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Parker / Hasbro Monopoly

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  • fantastic family fun
  • can take a long time
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    5 Reviews
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      19.08.2014 11:23
      Very helpful
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      • "fantastic family fun"


      • "can take a long time"

      Brilliant fun for all of the family

      The monopoly board game has been around since 1935, so the game is nearly eighty years old, but is still enjoyed by thousands of people today. Monopoly is a property game where you become (hopefully) a very successful property tycoon

      We used to play this game as children, even at a young age me, my brother and sister used to play this game every Saturday night after tea to see who could become the best at it. It really is a great family game. I think board games are not played as much these days simply because there is video games readily available, or computers are used instead, but there is a great social aspect to a board game that people of all ages can enjoy.

      Monopoly is played by between 2 and 8 players, it is recommended that the players are over the age of 9, simply due to the small pieces included in the game and the difficulty of play. Although that this is a simple game to grasp, younger children may find it hard to keep up with the rules of the game. You start off by selecting a token to move around the board with and the aim of the game is to buy property, build houses and hotels on the property you buy and bankrupt the other players. During the game you can negotiate deals with other players, which is where the real fun starts. Even now when we play it creates a really good sense of banter, which is really fun when you have a group of friends over for a takeaway night!

      Monopoly has been designed really well, and is now available in a number of different forms. The board game is available in specials, which i think makes the game interesting! It can be bought as a London version, a super hero version and a whole manner of different themes. Monopoly is also available to buy for computers, and most video game consoles too.

      All in all this is a fab game that everyone should try put. I think people should play board games much more, granted they are old fashioned, but everyone can benefit from a little bit of old fashioned in a technical world!


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        30.01.2013 09:57
        Very helpful



        One which is always going to be a classic family game!

        My son loved the monopoly crazy cash game that I bought him last Christmas but we kept having issues with the cash machine sticking and this affected play and so this year I decided to buy him the normal version of monopoly for Christmas as I felt he would be able to cope with the game now that he was that bit older. This is my review of the game.

        ==What is it?==

        I'm sure most people are aware of what monopoly is because it is one of those classic games which seem to have been around forever! It was in fact devised in 1934 and so it really has stood the test of time. I certainly remember playing it when I was a child and whilst back then the only version of the game was the original one it has evolved so there are many versions of the monopoly game now including football ones, television show ones and electronic versions too. It was the classic version that I bought for my son though for Christmas.

        Monopoly is basically a property trading game in which you travel around a board purchasing property in London if you think it is worth the investment and you can then look to buy a full set of properties and build houses and hotels on them. When your opponent lands on your properties they should pay rent and the aim of the game is basically to be the player with the most money and so to bankrupt your opponents.

        The game is made by Hasbro and Parker games and on the box we have the game name as well as the familiar monopoly man in a top hat and a segment of the game board. We are told that this is a family game and this is something I totally agree with. I know that adults would quite happily play this game with other adults as much as children and adults would play together and so I do think it is a game for all of the family. The game is advised for those aged eight years and above but I do think you can be sensible with this guideline and judge it on how you think your own child would cope with the rules and things. My son is seven but I knew he would be able to tackle the game this year where as last year I feel it would have been a bit much for him really.

        ==Playing the game==

        When you open up the game box adults who have played this game as children themselves will be hit with a feeling of nostalgia I think. I know I certainly was! Inside the box there are the following:

        Game board
        Two dice
        Community chest cards
        Chance cards
        Plenty of small green houses
        Plenty of large red hotels
        Property cards
        Bank notes ranging from one pound up to five hundred pounds
        Silver die cast playing pieces
        Instructions on how to play the game

        What is great with this box is that there is a plastic insert which is designed to hold the bank notes when separated and the property cards too as well as any unused playing pieces. Whilst it does take a few minutes to set up the game once you have got the pieces in to the slots in the plastic section of the box it looks much more organised and ready for play. I would advise getting some elastic bands to hold the property cards together and also one to hold the bank notes together because they cannot stay separated in the plastic section once the lid is on the box and so if you don't secure them they will fly all around the box and set up time will be dramatically increased.

        The whole quality of the game is apparent really as you open the box. The game board is colourful and glossy but feels really well made. The notes are colour coordinated for ease of reference and all of the cards included are glossy and good quality. The metal playing pieces whilst don't feel quite as heavy as back in the days when I played the game as a child are really good quality and great to look at.

        I did take a few minutes on Christmas day just to reacquaint myself with how many of each note people were given to start the game because I hadn't played the game for many years but for the most part we all knew the basics of the rules in which we play. Actually it does mention in the rules that people are known to create their own rules and whilst this is fine it may mean that the game is extended and will take a long time to play. In my experience monopoly has always been a long winded game and not something that you would start to play if you only wanted to be at it for half an hour anyway. A rule that we always played by but which is not an actual rule is that "fees" should be paid to the middle of the game board and whenever anyone lands on free parking they collect the loot.

        I was amused by the fact that there was the familiar arguing over who was what playing piece in the game we played on Christmas day with my mum finally resigning herself to being an old boot! When I play with my son we don't argue about who will be what obviously! The little playing pieces really are classic though and they are nice to look at. I like that they haven't changed them over the years.

        We always allow my son to start play because he is the youngest player and he is quite happy to move himself around the board and make decisions on what properties to purchase. What is great is because my son had the crazy cash version of the game which is much simpler and child like he is aware of which of the coloured properties are the ones most sought after and so he isn't going to rush out and waste money buying Old Kent Road for example! I think really monopoly is quite an educational game really because it teaches children not only about addition as they move around the board but it also teaches them about money handling as they have to pay rent or for properties. Another factor is that they learn a little about budgeting knowing when and when they can't afford a property but this is something that I think will develop more and more the older you get and the more experienced player you become.

        My son is able to keep up with us adults for the most part when playing the game but he will sometimes become distracted and forget to ask someone for rent when they land on one of his properties for example. I think to a certain extent we can all be guilty of this though especially as the game can go on for an hour, two hours or sometimes even longer depending on which properties people manage to get their hands on! There are instructions included which tell you how to play a fast version of the game but this isn't something that we have bothered doing yet because we do enjoy the long haul game.

        I think monopoly is such a great family game. Sometimes there is a bit of reluctance to get the game out because you know you can be in for a bit of an epic night as the game isn't a quick one at all but when you do get it out it is one of those games that children and adults will enjoy playing and I think it is probably the most classic board game ever. There isn't really any massive amount of skill to the game and it is literally luck of the dice really because once you have played the game once you are aware of which properties are going to bring the money rolling in, or at least should do. Again though the luck of the dice may mean that you own Mayfair and Park Lane with hotels but that your opponents keep skipping their way past them and so it becomes a bit of a dud investment!

        Our only real confusion with this game comes down to what actually happens when a player is struggling for money and has properties that can be mortgaged. We don't really understand what happens from then on with those properties and if they are then free to be purchased by other players and if they are then for how much. We all read the instructions included with the game and were still quite confused so made up our own rules but I would love it if someone could enlighten me on that actually!


        Monopoly is one of those games that I think every family unit should have. I have vivid memories as a child playing my brother at monopoly when we were both covered in chicken pox and off school and I can only have been my son's age if that. I think you can build memories of family time if you have this game in your home and it is one of those games that if looked after well will be played for many years and possibly even by grandchildren when your own children are grown up.

        The game costs just over £10 on amazon and I think this is an excellent price to pay for a quality game.

        Thank you for reading my review!


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          04.01.2013 01:09
          Very helpful



          Definitely worth buying for hours on end of family fun and entertainment

          Monopoly is an absolute classic family game that used to be manufactured by Parker but is now made by Hasbro. Unlike Jenga, chess, draughts and other classic games, Monopoly is an endless family favourite that millions love. Monopoly was first produced in the Great Depression probably to entertain people as they had no other means of entertainment. As Monopoly is a family game, then people in the family would gather round together and start playing. You cant stop playing once you have started, I should know, I'm addicted to it.

          I purchased it for my son for christmas and he and his sister play it with each other when there bored. It occupies and entertains them for 2 - 3 hours or more! What more could you ask for? I also think it's very educational for children because it learns them about buying, selling, property trading and about how to manage their money carefully!

          How to play:

          The basic plot and aim of the game is too be the only player at the end of the game with money.

          Playing Monopoly is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. A certain amount of money is split between each player. According to my instructions, each player must have 2x £500, 4x £100, 1x £50, 1x £20, 2x £10, 1x £5 and 5x £1.
          One person must be a banker who is incharge of selling properties, managing bank money and things like that. There can be upto 6 players in the game. Each player must roll the 2 dices and then the player that gets the highest score will roll first. You move your chosen counter the number of squares you have rolled on the dice. If you land on a property which has a colour, you can buy it. If you land on 'Community Chest' or 'Chance' you must pick a card and do what it says. If you land on 'Income Tax' or 'Super Tax' then you must pay the bank that amount. When you pass the 'Go' square, you can collect £200 salary from the bank.

          When you have all the properties in a coloured group, then you can purchase and build houses and hotels. You can sell or martgage your properties for money too. When people land on your property, they must py you rent.

          It is possible to become bankrupt by using your money too much or by falling into debt. If this happens, then you must pay whatever you owe to other players or the bank and put your properties up for auction. The game is really quite easy to get the hang of, you only need to basics and then you will eventually become better and hopefully win the game.

          Remember: Your aim is not just to get rich. To win, you must make every other player bankrupt and become the only player left with money.

          Usually, the Monopoly board consists of 40 spaces and 28 properties (22 coloured properties, 2 utilities and 4 railway stations)

          I purchased Monopoly from Argos which cost just £14.97 which is a whopping price for a great game. I guess you could purchase it from off the internet on Ebay or Amazon for cheaper.

          It's a great fun - packed game for families and friends which provides hours of entertainment. I would definitely recommend this game to large families. It is also brilliant for playing on long holidays and rainy days.


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            11.12.2012 21:49
            Very helpful



            What fun!

            Monopoly is a game enjoyed by millions for many years. The key to its success is its inherent simplicity and the heavy addictiveness it causes. It's a family game produced by Hasbro, a games company, and despite the introduction of digital versions, and new 'updated' ones - like Monopoly 'Millions', and 'City' - nothing could possibly beat the original I'm reviewing here.

            The premise - You are a British property entrepreneur competing against several (2-6) other investors trying to buy property and gain rent, adding houses and hotels as you go (to increase income), and attempting to keep out of trouble and not spend too much on rent yourself. With your chosen piece / figurine (the dog, battleship, car, hat, iron, thimble, cannon, wheel-barrow, and boot) you must manoeuvre the board by roll of dice, moving from property to property (buying / paying rent / altering [adding and taking away houses]), until you either run out of the money or eliminate all others, forming a 'Monopoly'!. There are a few secondary initiatives thrown in to throw you off balance or give you an unexpected lift: Passing 'Go' gets your £200; Community Chest and Chance are two types of card that can be obtained by landing on the appropriate place - some cards give money, others fines, some place jumps, and some send you to jail; jail costs £50 to get out, if you stay in you cannot collect rent off of people and must await a double roll of the dice; 'income tax' means you owe money to the middle; free parking wins you the middle pot. There are a few other bits and bobs learnt along the way - but the basic concept of the game and some of its smaller parts have been explained above.

            The start - You start with a bundle of cash (notes), amount disputable. What I do: 5 x 1, 2 x 5, 2 x 10, 2 x 20, 1 x 50, 4 x 100, 2 x 500. Everyone gets the same, that's the main thing. Once the cash and the pieces of sorted then away you go!

            Interpreting the rules - Often, people can have differing, almost all of the time conflicting, interpretations of the rules. Classic examples include: the amount of hotels aloud, the amount of money received at 'Go', where tax money (and other funds related to 'Community Chest' and 'Chance') go's - bank or middle? and, if landing on FREE PARKING constitutes as an irrefutable claim for the money in the middle (if existent). Some of the these rules can be resolved if you look in the rule book which comes with the game, but often people cannot be bothered to look, or have decided against these rules anyway. Many openly admit to manipulation of the rules, claiming them to be 'family rules' which, quote: 'we always play with', so there!

            Monopoly is a fun and enthralling game which can be played by 2 - 6 players (4 being the ideal) by the whole family, or a bunch of friends. The game tends to work best when everyone involved has played it previously, and understands / has agreed on the rules - whatever they are. Arguments are extremely common and should be wholly anticipated by all parties! Despite this, Monopoly is always a real laugh, and a real satisfier to win / obliterate all other opponents. Highly recommended for over the Christmas period - a fine gift!

            RATING: 4.9/5
            PRICE: £10.49
            AVAILABILITY: amazon.co.uk (for price above) FREE DELIVERY.


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              06.12.2012 12:02
              Very helpful



              The Best Board Game Around

              The other day I wrote a review of Jenga, in my review I often mentioned how this is a classic game. So today I was thinking about other classic games, the first one that sprang to mind was of course Monopoly. This game which used to be made by Parker and is now made by Hasbro is one of the most popular board games ever invented. I have been playing Monopoly since the age of about six and I love it just as much now as I did back then. So naturally I thought this game was well deserving of a really good review.

              So in case you have lived on Mars all your life and have never come across Monopoly, I will run you through the basics. So Monopoly is a board game where you must buy property and earn money to eventually own as much property as possible and beat the other players. The ultimate goal is to have a monopoly on all the property on the board, hence the name. The original game which is still in my humble opinion the best version, is set on the streets of London and there are familiar street names such as Mayfair, Trafalgar Square and Regent Street. The game involves dice and you can have as many as six people playing. The rules are a little tricky at first but you soon pick them up.

              So how does the game work? Well first off each player is given a set amount of money to start the game with. Then you all start from the 'Go' square. You take turns to role the dice and move around the board. Each square you land on represents something, most are property and if you are the first to land on a property you have the option of buying it. Each property is also colour coded, so there are three blue properties, three pink etc... When you have purchased a full set of coloured properties you can start to build houses on them.

              You earn money in the game in various ways. There are community chest and chance squares where you have to pick up a card, sometimes this earns you money, whereas other times you may have to pay a fine. You also collect £200 every time you pass Go when you navigate around the board. The main way you earn money though is by collecting rent. So when you own a property, if someone else lands on that square they have to pay you the rent money. For a simple one off property this is not very much, but when you have a full set and start putting houses or even a hotel on a square, then you can start to charge big money. Each set of property has different values, so Old Kent Road and White Chapel are the brown squares and these are cheap to buy and you can't charge much rent. However, at the other end of the board Park Lane and Mayfair are very expensive to buy but you can charge a small fortune when people land on you. So obtaining the best property is always key to winning the game.

              There are other fun little features such as the train stations and utility squares that you can purchase. Then of course you can sometimes end up in jail if things don't quite work out the way you were planning. Usually game play takes around two hours although sometimes it can be shorter and sometimes it can be longer.

              Although there is an official way of playing the game there are other ways to either make the game shorter or longer. One variation we sometimes play is to give out a few random properties to start the game. Some people will play the rule where if a player lands on a property and does not buy then the property is auctioned off, some play where you must land on a square to buy it. There are lots of slight variations on the rules which people often play by.

              So now you know the basic mechanics of Monopoly, what is actually playing it like? Well as I've been playing this game for many years I can safely say it's really good fun. There is something very special about monopoly that brings people together. The game is part luck and part skill which really makes it much more interesting. There is definitely a way of winning when you play but sometimes no matter how good you are at the game, if the dice don't roll the way you want someone else will eventually take the win. Despite Monopoly being great fun and usually bringing people together, it can also cause some massive arguments. Due to the nature of the game it can be very easy to wind people up and if you are on the wrong end of that it can be very frustrating. Everyone in my family remembers the great caravan Monopoly disaster of 1995, many lives were almost lost, we don't really like to talk about it. Joking aside though this is a game that more often than not brings families and friends closer together.

              A measure of a good game like anything in life is longevity. Nobody can argue that Monopoly has this. It has been going for decades and has reinvented itself many times over. All you have to do to realise this is type Monopoly into the Dooyoo search bar and you are presented with around forty versions of the game. There is everything from Simpsons Monopoly to Lord Of The Rings Monopoly, there are American versions of the game and versions where other English cities are used. You can play Monopoly streets or Monopoly city and that's before I even mention all the online and console versions that have now been created, there is even a couple of Monopoly apps that you can now download. The is no denying the universal appeal of this game and just how popular it still is today.

              So in conclusion there is one thing that is for certain. Monopoly is one of and if not the greatest board game in the history of board games. Who would have thought that an old boot, an iron and a little dog could bring so much pleasure into the lives of so many people. This game will always have a special place in my heart and it will be one that I play on a regular basis for many more years to come. If you have never played Monopoly then you really are missing out, go and get yourself some form of the game and enjoy becoming the next property tycoon to monopolise the market.


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            • Product Details

              "Move over every other game ever invented and make way for the classic board game by which all others are judged.

              Monopoly is the absolute timeless family game. It's a game about strategy, chance, luck and ultimately about greed.

              Invented during the Great Depression in 1934, Monopoly has since been translated into 26 different languages and has sold over 200 million sets worldwide. It's a small wonder that most people have grown up with Monopoly.

              Monopoly, with its thrilling property-owning rules and objectives, is highly educational. For early Monopoly beginners of seven years, it encourages arithmetic skills. At the same time it teaches older players about money management, property management, basic economics, the art of negotiation and compromise (just how much are you prepared to trade for Mayfair). In many ways Monopoly also mirrors the lessons of life--chance and luck can throw even the best-laid plans astray, and if you 're not prepared to take the big risks you're unlikely to be life's big winner.

              Yet Monopoly is also great fun and for some reason its simple rules don't tire or become dull from repetition--truly the mark of a timeless classic.

              The only significant downside to Monopoly is that the full game can be a very lengthy event easily lasting hours.

              Monopoly can be enjoyed by children as young as seven years old and will still thrill a 97-year-old; it is suitable for 2-8 players.

              A perfect game of family fun on a rainy day, a long holiday or a cold winter night, Monopoly will probably be the most played board game your you will ever own. --Victoria Mackenzie"

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