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Dreamies Cat Treats with Duck

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Brand: Dreamies / Type: Cat Food

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    2 Reviews
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      06.11.2012 15:56
      Very helpful



      A good buy, just not her favourite flavour!

      My best mate happens to be my 6 month old kitten Myrtle Rose. Shes a real beauty with a soft temperament and she is like my little shadow...I simply adore her and my 4 hamsters and we all live very happy together.

      Because I adore her so much I buy her alot of treats and as a rule she loves Dreamies and whenever I go shopping I buy these, Felix or Whiskers treats as they seem to at the moment be the only ones she will indulge in as she is a bit of a fuss pot and seems to know quality!

      I however didn't buy her these my mum (her nanny!) bought her them, up until seeing them in this flavour I had never seen them prior to this and my mum picked them up in my local Pets At Home.

      The Packaging:

      These Dreamies come in a darkish lilac plastic on the outside, silver foil on the inside and with a plastic zip action style seam to the top of the bag to do it up and close it to keep the biscuits fresh then on the front of the bag there is a cartoon picture of a cat on there and we are told that they are Dreamies, Delectable Duck 'The Treats That Cats Crave' and there is a photograph of a broken up biscuit and we are told that they are crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and that the bag weighs 60g and a bag this size contains 30+ servings (these are available in other sizes and flavours too of course). On the back of the bag other information listed includes being told a bit about the product, the ingredients, nutritional advice and feeding advice is all given and contact details for the manufacturer are listed. Nice enough bag this is and it is informative enough and I do like the fact that it is simple to open and close the bag as I hate spillage and the likes lol.

      The Dreamies:

      Well you get lots and lots of little chunky and dark brown squares that have a cereal and slightly malty fragrance to them. On the back of the pack we are told to feed up to 20 pieces a day and of course these are treats and not a cat food. They sound really crunchy when Myrtle is munching on them, are easy for her to handle due to their size and she seems to like them, however although she does like them and seems very interested when the bag is up out of her reach where she meows at me to give them to her I must admit that I don't think that they are her favourite flavour as she doesn't go as mad for this flavour!

      I love Dreamies though and trust that they are good quality, she loves them (the main thing of course!) and I will continue to buy this flavour so she doesn't get sick of the other flavours I buy her but I wouldn't opt to buy these over other flavours at the moment!

      Available in all good supermarkets and pet stores.


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      26.07.2012 13:38
      Very helpful



      Mew's favourite treat!

      As you can see by my picture here on Dooyoo we have a gorgeous cat called Mew who adopted us when we moved into our cottage four years ago.

      Over the years Mew has tried various treats but his absolute favourite is Dreamies! We only have to say the word and he looks as cute as he possibly can - rolling over, paws in the air etc - so that he gets the Dreamies.

      Last year a friend of ours was given a box full of packets of Dreamies together with a pile of money off vouchers from someone at work so he shared them with us and Mew is still happily working his way through them. Since there were a lot of packets of various flavours Mew got to try them all.

      His absolute favourite is Delectable Duck and I swear he reacts differently when I tell him that this is the flavour he is getting! He really does seem to know and I am sure the purrs are louder!


      A packet weighing 60g costs around £1.36 at most supermarkets but there are often special offers to be found. At the moment Sainsbury's, Asda and Tesco all have them on offer at £1 per packet so, if you cat is a fan, it is well worth stocking up when the offers are on. The Dreamies themselves are quite small and there are about 200 in a packet so a packet will last a while.

      The Packets

      The Dreamies come in five different flavours which each come in a different coloured packet.

      The beef ones come in a deep pink packet, the salmon ones come in a blue packet, the cheese ones come in a yellow packet, the chicken ones come in an orange packet and delectable duck comes in a lilac packet.

      There are also a few larger packets which contain a mixture of two different flavours - we currently have a couple of packets of chicken and duck in the drawer.

      The front of the packet shows a cartoon cat lying on his back with a dream bubble showing one of the Dreamies split in two so that you can see the 'crunchy outside' and 'soft inside'. At the top of the cloud there is a little duck! I wonder if Mew actually has dreams about Dreamies.

      On the back of the packet there is a list of ingredients, a freephone number for any problems or concerns and details of how to use the treats.

      So how do you use them then?

      When you buy the Dreamies they are sealed in the packet and to open it you have to do tear the piece off the top of the packet. There is then one of those plastic strips where you push the sides together so that they fit into one another making an airtight seal so you have to prise this open to get at the Dreamies. At this point Mew is giving me his undivided attention!

      There are notes on the back of the packet which suggest that you should not give your cat any more than 20 Dreamies per day. I usually give Mew about 10 at a time as they are only tiny - he gets ones lot at breakfast time and some more for his supper as he settles down for the night.

      The notes on the packet also remind you to make sure that your cat has an available supply of fresh drinking water at all times.

      And Mew's Opinion?

      Well as I said earlier he thinks they are great! Fair play he is always up for treats but these really do seem to be his favourite.

      They never stay on the floor for very long when Mew is about - I can soon here the crunch of teeth on Dreamies followed by a fussy cat round my legs licking his lips to show his approval!

      He has now tried all the different flavours including cheese which I was unsure about (cats eating cheese?) and he loves them all but duck is always the one he reacts to the best so I have to assume it is his favourite!

      The Advert

      I can't write a review about Dreamies without mentioning the advert currently on TV. A man tells his wife to watch what he is about to do and he then shakes the pack of Dreamies, which makes a rattling noise, to attract the cat. The next thing you see is the cat bursting through the wall because he is so eager to get to the Dreamies!

      Whilst this is clearly fiction I can see where it comes from - that is exactly the reaction we get from Mew! He can't get at them fast enough although running through the wall might not be such a good idea in our cottage as it is over 100 years old and has walls on 3 foot thick stone!

      In Conclusion

      I can't recommend these enough as far as Mew is concerned. He really is a happy cat when he gets his Dreamies. When I give him a brush he always has a couple of Dreamies afterwards and, if I forget, he sits on his table looking first at the drawer where they are kept and then at me as if to say - have you forgotten something mom?


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    • Product Details

      Dreamies are the snack of your cat's dreams - all cats salivate over crispy Dreamies with their tasty creamy filling available in a variety of delicious flavours!

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