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The Body Shop Body Butter Duo Vanilla

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6 Reviews
  • Great for dry skin
  • Lovely vanilla fragrance
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    6 Reviews
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      02.05.2015 12:53
      Very helpful


      • "Great for dry skin"
      • "Lovely vanilla fragrance"


      • None

      Softens and moisturises

      I have bought a lot of Body Shop products over the years and have always found them to be good quality and good value as they seem to last ages. This Vanilla body butter is widely available and the price ranges from £4.99 to £7.99 depending on the current offer, however I was lucky enough to get this as a birthday gift.

      It comes in a 250ml tub which is cream or brown and it has a picture of vanilla pods on the lid. The Body Shop also make many other fragrances in the same range and they often have offers on where you can buy three products and pay for two which I have bought in the past and this makes it even better value.

      The butter itself is quite thick to the touch and feels quite silky and it has a lovely fresh clean vanilla smell which would be suitable for all the family. To use I scoop a small amount of cream out with my fingers and then start to rub it into my skin paying particular attention to anywhere where I may have dry or rough skin. It does absorb quickly and easily without leaving any residue or greasy feeling.

      At the moment I am using this lovely body butter every day as I find that when the weather gets colder my skin needs a bit more care and attention and I am very pleased with the results. My skin feels hydrated and nourished and it has helped with my dry patches which I sometimes get on my legs and elbows. It definitely makes a difference to the general feel of my skin from the moment when I use it and it lasts for many hours afterwards.

      I find that I get the best results when I use this after having a hot bath as my pores are open so the butter can get deeper into my skin. As obviously I use my hands to apply the body butter it saves me from using so much hand cream as my hands have a good layer of the cream as I am using it. I didn't pay for this as it was a gift but I am very impressed with the results and I would certainly buy another one especially if I could get it for the right price.


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      09.08.2013 08:40
      Very helpful



      A unique concept from The Body Shop

      Though I still love Lush, I've recently started purchasing more and more toiletries from The Body Shop, mainly because they've had some brilliant special offers on recently. The Body Shop is similar to Lush in that it has an ethical policy and many of the ingredients in their products are community or fair trade. The Body Shop is famous for their body butters, and recently launched a body butter with a twist - the Body Butter Duo.

      The Body Butter Duo acknowledges that different bits of your skin need different levels of moisture. With dry skin that is driest on my lower legs, knees and elbows, I tend to use an intensive body butter after an evening bath or shower (I take an evening shower at least twice a week after going to the gym) and a lighter body lotion during the day. However, the Body Butter Duo allows me to moisturise more intensively the parts of my skin that need it, while using a lighter moisturiser on the rest of me, all in one product.

      There are currently four kinds of Body Butter Duo available: Vanilla, Macadamia, Floral Acai, and Sweet Pea. Having already tried the Floral Acai and Sweet Pea varieties, I decided to give the Vanilla butter a go in the winter. These body butters normally cost £13, the same price as other body butters, though when I actually bought it online I was able to use a discount code (I can't remember which one, there are always loads flying about!).

      The body butter contains Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana, which is good for moisturising skin, as well as vanilla extract to add a yummy scent. Inside the brown and white pot, which has a screw top lid, the product is divided into two by a wavy piece of plastic which makes the round pot look a bit like the yin and ylang symbol. The light-coloured cream is for 'normal' skin areas whereas the darker cream is designed for drier areas. I really like the subtle, warming, sweet scent of this body butter, and feel it is ideal for any time of year.

      I use the more intensive cream on my elbows, knees and lower legs. It is very thick, thicker than a normal Body Shop body butter, but goes onto the skin very well and doesn't take too long to sink in. This cream helps these areas of my body feel hydrated all day, and my elbows in particular are in much better condition.

      I use the lighter cream everywhere else, and it works in terms of hydrating without being too heavy. Having said that it seems thicker and more intensive than some other body lotions I've used, despite being the 'lighter' cream. This cream actually does take a while to sink in - longer than the more intensive cream in fact! This isn't too much of a problem for me as I tend to apply my makeup before getting dressed anyway, but if you're often rushing around in the morning trying to get ready, this may not be the cream for you.

      The cream as a whole has lasted me about a month which is reasonable. I have found I've used less of the intensive cream than of the normal cream, though not to the extent of other reviewers - perhaps because I use it on my legs as well as elbows and knees. I have ended up with a bit more intensive cream at the end though, which I have kept for use with 'normal' body lotions.

      Overall this is a pretty decent body butter and a good idea. It's expensive at full price but is often on special offer. It has flaws but it does work well. I would consider buying it again.


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      27.08.2012 14:22
      Very helpful



      A nice present for someone or if you have a code for money off!

      Moneysavingexpert provided me with a 50% off code, and its free delivery over £25 so amongst other products this was one of my purchases. Also all body butters were reduced in price for some reason.

      This normally costs £12.50 for a 200ml round tub. There are various 'flavours' but this one is Vanilla. The tub has a brown lid with a white label showing you the different type of product inside. One is for particularly dry skin and the other for normal skin.

      When you open the tub its divided with a wavy line and both creams are similar in colour but one is more like a paste than a liquid.

      After using quite a lot of the product its hard to get it out of the corners because of the divide but if you are persistant you can remove all the product with your pinky finger.

      I found that the dry skin paste although not pleasant to the touch and tricky to get out of fingernails it does work really well. I have used it daily since I bought it and one use in the morning is enough until the next day. If I showered in the evening as well I could feel it coming off so it must have still been doing something. Also you dont need to use a massive blob of the paste in the normal areas so it goes quite far.

      I havent used the normal side so much as my skin has needed extra moisturising due to it being summer and getting a tan. I will continue to use it though as it can be opened for 12 months and I will definately have finished it within 6!

      The smell is quite nice but strong so if you are wearing another perfume it may not go together. The smell also lasts a long time and people have commented that they can smell it around me so if you dont like that sort of thing then dont buy it!

      The other good thing about the body shop is that none of the products are tested on animals and that makes me feel good when Im using it.

      I prefer the cocoa butter smell but this was a great bargin and has done wonders for my skin.


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      11.12.2011 11:31
      Very helpful



      put off by the smell!

      The Body Shop is a high street beauty company offering a wide range of body, skin and make up products. They have strong ethics and believe in using Fair Trade ingredients where possible.

      *~*Body Shop Duo*~*

      Body Shop offer a wide range of bodu butters which have proven to be very popular with regular customers. The body butters are promoted based on which skin type they are suited to. Body Shop have recently took into consideration that the average person may have normal skin in some areas of their body but also have dry patches too. They have released a range of "Duo Body Butter" products.

      The duo body butters contain 2 different body butters in one convenient pot. One butter is a lightweight butter designed for applying to normal skin. The other butter is a richer cream which should be applied to dry areas such as knees and elbows. Each butter is designed to moisturise the skin for up to 24hrs.

      There are 4 "scents" to choose from though if you want something fruity, you will need to try the original body butters. The current line up of duos are :

      *Sweet Pea
      *Floral Acai

      and then there is the Vanilla scent which I will be reviewing. This particular duo contains vanilla extract to scent the skin. It also contains a range of Fair Trade ingredients including shea butter and cocoa butter (for moisturisation and protection), soya and brazil nut oil and also organic babussu oil. Beeswax is also added to the butter.


      The butters are presented in a typical Body Shop butter pot which is round and completed with a screw top lid. The pot is a mauve colour with a brown lid and looks rather unappealing and bland. Inside the pot, it is split into 2 halves with a wavy line and each butter has its own compartment.

      The pot can be recycled and has a shelf life of 12months from first opening.


      A 200ml duo can be purchased from www.bodyshop.co.uk or instore for £12.50.

      *~*My Thoughts*~*

      Although not a major fan of Body Shop products, I do often buy gifts from their website for family and friends. Around 2months ago, I had a code for 50% off when I spent £40.00 and bought a few perfumes for my Mum and Mother in Law and to make up some of the amount, I bought myself this duo body butter. I guess I was intrigued by this new release. I chose Vanilla as I love vanilla scented skin products and was certain I would like this one. I didn't fancy the other scents which were on offer and do feel a bit more variation would be good.

      The pot is fine though the split inside does make it a tad difficult to get my chubby fingers in to release some cream. I now use a spatula which is hygenic and less fiddly! On opening the pot, it is very easy to tell which butter is for which skin type. Before I carry on, I will state here that I have sensitive and problematic skin. My arms and legs suffer badly with dryness so I need a strong butter or lotion to combat this. My tummy and the top of my legs have a more normal skin type and I often find a heavy moisturiser will leave these areas feeling greasy.

      *~*Soothing Thy Dry Bits!*~*

      The "dry skin" butter is identified by being a bland, creamy mauve colour within the pot. It looks rich and thick. This butter needs to be "dug" out as it has a paste like consistency. It feels cool to the touch and has an initial greasy texture. Applying this butter is very easy as it simply melts onto my skin (and quicker after a hot shower) and turns slightly creamy. It can be spread fairly easily and does absorb well leaving a tiny bit of greasiness on the surface of my skin.

      This butter is definetly ideal for providing a deep moisture boost to dry areas. My arms were satisfied with the texture and drank up the butter. This butter leaves my elbows and knees feeling soft and smoothed and any dryness is immediately relieved. My skin felt moisturised for most of the day though 24hours is bit strong a claim in my opinion.

      Good for dry skin and only a small amount needed.

      *~*Soften Thy Tummy*~*

      The "normal skin" butter is an off white colour and has a shiny appearance within the pot. It does look like many of the normal skin butters that body shop offer and has a semi-solid, creamy consistency. The butter is easy to scoop up and feels very creamy and smooth as I spread it across my tummy area. There is no dryness to get in the way on my tummy so application is very easy. I love how cooling this butter is and it feels refreshing as I rub it across my tummy area and across the top of my legs.

      This butter is very light weight and absorbs very well..almost instantly. It leaves my skin feeling supple and soft for most of the day and it even softens my stretch marks slightly (though doesn't conceal them). It does provide ample hydration and leaves the stretch marks feeling less tight and uncomfortable. I did try this on my arms and it barely had an effect which is why it is important to ensure you use the correct butter for your skin type.

      Good for normal skin though I need quite a blob to perform.

      *~*Vanilla Delight?*~*

      The scent of the butters is immediately noticeable when the pot is opened. I love vanilla and prefer it if it is natural smelling as I cannot stand artificial vanilla. I was bitterly disappointed with the scent of this duo. i expected a pleasant sweet aroma as I have used a vanilla spray from Body Shop. The scent that was present was rather sicky but not in a sweet way. The butter had a strong beeswax scent which I really did not like and it does put me off using it. The scent does last most of the day of my skin and can come across a bit "heavy".


      This is a good idea from The Body Shop and my skin can feel the benefits of using 2 butters of different consistencies. Because most of my body is made up of dry skin, I have used more of that so the pot will not be finished evenly. I don't think I will repurchase this. It does give my skin a moisture boost but nothing more prominent than my usual Soap and Glory butters. The smell puts me right off as well and it isn't exactly cheap.

      3 stars as I have mixed feelings on this one - it remains half used as I can bare that smell! If you want to try it, wait until the offers are on as I do not consider this worth £12.50.

      Thanks for reading x


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        01.08.2011 19:35
        Very helpful



        A great body butter for dry skin areas doubled up with a less rich cream for normal skin areas

        I am a big fan of Bodyshop, especially the ethics behind their company, and how this affects the thought put into their products. While this product is slightly more expensive than their normal body butter range, I feel you get two products in one.

        This product acknowledges that different parts of your skin require different levels of moisture, and instead of you having to buy two products that complement each other, you have them here in one handy container, easily distinguishable for use, but with the same fantastic aroma that Bodyshop always seem to deliver.

        The rich body butter I have found great on my dry skin, keeping my arms and legs hydrated. The butter is absorbed quickly, avoiding a greasy feeling on your skin that you get with other products. I often top up during the day with the normal skin cream, which allows the scent to last longer, eliminating the need for strong scented perfumes when you receive enough compliments alone from using this butter. I am currently working my way through a tub of Floral Acai body butter duo, it smells fantastic, and not as overpowering as wearing perfume.

        The rich body butter is also great for tackling problem areas such as dry cracked heels and dry elbows, helping keep them well moisturized. The normal skin has also doubled up as a face cream as I am prone to dry skin on my cheeks. I particularly love the non-greasy feel, and how a small amount seems to have a big effect.

        The only issue is I feel I am working my way through the normal skin one more quickly, as a little body butter melts into a lot more. However, I mainly bought this product for the body butter, and it's nice having a normal cream to complement it while it lasts.


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        02.07.2011 11:00
        Very helpful



        A light butter and rich butter packed together in one lovely tub with a delicious vanilla smell.

        I love The Body Shop's Body Butter collection and I own almost each and everyone that they have produced. Not all of them get used that often but they all look really pretty in my bathroom. I often browse the store to see if they have released any new Body Butters that I could buy but on a recent visit I wasn't expecting to see the rather exciting and lovely looking Body Butter Duo.

        What does it do?
        Rather kindly, The Body Shop has understood that sometimes the skin on our bodies need a different type of moisturisation. The skin on my knees and elbows needs a much deeper hydration than the skin on my arms and legs and so I will frequently need to use two different products to satisfy the needs of my skin.

        Body shop has decided to solve this problem by creating a tub of Body Butter which has been split into two sections. One contains a light cream while the other contains a richer one meaning you can effectively moisture the whole body with one product.

        How does it work?
        The product contains Community Trade Cocoa Butter which is extremely nourishing and moisturising for the skin. It melts at body temperature and it is quickly absorbed by the skin leaving it with a deep hydration that makes the skin feel soft and smooth all day long.

        The richer butter contains Community Trade Beeswax from Cameroon and its purpose to it hydrate the skin and then form an invisible barrier across it. This means that once the moisture is inside the skin, it can't sneak back out again leaving your dry patches which a long lasting hydration.

        The gorgeous aroma comes from real Vanilla extract and plenty of natural oils such as Brazil nut Oil and Babassu Oils are included to pack the skin with vitamins and minerals and to cover it with moisture. Glycerin is also included because it's a humectant which draws water into the skin leaving it moisturised, plumped up and firm.

        How do you use the product?
        The product is to be applied to clean, dry skin. The butters are easy to tell apart because not only is it labelled on the lid, the colours are slightly different too and it is clear that one is thicker than the other. The thicker one is to be applied to tricky dry spots such as heels, knees, ankles and elbows and the thinner can be used everywhere else. You scoop out some of the butter and massage it into the skin until it has been fully absorbed. I would only ever use this product on the body as it would be far too rich for my oily spot prone skin.

        Packaging and Price
        The product comes in a tub which on the outside, looks much the same as the standard Body Butters. It comes in a circular tub with a screw tub lid and on the front of the lid is a picture of a vanilla pod. The front has a curvy line and demonstrates the fact that the pot contains two different types of moisturiser. It is when you open the lid that you have the surprise. Inside there are two types of butter split by one wavy line of plastic. The butters are both a creamy colour but one side is slightly darker than the other.

        The price for the Butter Duos is slightly higher than the normal Body Butters. It will cost you around £12.50 for the 200ml and you get 100ml of the light butter and 100ml of rich butter. You can buy the product from your local Body Shop Store or from their online website.

        Available Body Butter Duos
        At the moment there are only four types available but I'm sure if the product sells well then they will steadily release more varieties. After a brief deliberation, I chose to buy the Vanilla Duo because the aroma of Vanilla is one of my favourite smells. The others available to you are Sweet Pea, Floral Acai and Macadamia. I don't really like floral aromas so my only other option would have been Macadamia which I assume won't have much of a scent.

        My thoughts
        This Vanilla butter smells completely delicious without being over powering and the aroma lingers on the skin for some time after use. Both butters are each the perfect consistency to perform their jobs effectively. The light butter is almost the same as the normal butters that you will be used to using from The Body Shop. It is absorbed quickly by my skin and leaves behind no greasy residue. The butter doesn't feel overly heavy and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.

        The thicker butter is very moisturising and rich. It is much thicker than the usual butters and is almost like a balm. It really feeling like it's improving the condition of my driest areas and the areas are noticeably softer after use. Despite being thicker, it is still easily absorbed and doesn't leave any stickiness behind but it does need a bit more of a massaging action to be fully absorbed in comparison to the lighter lotion.

        One problem that I see approaching is that it is obvious that the light butter will run out long before the rich butter. I've been using the light one all over my body while the rich one has only been used on small targeted areas and so there is much more left on that side.

        I've started to use the rich butter as a hand cream because it is thick enough to do a good job but it will still last much longer than the other side. I think maybe a three quarter, one quarter split may have been practical than a 50/50 split as once the light lotion has gone, I'll be back to using to products again making it an uno rather than a duo!

        The product gives long lasting results and it mostly lives up to its claim that it will keep your skin moisturised for up to 24 hours. It wouldn't harm to apply the rich butter to your extra dry bits more frequently as you're likely to have more of it left and it should get the skin conditioned more quickly.

        All in all, this is a lovely idea from The Body Shop that really helps look after the needs of your skin on the whole body. It leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and smooth and smelling completely delicious.


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