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Pioneer AVH P4000DVD

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    1 Review
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      25.11.2011 23:57
      Very helpful



      What more can i possibly ask for a car entertainment?

      I bought a new Honda Civic two years ago. Overall, I feel satisfied with my new car experience. Except for one thing: the car audio. The audio head unit that comes with the car was a JVC. I didn't remember what type of JVC it was, but looking at the limited features it has then it should be the cheaper one I guess. It took only a couple of months until I decided that I need a new car audio head unit. I was so disappointed because I was expecting much more than just a head unit that can only play radio, cassette & CD's. Not to mention every time the vehicle hit a bump, the CD stops playing normally and I have to eject and re-enter it in order to make it works normally again.

      I browsed the web to make some comparison on what brand and model best suits my need. And in the end, I decided to buy Pioneer AVH P4000DVD along with its additional supporting products such as TV tuner and rear camera. I've been using the product for two years now and I have to say that I am somewhat satisfied with this product.

      Monitor & Display
      The double-DIN device comes with 6.1" Widescreen Display LCD monitor. The monitor is equipped with touch screen ability, selectable wide screen mode and and adjustable Brightness, Contrast, and Dimmer Settings. The screen itself is coated with anti-glare protection, so even in the brightest daylight driving I can still see the monitor clearly without having to be disturbed by light distortion that reflects on the screen. One of many cool features that I like from this device is the dual button illumination where I can select hundreds of colors combination that will alternately illuminates on four buttons at the left side panel. The source menu display comes with nicely arranged icons and big enough icon size for easier touch screen user experience. with all this features loaded, i am rather dissapointed that this device doesn't allow user images to be selected as background.

      Rear View Camera
      The rear view camera was bought separately as an additional unit. Although it cost me more money but I find it very useful and helpful because it adds a level of safety and assurance while I'm driving especially when maneuvering in tight spaces. The rear view camera can be viewed in full screen mode while driving on reverse. I can only wish that the camera could automatically switch on every time the car is in reverse gear without having to push a button to turned it on.

      DVD/CD player
      One thing obvious is even if the vehicle hit a hard bumpy road, the DVD/CD can still play normally without any lag at all. I am impressed with this head unit versatility, which can play various digital compression formats from DVD, DVD-R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW and Video CD. I regularly use it to play MP3, WMA, iTunes AAC and even DivX and it's all been smooth without any problem all this time. Having said that, it means that this wonderful device can play almost all commercially available digital entertainment formats. How amazing is that!

      iPod and USB direct control
      When iPod is connected, I can control the audio and video menus, functions and selections directly via on-screen touch panel. I found it exceptionally easy to access and search for songs from the touch screen panel because it displays the song, artist, time and album information very clearly and user friendly. It also supports passenger iPod direct controls that allow the passenger to directly use iPod for music playback. Not only that, it amazed me more with the ability to have two devices connected at the same time with the USB memory device support. Small note for this one is if I use a USB memory card with capacity bigger than 4GB, than the song's loading time will be longer. It took even longer to browse from one folder to another.

      I can make a safe and hands free phone call if I connect the Bluetooth adapter to a Bluetooth supporting cell phone. I didn't use this amazing feature often though. Especially if there's another people whose also in the car because he or she can easily hear the conversation from the vehicle's speaker system.

      When I bought it back in 2009 I have to pay for approximately $580 including the additional supporting devices. And I have to say that I didn't regret my decision to buy this product as I feel it worth every penny I spend.


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