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Soap & Glory Clear Here

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Brand: Soap & Glory / control Moisturiser / Type: Soap / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    3 Reviews
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      14.06.2011 22:48
      Very helpful




      I suffer from shiny combination skin and as a big fan of Soap and Glory's skincare range I couldn't resist buying this moisturiser which claims to 'smooth & protect the skin, prevent blemishes, fight spot-causing bacteria, fight shine, reduce deep down pore clogging and shrink visible pore size' - it sounded perfect and I haven't been disappointed.

      I use this moisturiser almost every morning after cleansing my face using Soap and Glory face washes. In my quest to find the perfect shine-eliminating moisturisers, I've often found that mattifying products are either too greasy or remove shine at the cost of drying out my skin. 'Clear Here', however, strikes the perfect balance between shrinking pores, taming my shiny skin and hydrating it, so as long as I use a rich face cream at nice my skin stays soft with an even complexion. I've also noticed a slight reduction in the number of spots I get since using this moisturiser, which is always a good thing! Another advantage of this product is that it dries quickly, meaning you only have to allow it thirty seconds or so to sink into the skin before applying make-up.

      This moisturiser comes in a 50ml container, retailing at £8.17 which I think is very reasonable as each tube lasts me a good 3 - 4 months of everyday use. Although the description on the packaging recommends using a 'generous' amount of the product, a little goes a long way and it spreads easily across the skin. Soap and Glory products can often be found on '3 for the price of 2' at Boots, so it's always stocking up on goodies such as this moisturiser when the promotions are running.

      Whilst I'm too obsessed with trying new moisturisers to stick to one product permanently, this would certainly be my day moisturiser of choice if I were only allowed to use one for the rest of my life.


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      16.05.2011 22:07
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Expensive and I didn't see any difference!

      I have recently suffered a few breakouts on my skin. I decided to treat myself to some new cleansing products. I am a huge fan of Soap & Glory and I love their skincare range. This was new and it cost £8.17 for 50ml. These products are often on 3 for 2 as well.

      The moisturiser is designed to smooth and protect your skin, shrink pores and fight shine, clear pores and help prevent blemishes and reduce deep down clogging. The moisturiser is formulated especially for oily or problem skin.

      For best results you need to use it morning and night after cleansing, you are advised to use a Soap & Glory cleanser I like 'Clarity' the best. You then smooth a generous layer onto your face. You can use this under make-up but it does advise you to leave it dry first.

      The moisturiser is a pale blue colour and has a thin consistency. It smells medicated but it's not unplesant. The moisturiser absorbs really well into your skin, when you apply it you get a slight tingling effect. It dries so quickly and when I touch my face after using it my skin feels matt.

      After using this for a few weeks I haven't seen a noticable difference in my skin. Also after use my skin didn't particularly feel moisturised, as I have combination skin it did dry my cheeks out a little and I find it a bit strong to use more than once a day. If my skin was particularly dry on a certain day it actually stung my skin and left it a little red.

      I wouldn't buy this again for myself it is better suited to oily skin as it isn't rich enough if you have dry patches.


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        22.04.2011 12:18
        Very helpful



        From all the raves I expected this to be better from Soap and Glory

        *Why I want the product*
        It seems everyone and everyone has tried Soap and Glory and loved their products, me however I haven't tried a thing and really wanted to. Mostly to see if the products we're as good as everyone made out and if they really worked.
        I quickly found Soap and Glory have an array of products that are reasonably priced, I also found it hard to choose one or two... but in the end I picked something I knew would benefit me on a daily basis.

        *About the product*
        Soap and Glory Clear Here has been designed to not clog pores, helps to reduce shine on your T-Zone while helping to fight spots and blemishes. Formulated to smooth and protect the skin without your skin feeling tight while reducing pore size.

        The product itself comes in a 50ml tube that has a real fresh design and feel to it, the colour scheme of the background is light green with a nice looking pearlised screw off lid at the bottom, which the product stands on.
        The front is bright looking that compliments the green background with colours of blue, egg shell yellow and pink/red. The description on the front tells you the product has slow-release Poreshrink-3 Skin Perfector and Smoothing Mattifying Blot A Lot Complex.

        Unfortunately nothing is stated on the product what Poreshrink-3 Skin Perfector and Smoothing Mattifying Blot A Lot Complex actually does or how it works.

        The back of the packaging tells you how to apply the product for best results and it will last 12 months open.

        *What does Clear Here look and smell like?*
        Clear Here looks very much like the lovely light green background on the packaging, it looks very light with a gel texture but doesn't slide off your hand it is that light.
        The first ingredient on the list is Parfum (Fragrance), which is a little worrying as this can irritate sensitive skin. I find the smell is lovely if not quite sweet.

        *How do you apply it?*
        Simply you apply to product each morning and/or evening on clean dry skin, applying a generous layer on your T-Zone and under the jaw line before letting it sink in before applying makeup.

        *Applying the product*
        Applying a generous amount of the product to cleansed, dry skin like you would with any product that mattifies. Even though water is 7th on the ingredient list it really feels like it is higher on the ranking than that. It goes on very smooth and feels moisturising straight away, it feels as if silicone is present but silicone is not on the ingredient list. The scent, which is what worries me doesn't bother my skin at all, however my cheeks are the most sensitive and I don't apply Clear Here there.

        *Was my skin matte?*
        I found once the product had sunk in, which doesn't take long my skin didn't look completely matte like I expected, but had a natural shine that did look natural instead.

        *Applying products on-top*
        If you're going to apply another product over the top of Clear Here, you need to wait at least 30 seconds before doing so this gives Clear Here enough time to bond to the skin.
        I like to use an SPF all year round, which has to be applied over the top of Clear Here. Personally I didn't notice a real difference in my skin and although the SPF I used was very light that has been designed for my skin type I expected Clear Here to work better at controlling oil, especially straight away.

        Through part of the day my skin looked the same without looking worse, which is a bonus, but with a tiny amount of loose powder I am off on my way again without looking like a grease ball but not unnaturally matte either.

        *How did it feel on my skin?*
        Clear Here felt smooth and I felt it was moisturising my skin, I love the way it sinks in quickly and leaves no residue when another product is applied over the top or makeup.

        Clear Here I found didn't last a full day, I felt the product started to wear off four hours of wear and that is going in and out in the sun.

        *Price and availability*
        You can purchase this product from Boots.com for £8.17 for Asos.com have an offer on at the moment for £5.35, both for 50mls.

        *What I think about it/do I like it*
        I love the idea of toning down any shine in the day especially for someone with oily/combination skin without the need of loads of translucent powder, but I just found this product didn't live up to its claims with me, well not as I expected. I was still left with some shine with or without another product on the top, which I wouldn't have expected from a product that claims to matte the skin upon contact.
        Soap and Glory state this product helps to tone down pores, I can say this product doesn't shrunk pores as it is virtually impossible; however I found my makeup sat better on my pores without showing them up more.
        I like how on bare skin Clear Here doesn't make the skin feel tight due to the oil controlling properties.

        *Would I purchase again*
        No I don't think I would, mostly because I feel it doesn't live up to its claims that I was expecting it to.


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