a photo editing utility, video facility, also the actual camera and all other settings. My grand-daughter has no difficulty identifying each mode or setting as the screen is clear and the text sharp. The ample four directional cursor buttons are easy for her to use in selecting the varied features and settings. To select her choice is simple, by pressing the OK button.

              ~Camera~ 'You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance'~

              The camera with its practical 9.2 x 15.7 x 5.6 cm dimensions means that my grand-daughter is able to hold the device comfortably in her small hands. When set on the camera mode, my grand-daughter can take regular photos. But she can also choose to take pictures with photo frames, All-me effects, or with stamps, Kaleidoscope effects, funny face impressions or Fantasy Effects. Her favourite two are the funny face impressions and the stamps. I had to run through the features to some of these before she could manage them on her own; older children will have little or no difficulty managing this by themselves. Basically, by pressing the OK or shutter button will facilitate taking a photo. Added to this, operating the zoom wheel will control the digital zoom function.

              As many of the photos my grand-daughter takes are in-doors, it is handy that when the camera is initially turned on, it will already be on the Auto-flash mode. By pressing the flash button that is also shared with the up cursor button, my grand-daughter is able to switch between varied flash modes. At first, I had to advise my grand-daughter that the Auto-flash must be turned off when taking a close up photo of her siblings or the cats they have to avoid damage to their eyes! I found it particularly beneficial to sit down and guide her through actually taking pictures so that she could appreciate how important it is to use this device carefully. The manual even has simplified instructions on taking photos so that children can read on their own as a reference guide.

              The 'Twist' in the camera's name refers to rotating the twisting lens of camera to face inwards to take self-portraits. My grand-daughter is a huge fan of this feature because she loves taking pictures of herself pulling the most hilarious faces, and then having them transferred onto the PC or television monitor to enhance the image! :~) When my grand-daughter first unwrapped this gift, the only thing she could really manage was to take simple pictures, but after a week or so of regular usage and under adult supervision, she soon became pretty adept at being able to use the other amazing features. For instance, it became easy for her to take pictures using the various photo effects, as this camera is so easy to understand with its pictured button symbols and simplistic directions for usage.

              As long as the child operating the camera has fairly good basic reading capabilities the menu settings will present no difficulties. By simply pressing the right or left cursor buttons, my grand-daughter could select the effects, then by pressing the OK or shutter button or OK button she could take a picture with the selected effect. There is also the Magic button that by pressing will go to the photo effect menu to enable selecting the photo effects by types. One of the really neat features to this camera is where my grand-daughter could set up a mode that would take a photo of her siblings and herself without having to monitor the camera. She soon learned to switch the self-timer on that is located in the settings menu to allow the count down time to begin before taking the photo.

              ~Video~ 'Creative play is like a spring that bubbles up from deep within a child'~

              My grand-daughter loves the Video mode, and takes many little recordings of her siblings dancing to their favourite pop singers or even mummy and nanny trying to have a quiet natter! This feature will even allow the standard films to be combined with funny cartoon animations! All my grand-daughter has to do is press the OK or the shutter button to start the recording. These utilities are so uncomplicated that even her younger sibling has had a go at a few of the features. Selecting a cartoon theme is again such an easy task for my grand-daughter. Just by pressing the right or left cursor buttons and then pressing the OK button to confirm her selection can be done without starting film recording.

              Also, by pressing the shutter button will start videoing with the selected cartoon feature directly. And finally, by pressing the Magic button, this will go to the video theme menu to enable selection of the cartoon themes. Once my grand-daughter confirmed her chosen theme, she was able to clearly see the four directional effect icons on the screen. She often changes her mind or gets bored of using a theme after a short while. But changing to another is basic. By pressing returning to the theme selection or the delete button she is able to select another cartoon article. My grand-daughter has so much available to her in applying specific effects simply by pressing the cursor keys.

              ~Playback~ 'A rose can say "I love you", orchids can enthral, but a weed bouquet in a chubby fist, yes, which says it all'~

              My grand-daughter very much enjoys playing back the movies and photos she takes. The camera has been ergonomically designed to make such task very simple to operate. By pressing the playback button she is able to view the captured videos and photos. To view the next or the previous pics and films, a simple pressing on the up or down cursor buttons enables her to view the files in the order she wants. It is by operating the zoom wheel that enables her to zoom out to view the material in thumbnails and also to return to a full screen again.

              What I find particularly beneficial to young users of this camera is that the same buttons can be used for many of the additional features. For example, The OK button is also used to play the films recorded and to return to normal speed setting. By pressing the right or left cursor buttons once will enable the child to fast forward, each time the cursor is pressed it will speed up in multiples of two. This function has my grand-children in uncontrolled laughter when my grand-daughter has filmed me walking, then by speeding it up I look like Charlie Chaplin!

              ~Voice Recorder~ 'It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men'~

              My grand-daughter giggles when she uses the mode to record her own voice! She is able to use this feature a whole ten minutes per file. And with five varied voice changing effects of robot, pitch up, pitch down, echo and slow, she has plenty of entertaining choices! She just goes back to the main menu, selects 'voice recording' then presses OK to begin. She sings and tells jokes then presses OK on the button to stop the utility and because the camera automatically shows the play list right after recording, she can choose which fun performance she'd like to see and listen too! The right and left cursors are used to move the highlighted mode in order to go to the Record icon and start a new file. By using the Ok button, my grand-daughter is able to play the recording and pause it.

              My grand-daughter loves putting her daddy's voice over her brother's recorded speech, which is done by again pressing the right or left cursor buttons to move the highlighted mode to the Effect symbol and pressing the Magic or OK button to go 'to the voice changing effect menu'. The four directional cursor buttons are used to select the different voice changing effects and by pressing the OK button will add to the selected effect. Saving the changed voice 'as another voice file', is done by pressing the 'cursor buttons to move the highlight to the Save As icon' and pressing the OK button to begin the saving process. It will automatically return to the play list once 'the saving process is complete'. Each time my grand-daughter wanted to choose different features, settings and modes, it was as simple as most of the time it simply involved going to the main menu and moving the four way cursor to choose which utility she wanted. The camera has very clear and direct text to enable this little operator to switch from one utility to another fluidly and confidently.

              ~Games~ 'Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity'~

              There are five in-built games on this camera. My grand-daughter can go to this facility by going to the game menu and pressing the right or left cursor buttons to select the game she wants to play then selecting the OK button to confirm.

              *Odd one out*

              My grand-daughter loves this particular game in children's magazines so when she realised this game was also on the camera, she was delighted. The game involves finding the picture that is different from the others on the screen. This task must be done as quickly as possible to gain a high score. By using the four directional cursor buttons enables my grand-daughter to select her choice and pressing the OK button to answer. Alike her older brother, she is quite competitive so she often encourages her sibling to play and they each attempt to beat each other's scores!

              *Funky Hair Saloon*

              This game is one she likes to play with her little friends. It involves kooky hair styles! Little arrows are displayed on the screen and by pressing the matching keys she and her friends can challenge each other to be in time to style their customer's hair. If they miss too many arrows, then their customer may end up with a rather zany hairstyle. They often end up in uncontrolled giggles seeing the results.

              *Germ Mania*

              My eldest grand-son likes to borrow the camera for this game as it involves bottles that contain germ samples that have been 'knocked on the floor and different types of germs are spreading through the air'! He enjoys the challenge of collecting a particular type of germ to categorise them and then place them back to their storage. The 'image on the preview screen' becomes the actual background for this game. My grand-son finds playing the game very easy as he just needs to move the camera, pointing it at the germs, then by pressing the OK button in order to capture them. Although my grand-daughter doesn't find the gameplay difficult she isn't interested in what she terms as a 'boy's game'! :~)

              *Swapping Fun*

              My grand-daughter enjoys this game as it involves some creativity. And as the game uses some of the pictures she has taken, she feels very happy and proud! The game uses some of the pictures which have then been split in to four, then interchanged. The object of the game is that the player has to move the sections in order to make up the original photo used. My grand-daughter loves taking more fun photos to use in the game. By simply pressing the right or left cursor buttons, as in the other games, she can move the highlight to the chosen position, and then following up by then pressing the OK button in order to swap around the sections.

              *Circus Star*

              My youngest grand-son likes to play this game as it includes funny clowns, with many obstacles obstructing his way. By pressing the OK or up cursor, my young grand-son can jump over the items in the way. To move underneath the items, my grand-son needs to press down on the cursor. He can even include his little friends to become the clown. I know he has fun on this game as there are always plenty of loud shrieks of excited laughter!

              ~Extras~ 'We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today'~

              The Extras menu furnishes my grand-daughter with many more activities to provide her with entertaining features. For example, by pressing right or the left cursor buttons she can make a selection on one of the functions and by pressing the OK button will enter the chosen feature.

              *Wacky Slideshow*

              In the Wacky Slideshow, by pressing the Magic button, my grand-daughter can view all her photos on the camera as a little slideshow. Although the 'wacky' effects won't be saved, she can still have great fun changing a photo appearance, having a practical time delay helps her to apply these effects. Once she turns on this mode, varied funny effects are added to the pictures. My grand-daughter loves showing us adults how funny we look in the pictures! With the four settings available, my grand-daughter can use The Photo Editor, Fantasy Effects, Stamps, Special Effects and Photo Frames to combine in the Wacky Slideshow.

              *Photo Editor*

              This is an excellent utility whereby my grand-daughter can use some really neat creativity to add various effects to her photos, such as mentioned above. By pressing the cursor up or down, she is able to view her pictures and then press OK to keep the chosen selection. At this point, she is now ready to begin editing. The editing menu then appears and by pressing the four directional cursor buttons she can choose any of the 'wacky' effects noted above.

              *Fantasy Effects*

              By choosing this mode, my grand-daughter can add a fantasy effect to her picture. Just by pressing the right or the left cursor buttons she is able to select an effect of her choice then press the OK button to confirm her selection. The 'Undo' mode enables her to cancel out the previous editing. Added to this, if my grand-daughter wants to keep her edited picture without changing, the 'Save As' icon will save the picture to another file. These actions take a moment to save or undo.


              This icon is for applying a stamp to the photo. My grand-daughter presses the right or the left cursor buttons to make a selection on a stamp, then by pressing the down or the up cursor button affords her the choice of either shrinking or enlarging the size of the chosen stamp. Again, using the OK button will confirm the selection, and then by pressing the four directional cursor button will move the stamp to wherever she wants to apply it. To conclude the task, she needs to press the OK button which will then add the stamp to the picture.

              *Special Effects*

              My grand-daughter has so much pleasure in choose this mode in order to add a Kaleidoscope, funny face or distortion effect to her chosen photo. This can be accomplished in using the same simplistic manner as for the other effects. By pressing the right or the left cursor buttons she can choose one of these effects, then by pressing the down or up cursor button 'will change the size of the area it will be applied to'. By pressing the OK button again will confirm her selection. And by pressing the four directional cursor button moves the effect to where she wants to apply it, and then by pressing the OK button will ensure it is added to the photo. This procedure also takes a moment.

              *Photo Frames*

              By pressing the right or left cursor buttons, my grand-daughter is able to choose a frame for her photo, once chosen, pressing the OK button will set that selection also. She loves this feature for when she takes a picture of her little sister :~)

              ~Voice Photo~ 'There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million'
              Using the Voice Photo mode enables my grand-daughter to 'record a voice clip' of up to ten seconds to a photo. She finds this utility so entertaining! By pressing the down or up cursor button she can select a photo of her choice, and then by pressing the OK button, she is able to start recording a voice on her selected photo. The 'Record' icon is clearly visible so she knows when to start. The 'Play' and 'Rubbish bin' icons appear after the recording is complete. By pressing the right or the left cursor buttons she is able to move the highlight either to the 'Rubbish bin' or the 'Play' icon and by pressing the OK button she can choose either to delete the voice over or play.

              ~Care & Maintenance~ "Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional."~

              To keep the Kidizoom clean, I or my daughter can wipe the casing with a soft moist cloth, we find that even baby wet wipes work fine. The manufacturer also advise keeping the Kidizoom out of direct sunlight, any direct heat sources. Added to this, the camera must not come into contact with fluids. Furthermore, if the camera isn't going to be used for any lengthy time, then removing the batteries will prevent damage should they leak! As with any technological gadget, they do not respond well to being knocked about or dropped!


              I haven't come across the following safety warning before but feel that the manufacturer has been particularly considerate in noting that 'focusing on at close range and handling a Kidizoom Twist® as a game controller for a prolonged period of time may cause fatigue or discomfort. We recommend that children take a 15-minute break for every hour of play', excellent and very thoughtful guidance.

              The manufacturer also add that 'A very small percentage of the public, due to an existing condition, may experience epileptic seizures or momentary loss of consciousness when viewing certain types of flashing colours or patterns. While Kidizoom® Twist does not contribute to any additional risks; we do recommend that parents supervise their children while they play games. If your child experiences dizziness, altered vision, disorientation, or convulsions, discontinue use immediately and consult your doctor'. It seems that the company take their claim of 'Creating and developing VTech® products is accompanied by a responsibility that we take very seriously' sincerely.

              ~Additional Information~"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood."

              I attached the wrist strap to the camera which I found simple and quick to do. The threaded loop on the end of the strap needs to be inserted through the groove behind the bar on the side of the camera and then pushed through, feeding the end all the way up through, ensuring it tightened securely in place. I always check that my grand-daughter or her siblings always have the cord around their hand to avoid accidents and also to help them hold the device steady.

              The instructions give children very concise and helpful tips on taking photos. There is also a good list of 'frequently asked questions' with answers that combine well with the comprehensive 'trouble-shooting' contents on the manual.

              The recommended age for this camera is 36 months - 9 years but I feel a three year old would find this 'toy' very difficult to use. For example, the camera needs a steady hand to focus and even a nine year old would find preparing the camera and PC software too complicated to manage uploading/downloading material etc.,

              My eldest grand-son has no problems connecting cables but finds transferring data a task out of his
              capabilities at present. My grand-daughter can now work the settings, Menu and features well but all else my daughter and me do on her behalf.

              ~*~ Supplementary Material ~"sometimes its the smallish things that take up the most room in our hearts" ~*~

              So it's a camera! Are there any developmental benefits to be gained by this gadget?

              As for 'Creative Play' my grand-daughter has used her imagination in ever more amusing ways. This camera, with its special effects and editing utilities, has enabled my grand-daughter to be creative in several ways. She loves organising those around her and using her environment to make up stories to play act with her siblings.

              For very young users, this apparatus has a neat way of teaching 'Cause and Effect'. Young ones soon catch on that they get rewarded by their actions. Little ones find out that their various actions with the gadget makes things occur! For example, toddlers learn that by pressing a button on a sound toy, they will hear a noise. Although I do not feel this product is really suitable for the starting age the manufacturers suggest of 36 mths, my youngest grand-daughter, with the help of her older siblings, presses the button to take a picture, then they show her the results. She finds this very rewarding and claps her hands in applause to her own talent! :~)

              Of course, 'Hand/Eye Coordination' comes very much into play with this particular device. As my grand-daughter needs to carefully focus and concentrate on the object or person to be photographed or videoed, she has to use her senses to carry out the task. I feel that this educational and entertaining toy has definitely helped my grand-daughters hand and eye co-ordination. The camera's intelligent design has helped her in using her visual skills and then combining this at the same time to operate the camera to take a picture or run the video. She has learned to multi task such things as the flash component, with focussing, operating the device with ever more confidence as her hand and eye co-ordination improves.

              This camera is superb in aiding 'Motor Skills' as my grand-daughter has shown throughout her developing skills in using the device. By pressing the four directional arrowed buttons, following the highlighted setting modes and operating such features as the video, she has increased her adaptability in her motor skills. When it comes to 'Imaginative Play' my daughter has found that this device affords great creativity with the various features it has. From designing photo attachments to recording her own video plays, she has been enthralled. Added to this, 'Independent Play' benefits have clearly come into operation as she has been able to confidently use the camera's features and settings by herself. My grand-daughter has grown in confidence as she has been able to explore new ways of making her own ideas come to fruition. She is pretty strong-minded at now making her own decisions on how she wants to plan and operate the different modes of action. Because this camera has been ergonomically designed for children to use, my grand-daughter can follow her own intuition in using the apparatus.

              Concerning the 'Visualisation and Memory' benefits, this gadget is wonderful in using the Kidizoom® Twist to help with memory. Because my grand-daughter needs to memorise locating the varied features and effects so that she doesn't need to have adult assistance, this device, by its simplified design and formatting has helped her to easily develop memory skills on this new toy! The repetitive design usage components of certain buttons etc., means that she has become very efficient at recalling information needed to operate the apparatus correctly.

              On the 'Role Play' front my grand-daughter has learned to share the camera with her siblings so that she can be on the other side of the camera performing! :~) She has used her imagination to make up plays and such with the video feature. This has built her self-esteem as she sees the positive effects of her work and encouragement from her nanny and family. :~)

              When it comes to 'Discovery and Exploration' benefits, this camera is top of the list for me. My grand-daughter has had her curiosity heightened by means of what the camera is capable of providing. She has been encouraged to experiment and explore the amazing features of this entertaining gadget due to its enchanting and exciting capacity which encourages exploration.

              ~*~Safety Warnings~*~

              The manufacturer states the following warning information:

              'Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts and long cord. Choking and strangulation hazard. All packing materials, such as tape, plastic sheets, packaging locks and tags are not part of this toy, and Should be discarded for your child's safety. NOTE: Please keep user's manual as it contains important Information'.

              Disposal of batteries and product: 'The crossed-out wheelie bin symbols on products and batteries, or on their respective packaging, indicates they must not be disposed of in domestic waste as they contain substances that Can be damaging to the environment and human health. The chemical symbols Hg, Cd or Pb, where marked, indicate that the battery contains more than the specified value of mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd) or lead (Pb) set out in Battery. Directive (2006/66/EC). The black bar indicates that the product was placed on the Market after 13th August, 2005. Help protect the environment by disposing of your product or Batteries responsibly'. For more information, please visit: www.recycle-more.co.uk and www.recyclenow.com

              ~*~ Would I Recommend? ~ ""Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children"~*~

              The main skills that this devise affords are Literacy, Spatial Awareness and Numerousy. But as noted under my sub-heading of 'Supplementary information', this gadget offers so much more on developmental benefits. As for the product features, they are numerous, from very entertaining effects such as voice overs, frames and 'wacky' photo attachments to making video recordings and slideshows. The storage capacity of up to 10 minutes of video recording and 350 photos is excellent. My grand-daughter and her siblings continue to have great fun using this camera. Shhh but my daughter even loaned it this week to take a pic as she doesn't have her own camera! :~)

              I purchased this Kidizoom® Twist Digital Camera from Amazon in November 2012 for £35 but it has only gone up in price by £5, which I still feel is very reasonable considering all the features it has added to that of just being a simple camera.

              The camera is currently available for £39.95 & delivered free in the UK with Super Saver Delivery.

              Thank you for taking the time to read my CONCISE review!!!! :~D


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                23.01.2013 13:08
                Very helpful



                A great kids camera

                My 6 year old son got the blue Kidizoom twist camera for Christmas and it has been a huge hit with him. It looks the same as the one pictured but its blue and orange in colour.

                This is a two megapixel camera that has a twisting lens designed for children to take pictures and video's. The camera features a 4x digital zoom, built-in flash, colour screen, five great games and dual view finders. It is possible to edit your photos with a variety of frames, stamps and wacky effects. The camera requires 4 AA batteries.

                The camera is designed specially for younger children. The bright colours grab there attention, the chunky sides make it easy for little hands to hold as well as offering additional protection should it get dropped. At first I thought the eye pieces were a bit pointless as it has a viewing screen too but it wasn't until my youngest son aged 3 started playing with the camera that I noticed he prefered to look through them rather than at the screen. The buttons are easy to press and the camera is very robust, it has been tugged, bumped and dropped as boys will be boys and it is still working perfectly.

                The camera is so easy to use, my son began taking pictures with it straight away. Then he gradually began exploring its other features, he quickly got to grips with how it worked and even began showing me games and functions I didn't know it had at first as I hadn't bother reading the instructions. He loves playing on the games, a particular favourite is a germ zapping game. I believe it goes through lots of batteries as he is on the games so much. He has a made a number of videos using it and encourges his youngers brother to do silly things and makes him the subject of his video. He also likes to edit his photo's and the camera is often filled with pictures of scary monsters. The twist function is excellent as it allows him to take photographs of himself which he can then have lots of fun editing.

                Once you have taken your photos you can simply download them to you pc or laptop the camera comes with a lead that allows you to quickly transfer everything. The camera rrp is £49.99 and it seems to be that price at them moment in most stores. I paid £34.99 for mine before christmas but I have seen them from time to time on Amazon for less than £30 so its worth looking at different stores for promotions.

                A final word of warning be prepared to have the most unflattering photo's taken of yourself ever as your child just snaps away taking photo after photo. Thank goodness it digital and you can just delete them.


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