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Deluxe XL cat scratching tree / activity centre

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Brand: Mail Order Online Ltd. / Type: Scratching Tree

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    1 Review
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      26.09.2012 22:21
      Very helpful



      Good for large and small cats and will hopefully keep them entertained when you want some peace!

      Well with three cats tearing around the place, my old cat tree really took a beating though held out for a good few years before finally succumbing to their random and often manic attacks.

      So, during one of my manic moments were I decide to move all the furniture around we decided it was time for an upgrade. When we had got the last cat tree we only had two cats, several years later and we have three - the latest a 5 year old who is bigger than most small dogs.

      While making sure we thought of our cats, we did also think of ourselves. The last cat tree was a dark blue that stuck out as a sore thumb in our living room. With magnolia (not my choice, it's the burden of renting!) walls and white doors and windowsills etc I did like the idea of a softer colour so this beige one seemed a good idea.

      Now, this cat tree is large, so much more than you realise even when you have the measurements. Thankfully we have high ceilings. With it being so big having it a softer colour that matched the walls really reduced the overwhelming sense of it.

      It is designed in an L shape, with the longer part of the L made up of fake fur covered panels, small scratch posts acting as legs and a large hide-e-hole section.

      On the shorter part of the L, the base does not have a flat panel and instead has another hide-e-hole section. I found this did not feel as secure as my last cat tree that had one large flat base panel. But this one so far has stood up against the maniacal sport of my cats.

      There are three hide-e-hole areas on this cat tree, about 13 scratch posts, two little hammock type beds a strange U shaped bed, a round, lipped bed, a tube, hanging rope and finally a small ladder that has scratch post cording across the bars.

      Well thankfully our cats did actually use this. They appear to really like the height, all cat owners know that cats love to be high up especially so they can look down on you. Ours is near the window so it gives them a great view of our tiered garden.

      Hide-e-holes - As with all cat trees, my cats used the hide-e-holes ones to check them out and now barely both unless I drop a treat or catnip mouse inside.

      Beds & tube - these beds are actually quite small, great for kittens but older, larger cats like mine really don't even sleep in them as I don't think they would fit comfortably. Again these are better for hiding toys in for the cat to find, have a chew then move on. The tube was used, they seem to like swiping at each other through it so that's a plus.

      Ladder - Nice to look at but not really used, though I did see one of my cats scratching at it. They certainly do use it to climb to the next panel. Maybe an older or infirm cat may do but then it would only get them onto one layer, so would they bother?

      Hanging Rope - There is a large thick piece of rope that hangs down. This is played with, swung on and feels nice and sturdy too

      Panels - Soft fake fur, size deep size so the cats can sprawl (and my do they sprawl) out especially in the sunshine.

      Structure - The top section does not feel as secure as the rest and if you look at the design it does not have really great support. Do not get me wrong I don't believe for a minute it's going to snap off and crash down but it does sway a lot when the cats run up to the top level or start scrapping on it (which happens alot).

      This is probably not the best for very old or infirm cats. Now my two eldest are 11 years old each, and are still very agile, but the reason I say this is the distance between the panels is quite big and without a tiering effect for them to "step up" it can be a bit of a jump. Again, fine for most cats, maybe not for a cat whose not great on his feet.

      ~Instructions & Assembly~
      Lets be honest when was the last time we saw instructions that were a) readable, b) comprehendible and c) useful. Well this is NO different.

      The instructions were a single A5 sheet of thin paper that ripped when I unfolded it (not a good start) with a bad drawing of the cat tree and no text other than to state how many screws you got.

      In the end you are better laying all the pieces out and just trying to work it out for yourself.

      It is probably better to have two people doing it due to the height as well as someone to argue with you over which pieces go where but in truth my partner actually managed to do it on his own and we didn't need to pull it apart and redo! (a rare occasion indeed).

      To assemble you need Allen keys which are supplied.

      ~Customer Service~
      Due to some missing screws and a slight fault with the one we received we had to contact the customer services. Sent them details of the issues and they actually rang me up! This had been ordered online, usually you just get an email but a kind lady actually rang and discussed the problems with me. Two days later I received an enveloped (couriered) full of screws I needed etc.

      Could not fault them, very friendly, supportive and quick to deal with an issue.

      A decent price for what you get, even more so if your cats get their worth out of it. So far the cats have not destroyed it so seems to be able to take the usual rough play.

      Good for large and small cats and will hopefully keep them entertained when you want some peace!.


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