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Biotherm Aquasource Non Stop Oligo Thermal Gel

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    3 Reviews
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      16.05.2015 23:37


      • "super hydrating"


      • none

      Super moisturising gel based hydration.

      I was intrigued to find out what the 24 hour hydrating gel would be like. I've tried a few products from the Biotherm line and liked them so I had high hopes for the aquasource gel.

      First impressions
      This is a light green colour which is a great start as green is good at combating redness. It is a hybrid between a cream and a gel in my opinion and it certainly doesn't have the stickiness of a gel nor the greasyness of a cream so you are getting the best of both worlds with this product.

      In use
      I could happily use this as either a day or night cream as it is really hydrating but doesn't sit on top of the skin for long.

      My thoughts
      I don't think this lasts me 24 hours purely because I put make up on top of it then have to take it off approximately 12 hours later so I have to add more then! But I can't see a way around this as I will always want to cleanse after a day whether I have worn make up or not. I do really like this as a moisturiser though and it has completely turned my thoughts about on the issues I have had with products that are named a gel in the past.

      What is actually in it?
      This is a fresh weightless gel-cream texture which provides intense long-lasting moisture for up to 24 hours. It delivers invigorating scents of mint citrus fruits jasmine and musk. With regular use, skin appears smooth plump luminous & healthy.
      Ideal for normal to combination skin.

      How much?
      I could only find this online where 50ml is £43 so this is not a cheap moisturiser.

      Final word
      I'll be on the lookout to get this at more of a bargain price in the future as it is so versatile and handy to have in for daily use. I won't be buying it just yet though until the mountain of products I have to use are used up.


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      19.03.2012 17:40
      Very helpful



      A fantastic moisturiser for combination skin

      I first came across this when I ran out of moisturiser and went hunting in my sisters room for something to use. I used it a couple of times and absolutely loved it so I went out and bought some of my own, despite it costing much morethan I would normally spend at £28 for a 50ml jar.

      The jar it comes in is really sturdy and heavy which gives it a really high quality feel that suits such an expensive product, and the design is simple but expensive looking which makes it something that looks good displayed in my bathroom or on my dresser. It has a lid that screws off easily and a little plastic cover to go over the top so the moisturiser doesn't end up in the lid even if you have it in a bag when travelling.

      The gel itself has a really lovely texture which glides so easily over my skin and simply melts in. It absorbs so quickly and feels cool and fresh on my skin. I have combination oily skin and I find a lot of moisturisers leave it feeling dirty, greasy, clogged or coated, but this is so light and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean.

      My skin feels really soft after using this and even the drier parts of my skin stay hydrated all day so it doesn't get uncomfortable and I don't need to reapply it throughout the day. Amazingly it also keeps my skin shine-free throughout the whole day which is essential for me as my t-zone usually tends to get really shiny by midday.

      I have noticed a definite improvement in the overall texture of my skin since I've been using this regularly, my skin is much smoother and softer and I haven't had any dry patches at all. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone with combination skin like mine who's looking for something light feeling but very hydrating. The only downside is that it doesn't have any sun protection.


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      28.12.2008 15:11
      Very helpful



      Basically they are selling you on the magical cure of water.


      I bought a biotherm set that was on offer not so long ago, that had this cream along with the matching toner and washing gel. It was quite expensive and I originally only went into the shop to buy a vichy day cream, but the saleswomen was very persuasive, and I ended up spending more then I would have but reassured that this was the only way to go regarding skincare this century.

      About biotherm aquasource nonstop.

      Biotherm claims to have found an unique substance called Thermal Plankton, which is a spa ingredient from spring water. Combined with other natural ingredients they have created the formula for healthy, glowing skin, which is instantly hydrated.
      The normal combination jar which I purchased claims it has the equivalent of 5000 liters of thermal spring water, in one jar. (In smaller text at the bottom of the page it says that in reality it is concentrated thermal plankton found in 5000 liters of water)

      It is said to boast your skins natural ability to retain moisture and it will improve your skin texture. Well I just had to see if this miracle cure was true!

      My experience.

      I bought the complete set that this range has, because the saleswoman convinced me that the effect would be twice as powerful (was she getting a commission I wonder, it was a pharmacy so I'm not sure) I will review the other products separately, but I washed my face with the foaming water and then applied the toner. When I put the toner on my skin stung so bad it felt like I was breaking out into a rash. I was extremely upset as my skin felt like a million hives were breaking out. But after spending so much money I had to follow it through. The cream was the best part, it spread on silky smooth and only needed the slightest dab to cover the entire face. It wasn't a cream texture but more of a smooth light transparent gel that just glided on like silk. And while it didn't ease the redness (in fact at first it only worsened it) it did feel like my skin was silky smooth to the touch. The cream has a fresh almost ocean smell that reminded me of Davidoff Coolwater.
      I did notice almost immediately that the dry patch of skin just between my brows that always ruined my foundation by appearing flaky, was smoothed out and I haven't had a problem with that spot till this day, and I am still using the cream (It lasts forever by the way.)

      Over the next few days my skin started to get used to the cream and stopped being irritated by the toner and cream (the face wash didn't seem to bother it so much.) Now my skin feels incredible and looks allot more healthy, but I have noticed that my pores seem to be more dilated then before. It has solved the problem with dry patches in an impressive way, but it didn't even out my skin tone, and I still have some red patches around my nose etc.

      Price and value for money.

      I paid 40 euros (now the same as 40 pounds) for the set, but on its own the cream costs 30 euros in Ireland (about 30 pounds) which I find rather expensive. The cream was 50ml, the foaming cleansing gel was 50ml and the toner was 125ml. The foaming gel I found to be a bit difficult to work into a lather, and a little didn't go a long way, so that ran out pretty fast. The toner I just dabbed on a piece of cotton so it has lasted pretty well, but the cream was the best value for money. It glides on so smoothly and you really don't need allot. However since it comes in a pot it isn't so sanitary as you have to use your finger every time.


      Will I buy it again? Probably not, I know there are better products on the market that aren't so expensive, sometimes because it has a high price tag we assume that it must be good, and while I have to admit it does feel nice, it doesn't do more then moisturize my skin. The next skin care product I buy will be natural, as after reading the small print, I saw how many chemicals, parabens and perfumes are used by this brand. No wonder my face felt like it was in flames the first week! So when the pot runs out I will try a natural brand like Aveda.

      I am giving it three stars, the two minus stars are for price and skin irritation.

      Thanks for reading!


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    For Normal & Combination Skin

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