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Orchard Toys Lunch Box Game

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Orchard Toys

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    4 Reviews
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      09.01.2013 14:57
      Very helpful



      Orchard toys lunchbox game

      A new twist on memory.

      This year for Christmas I asked my brother if he could get my little girl a game of memory. I remember loving this game as a child and playing it all the time and now I have a really great memory for things like dates and times so maybe this game helped with that way back when. I also thought as she is getting a bit older so would really like to start playing games with me and I would like that too.

      Orchard toys lunchbox game invites you to, "race to find healthy items to fill your lunch box in this fun memory game." It is basically a card game and firstly what you need to do is set up your lunchbox cards. These come in the form of two puzzle pieces that fit together to form your lunch box. The cards are quite robust and colourful and make the game interesting from the start. Inside the lunchbox you see six different food items that you might find in your box such as strawberry yogurt, a banana, raisins, milk, egg, chicken and so on and so on. The idea is that all the foods are quite healthy so there are no chocolate bars, biscuits or crisps and I like this because I always try to make up my lunchbox for my kids with quite healthy items too. Below the food are six spaces to add to when you find the corresponding picture cards from the pile.

      These cards are fairly small and have an individual picture of all the different types of food on it. You lay these card face downwards on the table and then take it in turns to turn over a card. If the item on the card is shown on your lunchbox you can put the card on your board, if not you just put it down again, making sure the other players have seen the card. Then its the next persons turn and so on and so on. The player who fills up their lunchbox first is the winner.

      The game is for two to four players and from ages 3 to 7. My little girl is just three and at the moment we are having to explain the game to her. She doesn't quite get it fully but I think in another couple months having played this for a while she will really get it. The first couple of times we played she said, "Oh, I'm looking for (and then named all the food items in her lunchbox) and then proceeded to try and turn over all the cards but now she gets it a bit better which is why I think in a few months, possibly even weeks she will really get this game. I think by aged 7 the game might get a little boring.

      Its a great game for learning all your food items and my little girl can name all of these which is great and its fun to see her get really excited when she actually turns over a card that is in her lunchbox.

      A fun game.


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      02.08.2011 20:47
      Very helpful



      a good family game

      My daughter quite likes this game, I think Santa left it for her last Christmas.
      It's an Orchard game that comes in a cardbord box. It is for 2 - 4 players and from age 3 upwards,
      Each player makes a lunch box up by putting 2 big jigsaw pieces together, there is blue, red, yellow and green.

      **************** Object of the Game ***************

      To fill your lunch box with the pieces of food that are showing at the top.
      The top part of each lunch box has pictures of food ie quiche, milk, grapes, water baguettes and the likes.
      The game also has 24 little peices with a piece of food on each. You turn all the food pieces face down and take it in turns to turn one over. If it is food from your lunch box then it is placed on one of the squares at the bottom of your box. Whoever fills up there lunch box first is the winner.

      This game is both educational and fun. It encourages observation as they have to remember where the piece they need is, if someone has turned it over and didn't need it. It also teaches about taking turns and of course they love it when they remember where something is or they win the game.
      My daughter enjoys playing with others - infact she is better at playing with others than on her own. So this game is a great family game that we can all get involved in.

      My daughter was 3 when she first played this game and it was easy to understand although the first time she played it we did have to expalin the taking turns.

      She is now 4 and still likes to play it but the box states the game is suiltable for 3 - 7 year olds; I think a 7 year old would be too old to enjoy this game as it would be too simple for them. I think the game is suitable for about 2 and a half to 5.

      Young children seem to be good at this game as they do have a good memory when it comes to remembering where things have been left. They want to win and are proud of themselves when they have picked the correct card.
      A good family game although we hide it away because my daughter would play it with her toys and lose the pieces.
      The game isn't cheap and you will be lucky if you can get it for under £5


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        24.09.2010 19:55
        Very helpful



        A good buy, well worth a look

        Having already reviewed the Orchard Toys Shopping list Game I thought I may as well do this one as well as the two games are very similar (so please expect similar Reviews).

        After purchasing the Shopping List Game my sister wanted an idea for a Present for my 3 year old sons birthday so I suggested another in the ORchard Toy range and that is how we ended up with the Lunch Box game.

        After a bit of searching i believe it currently costs around £7 from Amazon which is in my opinion excellent value.

        The Game:-

        The game comprises of 4 carboard lunch boxes with Food and drink items printed on, 4 box cards and 24 Food/drink cards.

        To play this game you must first spread the food/drink cards face down in front of you. Each player picks a lunch box with its matching boxes and the game commences with the youngest player turning over a food/drink card.

        If the item picked is on their lunch box it goes into one of the 6 boxes. If not the other players get to see the card and it goes back face down. The next player then takes their turn following the same rules.

        The winner is the first person to fill their boxes.

        My Opinion:-

        The game play is very simple yet fun and is perfect for young children as there are not too many rules to learn.

        My 3 year old son loves to play this even if he sometimes has difficulty understanding the turn process when the card is not in his lunch box (a budding cheat my son appears to be). This is of course part of the learning process and is a good way of us to help teach him about playing fair and not always winning (he is already an impressively sore loser).

        Whilst playing my son also learns the names and pictures for a variety of common lunch box items and loves to identify each card as he picks it up whether he needs it or not, with encouragement from his mummy & daddy of course.

        It can be difficult to find things to play as a family with a young child and this game is an excellent choice to combat this. We have had hours of fun and my family appreciate having something we can all play together.

        The Cons:-

        This is not a game a young child can play on their own so after purchasing expect to be bugged at every opportunity to play!

        The 24 food/drink cards are fairly small (around 2 inches x 2 inches) and are therefore easily lost and missing cards make the game impossible to play.

        In conclusion:-

        I would recommend this product for parents of children aged 3-6 but I don't believe it would be appreciated by children any older.

        It is an enjoyable way to spend time with your young child and this always feels more rewarding when you know they are learning and developing skills at the same time.

        If you already own the Shopping List Game by Orchard Toys then I would not recommend this as they are virtually identical. If I had to pick between the two I would recommend the Shopping list game instead as you can buy additional packs to diversify the game a little and keep it fresh.


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        19.06.2010 16:11
        Very helpful



        Loads of fun with the kids while playing it

        My son received Orchard Toys Lunch Box Game for his 3rd birthday from his friend and it is such a great board game that we play about 3-4 times a week. Now my kids are on holiday so I had a chance to open the box without anyone asking me to play. The game comes in a green cardboard box which contains 4 jigged boards (the 4 lunchboxes), 24 item cards and an instruction leaflet. The toy is available on Amazon for 7 pounds (free delivery). The game is for kids aged 3-7 years and it can be played by 2-4 people.

        What is this game about?
        There are 4 lunch boxes in the box. They look like an open basket full of healthy food. The red basket contains cherry yogurt, corn, orange juice, cheese sandwich, pear and a pack of nuts. The green basket contains apricot yogurt, cheese, strawberries, a bottle of mineral water, a ham sandwich and celery. The blue basket contains strawberry yogurt, banana, pizza, cucumber, apple juice and raisins. The yellow basket contains a box of milk, raspberry yogurt, boiled egg, tomatoes, white grapes and a chicken drumstick.
        Each basket has six empty places below the basket where you have to put the little cards of the foods in your basket.

        How to play it?
        Each player takes the two parts of a lunchbox and has to put the jigs together. The item cards are spread out face downstairs on the table. The youngest player starts the game by turning one of the cards. If the item on the card is in the player's lunch box the player puts the card on the board. If the card is not in the player's lunch box it must be shown to the other players then returned to the tables face downwards. (At this point my son gives the card to me or my husband saying "Here is your card!" and wants to pick one more.) Then it is the next player's turn to pick an item card. The game goes anti-clockwise. Play lasts until one player has collected all the items on the board. (Usually we continue to find out who is the second and third one.) The winner is the first player to collect all the items in his/her lunch box.

        Educational values
        This game is my son's first board game. We have a lot as we adults love playing board games but they will be good only later for the kids. So this board game teaches the kids that there are rules in the game that have to be kept. It is entertaining and as I realised it is tiring for him as he has to concentrate. We play it in the evening when he doesn't want to go to bed yet. After a game or two he is tired enough for going to sleep. A game lasts for 5-10 minutes so it is quick enough not to be boring.
        Kids can learn the name of 24 foods (as listed below). The memory game develops observation and memory skills. As I observed that my son accepts easily when one of us wins the game which is good I think. We don't let him win by choosing cards we know are not suitable for us because we want him concentrate on the game and challenge him. He is pretty good in it.

        I think Orchard Toys made a wonderful educational game. The kids don't even realise that they learn loads of things while playing. The item cards and the lunch box boards are made of thick cardboard so it is durable. The only thing you have to take good care is not loosing any of the item cards. They are quite small (about 2x2 cm).
        The game is enjoyable even for adults so I love playing this game with my son and I wait the day when the younger one will be old enough to join us. (He is 18 months old now.) Occasionally we make the game even more difficult: we use 3 boards but all the item cards so by the end of the game there will remain the 6 item cards of the fourth board. If you play the game with two players you can play with two boards each.
        I think this is a fantastic toy and 7 pounds for it is a really good value. I will buy some other games from Orchard Toys to enlarge our collection. They have several similar games to this for about 5-8 pounds which is nothing if you think of its educational value and the loads of fun you can have while playing with the kids.


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