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Tesco Treats For Cats

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Cat treats / Available: Various flavours

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    1 Review
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      17.04.2011 21:15
      Very helpful



      A cute little sweet for those pussy cats

      ** Please note this review is for Tesco Combinos in chicken and cheese flavour - I was informed they would no longer be listing different variety of Tesco cat treats **

      On a recent grocery shopping expedition my other half came home with a whole host of things. The main reason being that they were on offer so we saved money. But as we had never used some of the items instead of saving money he actually spent more! Our dogs and cats got incredibly spoilt as he stated that he was "topping up" their treats.

      For our cats of which there are 3 he bought them a selection of cat treats. Now our cats are all very different, two like to be outside as much as possible and are hunters and the third who is the youngest is a house cat and will rarely venture into the back garden. We have never really bothered giving the cats treats although they do have a tub/pouch of treats in the cupboard for ad hoc occasions. One of the pouches he bought were by Tesco and called Combinos in chicken and cheese flavour.

      As I wonder down the pet aisle in Tesco I do browse the treats and have noticed them before but never opted to buy them purely because our cats tend to go off treats quite easily but my partner bought a pouch as they were on offer. The Combinos come in a black and grey plastic pouch which features a lovely image of a tabby at the top and also a little circular window so you can see what the Cominbos look like. On the back of the pouch there are feeding guidelines as well as ingredients. The pouch is re-sealable which helps keep the treats as fresh as possible.

      The Combinos are very small cylindrical treats which have quite a soft, spongy texture which makes them easy for cats to eat and because of their size they are easily manageable by their small mouths. The Combinos are a tan/orangey colour which is obviously coloured through the use of colours. I like that they can be broken in half into even smaller pieces as my older cat can struggle due to her teeth. They have a nice soft texture inside which I'm guessing the cats love.

      The treats do contain taurine which is very much needed for your cats eyes to help support their eyesight. Calcium is added to help keep their teeth and bones strong together with added vitamins and minerals which help ensure the overall health and fitness of your cat. Tesco also use oils in the Combinos which helps keep you cat's skin and coat healthy.

      You get quite a few Combinos in a pouch which even though I have three cats I've had the one pouch for about three weeks now and I haven't even used a quarter of it which is great. The pouch as I said is re-sealable but you have to make sure you seal it properly as it doesn't seal perfectly but so far my treats are all fresh. No doubt my Combinos will last for quite some time yet due to amount I give my cats but it all depends on how many you give your beloved cat!

      I think chicken and cheese is the only variety Tesco do in the Combinos which is perfectly fine as my cats love cheese and any type of cheese for that matter! However, when you open the pouch you don't get a lovely aroma of chicken and cheese you get a very synthetic smell of well chicken and cheese! It is a clash of aromas which although it is not so tempting to myself my cats seem to love it. Looking at the ingredients list I can't actually see cheese listed as an ingredients which is a little worrying!

      My cats get these treats on an occasional basis as they are simply not that bothered about getting extra food on top of their daily feed. But if offered they will gladly take them and they seem to enjoy every single piece as they quite happily lick their lips for a while afterwards. I think they like the easy to chew texture as well as the strong aroma. I can't complain about the treats other than the missing cheese which I guess is made up by additives and flavours.


      Cereals, Meat And Animal Derivatives (minimum 4% Chicken) ,Oils and fats ,Vegetable Protein Extracts, Fish And Fish Derivatives, Additives, Colourants, Preservatives, Antioxidants, Nutritional Additives, Vitamin A 9000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 630 IU/kg, Viatmin E 90 mg/kg, Taurine 1000 mg/kg

      Combinos are only available from Tesco and cost £0.80p for a 65g pouch. They are only available in chicken and cheese flavour.

      Would I recommend? Yes, I would as an occasional treat these won't do your cat any harm but avoid over feeding as that won't do your cat any good. My cats seem to really enjoy them and if it keeps them happy then I'm happy! A reasonably priced treat especially for how much you get.


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