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The Body Shop All In One BB Cream

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6 Reviews
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Attractive packaging!
  • Quite greasy
  • Flakes
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    6 Reviews
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      29.03.2015 19:55
      Very helpful


      • "Evens out skin tone"
      • "Blends in smoothly"


      • "Quite greasy"

      Expensive and too subtle

      Despite only giving this 2 hearts, I actually quite like the product but do agree with the previous review that it does not work well under other products. I have combination skin; I have tried using this as a primer under foundation and it is too greasy and doesn't seem to allow the foundation to go on evenly. Although it blends to an even finish quite well, it doesn't soak in completely so even several hours after I've used it the skin on my face feels slightly tacky to the touch.

      Where it does work well (for me, anyway) is on it's own as an alternative to the full make-up hit at weekends etc. If I am not doing anything special and don't want to get all made up, I like to go for the natural look but still feel the need to 'blur' the unevenness in my complexion - this product does this well for me. It just evens out the skin tone a bit and is a good enough base to put a bit of blusher or highlighter on to. The creamy nature of the product works OK for me in this situation as it doesn't make the skin feel dry. Having said this, it is quite a subtle effect and if you're someone with more challenging skin tone issues (i.e. if you suffer from redness or dark spots) it probably would not be strong enough.

      As a primer it's expensive and doesn't work that well but as a stand alone BB cream it's fine for smoothing out subtle skin tone inconsistencies.


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      11.01.2015 09:44
      Very helpful


      • "Attractive packaging!"


      • Flakes
      • "Can leave skin looking shiny"

      Avoid this like the plague if you have oily skin!

      This BB cream from The Body Shop costs £12 per 25ml tube. The packaging is lovely and I love the silver coloured tube too. I bought this during a 40% off offer so that made it a little cheaper. The BB cream is said to adapt to your skin tone and has a light to medium coverage. I have naturally pale skin so I bought a lighter shade. Darker shades are available too though. The cream comes out WHITE! I thought this was a little odd but it states on the website "transforms from a white cream to suit your skin tone" so it was supposed to be like that! It doesn't really smell of anything and the consistency is quite creamy.

      The cream goes on well and is easy to blend in. However if I use a primer beforehand I feel that the cream then goes flaky, and I mean FLAKY. Literally it peels off my skin. So I can only use this on bare skin. Even using a moisturiser beforehand results in the cream flaking and peeling off too. That was a little frustrating as I always like to apply a base before any make up.

      Due to the fact that I have to apply this to bare skin (unless it's just my moisturiser making it flake) it leaves my skin looking oily. By oily I mean OILY. Within about half an hour after having applied this cream my T Zone area is seeping oil. I've had to remove it during the day before as it was making my skin sweat excessively. My skin is naturally oily but this makes it worse than ever. I think I will stick to my Tea Tree BB Cream from now on!

      This is a good idea if it suits your skin. You could get away with using this on bare skin if your skin type is dry. However if you have oily/ combination skin like mine then avoid this like the plague!



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      18.05.2013 18:46
      Very helpful



      Tinted moisturiser

      Body shop all in one bb cream
      I was recently looking for some primer and one of my ports of call was the Body Shop where I did find a primer and also decided to try out this cream
      This promises to adapt to your skin tone and give an undetectable finish. It also apparently offers 24 hour hydration and to be non clogging.
      I believe that this is basically a tinted moisturiser which comes in a small 25mltube with a screw on/off lid. What did surprise me was that when I squeezed out some of the product it was white. The lady in the shop demonstrated on my hand to show that whilst it does come out white, the pigment filled capsules do burst when applied to skin and change from a white colour to your skin tone.it did actually do this, so very clever.
      The product has no discernible smell and is nice and creamy in consistency without being too thick. When I rub it on to hand to test it, it makes my skin feel instantly moisturised

      The product should be dotted around the face and then blended in. I do tend to use a primer before application just because I always use a primer but find that it blends in easily using my fingertips and because it blends easily, I have no need to use a brush for blendning.


      The product is available in three shades; light medium and dark. I have the dark one which makes my skin look slightly more tanned than without and which will be great for the summer. However, my friend who has fairer skin tried the product and whilst her skin looked a bit sunkissed, it didn't look as dark, so it does do a grand job of adapting to the skin tone.
      It is available from the Body Shop stores and also from their website. It costs £12 which seems pricey for a small tube of the stuff but a little bit really does go a long long way and it lasts for ages.


      This is great for daytime use if like me you want your skin tone evened out but want a product which offers light but effective coverage. It leaves my skin feeling moisturised and for the lightness of the cream has great staying power- my skin tone stays looking even and smooth all day which is no mean feat.
      I would recommend this for anyone looking for a great tinted moisturiser which won't leave you looking too made up

      Thanks for reading
      Daniela xx


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      27.04.2013 21:01
      Very helpful



      Iv'e fallen in love with you...

      The Body Shop All in One - BB Cream...

      ...Why did I by this one...
      My favourite mineral foundation has started to sit in some little lines around my eyes and I notice it. I love mineral foundation, it is light and natural looking and gives me a lovely radiant complexion so I knew it would be difficult for a liquid foundation to compete. I tried a BB cream by Boots in the No 7 range and it did not suit at all. It really put me off trying any others as it costs money each time. That was until I went into The Body Shop who where happy to give me a generous sample of their BB cream. I wondered what it would look like as it was white! Time would tell.

      ...Short introduction to BB by Body shop...

      An impressive tube which both looks and feels good quality.
      Three skin tones to choose from - light, medium and dark.
      Promises to be non clogging and light coverage.
      Make up and skin care in one.
      24 hour hydration.

      ...Trial of All in One BB cream by The Body Shop...

      I was advised by the skin care consultant in The Body Shop to use a primer before application of the BB cream. As I am inquisitive I wanted to see the difference of applying with and without a primer. Also I wanted to see how the product sat if I applied with my bare fingers as opposed to my Real Techniques foundation brush (which I love).

      ...A short note about application...
      Whether applying with fingers or foundation brush you need to start in the centre and work outwards.
      If using fingertips application - dot the cream onto the face first and work outwards.
      If using brush squirt onto hand and swirl brush around the cream - then begin working outwards on face.

      ...Without primer - applied with fingers...
      On moisturised but unprimed skin I applied a normal amount of the BB cream. Noting that it changed from the white quickly and blended quite well. I applied a thin layer as I don't like to feel make up on my skin. The cream felt luxurious and is quite thick, it is slightly fragrant and smells nice. I have sensitive skin and did not have any reactions to the cream. Also the cream didn't make me break out in spots.

      My skin looked shiny and there were areas of redness that were not covered up. I added a touch more with my fingers but it didn't make a difference. Some areas, near the eyes in particular, were patchy. It looked like I needed to apply some foundation and I was rather disappointed. It did, however, look more radiant than the No 7 BB cream that I tried - that one remained dull and more of a matt finish.

      The cream sat in some very fine lines and although no one else could see them - I could on close inspection in the mirror and I didn't like it.

      I could apply my mineral powder blusher easily over the BB cream and it remained in place. It now looked a little more finished off but close inspection showed up flaws and uneven finish. I left it on for the purpose of the trial and thankfully was not going out.

      In the evening the BB cream had stayed put which was a better performance than the Boots No 7 version as that had smudged and rubbed off in places. I was heartened by that and intended trying brush application with primer to see the real difference.

      The shade was very impressive. I really didn't expect it to match my skin so well as the Boots No 7 version was much too dark and orange on my skin - this one was not orange and for that I was very thankful.

      ...With Primer and applied with Real Techniques foundation brush...
      After applying The Body Shop face primer over my usual moisturiser I dipped my foundation brush (my new best friend by Real Techniques which is amazing) and began to apply the white BB cream. What a difference! The cream went on evenly and in a thin layer all over the face. The eye area was easy to perfect with the use of the brush. No missed bits and no patches. I wondered if the thin layer would not be enough to provide good coverage but to my surprise it was. I don't understand why the brush can apply a thinner coat and achieve better results but it actually does. When I looked in the mirror to check every area of my face I could not find any imperfections. The primer makes a difference with fine lines - I could not see any cream sitting in fine lines. The shade was perfect for my skin tone and it was even. It is a shiny look but I don't mind that at all as it looks healthy and and radiant. I applied mineral blusher and powder eye shadow effortlessly over the BB cream and it stayed put. I always fear that a cream foundation will be rubbed or moved away by a brush.

      I checked up on the BB cream during the day and it remained just as it was after application. I have to say that it competes with my wonderful mineral make up! I have never ever had a liquid foundation come close to my mineral powder foundation so that is very impressive. What is even more impressive is the eye area - the fine lines are not evident unless I go up close to a mirror, compare that to the mineral powder foundation and it is a winner as the latter tends to sit in the fine lines.

      ...What about claims of hydrating the skin all day?...

      I can say that it is noticeable. My skin does feel hydrated but not much different to when I have a mineral powder on as that lets skin breath. I do use a very good moisturiser daily and wouldn't change that and rely on a BB cream to provide enough - though this one probably could. When freshly applied the BB cream feels damp - this lasts about five minutes or so and then the skin feels just like my mineral powder foundation. There is no tightening and it is so light that I don't know it is on. It isn't drying. It looks natural and certainly not orange.

      ...Has it impressed me enough to convert?...

      Whilst I am not prepared to give up on my mineral make up completely just yet I have been back to The Body Shop and purchased a tube of this BB cream. Unlike the Boots No 7 alternative this adapts well to my skin tone, feels light as a feather and looks natural. Skin tone is completely even - I love it. Of course it performs much, much better when used with a primer (I use The Body Shop primer) and when it is applied with the superb (I can't rate it highly enough) Real Techniques foundation brush. If I hadn't had the brush to apply the cream with I would have probably not have attempted to use this BB cream again - it really is worth getting the tools.

      ...Star Rating...
      FIVE (when applied with good tools and products)

      ...Sourcing and Price...
      Online or instore at The Body Shop (look out for regular offers and discounts both online and instore)
      RRP £12.00

      ...Recommended Product?...
      I would highly recommend this BB cream if used with the primer and applied with a good quality foundation brush. The Body Shop sell a full range of brushes which are made from non animal hair - they are smooth and good quality. I have the Real Techniques brush which came as part of my set and they are fabulous - also made from non animal hair. I can't believe the difference in application when you use the brush instead of bare fingers. The outcome is damn near professional application. No lines evident from the brush strokes and due to using the primer fine lines and pores are not evident as they are without primer. The white cream is thick and smells lovely, though not overpowering. My sensitive skin has not been affected at all and I have not had any breakouts of spots so the hydrating moisturiser within the product is not too rich for me. The only thing to be aware of is that it doesn't seem to have sun protection factor so if you are likely to be in sunshine you may want to address that or use an alternative product. I am very impressed with this one. No orange face - I am fair skinned and used the light skin tone option.

      Published on Ciao
      Dawnymarie 2013


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        04.01.2013 02:24
        1 Comment



        I would recommend to a friend

        BB Creams...their like everywhere now! I got a sample from Rimmel & some other brand maybe Maybelline, they were terrible! It didn't feel nice at all & made me look orange when I'm quite tanned ish/pale in the winter at times. I found out that The Body Shop have a BB Cream, in shades 01 Lightest shade, 02 Medium, 03 Dark. I've always liked The Body shop so a few weeks ago I went in to try it out as my sister wanted to know about it too. I ended up buying one, shade 02.

        The product in my opinion is amazing! It's not heavy on face & it blends in so well. It has very light coverage. "it's light coverage & people with perfect skin should wear it" which is total rubbish. If you want a natural look then the BB Cream is the perfect product. I don't have perfect skin, I break out every now & then but the BB Cream gives me a natural look, it evens out my skin tone & makes it look as though I have no make up on. It does give that "dewy glow" which I usually get anyway without make up as I have oily skin, I just use a bit of powder & it kinda helps.

        I never use to wear anything other than my mascara & eye liner but now I'm using the BB Cream, bit of concealer & powder & it makes me feel prettier.

        Anywho if you've read this whole review, you should go out & try the BB Cream at The Body Shop, (the sales assistants are so nice!).


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          24.09.2012 14:24
          Very helpful



          Average tinted moisturser is you've got a medium-dark skin tone. Pretty poor BB cream though!

          BB creams seem to be everywhere at the moment. In Asian countries, particularly Korea, they appear to be as necessary as a purse and it's not uncommon for even the men to using such products over there. It's fair to say BB creams have proven to be a massive success in such countries which is probably why they were introduced to the British market. In good old Blighty, however, they don't seem to be as popular. I know many people who have purchased some sort of BB cream although mainly out of curiosity, I probably know about two people who have continued to use them.

          Personally I didn't join this craze until recently due to the sheer amounts of complaints people I knew had about the ones they were using. When The Body Shop launched their own BB cream I decided to give it ago though. I love The Body Shop and generally have faith in their products with most of my current skin care products coming from there - all of which I am very pleased with. I thought if I were to find a BB cream I liked enough to use regularly then I'd find it here.

          The BB cream costs £12 for 25ml. After a short internet browse this seemed a 'middle of the road' type price. Garnier's BB cream (which seems to be the most popular) can be picked up for around £7 for 50ml, Olay's version will cost about the same and brands such as Witch and 17 sell for even less. Dr. Jart's version sells for around £20-£25, Clinique's offering also costs £25 and a Dior BB cream will cost around £40! Whilst £12 for 25ml was by no means the cheapest available option it was far from the most expensive, it was still more than I was willing to pay without doing a bit of research first though!

          The problem was I was trying to research this product in early August which was pretty much as soon as it hit The Body Shop stores and their website hence very little consumer opinion could be found. I did find out that The Body Shop already had a BB cream on the Korean market which was apparently quite popular and found many rave reviews for that one. Thinking this would be the same product but suitable for different skin tones I decided to purchase this BB cream.

          The product is available in three shades 'light', 'medium' and 'dark'. Having such a fair complexion I went for the light shade thinking this would be a suitable match. Unfortunately, it wasn't! (But we'll come to that in a minute).

          The BB cream comes a silver tube with black plastic screw cap lid. On this tube we get The Body Shop logo, product name and shade. Not much else. This is my first complaint for this product. Whilst almost every other BB cream on the market makes specific claims about what their product will do, this one does not. The only information we really get is the very vague 'all-in-one' comment in the name of the cream. This makes it quite hard to say if this works or not as we're not completely sure what it is supposed to do. The Body Shop websites provides a little more information and states that this will adapt to your skin tone, provide 24 hour hydration, light - medium coverage and an even finish whilst being non-clogging which, to me anyway, sounds more like a tinted moisturiser than a BB cream which is also supposed to make a good primer, have skin healing ingredients such as anti-oxidants and, more often than not, provide an SPF.

          Unfortunately this one does not contain any SPF which I would definitely like to see as I do think a bit of sun protection is one of the best ways of protecting the skin and it is something I actively look for in face care products, much cheaper BB creams on the market offer SPF I do think The Body Shop missed out something quite important there. A quick search through the ingredients list, however, shows that this BB cream does contain Tocopheryl Acetate which is an anti-oxidant and there are a number of skin conditioning ingredients thrown in too. The Marula Oil contained in the cream is community fair trade too which is nice extra.

          When it comes to using this BB cream my thoughts are that it is a little hit and miss. The cream itself is white with tiny brown specks in it, these are the pigment capsules which 'burst' when the cream is applied to the face to release the colour. The cream is quite runny but easy to control how much is squeezed out of the tube and it has a very mild but unusual smell, a little minty but a little leafy too. It's not an unpleasant scent and you can only really detect it if you make a conscious effort to smell the cream anyway so this doesn't cause any problems as far as I am concerned.

          I apply the cream with my fingertips by dotting little bits around my face and then blending in circular motions and I imagine using some form of make-up brush would work just as well if you preferred. The cream does blend in really well and it does provide that even finished which is promised, it never goes blotchy or patchy and those pigment capsules release the colour almost instantly. Here is where I have another complaint. I don't find the cream adapts to my skin tone at all. I am very pale and despite owning the cream in the lightest shade I find this is far too dark for my skin and leaves me almost orange. The reviews of the cream on The Body Shop website which have popped up now the cream has been on the market a while show that many pale girls have experienced the same problem - the lightest shade just isn't very light.

          I find if I apply tiny amounts I can stop that orange tint appearing on my face but then I don't get the full effect of the coverage this cream offers. If using just the 'normal' amount (which still isn't very much, a pea sized blob at most for the entire face) the cream does offers a decent amount of coverage and hides scars and slight blemishes rather well as well as getting rid of uneven skin tones. If you don't suffer terribly with bad skin then the coverage aspects of the cream are more than adequate and the need for foundation is removed. I don't get anywhere near that amount of coverage from the tiny amount I use to keep my own skin tone though. Actually I will normally go over areas with concealer and then end up putting a bit of foundation on anyway making the colour aspect of the cream pointless for me.

          I wouldn't say the cream is greasy but it does give the face a bit of shine and if you suffer from oily skin I'd probably stay away from this completely as it'll probably worsen that problem. I find this problem is sorted with a little bit of powder over the top but, again, I find the whole point in BB cream is to allow me to not have to bother with make-up on those days where I just can't be bothered or don't have the time.

          The 24 hour hydration claim seems a little ambitious to me too. I have tried this without my usual day cream and just find it's anywhere near as good, it does offer some skin softening aspects and does provide hydration for a few hours but I definitely feel the need to apply separate day cream before this and my skin isn't even particularly dry. Again, making the moisturising aspect of the cream pointless.

          I haven't noticed this cream has had any positive effects on my skin's condition but it hasn't had any negative effects on it either. It appears to be safe for sensitive skin and hasn't caused me to break out or suffer with a sudden burst or dry patches so I'll give it that much credit!

          If you're skin tone it anything lighter than olive toned then I wouldn't bother as you just can't get the few benefits the cream offers. If you do have a medium-dark skin tone, however, and are just looking for something which will provide a bit of coverage then this might be a product for you. It does last all day so if you're using this just to hide dark circles or uneven skin tone that I don't think you'll have too much a problem. Having said that a BB cream is supposed to make the need for lots of products redundant and, even if my skin were darker so I could apply the amount needed to get the full coverage effects from the product, I'd still be using day cream and powder and, rather than saving me money on buying all of those products, using this would actually just be adding an extra £12 on top of my skin care bill.

          This BB cream makes an okay tinted moisturiser for darker skin tones although it really doesn't offer much else. The fact that it blends in so easily and well is probably the best thing about it in my opinion and personally, for £12 for 25ml, I want a little bit more than that!


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