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Enzo Ferrari

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    2 Reviews
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      01.08.2009 12:16
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      Info on ferrari enzos

      The Enzo Ferrari, Ferrari Enzo or simply Enzo as its known as was named after the founder Enzo Ferrari. It was built in 2002 using formula one technology such as ceramic disc brakes, carbon fibre reinforced Silicon Carbide, sequal shift transmission and carbon fibre body. Also there were active aerodynamics and traction control. It was built to celebrate the first world championship in the new millenium. There were 349 built. Ferrari sent messages to their existing customers and they were sold mostly to them. Ferrari then built 50 more before the paris motor show. The car that was on display there was used in the chrlies angels film.
      The Enzo is a mid engined supercar with a F140 V12 with four valves per cylinder. The enzo V12 engine is the first in a new line of engine. It is based on the Masserati Qautroportte engine. This engine replaced the V8 and V12s in other ferraries aswell. The Enzo does 0-60 in 3.18 seconds, 0-100mph in 6.6 seconds and a quarter mile in 10.8 seconds. It has a top speed of 221mph.
      The Enzo is a stunning car to drive. Ferrari have achieved the right balance of control and power in this car and the engine make a great sound. Theres a sense of great achievment when you drive it, it makes you forget the world. Its a stunning car and stunning to drive. Easily one of the best Ferraris yet.


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        17.09.2008 20:45
        Very helpful



        Ferrari have done it again.

        The Ferrari Enzo Ferrari to give it its full, and much deserved name, is named after the legendary founder of Ferrari: Enzo Ferrari. In order to be given a name like that, it better be pretty good...

        Let's start with the looks, as that's what is really striking about this car. Personally, I think that this is one of the most beautiful and inspired designs of the 21st Century, but many people disagree. However, everyone agrees that it does look like a spaceship and very futuristic! My only complaint is that from the back it looks very similar to an F430 (the entry level Ferrari).

        Pull a sort of latch like thing in a slot to the rear of the door, and, with a bit of effort required by you for the first half of the opening before the gas struts take over, the door swings gracefully open. Now, the outside of this car is incredible - futuristic and just simply beautiful, but the inside is not so. It's very bare, with just the basic controls needed. There are no carpets, bare seats and swathes of carbon fibre everywhere. There are even no electric windows!

        Start the car up, via a button in the centre console, and the 620 bhp V12 just purrs into life - it really does have a great engine this car. Pull on teh right hand paddle (this car has an F1-style gear box with paddleshifts), and you can ease the car forward. I immediately turned the traction control fully off and floored the beast (just to see what would happen, of course), and the rear tyres lit up. 620 bhp is not to be messed with.

        In normal driving, it's quite easy to drive. Yes, it's quite big, you can't see too much out of the back, it has a very long nose, it can't get over speedbumps unless you press the button to lift up the nose, and everyone in the vicinity stops and takes pictures of you, but it's not too intimidating. You can leave it in automatic mode and just cruise around - I went for a 100 mile motorway cruise and was perfectly happy. Obviously, it's not as refined as a Rolls Royce Phantom (I'll be writing a review for that soon!), but it's perfectly acceptable.

        However, where this car really shines is out on the track. It's quick this thing - 0-60 takes around 3.5 seconds, and it'll easily crack 200mph. Traction control off, going round a sweeping corner, it's easy to coax the car into a slide and just hold it there. I think by the end of the day the rear tyres were ruined, but it was worth it - this car handles really well. However, it does have a nasty side. There's a sweet spot at about 80-110% of it's performance levels where it's easy to control, but exceed the 110% and the car quickly snaps into a spin (much faster than I would expect it to) without too much warning.

        Overall, what to make of the Enzo? Well, it's not a cheap car (on the 2nd hand market it currently costs around £500-600,000), and it's not a frugal car (I don't think I ever really got above 10mpg, although I was thrashing it a fair bit), but really you've just got to love it. It's so bonkers and crazy. Ferrari, welcome back into the world of proper hypercars.


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