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Kenwood KDC 7080

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2 Reviews
  • good hifi system
  • high quality sound
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    2 Reviews
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      30.08.2012 12:38



      Was very good in its time and do not be put off by it now

      ~Technical Info~ (amazon.co.uk)

      * CD-Player: yes
      * Category: Car Radio
      * Changer Control: Yes
      * DAB: DAB Interface in Head Unit
      * Number of Output Channels: 4
      * RDS: Yes
      * Security System: Other
      * Size in DIN: 1
      * Wattage: 99


      I bought this for my old car and it lasted about three years until I sold the car. It was still going strong so I had no problems with its durability and would probably still be working to this day.

      It is an old model so isn't as up to date styling wise as many of the new ones but I think it still looks pretty good. It features different coloured buttons which help them stand out which is good because there are a lot of buttons and this makes it easier to pick them out when driving. I didn't install it myself but had a friend to help me. However he said it was relatively easy to install and that most people would probably be able to follow the instructions and install it for themselves.

      The sound quality is very good. I originally had it connected to the original car speakers and then to some additional better speakers and it coped well with both. It has a good security system whereby you can flip the face over and it reveals just a black front. I think it still shows there is something there but it seemed like enough to put off thieves from thinking it was worth while breaking in. The age of the car probably helped that as well! You can also just remove the front if you wanted to be completely safe.

      It played my CDs very well and even managed to cope quite well with scratched and dirty ones which is very useful when you store them in the car like I did. This was a very good buy at the time and I think it would still be now. If you are purchasing an older car and it has this CD player in it you won't be disappointed.


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      21.02.2012 18:21
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great looking stereo with a lot of features, shame it hasn't got DAB

      Had this a couple of months now, bought this from halfords who also fitted it for me. This was to replace my standard stereo in my Fiesta.

      Looks >>>> The blue light is pretty cool when you turn the unit on, and has this feature where the whole front of the stereo folds down in order for you to insert a CD, which looks pretty fancy. This can then also fold in itself again to make it look like your car isn't fitted with a radio and so makes your car less of a target to thieves.

      USB/iPod/CD >>>> You can also attach a USB orientated device or an iPod, which you can control through the stereo itself, which is good, and avoids messing around with the device while driving. Although this has to be either the nano or the latest generation of iPod (For compatibility issues I think.) I tried a touch and it sounds great when connected via the aux input, but this means you cant control it with the actual device itself, as the aux is just taking the sound. It also plays my MP3 CD's and they sound great. Provides good quality bass settings as well.

      Radio >>>> Even the radio sounds better albeit only FM/AM. A negative of this audio system is that the remote isn't included with the stereo and is an optional extra, and also that it hasn't got DAB, as the FM and AM frequencies are being phased out in a few years time. Plus DAB just sounds better as it's a cleaner signal.

      Control >>>> Another negative is that now my stering wheel controls no longer work as the units cables will not work with my fiesta according to Halfords.

      Summary >>>> Overall I would recomend this unit, and the fact that I cant use the steering wheel controls is only a small set back, as I throughly enjoy the sound quality from my new stereo. Just think about the lack of DAB and only one CD at a time. Very glad I bought this; totally blown away by the high quality of the sound.


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