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Interplay Wild Science Hyperlauncher Superball Factory

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Interplay / Make your own bouncy balls and launch them / teaches you about the science of elasticity, polymers, energy and motion in the coolest way.

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    1 Review
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      20.11.2010 01:23
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      Not a super ball but a bouncy ball all the same!

      I have been waiting for dooyoo to add this for a while and after checking tonight here it is!

      This is another toy my son received for his seventh birthday in October, he had seen the ads on TV and had been nagging for it for a while!

      He opened his presents and was thrilled when he found this, and wanted to try it straight away, but unfortunatly he had to go to school, so when he got home from school this was waiting on the kitchen table for him to try out.

      The box isn't the biggest and didn't really meet my expectations as I expected it to be much larger than it was, but it wasn't for me and my son loved it.

      So, this toy allows you to make your own bouncy balls! In the set you get 3 different coloured pots of jelly crystal type stuff, 1 pink, 1 green the other yellow. The yellow is illuminous and glows in the dark. You get 4 moulds and a few straws to place in the moulds. You also get a pair of safety googles.......... hmmm very sexy lol!!!

      You have to pour the crystal stuff into the moulds and them dunk them in cold water, it said to do this for about 10 seconds but we found this wasn't enough and it took around 40 seconds. You then have to open up the mould and pop the ball out, you can use just one colour or layer them, both work really well.

      You then have to allow them to set and dry off then you can place the balls together on one stick in a tower and then they are supposed to be dropped and the intention is for them to bounce off in all different directions, this didn't really happen and the whole tower just fell over!! Alone they do bounce as a bouncy ball should but I wouldn't exactly call them super balls!!

      I paid £12.99 for it in Argos and I think that is the general price in most places.

      I suppose the £12.99 price is quite fair for the product, although bouncy balls from 20p machine work better! But then you wouldn't have the fun of making them yourself!!!!

      My son loved it but I found it a rather boring toy....... But it isn't me who has to play with it!


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