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Savic Whisker Feeding Bowl

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Brand: Savic / Type: Cat Bowls & Feeders

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    1 Review
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      29.01.2013 13:02
      Very helpful



      A good purchase but not an essential

      A Plate For Persians!
      Regular readers of my reviews will know that I have three Persian cats, and because of their breed they do have some different needs compared to moggies that I used to have many years ago. One of their characteristics is that they have very short noses, and personally I feel that although this adds to the way their gorgeous appealing faces define their breed and gentle natures, it poses endless problems for them in terms of health and well being. On the serious side the short nose breeds have more respiratory ailments and eye problems, but on a daily basis this short snout also presents endless difficulties where feeding is concerned. This is why I decided to invest in the Savic Shallow Cat Bowls some time ago, as I used to find that meals were left half eaten if served in anything less than shallow dishes. It is also worth saying here that there is tremendous variation within the Persian Cat breed, and some cats eat easily with no problems, whilst others have very flat faces and are presented with severe difficulties with regard to eating. Within my three I have all spectrums of the scale, but Sage my Persian tom has perhaps the shortest nose, and as he has been ill recently with a bladder stone I wanted to make sure I offered him the most appealing meal times, as he is now on special food to dissolve the crystals that caused his problems late last year.

      You can purchase these bowls from many retail stores including Amazon where you will expect to pay around £7.29. My favourite store Zooplus sells them for £6.99, and I have only excellent things to say about this company that excel in all aspects of customer care, price and service.

      They are made by Savic who are a Belgian company specialising in animal products, and the full product name for the one I have is the Savic Whisker 2 Feeding Bowl. There is also a smaller version called the Savic Whisker 1 Feeding Bowl and a water bowl is also available called The Whisker Water.

      They are made in three colours, black ivory and blue and have grooves along the surface which are designed to keep the food in place. If you watch Persian cats eat they find difficulty and often chase pieces of food around which can be messy and wasteful. Furthermore the dishes have shallow sides which means that the cats whiskers are not irritated during feeding. Suitable for wet and dry meals these dishes are made from a very high quality non toxic plastic and can be washed in the dishwasher. Being 19 by 15 by 3.5cm they are a good overall size.

      My Opinion
      So what do I think about them and would I recommend them to you? In actual fact I find these to be good but not great, and the reason for this is that food is still pushed over the edge and does not stay in place as I would have hoped. I think aesthetically these are much better looking than I imagined, and are solid in construction and are extremely well made and of a high quality. There is no doubt that the grooves do help to minimise food being moved too much, but in reality I find it is easier and just as kind to the cats to use flat white small square dinner plates from Tesco which are much cheaper and make excellent dishes for wet meals. Dry food is fine served in shallow cat bowls, which to some extent I prefer as a degree of a lip round the edge does prevent spillages which my rather greedy dog will otherwise mop up.

      I think the idea behind these dishes is excellent and there is no doubt that they are a good purchase, but in my opinion they are a more expensive way of buying something which can be organised in another way with a little more thought. When I put this review onto Ciao I will include some photographs to illustrate the points I have made with regard to the mess that the cats still make when fed using these bowls. I have no doubt though that these are kind to Persians if the alternative bowl offered was to be of a deep nature which torments them, as they simply are unable to reach into the bowl and have a fundamental dislike of getting their whiskers dirty in the process. Deep bowls also can contribute to cats losing weight, especially if they contain dry food as they will not bother to eat the last few layers as it presents difficulty for them.

      In terms of the bowl itself despite being plastic it is not a flimsy affair, in fact I was surprised to learn that it was plastic as it is so solid. I think it would be better in porcelain but this would add to the cost and would probably not improve its effectiveness. It is delivered in an impressive cardboard sleeve again suggesting quality and an attention to detail with a high quality of presentation.

      It is suitable for all cats and dogs of course as well as those with short noses, and as well as Persians this would be useful for British Short Hairs which also have the same short snout.

      In conclusion I would say that these are nice to have but not a necessity for any Persian owner. I award them a healthy 3* and would certainly say that they are something to consider, and are marginally better for wet food than for dried, which is less stable without the higher edge afforded by a shallow dish. I wouldn't re-purchase but I don't dislike them either- I just think they are an extra expense that is not strictly necessary.


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    • Product Details

      A unique patented design. This melamine feeding bowl makes it easier for cats and dogs with short snouts such as Persian cats or pug dogs to feed. Easy to clean. Only 0.8 cm deep.

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