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Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream

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    4 Reviews
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      02.02.2015 17:33


      • "Absorbs fast"


      Good product but doesn't last long

      I received this as a gift for Christmas inside a beauty box. I have accumulated quite a large collection of hand creams so I was reluctant to open this one yet, but after seeing the reviews online I thought I'd give it a go now.
      Being a fan of the Caudalie 'S.O.S. Morning Eye Rescue' I held high hopes for this nail & hand cream. However, I couldn't really tell the difference between this and my cheaper alternatives, such as The Body Shop hand creams.
      The consistency of the cream is thin but I need to use a lot at once for it to even cover my hands. Once it's applied, though, it will do a good job at keeping my hands looking and feeling healthy especially during the cold winter months.
      Unfortunately I can't say I would buy this product again; it's quite overpriced and not worth the money. The design of the tube is good and gives the product a metal effect (it is, in fact, just plastic). The cream is easy to apply and absorbs well and quickly, so the application is just a quick and minor part of your day.
      I can't quite make my mind up about the smell and it is difficult to describe. I suppose it depends on personal preference, but I prefer the smell of some of my other hand creams. Asides from my petty complaints, overall this hand cream does what it's supposed to do and moisturises well! It's just quite overpriced.


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      31.12.2013 17:29
      Very helpful



      A pleasant natural hand cream from Caudalie

      Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream

      I write reviews on different beauty sites and enjoyy buying samples and trying new products. My daughter knows this and she has bought me a couple of beauty boxes for different gifts over the year. The advantage of buying these sample sizes and getting the beauty boxes is that you get to try products that you probably would not want to risk spending a lot on just in case they turned out to be rubbish.

      I have had a few products from Caudalie over the year and this is another which I quite liked. Prior to getting these samples I had never heard of this company and therefore knew nothing about them. They are obviously trying to get into the British market as I have had at least five products of their this year in the different boxes and from the sample sites. The site I buy a lot from is 'latestinbeauty' which may be connected with 'You' and the daily Mail as they often have their Advent calender' on sale. I have just checked and this site has three different sample or sample packs from Caudalie at present. Anyone can order if you want to try them

      When I say samples, some of the products are very small sachets while others are full sized products. This come in between as it was a 30ml tube so more than a sample but not a huge tube. My hand cream doesn't have a scent name that I can see but smells of orange and almond to me.

      The tube is kind of silver and is plastic and mine has a green label on the front. I like the fact that it can stand on the lid as it makes it easy to get out the cream. When I get near the end I even cut my tubes open sometimes and it often gives me an extra week of use. Waste not want not I feel. The tube can be recycled in the usual plastic recycling.

      I like the fact that this has 98% natural ingredients. Caudalie state that they do not use parabens, mineral oils, SLS or indeed any ingredients of animal origin.

      The cream is quite soft and I like the smell as it is fresh and subtle, not too overpowering. I am not keen on hand creams that are too strong and have people around you looking at you as you apply it. I always carry hand cream In my handbag as my hands get very dry in winter . I pop a little on after I wash my hands when out and about. I also don't like it when I can smell what is on my hands when I am eating so a subtle pleasant mildly orange scent is fine with me.

      This cream is full of nice natural stuff such as organic fair trade shea butter which I love as it smells gorgeously nutty in its raw form. It also has omega-6-rich grapeseed oil which helps repair the skin and helps with anti ageing. Caudalie have a special ingredient called 'Vinolevure' which sounds like it comes from avocado they way they describe it and they say is good for retaining natural moisture in the skin but I have never heard of it so it must be a French speciality!

      According to their website this is :
      A pleasurable nourishing and anti-oxidant treatment with a fresh sweet orange pulp voluptuous fragrance softened by almond powder and a drop of rosewater."

      I have had a L'Occitane rose one in my bag for a while and when that finished this replaced it. Prior to that I had a Lush 'Helping hands' solid one which was great until it melted somewhere hot! This was a perfect size to pop in my bag and didn't leak either as the lid was pretty firm.

      The cream I found absorbed quite wll and didn't leave me with greasy hands. I only needed a small tooth paste/pea sized sort of amount to give my hands a decent feed. I find a little is better than too much as you can always add more if needed.

      One of the things I do when waiting in traffic is apply a bit of hand cream so it is vital that it goes in quickly and doesn't leave my hands greasy or slippery just in case traffic start moving again. I find sitting in traffic boring and look for things to fill in the time and this is better than eating sweets for my hips!

      I am a bit of a clean hands freak too and carry hand sanitizer in my bag. After visiting my Homestart families I always come out and use the sanitiizer before I set off in my car. This does dry my hands out a bit so this is why when traffic stops I get out the hand cream!

      The price of this Caudalie handcream seems quite reasonable for a quality product. It is not as cheap as those you can buy in supermarkets or the pound shop but for a product that is a natural based one it is a pretty fair price. The price on line varies as always so shop around but it varies from around £6 upwards for the same sized tube.


      Yes I liked this one. It is similar to L'Occitane in its creaminess but not nearly as thick as Body Shop's Hemp one is so if you like a very thick hand cream this one may not suit you. The positive thing is that it soaks in quickly and doesn't leave your hands greasy and slippery but they are soft and well 'fed' and smells pleasantly orangey too.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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        31.12.2013 15:36
        Very helpful



        I'd buy again - but probably not in blackcurrant leaf

        ~ Advent Treat ~

        One of the items in my You Beauty Discovery advent calendar this year was a 30 ml tube of Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream. I think it was the item on the 2nd or 3rd of December so I've had quite a long time to try it out. Mine was a limited edition version in 'Feuille de Cassis' - or blackcurrant leaf for those who like their names in English. I was quite excited to get this as I'd been 'borrowing' the odd squirt of my French colleague's Caudalie hand cream and had been very impressed with the citrus scent of hers. Sadly for me, there are three limited edition scents and I got the one that appealed the least. Blackcurrant is one of my least favourite fruits, probably as a result of having been based at a flavour factory for nearly six years and always dreading the days they made blackcurrant flavours because they smelled of cat pee. 'Catty' is a technically acceptable descriptor for blackcurrants but thankfully the Caudalie blackcurrant is not a cat pee one, it's a much more delicate, sweeter, dainty 'Kir Royale-type' blackcurrant note. Thankfully no whiffs of cattiness and no whiffs of Ribena in this one.

        The tube looks as if it's made of metal but in fact it's just a metallised plastic so you'll not need to worry about this one showing up on the airport X-rays. The upside to plastic tubes is that they make it easier to get the product out, especially when you reach the end of the tube.

        ~ Caudalie? Who? ~

        Caudalie is a French firm which specialises in 'natural' cosmetics especially those containing vine and grape extracts. It's a mid-price range that I'd characterise as cheaper than L'Occitane but quite similarly positioned. The standard price for this 30 ml tube is £6 or £12 for the 75 ml tube but a quick look around online found the small tube on offer at feelunique.com for £4.80 at the moment.

        The hand and nail cream contains 98% natural ingredients. I won't list them all as the white writing on a silver background is almost impossible to read but I would say that for a product of this type, the ingredient list is relatively short with less than 20 ingredients, the vast majority of which are of natural sources. Caudalie avoid the use of the sort of ingredients that seem to wind up a lot of people and this cream is free from parabens, phenoyethanol, phthalates, mineral oils, SLS and any ingredients of animal origins. To me it's just as important what's IN the product as what's not and the ingredients used include omega-6-rich grapeseed oils, organic fair-trade shea butter and a Caudalie special ingredient called 'Vinolevure' which allegedly helps retain moisture in the skin.

        ~ Blackcurrants and Cream ~

        Enough about the ingredients and the company; is it actually any good as a hand cream? I have mixed feelings about this product. I like the narrow nozzle which enables me to control how much I squeeze out and avoids me ending up covered in the stuff or trying to find someone I can pass excess on to. I like the initial sweet, juicy, fresh blackcurrant scent but I find it doesn't last very long after applying and is a little too subtle. I also very much appreciate that it rubs in well and is quickly absorbed. Some of the hand creams I have don't absorb well at all and leave me hunting for a tissue to wipe off the oiliness and unable to type again until I've cleaned up so I like creams that I can 'rub and go'. My hands are left feeling soft and moisturised for several hours and they don't look shiny or greasy. Compared to the L'Occitane hand creams I tend to buy which usually have 20% shea-butter in the formulations, I suspect this one has a much lower content of shea butter and so the moisturising effect is less long-lasting.

        I've enjoyed using this hand cream and I'm glad it was in my advent calendar. I suspect that it's a brand I'll buy again if I see it available at a good price, but it's unlikely to displace L'Occitane as my hand-cream supplier of choice.


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          11.09.2012 15:53
          Very helpful



          Well worth buying for daily use.

          Caudalie Hand And Nail Cream

          In recent years there has been increased availability of French beauty products in the UK, and in particular there has been an opportunity to find more natural and organic brands such as Caudalie. Caudalie is one of my favourite brands and their hand and nail cream is absolutely beautiful.

          Retailing for £6 for 30ml or around £12 for 75ml the hand cream is available from Amazon, Feel Unique.com, Escensual.com and Look Fantastic.com amongst others, and it pays to shop around as most of these have offers from time to time, and also have links to cash back sites so extra savings are possible. I have also seen this in John Lewis and more recently in Boots.

          I am absolutely in love with this product and it has pride of place in my handbag all the time - I would say that it is on a par with top end creams made by L'Occitane, and has the advantage of being an ideal size to take on board aircraft in cabin baggage.

          The tube is absolutely beautiful in fresh spring green, and a picture depicting a hand squeezing a large bunch of grapes gives an insight into this product. In common with all Caudalie ranges this cream is made from grapes harvested in the Bordeaux region of France. It has long been known that chemicals within grapes have anti-oxidant properties, and these are harnessed and incorporated within the framework of all the products Caudalie make.

          The Promise And Does It Deliver?
          This hand and nail cream is sold with the following promises. The first being that it contains anti-oxidants as I have mentioned, the second is that it is nourishing, the third that it imparts moisture. and the fourth that it strengthens nails so preventing them from becoming brittle and breaking. In particular this cream is aimed at anyone who wishes to ensure that the hands do not age too quickly and remain soft and moisturised.

          The main ingredient in this cream that supplies the moisture and imparts the beautiful fresh scent is orange pulp. There is also a hint of almond and rosewater, and softening shea butter and avocado.

          Using the cream is pure delight as the fragrance is so light and springlike, it feels fresh and clean. What I really love about this cream is that it leaves no greasy residue. meaning that you can use it and carry on with what you are doing quickly. So many hand creams , whilst of excellent quality, leave this greasy layer behind which isn't what you want during the day. I have been testing a similar product made by Jurlique - their citrus hand cream, but this, unlike the Caudalie version, leaves a greasy layer behind forcing me to use it very sparingly.

          The Caudalie product is very moisturising, though not to the extent of the L'Occitane Shea Butter cream which is intensely so. This cream is just perfect to use when travelling which is what I use it for the most. Being a very handy size to slip into my handbag I will often use it when out and about to keep my hands fresh and soft.

          Brilliant For Nails!
          I love the softening properties this has, and it has also had a major impact on my nails since I have been using it with frequency. They break less and generally grow longer before splitting. I think this product excels in this area as my nails used to be prone to breakage, and I would often suffer with hang nails at the sides which would become sore and unsightly. This seems to soften the entire area around the nails and also imparts a strength to them.

          Being free from parabens this cream is even more appealing to me as it is a natural cream too! I try to purchase products that are made from simple ingredients where I can especially with regard to creams that are absorbed into the skin.

          I don't use this at night as I prefer something with more intensity and will usually use a L'Occitane product for this, but during the day this is absolutely perfect for softening hands and making them look moisturised and sweet smelling. I would recommend it to anyone, especially if you have dry hands, but if you have exceptionally dry hands then I would veer more towards the L'Occitane creams that are slightly more intensive.

          I absolutely love this for travel especially for long haul flights when the air cabin is dry, and since I also use a hand sanitiser on board this is ideal to use afterwards.

          I would just suggest shopping around for the best price. There is a lot of competition out there now for the sale of these French products that are no longer just being sold by one lone outlet.

          All in all this is a first class product


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        • Product Details

          Ingredients: Patented grape-seed polyphenols, Vinolevure, shea butter, grape-seed oil, avocado, plant glycerine, sweet orange / Hydration, softness and youthfulness; everything is combined in this anti-oxidant and deliciously perfumed cream filled with orange pulp / Your hands are rejuvenated, silky smooth and protected / For anyone needing a nourishing, anti-ageing treatment for the hands and nails / How to use:Use as often as desired, massage into hands and nails / Applygenerously, rub your hands together, then massage each finger;finishing with the cuticles and nail surface / Your nails willparticularly benefit from this nourishing motion, making them strongerand shiny / Key