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Elemis Exotic Cream Moisturizing Mask

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4 Reviews

Brand: Elemis / Type: Face Mask / Texture: Cream / Contents: 50ml / What it does: Moisturizes / Anti-Ageing

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    4 Reviews
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      01.09.2011 19:30
      Very helpful



      Top quality face mask.

      I have never been generous enough to treat myself to Elemis products before. I knew the name, and new it as a high quality brand, often used in spas, and that it was a premium brand. I was lucky enough to sample this mask for free when I was at a Centre Parcs spa. They had a variety on offer, and at the time I was experiencing particularly dry skin, so I tried this one, Elemis exotic cream moisturising mask.

      The mask is a creamy white liquid, like thick moisturising cream. It is very soft and creamy, no lumps or bumps or awkward texturing. The cream smooths on nice and easily and it covers your whole face, or at least the areas you want to stop getting dry. If you had any problem greasy areas I would recommend avoiding using this on them.

      The cream feels really nice and silky on your skin. I make sure I apply it to freshly washed skin, as once I have put the mask on and taken it off I don't like to scrub my face. I leave it about ten minutes and then wash it off, it doesn't go dry and hard like other face masks, so don't wait for that to happen or you could be waiting for quite some time. I give the mask a warm water wash off with a flannel. Immediately your face feels so soft and silky. It doesn't feel soft in a greasy way, just like your skin is fantastically healthy.

      The mask doesn't irritate any of my eczema prone spots. My skin is left feeling healthy and shiny for a couple of day afterwards. Even though the price of the mask may seem quite high, at around £17, you do get a lot of uses out of the tube, so it is great value for money if you use face masks regularly.

      A good luxury treat. Unfortunately I am not rich enough for this to be every day use.


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      25.07.2011 11:31
      Very helpful



      A gentle yet hydrating face mask and to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth

      The Exotic Cream Moisturising Mask by Elemis is a product that has been designed to hydrate and soothe the skin on the face. It is packed full of exotic natural ingredients which nourish and heal your skin and leaves your face feeling completely moisturised. Using plant extracts, the product will deeply penetrate the skin leaving it in a better condition and looking healthier. Because of its purity, it is suitable for use on the sensitive skin. Elemis don't test on animals and the company encourages the consumer to recycle.

      How does it work?
      Mimosa Absolute is in ingredient which is commonly found in acne treatments and it is included here because of its ability to heal the skin. It is an anti inflammatory so it prevents puffiness of the face and it is an astringent which means that it helps to tone the skin as well.

      The Honey within the mask is also included because of its ability to heal the skin and to prevent bacteria from lurking on the skin due to its antibacterial properties. It also nourishes and softens the skin because it is rich in vitamins.

      Jojoba Seed Oil is present to give the skin a thorough moisturisation, leaving the skin hydrated and soft, while helping to regulate the skin's oil production. Sunflower Seed Oil also hydrates the skin and as it is an antioxidant, it prevents any premature aging of the skin. The oil contains Vitamin E which nourishes the face and also heals to heal inperfections. Glycerin is included because of its ability to draw moisture into the skin.

      Sea Rocket helps to detoxify the skin while Mallow moisturises and replenishes the skin. Echinacea helps to heal any imperfections and is an anti inflammatory. Both Mandarin and Bergamot are included to tone, brighten and tighten the skin leaving it looking more youthful.

      How do you use the product?
      I apply this product to dry, clean skin on the face. I always clean my skin first because I feel it will allow the product to work its way deeper into my face. You apply the cream onto the skin until you have a white layer covering your face, avoiding the eye area and lips. It can be used morning or night but I usually use it at night time when I have a little more free time.

      I leave the product on for ten minutes although it can be left on over night and when the time is up, the cream is to be rinsed off with warm water. The product can be used daily or just when you feel your skin needs some extra hydration or when you just fancy treating yourself. The mask can also double up as a hand treatment to leave your skin and cuticles softer and moisturised.

      Packaging and Price
      The packaging of the product makes it look expensive and luxurious. It comes in a shiny silver metallic bottle which has a clear lid. The dispenser is also silver and shiny and there is some black writing on the front of the bottle.

      The product will cost you around £30 for 50ml of the mask and can be bought from most large department stores and many online websites and if you shop around, you may find it for cheaper.

      Extra Thoughts
      The cream is incredibly light compared to those that are usually used for masks and has a consistency that you would expect to see in a moisturiser. The cream is a lovely pure white colour and is almost pearlescent and shimmery. When smoothed onto the skin, it feel like silk and glides on effortlessly. The smell of the product is quite herbal and even a little bit of menthol can be detected. It is not one of my favourite scents and perfume has been added so I don't think it's completely natural either. Nevertheless, it is a fairly relaxing aroma.

      I apply this cream so that there is a thin layer of white still lying on my skin. Within a few minutes, the cream dries and although it doesn't become completely solid, it does dry enough for you to sleep wearing it without the product going all over your pillow. It doesn't feel tight on my skin or uncomfortable in any way and you can completely forget that you are wearing the product.

      The product is easily removed with warm water, although a damp flannel may make the process even easier. After use, my skin feels incredibly soft and has a certain radiance to it from the very first time you use it. I don't know if it's wishful thinking but my face really does look healthier, more youthful and in a much better condition than before.

      It doesn't make my skin feel tight or dry once it has been removed and has never caused any blemishes or irritation on my sensitive and spot prone skin. When followed up by a good moisturiser, it leaves the skin feeling hydrated all day and completely smooth.

      I am really happy with this product and it is one of the best masks that I've used. I think it's better suited to younger skin that don't need the extra intensity of a thick mask and it's a lovely product to use on senstive skin. Despite being pricey, the mask leaves your skin healthy, radiant, soft and moisturised so for me, it was well worth the money.


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      12.06.2011 19:01
      Very helpful



      worth a try

      Elemis is one of my favourite brands for skincare. They do not test on animals and they only use natural ingredients. Elemis products can be bought in stores such as John Lewis, Debenhams and Harvey Nichols, and can also be bought online on sites such as timetospa.

      This moisturising cream contains sea rocket, amino acid rich honey and other ingredients such as Mandarin, creating a product that enriches the skin and gives it a flattering look.

      The product can be applied and left only for 10 minutes (which is great for a quick treatment if you are in a rush) or as I tend to prefer, can be left on overnight for a very effective treatment. The product is light, and a little really does go a long way, so the product will last you a long time too. (A sample size such as 15ml lasts over a month when used 1-3 times a week, in my experience).
      The moisturising mask also absorbs into the skin at a good rate, and even after 10 minutes skin can feel refreshed and hydrated. When left overnight skin feels extremely smooth, soft, hydrated and plump. I have also noticed that after months of using this product, my skin is in much better condition. Less dry, less blemishes, and much smoother.

      The product even won a Best face mask award in 2006.

      I would definitely recommend this product to anybody who wants to give their skin a quick pick-me up, or for people with tired/dry/sensitive skin. The product is not harsh but is extremely effective and results are extremely noticeable.

      If you buy Elemis then you can easily get samples of this product or if you want the product fully you can buy a 50ml bottle.


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      31.03.2008 13:34
      Very helpful



      Soothes, softens and plumps up sensitive, fragile and redness prone skin.

      Skin type: All, Mature
      Treatment: Anti-Aging

      ~ Why Elemis ~

      Elemis is a high-end skincare brand that also operates spas around Britain. They are using the latest technological advances in anti-aging skincare combining it with natural active ingredients. As long as can remember I have had rosaceous complexion coupled with very sensitive skin so since last July I have had regular Elemis facials to address these issues.

      ~ Why Exotic Cream Moisturising Mask? ~

      I'm using Elemis skincare because most of their products are suitable or specifically designed for sensitive skin. For the same reason I'm not a keen user of peel-off facial masks as they all tend to dry out my skin and sometimes even cause redness which are unfortunately not the new cheek cells showing but the irritation due to the drying ingredients. The Elemis Moisturising Mask is a soft, very gentle sink-in moisturiser that will not dry your skin and for maximum moisturising effect, you can even leave it on for the night. I got free 3ml samples of this mask a few times after my Elemis facial and I found them so effective that I invested in some more.

      ~ Packaging ~

      As most Elemis products the moisturising mask comes in a simple but elegant grey packaging that has the silver embossed logo and top. Not willing to splash out on a full bottle I got four 15ml sample tubes from Ebay for the fraction of the price (about £3 each including P+P). The sample tubes have a screw on lid and are sadly not recyclable.

      ~ How it works ~

      Amino-acid rich Honey, soothing Samphire, orange and bergamot work together to leave skin super-moisturized and enriched. Samphire is an edible wild plant that grows in coastal areas and has a purifying effect on the skin.

      ~ How to use ~

      The mask is completely oil free, very soft and light to the touch. It's almost white in colour with a pink tinge to it. It smells rustic, herbal, of mostly bergamot and orange leaves and something else that will probably be the samphire. It certainly doesn't smell exotic in a sweet or oriental way.

      I use it as a leave-in mask twice a week which means I put it on before going to bed and rinsing it off the morning. The reason for this is that I don't want to waste this precious cream by taking it off after only ten minutes. The other reason to leave it on to get the full benefits of moisturisng as the cream takes some time to sink in. The cream is light, very soft, it stays on the skin so it doesn't leave any marks on the pillow while you sleep.

      ~ Results ~

      - Soothes red blothes on rosaceous skin

      In the morning, some white marks can still be seen, the rest of the cream that didn't get absorbed. I rinse it off and my skin feels incredibly soft, hydrated and calmed, with the usual red blothes diminished. I would say the benefits will stay on for a day or two when my skin starts to feel fragile again and then it's time for the next treatment.

      - Softens and plumps up tired-looking, lifeless complexion

      The compliment I get from my boyfriend the morning after I had the mask on for the night is that how soft my skin feels. Looking into the mirror I can see that my cheeks are plumped up, have a healthy glow and do not look as haggard as usual. The two fine lines on both sides of my lips seem less defined.

      ~ How long does it last? ~

      Using it twice a week, in the past 2 months I only used up half of my first 15ml bottle. According to the instructions, spread the cream generously over the face and neck avoiding the eye and lip area. Having said that, I find I only need two blobs on my fingertip to fully cover the areas. This light cream seems to spread very well so a little goes a very long way.

      ~ Conclusion ~

      I absolutely recommend this product if you have fragile, delicate, sensitive skin. It is not a purifying mask but a plump-me-up mositurising one that will leave your skin extremely soft, nourished and protected. I'm first to criticise a product that doesn't work or not performing well enough for its price tag, though I can not fault this maks. A unique concept in sensitive skin treatment, it certainly stands out amongst all masks I've ever used, and would not change this moisturising mask for anything else on the market.

      ~ Price / Where to buy ~

      The full size product costs £29 / 50ml at Elemis counters in department stores or on www.timetospa.co.uk online. By snapping up 2 or 3 decently sized samples on Ebay there's some good savings to be made.

      Thanks for reading.

      ©powered by lillybee also posted on Ciao! UK


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    • Product Details

      A light creamy mask with a unique blend of Mimosa, amino-acid rich Honey, soothing Samphire, Orange and Bergamot / Together these ingredients leave skin super-moisturized and enriched / For optimum penetration leave mask on overnight /

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