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Lancome Tresor Body Lotion

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2 Reviews

Brand: Lancome / Body Lotion / Type: Body Lotion

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    2 Reviews
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      02.10.2011 15:17
      Very helpful



      not one I am keen on

      Lancome is a beauty company offering skin, make up and body care products.


      Tresor is one of the fragrance ranges from Lancome. It comprises of the original Tresor, Tresor in Love and Tresor Midnight Rose. The original Tresor range includes an eau de parfum, an eau de toilette, a dedorant spray, shower gel and a body lotion. This review discusses the Tresor Perfumed Body Lotion.

      This lotion is described as being an "oil free emulsion" for your skin. This lotion should be applied after your bath or shower and can be worn alone or topped up with the perfume for a longer lasting scent. The lotion claims to leave a satiny soft feeling on your skin whilst moisturising and scenting it.

      The Tresor scent is enriched into this lotion The scent offers a blend of rose and apricot blossoms before revealing lily of the valley, heliotrope and iris. It is finished off with amber, sandalwood and finally musk.


      The bottle housing the lotion is similar to that of the perfume. It is tall, slender at the bottom and gradually expands in curved indents towards the neck of the bottle. The bottle has a delicate peachy/orange colour design and complimented with a silver lid.

      The lotion is also available in tube form in the perfumed gift sets.


      Purchasing a 200ml bottle from www.lancome.co.uk will set you back just under £40.00. It can be purchased from Lancome counters (Debenhams etc) for the same price. Ebay is the place to find 150ml for around £20.00.

      {My Thoughts}

      I have several perfumed body lotions and many of the ones I own are Lancome. I received a tube of Tresor as part of a gift set from Lancome. I quite liked the Tresor In Love fragrance so was keen to try this variation. The tube is convenient for travel bags and a great way to experience the scent before splashing out 40quid for a full sized bottle! I personally am not keen on the bottle having viewed it in House of Fraser..it is very old fashioned in appearance yet well made and sturdy.

      I like to apply my body lotions after a shower and use perfumed ones when I want to have a subtle scent on my skin without the need for perfume. I definently feel that you do not need to apply an additional perfume with this lotion!

      {Tres..Or Not To Tres}

      The first time I used this lotion, I wasn't prepared for the consistency and dispensed far too much. The lotion is very runny, adopting a shiny white colour. It isn't lotion like or cream like but more of a milky substance mixed with a gel for some solid appearance! It does spread well but feels icky and greasy. It takes quite a lot of effort to get this to absorb into my dry skin and therefore get dressed. I am constantly aware of a residue on my skin sometimes 30mins after applying which is never a good sign.

      The lotion once absorbed (finally) does leave my skin feeling nice. I wouldn't go as far as to say it is a brilliant body lotion as I do find the thicker lotions more appropriate for my skin type. It is effective and softening my skin for a good 12hours or so and leaves the surface silky for a short while. I cannot feel any deep down hydration though as it is simply too light a product for that purpose.

      The most important aspect of a perfumed body lotion is how it smells. I am not overly keen on the scent of Tresor now I have experienced it in body lotion form so I don't think I would like the perfume very much. It is a very harsh smelling lotion with even the smallest blob on the skin and it is perhaps a little over perfumed for my personal tastes. I find the scent to be mature and cloying and not really suited to my skin or senses.

      The scent offered by this lotion is stronger than many lotions which does usually mean it will be more apparent and for longer on the skin. This is a good thing if you like the scent but for me, it isn't ideal. The scent is very muddled and a bit mismatched. I don't feel much care has been given to adding the right scent note and at the right time. I can pick up bits of rose and lily of the valley and I feel this combination is more old fashioned with no element of modern attitude present. The scent is overly powdery and I don't usually mind a slight powdery note but this is too much.

      The scent is overpowering from the moment I apply until around 6hours later before it settles slightly and becomes less heady. A subtler yet still musky aroma comes through offering hints of sandalwood but it is long awaited and by the time I catch a whiff of anything worth smelling, the notion has gone. I once wore this out with my Mum and she kept giving me dirty looks and asking what the dodgy smell was.


      This body lotion disappointed me due to personal tastes. I know many adore the Tresor fragrance but I feel Lancome haven't though the lotion through enough. I think I will chuck my tube to be honest as it makes me queasy wearing even the smallest amount of it and I don't believe it to be anything special given the price. There is no way you could where this with a perfume as people would smell you a mile off and avoid you like the plague!

      Not recommended :(


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        21.02.2010 21:30
        Very helpful



        A piece of heaven in a bottle! So feminine and soft!

        I received this body lotion as part of a gift set for christmas with the 100ml Tresor Eau de Parfum.

        For those unfamiliar with Tresor it is made by Lancome comes in attractive peach packaging and the perfume bottle is very distinctive jewel shape designed to sit delicately in your hand. It certainly looks and smells special. available online at Lancome a 100ml bottle will set you back around £65.00. Debhenams usually have a Lancome counter and usually have more competitively priced gift sets with freebies at Christmas.

        Alternatively if you want to test this perfume at a reduced cost you can get an absolute bargain at Fragrance direct. They have a gift set with 4 x 5ml bottles of Tresor and a free necklace for £14.99

        2x5ml Eau de Parfum Spray
        2x5ml Eau De Toilette Spray with Free Gift of a Promotional 15 Years of Love Lancome Necklace.

        You cant argue with that

        So what do Lancome say about Tresor body lotion?

        "TRÉSOR, eternally feminine.

        Enjoy the precious notes of TRÉSOR in this subtly scented body lotion enriched with moisturizing agents: Rose mingles with Apricot blossoms, before giving way to a more enveloping, powdery accord of Heliotrope, Iris and Lilly of the Valley. A heart of sensual Amber is amplified by base notes of Sandalwood and Musk. "

        I have to say this is one of my favourite perfumes, it is so distinctive that I can always tell when someone is wearing it. It is quite a strong smelling perfume that lasts for hours. If you spray some on your clothes it will last all day.

        The body lotion I had never used before. It usually comes in 200ml bottles and is quite pricey at £39.00 from the Lancome site. It is available at £38.00 from John Lewis or you could find it on ebay for £24.99. Small 50ml bottles are available on ebay for approximately £5.00 a great way to give this body lotion a try at the fraction of the cost.

        Lancome's review of Tresor body lotion

        "Love is a treasure.

        This silky-soft, oil-free emulsion is refreshingly light to gently wrap the body in the soothing scents of TRÉSOR. Its moisturising and softening properties leaves the skin feeling supple, satiny. Its subtle fragrance is an infinite source of pleasure for your entire body."

        I have tried this body lotion and I love it. It is in a tall peach coloured bottle with the unmistakeable Tresor crystal shaped top.
        The bottle doesnt have a pump action you have to pour it which makes it a little uncontrollable. thankfully the lotion is thick and creamy so it doesnt run away with you, in fact you have to shake the bottle a bit to make it flow a bit like ketchup! lol

        Anyway the lotion has a creamy not oily consistency and is nice to smooth on the body. (a bit cold!)
        The smell is more delicate than the Eau de Parfum but believe me it is not mild. You get a lot of fragrance for your money. Just to remind myself for this review I have put some on my hand. It rubs in well and leaves a glistening to the skin which soaks in after a couple of minutes leaving the skin really soft to touch. I can smell it all around me even though I have only put it on my hand which gives you an idea how fragranced it is.

        This body lotion can be used after a bath or shower and instead of wearing perfume. Yuo could top up with perfume if you were going out later in the evening. But you would be smelling delicious and fresh all day.

        I dont use it all the time but occasionally when i pamper myself and I got so many comments and compliments about 'my perfume' when I was only wearing the body lotion.

        My advice would be to try it, it is definately a little bit of luxury and you deserve a treat! I would definately recommend that you buy a small 50ml on ebay first and give it a try before you pay full price for a large bottle or you could always visit your local Lancome counter at Debhenams for a test but dont be pressured into buying it.... smile sweetly and tell them you will come back! and then get on Ebay!! :)

        Hope this is helpful for perfume lovers and for partners who want to give their loved ones something special


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      A rich moisturizing body cream /

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